71 Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas (2022)

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of extra space in your small bathroom. Between the toilet, the shower, and the sink, there’s not much room left for storage. Not only does this make it difficult to keep the room clean, but it also makes it hard to find a place for everything.

It feels like every time you turn around there’s another bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste that needs a home. And then when you finally find a place for everything, you can’t even close the door!

But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck – with a little creativity, you can find ways to store all of your belongings without taking up too much space. The solution is simple small bathroom storage ideas that will maximize your small bathroom’s potential.

These small bathroom storage ideas will help you get organized and make the most of your limited space. From under-the-sink storage solutions to clever ways to store your towels and toiletries, we’ve got you covered.


71 Genius Small Bathroom Storage Ideas for 2022

1. Beautiful Ladder Shelf 

Via Dovecottage

Shelves are always our go-to storage solution for small spaces but why go for normal ones when you can use the steps of a storage ladder as shelves?

The statement white ladder not only works well with the interior but also provides tons of space and creates an illusion that makes the bathroom look bigger. 

2. Glass and Wooden Cabinet

Via Blakehillhouse

Cabinets are a must-have for bathroom storage especially if you have a small one. A wooden cabinet with glass doors has enough space to store tissue rolls, towels, and even vanity products for daily use. 

3. Invisible Bathroom Organizer

Via Decandyou

Wall shelves have always been my favorite as they don’t clutter the floor and give us tons of storage area. The storage unit has compartments to store basics and essentials without putting them on display and what else do we need? 

4. Go Wild with Plants

Via Apartmenttherapy

The entire apartment here is full of plants and stuff and it looks stunning. How about adding some greenery to your bathroom as well? The high shelves above the toilet optimize the storage space—there’s enough space for both baskets and plants.

5. Wire Mounted Shelves

Via Christeneholder

This statement storage unit has three tiers and can house everything from bathroom essentials to decorative items. Get this online or make one yourself if there’s enough vertical wall space.

6. Sassy Storage Ladder

Via Twelveonmain

Here’s another storage ladder idea because I am obsessed with it. This one is budget-friendly as well. You can make the structure by yourself and hang some wired bins on the steps to complete the look. 

7. Minimalist Bathroom Decor

Via Makelyhome

Here is a fascinating custom design of wooden panels, extra-large C-hooks, and eye bolts. You add something like this to your bathroom, pair it with the right lights, and get ready for a tsunami of compliments! 

8. Over-the-Toilet Shelf Tower

MOIDEI Over-The-Toilet Shelf Tower, Spacesaver Storage Cabinet, Bathroom Storage Organizer with Adjustable Inside Shelf and One Open Shelf, 26 in. W x 67 in. H x 10 in. D. (Espresso)

The vertical wall space above the toilet is never utilized because it is not within reach or people don’t want to get near the pot always. A tall towering toilet shelf like this can optimize the space and you can store cleaning supplies and other stuff which are occasionally used.

It is made of premium MDF and particleboard, and the installation is very easy.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. A Boho Touch

Via Apartmenttherapy

The beautiful wooden cabinet beside the toilet is a great bathroom storage solution because it utilizes ignored and inconvenient areas. You can make it a towel caddy and put some fresh flowers and it would slay. 

10. Towel Rod for Smart Storage

Via Apartmenttherapy

This bathroom’s the perfect amalgamation of modern with boho and we are loving it! Add colorful essentials and knick-knacks and use a ladder for storage. You can segregate everything in baskets and keep them on the ladder.

11. Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors

AOJEZOR Small Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet with Doors and Shelves,Thin Toilet Vanity Cabinet,Narrow Bath Sink Organizer,Towel Storage Shelf for Paper Holder,White

A narrow bathroom organizer with a ventilated door can be a great addition to a small bathroom. The vertical design has an adjustable middle shelf and a functional tissue dispenser at the top. Made of PVC foam board, the top shelf can also be used to keep cellphones, coffee, etc.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Super Organized Drawer

Via Iamstylish-ish

Drawers are one of the best bathroom storage solutions for years and they are irreplaceable. Yes, they can get messy very quickly but there are tons of organizing hacks. Use bins and dividers like this and store all the essentials in the bathroom drawer.

13. Single Floating Shelf

Via Organized-ish

Here is a great example of remodeling an ultrasmall bathroom to a chic one with minimal furniture. There is just one floating shelf and a basket for toilet paper—the rest is all about creating an illusion of a bigger space.

14. Jumbo Medicine Cabinet

Via Lifeissweetasapeach

Can spot any free space below the sink? If yes, add storage space in your bathroom by adding a big vanity. Make sure you get one that has a lot of compartments to store cleaning supplies and towels as well. 

15. Toothbrush Holder with Toothpaste Dispenser

Toothbrush Holder with Toothpaste Dispenser Wall Mounted for Bathroom, Large Capacity Bathroom Storage Organizer Accessories Set, 2 Cups and 4 Toothbrush Slots(Grey)

Every bathroom’s got a toothpaste shelf which gets messy very easily. Replace the old cabinet with this modern toothbrush holder which has dispenser units, a tissue zone, and compartments for beauty products. What else do you need?

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Buy it on Amazon.

16. Make-up Magnet Board

Via Laurathoughts

Make a magnet board like this right now. Every product would be on display and it not only optimizes the storage space but will also save you loads of time. 

17. Under Sink Organizer

Under Sink Organizer, Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2 Tier Organizer Bath Collection Baskets with Hooks, Black Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack, Multi-purpose Under Sink Storage for Bathroom Kitchen

As I said, drawers and cabinets can get messy in the blink of an eye and these organization units can be your best friend. This 2-tier basket comes with hooks and a compact design which is versatile, easy to clean, and provides more possibilities to store those toiletries neatly.

Buy it on Amazon.

18. Unique Round Basket

Via Goldenboysandme

A tiered basket storage unit that is convenient to store toilet rolls, cleaning essentials, and bathroom supplies, would be a great addition to the countertop. It is also easy to carry this basket around.

19. Bath Towel Holder

Towel Holder Bath Over The Door 5 Hooks Organizer Rack Heavy-Duty Organizer for Towel, Robe, Coat, Bag

I know you would love to own a heavy-duty towel rack with the word “towels” for your bathroom and this product won’t disappoint you. A perfect towel storage solution

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Repurpose a Bar Cart

Via Goodhousekeeping

Do you have an old bar cart in the storeroom? It is time to repurpose it and make the perfect towel and toilet paper station on wheels. Those hand towels and tissue rolls need some extra love! 

21. Floating Shelves with Inverted Brackets

Via Firsthomedreams

Pretty white floating shelves with inverted brackets are very unique and they could be a great addition to any bathroom. You can install as many as required and store those essentials without cluttering them.

22. Bathroom Wall Cabinet

VANIRROR Bathroom Wall Cabinet Wooden Medicine Cabinet Buffering Hinge MDF Material Storage Organizer 23"x29" and Adjustable Shelves Cupboard Storage Cabinet with Large Space

Wall cabinets like this are very popular among they are allrounders when it comes to storage. From medicines to makeup, this cabinet has adjustable internal shelves as well. Other notable features include a buffering hinge at the door and high-quality MDF, humidity-proof wooden material. 

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Utilize Unexpected Corners

Via Apartmenttherapy

Here is a great way to add some style and character to a typical city apartment. You can add some floating shelves beside the toilet and there is a shower curtain which makes it look super clean and organized. There is also space below the sink for vanity and bathroom essentials. 

24. Homykic Over-the-toilet Storage

Homykic Over-The-Toilet Storage Bamboo, 3-Tier Space Saver Organizer Rack, Stable Freestanding Anti-Tilt Shelf with 3 Hooks for Laundry, Balcony, Porch, WhiteThe 3-tier, over-the-door bamboo storage has extra hooks for easy storage. Designed for universal appeal, the anti-tilt shelf is a bestseller because of its freestanding structure and glossy finish. The package comes with clear installing instructions and assembling is a child’s play. 

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Add a Round Mirror

Via Apartmenttherapy

The softness of a round mirror is enough to optimize a small bathroom and this is proof. There are pine shelves on the wall above the toilet and a statement cabinet below the sink which provides enough storage.  

26. Basket Wall System

Via Potterybarn

Do you need custom basket storage in your bathroom? Pottery Barn is here to help you construct a statement basket wall system. The two-tier system has one small and one large iron bar with 5 equal baskets for storage.

All the pretty wicker baskets include removable polyester linen for durability. 

27. Sleek and Clean

Via Notjustahousewife

Here is a genius bathroom shelf design that won’t take any extra space as it’s embedded right in the wall. This used to be a shower space, and you can see the stunning remodeling results. If you have a spare wall space like this, it is time to make a master shelf out of it and store all the bathroom essentials there. 

28. Pretty Minimalist Decor

Via Apartmenttherapy

This minimalist decor includes one towel rod above the toilet and a tissue roll rack for convenience. You can also include a medicine cabinet below the sink for added storage. 

29. Bathroom Corner Organizer

Bathroom Counter Organizer Corner Shelf – Bathroom Organization Bamboo 3 Tier Spice Rack Makeup Organizer Bookshelf Space Saving Rack Kitchen Office Living Room, Black

The corner of your bathroom countertop can be utilized with an organizer like this to keep those hair sprays, body washes, and makeup products safe and tidy. Made of premium bamboo and stainless steel, the 3-tier corner shelf increases the counter space by 20%. 

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Over-the-door Shelf

Via Goodhousekeeping

The wall space right above your bathroom door is one of the most ignored locations and nobody can deny this. Why not install a few shelves there for extra storage space? You can store towels, linens, and cleaning products over there.

31. Cabinet Doors for Cosmetics

Via Howtobuildit

Organizing a small bathroom is all about finding hidden spots and optimizing storage space with them. The medicine cabinet door here, for example, has been utilized to store makeup products neatly. You just have to install some mini shelves on the cabinet doors.

32. Spinning Makeup Organizer

Via Pbteen

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite Pottery Barn items, a spinning makeup organizer can make your day. No scanning through boxes for the right product, no cluttering, just spin it and choose the product you want.

Keep this organizer on the bathroom countertop and you won’t get late to work for makeup ever again! 

33. Bamboo Bathroom Shelf

Via Hawkinswoodshop

A 3-tier adjustable bamboo shelf with 5 vertical positions for versatility is something you would love to have in your bathroom. It can also be wall-mounted and the assembling and de-assembling are super easy.

The bamboo shelf can hold up to 25 kgs which is massive for bathroom storage. 

34. DIY Bathroom Vanity

Via Angelamariemade

If you don’t want to spend dollars buying a wooden medicine cabinet or vanity for the bathroom, follow this easy DIY to make one. You will need plywood, premium wood, scrap wood, door hinges, wood screws, and magnetic door catches to complete this classic cabinet. 

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35. Cabinet Doors for Storage

Via Goodhousekeeping

Utilize the cabinet door for storing all your hair accessories if you get ready in the bathroom. From hairdryers and straighteners to clips and scissors in a magnetic stripe, this storage is space-saving and tidy.

Install a few bins first and go for a magnet strip as well. 

36. Hidden Shelf for Chic Bathroom

Via Shanty2chic

This DIY can provide you with built-in storage from scratch and expand your bathroom space without any clutter. You will need pine or whitewood boards, plywood, wood filler, decorative hinges, and magnet closures to complete this shelf.

Wall storage like this makes use of vertical space rather than width, which makes it super chic and space-saving. 

37. Hanging Shower Caddy

Hanging Shower Caddy,Bathroom Shelf Organizer,Shower Door Caddy,Aluminum,Adjustable Height

The 2-tiered hanging shower caddy can hold up to 44 pounds and it has adjustable pole lengths for versatile storage. Made of aluminum material, the caddy is durable and rust-proof. 

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Pull Out Cabinet

Source unknown

Hidden cabinets like this are a blessing to small bathrooms and I am sure you will agree. The pull-out design is super innovative and has ample storage space. Keep those linens and towels safely, out of sight.

You can also keep the bathing essentials in order and use them whenever required. 

39. Wall-to-wall Vanity

Via Apartmenttherapy

Everything about this vanity is perfect, whether it’s the statement round mirror or the cemented shelves. You can add some woven baskets to make it rustic and add more character. 

40. Convenient Tissue Roll Storage

Via Brepurposed

Have you ever thought about utilizing the toilet top for tissue storage? You just need a simple, wide basket and place it above the toilet. Keep those rolls organized in it and use them when necessary. 

41. Drawers under the Sink

Via Justagirlandherblog

The drainage below the sink is totally covered here, thanks to these pretty cabinets. Show some love to your master bathroom and utilize the space below the sink for storage. It could be a medicine cabinet, a vanity, and even a shelf for cleaning supplies. 

42. Double Rods and Hooks

Via Goodhousekeeping

Rods are always very functional storage solutions on which you can hang towels, bottles, loofahs, and whatnot. Increase the versatility by installing S-hooks like this and add some caddies as well.

43. Bathroom Shelving Solution

Bathroom Shelving Solution, Bathroom Shelves Wall Mounted, Rectangular Tempered Glass Shelf with Towel Bar, Shower Storage Organizer, Heavy Duty (2 Tier, Black)

Made of aluminum, this 2-tier modern storage shelf is all about creativity and minimalism. It is here to snatch your attention with the striking matte finish, high-quality tempered glass shelves, a towel bar, and adjustable hooks.

The assembling and installation are easy-peasy and the price is reasonable as well. 

Buy it on Amazon.

44. DIY Magnetic Strips

Via Darkroomanddearly

Most of us have a ton of clips and scissors and other metallic tools, all scattered and cluttered in the bathroom. Organize all of them right beside your basin using a magnetic DIY rack.

45. Juliaette Shower Caddy

Via Wayfair

Organize all your shower and bathroom essentials right over your shower and never let them out of sight anymore. The premium bamboo caddy looks amazing and it uses suction cups for hanging. It has got unique shelves to store shampoos and loofas.

46. Corner Shelves

Via Ikea

Corner shelves are always necessary for increasing storage space in a small bathroom. A 3-tiered bamboo shelf like this can fit right into the tiny gap and store those essentials perfectly. 

47. Over the Sink Organizer

Via Etsy

Another genius small bathroom storage, the over-the-sink rack has got the sass with functionality. A pretty wooden shelf like this can be your favorite vanity, a decor item, or storage for your essentials—the options are neverending! 

48. Pretty Baskets

Source unknown

Take your first step towards a super organized bathroom by buying these wicker baskets of different sizes. Fix them to the wall horizontally and vertically and you have functional shelves for toiletries. 

49. Cosmetic Storage Box

Makeup Organizer 360 Degree Rotating Large Capacity Cosmetic Storage Box 7 Layers Adjustable Shelf Height, Fits Makeup Brushes Lipsticks for Bedroom Bathroom Dresser or Vanity Countertop

You must have those Lazy Susans in the kitchen for storing spices and snacks; here is a rotating makeup organizer with a similar structure. This adjustable unit has 7 spacious compartments and has a non-slip bottom which makes it stable. 

Buy it on Amazon.

50. Glass Jars for Knick-Knacks

Via Thespruce

Using glass jars for storing knick-knacks might not be the best solution when it comes to space-saving, but it is surely great for storing ultra-small and delicate toiletries. You can keep them on shelves and stack cotton balls, soaps, and other skincare stuff to save cabinet space.

51. Open Spaces to the Rescue

Via Apartmenttherapy

If you have a big and open bathroom, you can add in a few storage options here and there. A few floating shelves, a modern under-the-sink cabinet, and some countertop storage, that’s it. The free floor space here makes the bathroom visually spacious and clutter-free.

52. 3-Tier Bathroom Ladder Shelf

3-Tier Bathroom Ladder Shelf,3- Bathroom Floor Storage Shelf with Drawer, Freestanding Tower Shelf, Open Shelving Unit for Bathroom Living Room Balcony

Who said storage ladders have to be very tall? Here is a 3-tiered one and I am loving every bit of it. Made of premium black steel, the standing unit is portable and provides unlimited storage possibilities. 

Buy it on Amazon.

53. Toilet Roll Organizer

Via Etsy

While getting a toilet paper holder, make sure that it’s multi-storage and can hold magazines or phones. Adding a plant on top of it can spruce up the look too.

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54. A Stack of Shelves

Via Apartmenttherapy

Those stacked shelves above the toilet have optimized the space like nothing else and the white and gold color combination is stunning. The things you don’t require every day can be stored high up on the shelves.

55. Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet

IWELL Black Bathroom Floor Storage Cabinet with 1 Adjustable Shelf, 3 Heights Available, Free Standing Kitchen Cupboard, Wooden Storage Cabinet with 2 Doors, Office Furniture

The versatile cabinet is the best solution if you want to remove visual clutter. You can keep objects you don’t want to display at the bottom and organize makeup products above. 

The cabinet’s made of durable material, is waterproof, and has labeled parts for easy installation.

Buy it on Amazon.

56. Free the Floor

Via Apartmenttherapy

Except for the toilet, there is nothing on the floor of this tiny bathroom. It is always great to utilize the wall space and keep things off the floor. This way you won’t have to maneuver your way around a cluttered space.

57. Stackable 2-tier Organizer

2 Pack - Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, White

What can be better than a pair of trendy stackable storage for a small bathroom? These organizers have a 2-tiered design and the drawers can be slid out.

You can also use the drawers independently for storage. 

Buy it on Amazon.

58. Storage Rod Below Sink

Via Apartmenttherapy

One sweet and simple rack below the sink can provide you with space to hang your towels. This way, you don’t have to waste space by installing towel holders on the wall.

You can install more bars like this and use them as creatively as you want.

59. 4-tier Utility Cart

AOJIA 4 Tier Utility Cart, Bathroom Storage Cart Organizer Mobile Shelf Units Black Bathroom Cart with Wheels for Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen Laundry Narrow Places

Here is a 4-tier utility cart if you are short on space. This baby can slide in literally everywhere! The contemporary basket design and chic black color make this utility cart a great decor piece. 

Buy it on Amazon.

60. Medicine Cabinet Door Storage


Don’t let that door of the wall medicine cabinet sit idle, it is time to install some hooks and bins there. From magnetic memo board to slim containers, the door can be decked up to store small grooming tools and skincare products. 

61. Over The Door Organizer

NesTidy Over The Door Organizer Storage, Wall Mount Hanging Organizer with 4 Large Capacity Pocket Organizers and 3 Small Pockets for Baby Essentials, Toys, Cosmetics, and Sundries (Beige, 1 Pack)

Here is a bigger and cheaper storage solution to be hung behind the door of the bathroom and trust me, most of your bathroom essentials can fit right in! Just make sure you don’t go overweight and this 4-pocket organizer won’t let you down. 

Buy it on Amazon.

62. Between the Stud

Via Thecreativityexchange

This vertical cabinet is an extremely pretty built-in option to optimize the storage of a small bathroom. With this, you won’t have to go through the hassle of digging through your drawers—everything will be on the shelves and easily accessible.

63. Functional Rack Next to the Toilet

Via Apartmenttherapy

We have already looked at how to use that corner with vertical cabinets and here is a 3-tiered alternative. It has more horizontal space and there is a lot of space for storing your favorite magazines.

64. Sliding Drawers Basket

Amazon Basics 2-Tier Sliding Drawers Basket Storage Organizer, Silver

A sliding storage basket organizer can be a great addition to bathroom cabinets as they can be pulled out as per the need. This basket organizer from Amazon Basics is made of stainless steel with rubber feet that won’t damage the floors. 

Buy it on Amazon.

65. Mount a Towel Rack


Just like those slim built-ins, wall racks can also be used to utilize the vertical wall space in a small bathroom. A towel rack like this would keep the floors free and avoid clutter near the sink. 

66. Small Built-in Storage

Via Pinterest

Here is a small and chic built-in storage near the toilet and it stores tissue papers in a very unique way. The space below can be used to collect trash or keep the extra toilet paper. You can skip this and even use it as a shelf to hold your phone.

67. Foldable Wall Storage

Retractable Clothes Rack Drying Racks for Laundry Foldable, Clothes Drying Rack Wall Mounted Folding Clothes Hanger Indoor Outdoor, for Laundry Room Closet Storage Organization (Sliver)

Not just for the laundry, a foldable rack is great for storing those towels and linens temporarily. The slim design doesn’t clutter and it can be folded right back when not in use.

Buy it on Amazon.

68. Floating Wonders

Via Pinterest

Whether it’s a bedroom or a bathroom, one of the most effective storage solutions is floating shelves. You just need an empty wall and you can build this zig-zag storage corner to store all the essentials.

69. Corner Shower Caddy

2PCS Shower Caddy Bathroom Shower Organizer, Carmanon Shower Storage Holder with Towel Rack & Hooks, No Drilling Adhesive Shower Shelf for Inside Shower, Wall Mount Shower Caddy, Black

Shower caddies are always very useful because they allow essentials to be within reach. This beautiful 2-piece item has a large capacity and is made of rust-proof space aluminum which makes it long-lasting.

The hollow design promotes ventilation and drainage without any hassle.

Buy it on Amazon.

70.  360-degree Rotatable Bathroom Corner Cabinet

Via Nisasshop

You don’t want all the toiletries on display all the time, right? Buy this functional storage shelf with 360-degree rotation and cover all the mess when you want. It’s waterproof and made of environment-friendly material.

71. Woven Baskets

UHSTORAGE Wood Weave Basket, Oversized Hand Woven Basket, Shelf Baskets, Home Storage Basket Organizer, for Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, Office, Set of 3 Blue and Beige

This set of 3 environment-friendly baskets woven with wood strips can be the perfect addition to your bathroom. All 3 are of different sizes, are water-resistant, and durable as well.

Buy it on Amazon.

This was all about some great storage solutions for small bathrooms and I am sure you are impressed. Choose the best and get to work right away!

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