13 Creative Dollar Store Organization Hacks You’ll Love

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Dollar store is home to many awesome products you need to organize your home all under budget. DIYers figured this out a long time ago and have created brilliant projects using items found inside the dollar store. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to free up some shelf space and unveil your more organized self.

From organization hacks to simple storage tricks, these dollar store organization hacks will make your home less cluttered and at the same time save you lots of money!


Dollar Store Organization Hacks

1. Linen Closet Organization

These 13 DIY Dollar Store organizing hacks are insanely clever! Parents that are budgeting should know these because they’re a much cheaper fix. Doesn’t matter if you live in a small apartment or a huge home, these home organization ideas will help your home look less cluttered and you’ll save tons of money!
Image Credit: Real Coake

Using an office file sorter to sort washcloths is simply brilliant. Now, get over with lack of closet space by organizing your linens with the file sorters.

Buy a file sorter here!

2. DIY Bathroom Storage Towel Organization

Image Credit: North Country Nest

This storage bin is an elegant way to add storage for towels in your bathroom when you don’t have enough space in your bathroom. With just 3 items from Dollar Tree and 10 minutes of your time, you can easily add this storage to your bathroom.

Buy a similar basket here.

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3. $1 DIY Desk Drawer Organizer

Image Credit: This Is Our Bliss

This is a simple yet creative solution to organize your desk drawer all for $1. This is so easy to do as it takes nothing but just one item from the Dollar Tree—a muffin tin.

4. $1 Mobile Trash Can

Image Credit: A Bird and a Bean

I realized the importance of having trash cans in the car after reading this post. Once you start keeping it in your car, you will also realize the importance of having this handy trash can for the car. Secure it using a command hook, so it won’t fall over while driving. All this for just $1.

5. Dollar Store Spice Cupboard

Image Credit: The Social Home

Don’t want to spend a boatload of money on a spice rack? You don’t need to, as you can get the look of $30+ spice jars at the fraction of the cost and create a well-organized spice rack. Why spend more when you are getting the same look at a fraction of the price?

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Buy similar low-cost spice jars with labels here.

6. DIY Mini First Aid Kit from Dollar Store 

Image Credit: Mama Cheaps

Create an entire mini first aid kit for less than $3, amazing! Head over to mama cheaps to know how to create this perfect handy little kit. The best thing is you can take it anywhere be it the glove compartment of your car, in your purse, or in your high schooler’s backpack.

No need to worry about finding a medical store to get common medical supplies while you are out.

7. Large Pantry Makeover

Image Credit: Remodelaholic

Want to organize a large pantry with a dollar store budget? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. This easy tutorial from Remodelaholic will help you get your large pantry organized in no time.

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8. Dollar Store Portable Homework Caddy

Image Credit: Simple Made pretty

If you have kids, then this portable homework caddy will be a lifesaver once school begins. Especially if you don’t have dedicated homework space in your home (a lot of people don’t have). Melanie from Simplemadepretty has an amazingly easy tutorial for this.

9. Organize Your Cupcake Liners

Image Credit: Table for Two

A super practical organization hack that also adds to the decor element of your home. This colorful way to organize your cupcake liners in a mason jar is simply beautiful and super easy!

10. Multipurpose Space and Junk Drawer

Need to organize a messy cabinet? This video is your solution to organize your junk cabinets easily without breaking the bank.

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11. DIY Personalized Tin Labels for Organizing

Image Credit: Hunt & Host

One of the most important things while organizing is labeling and this easy DIY tin label will help you make that easy. This will make your space remains clutter-free and perfectly organized.

12. Small Laundry Room Organization

This small laundry room makeover is simple, impressive, inspiring, and inexpensive thanks to Dollar Tree. The video above shows the complete makeover in the process. Dollar store is great for organizing your laundry room.

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13. Ingenious Chest Freezer Organization System

Image Credit: Practically Functional

Do you have a chest freezer? And if so, how do you organize it? Here is an easy to maintain and simple organization system for your chest freezer using dollar store baskets.

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