31 Best Bathroom Organizers Under $20

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A room with limited storage space can soon become a cluttered nightmare. And in a bathroom, you need to store a lot of different things, many of which are little and slippery, which makes organization extra difficult. As bathrooms are regularly used, there’s always a high chance for it to get messy each day. This is where practical and unique storage solutions come in. 

To get additional storage space out of your bathroom, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Simply get creative and find ways to turn everyday items into quick storage by investing in a shower caddy or building floating shelves.

To get you started, we’ve gathered 31 of the best bathroom organizers under $20! Although the cost is minimal, your bathroom will appear and feel much larger in no time.


31 Best Bathroom Organizers Under $20

1. Use a Spice Rack

MOOACE 4 Pack Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet Wall Mount, 16.54 Inch Large Hanging Seasoning Organizer Shelf for Pantry Door Kitchen

Wait? Spice racks? Shouldn’t they be in the kitchen? Well, yes but they can be used for other purposes too! The same organizers you use for spices are ideal for your shampoos, conditioners, and soaps!

You can easily set this spice rack up with screws and store your cosmetic supplies and toiletries. This rack will also make your bathroom organized. 

Buy it on Amazon.

2. Plastic Storage Basket 

JiatuA Plastic Storage Basket with Handles, Shower Caddy Tote Portable Organizer Bins for Bathroom, Dorm, Kitchen, Bedroom, Medium Light Black

These black, plastic baskets come with handles and ample storage space, to make organizing easy work. This storage bin will go with any bathroom design as they look modest. Moreover, they’re inexpensive too!

You can keep one on the counter for holding hairbrushes, earbuds, air fresheners, etc., and one below the sink for storing cleaning supplies and other toiletries.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. DIY Floating Ladder Shelves

Via Anikasdiylife

The idea of using a ladder in your bathroom might sound insane, but we have a wonderful DIY tutorial for you. By ladder, we don’t ask for a huge ladder, just a short one—a floating miniature ladder to be precise.

This idea is fantastic because it doesn’t take up any floor space. Another advantage is that it appears to be natural home decor, giving the space a rustic feel. You can even add a towel bar at the very bottom.

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4. Over-the-Shower Caddy

Via Abowlfulloflemons

This type of equipment is probably not new to you, but it is nonetheless a lifesaver in the shower. It not only stores your shower essentials, but it also makes cleaning your bathroom much easier.

These caddies are easily available online and don’t cost a lot. Moreover, buying one in black will work the best for it will adapt to any wall color.

5. DIY Floating Shelves

Via Themerrythought

If the toilet is surrounded by walls without much space between the opposite two, as is common in smaller bathrooms, you can install these floating shelves easily. These shelves free up a lot of space for toilet paper, hand soap, and whatever else you need, allowing you to declutter the floor and sink areas.

All you’ll need are some cut-to-size shelves and brackets to create a stylish storage space over your toilet.

6. Get a Slim Storage Cart

Conworld 4 Tier Slim Storage Cart with Wheels,Narrow Bathroom Cart Organizer, 5.12in Rolling Cart Organizer with Handle, Laundry Room Storage for Kitchen, Bathroom and Other Narrow Spaces, White

Rolling carts are seriously one of the best products out there because they store things, are portable, and also look elegant. To save space in your bathroom, keep a narrow, rolling storage cart between your toilet and vanity to make the most of the limited area.

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This cart has 4 tiers and will give you a tonne of more space as you can store shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. File Box Storage

Via Dreamgreendiy

If you store electronic appliances like straighteners in the bathroom, you need to be extremely careful. And for that, we usually keep them in the cabinet under the sink which requires regular bending down. Isn’t it tiresome? Why not change that ideal way?

Use this DIY hack where a simple metal box (non-flammable) is stuck next to a sink using command hooks. With this, one can store their electronics securely, plus it looks fashionable too.

8. Bathroom Organizer Cabinet

Via Oldsaltfarm

Purchasing a bathroom organizer cabinet and simply installing it above your toilet is a great idea. Most of us don’t even consider the space above the toilet when it comes to storage. You can add clear glass jars for small toiletries and baskets for toilet paper and spare towels.

9. Beautifying Under The Sink Cabinet

Via Justagirlandherblog

Do you have a storage area beneath your sink, but it’s messy? If so, use cardboard boxes to give this area a makeover. Also, by decorating bathroom organizers in wrapping paper, you can transform an unsightly location into a chic storage solution.

It’s a super-cheap and simple method to solve your storage issues while also improving the appearance of your bathroom.

10. DIY Towel Rack

Via Lizmarie

Hooks can help you save a lot of space in your bathroom if you’re short on space. All you need are some hooks and two pieces of wood. You can keep your towels off the floor with this rustic multi-hook rack. 

11. 2 Drawer Tiered Mirrored Glass Organizer

OnDisplay Emma 2 Drawer Tiered Mirrored Glass Makeup/Jewelry Organizer (Silver)

Why not buy a makeup display case to display your skincare products in the bathroom? This drawer looks super modest and stylish and can make any bathroom look chic. This silver-shaded made of robust MDF makeup box comes with two beautiful chambers which are 2.75″ broad and 3.4″ in height.

Trust us, you’ll be astonished at how useful and convenient this tiered drawer can be. 

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Make-up Magnet Board

Via Laurathoughts

Are you someone who prefers applying makeup in the bathroom? If so this hack is the best one for you, as it will help you do your makeup in peace without causing clutter. You’ll need a magnet board, some magnets, and of course, your makeup products!

This hack is surely worth the shot if you dislike rummaging through makeup every morning. 

13. Repurpose Clear Jars 

Via Herhappyhome

Cotton balls, q-tips, and soap are all common bathroom items that if not organized will look super clumsy. However, if you put them in glass jars, they’ll look super professional in the bathroom.

Use old glass jars lying around your home for this DIY.  Decorate them with chalk paint and add knobs to some to give these jars an elegant and rustic look.

Clear jars are easily available at online shops, dollar stores, etc., and they don’t cost too much.

14. Cute Counter Makeover

Via Instagram|farmhousebargainhunter

With the addition of a tiered basket, you can transform your counter from simple to cute. These sort of wicker baskets give an elegant vibe, and won’t make the bathroom decor seem boring.

This basket organizer is ideal for holding washcloths, cosmetics, perfumes, and other items.

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15. DIY Cabinet with Pullout Shelf

Via Instructables

This is the DIY for a simple wall-mounted tiny cabinet with a bottom shelf that comes out from the side and it’s a game-changer. This wall-mounted storage allows one to store their shampoos, toothbrushes, pastes all inside a cabinet and be used only when needed.

This is a great idea for all big households where knick-knacks ruin the bathroom counter without proper organization.

16. Turning Baskets into Shelves

Via Thekimsixfix

Repurposing baskets as shelves when you need bathroom storage is absolutely genius, especially if you’re low on money and space. This is a low-cost bathroom organization solution that is also ideal for those who don’t want to buy new storage furniture.

Take your pick of baskets and storage bins, then use L brackets and bolts to fix them on the wall.

17. Hair Tool Storage Cabinet

Via Theidearoom

Not only does keeping your hair styling equipment out of the way save space, but it also protects them from damage. As we previously saw about the file box storage, this one is for those who own a lot of hair tools. You’ll need to add a hair tool organizing station and an electrical strip inside the cabinet as well.

18. Make Drawer Organizers

Via Divaofdiy

A bathroom drawer organizer or divider is a simple solution to keep your drawer mess-free. For this, you’ll need to purchase small plastic bins, repurpose an old cutlery organizer, or buy a drawer divider. You can also make one yourself using wood strips and clamps.

19. A Wall Full of Baskets

Via Simplydiy2

Why not hang baskets to keep things neat if you have space on the walls? Baskets can be used to store towels and washcloths, shaving tools, or anything else you need to keep. Attach some baskets to a towel bar (you can add more towel bars if needed) using ribbon pieces—it’s pretty straightforward. 

20. DIY Corner Shelf

Via Houseofrose

Make the most of every inch of wall or counter space with a corner shelf that can hold toilet paper, cosmetic items, and more! Get your hands on some wooden boards, plywood pieces, all anchors, finish nails, and some basic tools.

21. Bathroom Magazine Rack

Via Fourgenerationsoneroof

If you’re someone who can’t stop yourself from reading a book or magazine in your bathroom, then this idea is your lifesaver. Making your own wall-mounted magazine rack will help you enjoy reading and also avoid those books from falling on the wet floor. 

You’ll need about 7 strips of pinewood (or any other wood) and a nail gun for this DIY.

22. Mason Jar Storage

Via Lollyjane

Mason jars are so useful and can be used for multiple storage purposes. They make great storage containers for your necessary toiletries too. Use hose clamps to attach the mason jars to a board and add this setup above your sink or beside it.

These glass jars are open to your creativity, so you can paint them, add stickers, or let them be. Whatever your choice is, these jars can save tons of space. 

23. Fast and Easy Shelving

Via Hgtv

Can you believe that small crates work well as storage containers? All you need to do is get a few wooden crates and paint them any color you choose. If you install them to the wall using large picture-hanging strips, you’ll have a fantastic country-style décor idea as well as some extra storage. 

24. Use Floor Space

Via Instagram|koonartesanosmx

We so far checked out a lot of shelf ideas, why not make use of the floor space? Yes! As we’re talking about inexpensive bathroom organizers, we shouldn’t get too caught up in shelving alone. Use baskets to organize towels and bathrobes. You can store them by the bathroom door or in some dry area.

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They’ll look so stylish and work efficiently, plus you’ll save a lot of pennies. 

25. Pallet Bathroom Storage

Via Instructables

If you have a small bathroom and don’t have enough space to install a huge cabinet, then check out this beautiful pallet storage that can be made with regular products. This looks so creative that it helps in storing your utilities and also acts as a beautiful decor piece.

This wooden storage can be used as a laundry basket or to keep shower towels inside. Either way, it functions well. 

26. Felt Labeling

Via Almostexactly

Shall we convert your built-in cabinet into a functional bathroom shelf? You just need canvas containers and colorful felt for this. Simply label the containers with some felt and glue so you know where everything belongs.

This will eliminate a lot of clutter and make your bathroom appear larger and more organized.

27. Magnetic Strip Hack

Via Superwoman

We all know that searching for clippers, tweezers, and bobby pins is a hassle. Moreover, if they lie on the floor, they might also cause accidents. To avoid this, why not simply use a magnetic strip to stick these tiny metal stuff?

Simply cut an appropriate length of the strip, secure it with sticky tape or screws, and add those small metal items that always seem to go missing.

28. Hot Hair Tool Holder

Via Thriftyfun

With this unique and thrifty DIY, you can make your own styling tool organizer for your bathroom counter. All you’ll need for this hot tool storage concept only takes a PVC pipe and an oven mitt. Now you’ll have a place to keep your straighter and blow dryer securely and also add a neat look to your bathroom. 

29. Clear Containers

Via Instagram|thecreativityexchange

Clear storage bins are one of the best ways to organize bathroom closets or under-sink cabinets. You can categorize your bathroom necessities in these boxes and arrange them neatly on a shelf or cabinet in your bathroom.

Additionally, you can also make a note of what’s inside the container with a black marker on the outside or with a printed-out label.

30. Pocket Organizer

Via Imperfecthomemaking

Pocket organizers work amazingly in bathrooms just like how they work great in the shoe closet. This DIY can help you sort out clutter easily. You’ll need a sturdy piece of fabric and mesh material for the pockets. Add a dowel to the top of the organizer so that it can be hung on hooks.

These work wonderfully and they also keep the bathroom necessities safe.

31. Expandable Under Sink Shelf

If the cabinet under your sink is shabby, it is high time to clean it and add an extendable organizer. Yes, these are inexpensive and have plastic shelves supported by metal pipes, making them sturdy enough to hold anything you need to put under the bathroom sink.

This is a fantastic method to clear up some room and organize your belongings. Additionally, you’ll also finally get rid of expired cleaning products and stuff.

Buy it on Amazon.

Bathroom organization is a must as bathrooms are one of the regularly used places in the house. Let us know which ideas from this list you’re going to implement.

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