37 Brilliant Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks Your Home Needs

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Being one of the most versatile chemicals, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most common household items in the world. Odds are high that you might already be using it to clean cuts or even as a disinfectant.

But do you know that this non-toxic chemical has many uses other than just as a disinfectant? Its uses are so varied that it can be used almost everywhere in your house, plus it’s super cheap too!

But first,


What is hydrogen peroxide?

The science buffs are already aware of how potent hydrogen peroxide is. It’s one of the most powerful oxidizing agents—an oxidizing agent is one that can oxidize another substance or accept its electrons. If you have ever used peroxide to clean minor scrapes, you must have seen bubbles fizz on application.

These bubbles are oxygen atoms that break away from their bonds. Through this process, hydrogen peroxide can disinfect, bleach, and sanitize most surfaces. It targets all, from bacteria to viruses, giving a thorough cleansing wherever utilized.

Without much ado, let’s get into the hydrogen peroxide hacks and tips that’ll make your life easier and save you time and money. So check out these amazing uses for hydrogen peroxide and let us know what you think!

37 Brilliant Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks Your Home Needs

Hydrogen Peroxide in the Kitchen:

1. Give Boost to Your Dishwasher

Grubby dishes? Or dishes that don’t shine like they used to before? Kill two birds with a single stone by mixing hydrogen peroxide with your daily solution. The peroxide will not only clean the dishes but will leave the dishwasher sparkling as well.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used without any hassles in appliances, and will not cause any damage to their structure.

2. Wash Away Invisible Grime on Fruits and Vegetables

Farm produce from the store contains multitudes of invisible agents on them. These can range anywhere from pesticides to general dirt. As a rule of thumb, always soak fruits and vegetables in diluted peroxide to get rid of even the nastiest of germs.

3. Clean Sponges Inside Out

We all are guilty of ignoring our cleaning sponges. Sponges are essential in our cleaning arsenal, and hoard bacteria from every surface. Give them some extra love by rinsing them out with hydrogen peroxide. a cleaner sponge equals a cleaner house, after all.

4. Dissolve those Age-old Food Stains

Some food stains seem to be a part of the decor, they’re so hard to get rid of. To finally bid them adieu, pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it rest a while. The peroxide will lift up these stains and dissolve them, eliminating them in a single wipe.

5. Disinfect the Cooking Area

The cooking station bears the brunt of all your experiments and gets soiled daily. To make sure that your workspace remains spotless, wipe it down with a peroxide-soaked cloth.

6. Sanitize Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes store food for long periods of time. This can lead to grease getting in all sorts of nooks and corners. To sanitize lunch boxes for everyday use, wash them with hydrogen peroxide. This will not only keep them shining but also safe for transporting food.

7. Keep Salads Fresh for Longer

The greens in the salad brown up even if you refrigerate them. This becomes a hassle when you need to throw a dinner party. In such cases, spray some diluted peroxide on the leaves before storing them. This way, you’ll get a fresher and crispier salad.

8. Give a New Look to Old Baking Sheets

peroxide hacks cleaning sheet
Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

It’s very hard to clean baking sheets when they get covered with burnt food, etc over time. But this cleaning hack using peroxide and baking soda will make your cleaning easy and also help you to do it quickly. Who thought that two simple ingredients available in your home can have so much power when combined?

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Hydrogen Peroxide Uses in the Bathroom

9. Homemade Toilet Cleaner

If you don’t like to use a chemically loaded cleaner or want to make sure you’re using toxin-free products, then you must try this easy to make Homemade Toilet cleaner. All the ingredients you need to make this homemade cleaner might already be present in your kitchen. And the ingredients used to make this cleaner are inexpensive like baking soda, castile soap, and hydrogen peroxide too.

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Making this is easy. First, take a large bowl and mix 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup castile soap, and 1/2 cup warm water. Squeeze lemon juice from a lemon in them. Stir them until foaming stops. Now, add 5-7 drops of lemon essential oil (it’s also anti-bacterial) for fragrance. Done! Your homemade toilet cleaner is ready.

Carefully transfer the mixture to a squeeze top bottle. Now when you need to clean the toilet, just squeeze the cleaner under the rim of your commode, and let it do its job for 5 to 10 minutes. Give a quick scrub with a toilet bowl brush, and flush. Your toilet will be sparkling clean without using chemicals.

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10. As a Toothpaste

If you’re tired of traditional toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide can do the trick. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with baking soda functions the same, if not better. Benefits include whiter teeth, a fresh feel, and no bacterial infections.

It can even prevent gingivitis from reoccurring.

11. Disinfect and Clean Your Toothbrush

peroxide hacks
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Your brush just looks clean but it does attract a lot of germs. Keeping brushes close to each other may lead to sharing germs, which can spread diseases.

A soak in hydrogen peroxide followed by a rinse will get rid of all microbes, no matter how deep in hiding. Everyone should clean their toothbrush with it once a month or two for a thorough cleaning.

12. As a Mouthwash

Store-bought mouthwashes are laden with alcohol. This can be a cause of irritation and lead to peeling of the inner cheek lining for many. Switch to hydrogen peroxide if these complaints seem familiar.

By its nature, the peroxide will kill all harmful bacteria that live in your mouth. The result is a healthier smile with improved dental hygiene.

13. As a Grout Whitener

Grout is one of my major pet peeves. No matter how much you scrub, wash or slough, it never seems to go away. Splash some peroxide on areas affected by grout and let it rest for some time. Hydrogen peroxide dissolves grease with minimum elbow grease.

It is inexpensive and simple enough to repeat as and when needed.

14. As a Toothache Remedy

A quick fix for a toothache, gargling with hydrogen peroxide claims to soothe the pain. Use a diluted solution and follow the procedure two to three-time to see a difference. Be sure to rinse with plain water after.

15. As a Shower Curtain Cleaner

You can now disinfect shower curtains without having to take them down. Fill up a spray bottle with hydrogen peroxide and spritz it all over the curtain before you take a shower. The water from the shower will wash it down. 

16. As a Towel Cleaner

During the more humid months, towels tend to start smelling musty. The bacteria residing in these damp towels can be harmful in nature. To combat this, douse the towels in hydrogen peroxide and set them out to dry.

The final result is clean-smelling germ-free towels.

17. All-natural Bleach

peroxide hacks
Via Don’twastethecrumbs

Most commercial bathroom cleaners contain bleach and other harsh chemicals which are hazardous for health. But, there is an alternative for these cleaners in the form of hydrogen peroxide. Plus, it costs a few dollars and is cheaper than most chemical cleaners. This is a must-try if you want to get rid of toxic chemicals.

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses in the Garden

18. Improve Plant Health

Wondering why your garden looks its best after a shower? Its because rainwater contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps plants thrive. Include peroxide in your daily watering routine to maintain the lush green hue. It will even help to liven up drooping plants.

19. Sprout Seeds Early

Impatience often leads to bad results, but not this time. Use hydrogen peroxide to soak seeds that will sprout quicker than the rest. Peroxide kills the bacteria present on the seeds and promotes growth.

20. Say Bye to Pests

Worried about perpetual attacks from pests to your garden or plants? Say goodbye to these pests by saying yes to hydrogen peroxide (3%).

All you need to do is, mix an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water to prepare the anti-pest mixture. Spray it over your plants and keep them free from pests as it kills the pest and their eggs. Why buy chemically loaded pesticides when you have hydrogen peroxide!

Did I mention that it’s also highly effective against fungus as well?

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21. To Remove Weeds

If you’re tired of all the work that goes into regular weeding, try using peroxide. Three quarts of peroxide mixed with one quart of water makes for an excellent weed killer. Store this solution in a bottle and spray it wherever you see patches of weed growing.

It will kill the existing weed and prevent new ones from taking root.

Miscellaneous Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide:

22. Carpet Cleaner

Don’t just throw away a stained old carpet, use hydrogen peroxide to clean it. How? Just mix ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 cup of water and 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. Pour the mixture into a dark-colored bottle and shake lightly.

All you need to do is to spray a generous amount of mixture on the carpet and wait for a min or two to let it set. After the mix has been set, give it a little scrub with the help of a scrub brush. Wipe the carpet dry and repeat if needed.

23. Glass Cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide is a perfect alternative to conventional glass cleaners which contain ammonia. Those who don’t know ammonia is irritating and corrosive and harmful to human health.

And cleaning glass with hydrogen peroxide is quite easy too. All you have to do is put any grocery store hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and wipe away for sparkling clean mirrors and windows. It’s quite cheaper than the commercially available glass cleaners too.

24. Clean Toys

A baby in the house brings a bundle of joy and toys. But these toys are breeding grounds of bacteria and pose a risk. Clean them down by using a peroxide-soaked sponge. Follow it up with a rinse in water and they should be child-safe.

25. Disinfect Fish Tanks

Fish tanks can accumulate algae over a period of time. They are notorious for being tough to clean, as transporting fish is delicate. Mix some hydrogen peroxide with the water in the tank. This will delay the growth of fungus in the tank.

26. Remove Bloodstains

Menstruation doesn’t need to be harder. With the cramps, cravings, and moodiness, our pockets don’t need to be burdened further by having to throw away bloodstained bottom wear. Peroxide removes bloodstains quickly, leaving no trace behind.

27. Remove Pet Urine Stains

Potty training your pet is a long process. In the meantime, your furniture doesn’t need to suffer. Pets usually leave pee marks all around the house, which creates a typical smell. To save your furniture, douse hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas. It will erase both, the odor and the telltale marks.

28. To Remove Sweat Stains

Summers may be tough on you, but they don’t have to be tough on your clothes as well. Sweat stains are unsightly and it requires lots of elbow grease to get them out. Instead of throwing them away, use hydrogen peroxide to vanish stains.

By soaking clothes in peroxide for about half an hour, the stains will lift like magic. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Uses for Health and Beauty

29. Contact Lens Cleaner

If you wear contact lenses, you might know that they can accumulate a build-up of proteins and other debris over time. You may already be using a commercial contact lens cleaner but they are expensive and a money-saving alternative is to use hydrogen peroxide. How? Because most commercial cleaners contain hydrogen peroxide as one of the active ingredients.

So, using hydrogen peroxide is less expensive and it can clean the lens easily and quickly.

Never let hydrogen peroxide come directly into contact with your eyes as it can cause stinging, burning, and temporary corneal damage and you must follow the disinfecting process with a Neutralizer. US FDA has a great article regarding the same.

30. Clean Your Ears Out

peroxide hacks

Like our body, ears also need regular cleaning. While most people produce enough ear wax to protect the ear canal from water and infection but sometimes, your ears may produce more wax than necessary. And over time, it may get hard and block the ear.

Now, most people use cotton swabs, bobby pins, or other objects to clean wax from the ear canal which is the wrong way to clear as it can accidentally push wax deeper, creating a blockage. So, the solution is either expensive ear drops or hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to remove ear wax as it softens the wax and allows it to dispel on its own. Instructables has a full step-by-step tutorial for this.

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Note: If you have an ear infection or an existing ear condition, just visit your doctor for removal and do not try this.

31. As a Bath Soak

Nothing beats a bath after a long day at work. What if you could combine cleaning with relaxing? Pour some peroxide in your bath water, and take a long well-deserved soak. The peroxide detoxifies your body and at the same time cleans the bathtub

32. As a Foot Soak

Walking around in tight shoes all day can lead to developing Athlete’s Foot. If left untreated, it can permanently disfigure your toenails. Peroxide mixed with some water provides a cathartic soak while destroying all bacteria.

33. As a Treatment for Canker Sores

Canker sores are painful and often take a long time to heal on their own. To speed up their healing process, swish some peroxide around like a mouth rinse. The properties of hydrogen peroxide are such that it will kill the bacteria at its root.

34. As a Nail Stain Remover

Those who love nail polish can share how common it is for nails to turn yellow on the continued use of polish. These stains are particularly stubborn and refuse to leave on their own. A cotton ball dabbed with peroxide can help remove these stains.

It will also impart a healthy white glow to your nails.

35. To Lighten Your Hair

The sun-kissed hair color is never out of style. To lift your hair color naturally, use hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. Rinse your hair after a shower with this solution. With diligent use, you’ll see a difference in your hair color in about three weeks. In addition, hydrogen peroxide will also reduce the appearance of dandruff.

Another inventive use of hydrogen peroxide is to cover up roots in a jiffy. If you have an important event to attend but cannot make a salon appointment in time, use this method. Hydrogen peroxide dabbed on roots and left for 30 minutes will cover dark roots.

36. To Soften Calluses and Corns

Corns and calluses are fairly common during summer. This is because of the abundance of bacteria present around public pools. These are particularly hard to get rid of, and often are deeply rooted.

To hasten the softening process, soak the affected area in peroxide. Following this process for a few weeks will heal the corn at its source. This is especially helpful to ensure these do not return or spread out even further.

37. To Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning make-up brushes is a hassle, and no one wants to do it. However, dirty makeup brushes and sponges are the leading cause of adult acne.

These are the prime spots for bacteria to breed, and regular use causes the spread of infection. An easy method to deep clean your equipment is to immerse them in peroxide. Minimum effort with maximum results. 

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is available in varying concentrations at retail stores. Most household hacks don’t need more than 3% concentration. Since it’s generally used for sterilization, many pharmacies sell it as well. All major online stores will carry hydrogen peroxide too.

Simply, buy Hydrogen Peroxide from Amazon.

Safety concerns about using hydrogen peroxide

If you plan to use peroxide, there are certain guidelines to keep in mind. Store-bought peroxide will usually not result in major mishaps unless misused.

  1. Do not use peroxide over large areas of skin undiluted.
  2. Keep it away from eyes, deep wounds, and animal bites.
  3. Do not swallow in any form.

We hope this list inspired you to go ahead and grab that bottle of hydrogen peroxide off the shelf next time. What are the various ways you use hydrogen peroxide? Let us know in the comments down below.

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 Bonus: Speed Up Your Cleaning with Spray Cap

hydrogen peroxide cleaning hacks
Yes, I know the list was for 37 hacks, but consider this as a bonus as it will ease your cleaning by making it faster and easier. Just attach a spray cap to a hydrogen peroxide bottle and you are good to go.

Sometimes you don’t need to spend money to do certain things, you just have to look around your house and use the ingredients you already have as it will save you money as well as time.

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