21 Amazing Bathroom Organization Ideas To Make Life Easy

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Bathrooms can quickly become cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult to find what you need when you need it. And if you have a small space to work with, then bathroom organization can be a real challenge. However, with a little bit of planning and some creative organization ideas, you can easily transform even the smallest bathroom into a functional and clutter-free space.

In this article, we will explore some of the most effective bathroom organization ideas that you can use to declutter and optimize your space. From simple solutions like using baskets and bins to store your supplies, to more complex projects like installing shelves or repurposing furniture, there’s something here for every style and budget.

Whether you’re looking for small changes or a complete overhaul, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and practical tips that will help you transform your bathroom into a well-organized oasis.


21 Easy Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Declutter!

Before embarking on any organizational project, I always begin by decluttering the space. If we don’t eliminate unnecessary items, we’re merely rearranging clutter rather than truly organizing. Start by getting rid of items you no longer need or use to make room for a more efficient and cohesive space.

Decluttering is also important for several reasons when it comes to organizing your bathroom. Here are a few key benefits of decluttering:

  1. Improved functionality: When your bathroom is cluttered, it can be difficult to find what you need and to use the space effectively. By decluttering and organizing, you can make your bathroom more functional and efficient.
  2. Increased storage space: Decluttering can help you free up space and make it easier to find storage solutions for your bathroom essentials.
  3. Enhanced appearance: A cluttered bathroom can look unsightly and unappealing, but by decluttering and organizing, you can create a more visually appealing and cohesive space.
  4. Reduced stress: Clutter can be stressful and overwhelming, but by decluttering and organizing your bathroom, you can create a peaceful and calming environment.

Overall, decluttering is an important step in the process of organizing your bathroom, as it allows you to create a functional and appealing space that is easy to use and maintain. So, throw away the unnecessary things now.

2. Towels Storage

Soduku Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack with Top Shelf
Say goodbye to messing up your bathroom by keeping towels here and there with this towel rack. This rack keeps all your family members’ towels separate and organized in the bathroom. What more? This pretty little towel rack also looks beautiful thereby adding a decor element to your bathroom.

Just mount it to a wall and make your bathroom look pretty and also keep towels organized at the same time with this towel shelf. You can buy this towel rack here.

Don’t want the hassle of folding towels? Then, this towel bar is a perfect addition to your bathroom for keeping towels.

KES Swivel Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel 4-Arm Bathroom Swing Hanger Towel Rack Holder Storage Organizer Space Saving Wall Mount Brushed Finish, A2102S4-2

Buy this towel bar here from Amazon.

3. Mason Jars

Bathroom organization ideas - mason jar to hold toothbrush and toothpastes

Another organization idea which will also add a decor element to your bathroom, Mason Jars. Use these to keep toothbrushes, toothpaste, earbuds, etc. organized in one place. Sure, you can get plastic toothbrush holders, etc. but they won’t add the same charm and look to your bathroom like these mason jars do.

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The best part about these is you can customize them as you want and here is an amazing tutorial to help you get started. You can also buy a custom ready-made mason jar bathroom organizer set here.

4. Under The Sink Organization

Sorbus 2 Tier Organizer Baskets with Mesh Sliding Drawers, Ideal Cabinet, Countertop, Pantry, Under the Sink, and Desktop Organizer for Bathroom,Kitchen, Office, etc.Made of Steel (Silver)

There is a lot of space under the sink which you can use to store all that extra stuff. You can use the hidden space under the sink after cleaning it up, so a little effort in cleaning is required. But it’s worth it as it opens a whole new space for you to keep that entire toilet paper stalk to beauty creams, face washes and cleaners.

Grab these organizer baskets and organize under the sink easily in no time. The best thing is these baskets easily slide open/close making it super easy and quick to access things when required. You can also add hanging baskets on the door, making everything visible and organized.

5. DIY Over-the-Sink Storage

If you don’t have space under the sink utilize space above the sink by just putting one or two floating shelves. If you already have a cabinet, then you are already organized.

Now, whether you have space under the sink or not it’s probably a good idea to utilize the space above the sink to keep the products you use almost every day. And you can always add separate compartments to make it more organized.

6. Shower Pocket Organizer

MISSLO Hanging Mesh Pockets Hold 340oz/1000ml Shampoo Shower Organizer with Over The Door Hooks

Do you think you need a separate shelf to keep all the shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, etc? Keeping them on side of the tub is a mess as they would end up getting knocked over in the tub whenever you shut the curtain.

This shower pocket organizer is a great alternative to keep all these things organized. The mesh pockets keep all the things securely in a place.

The best thing is you can easily get it delivered to your doorstep as it’s available on Amazon.

7. Multi-Purpose Baskets To Keep Extra Stuff

4 Pcs Colorful Multi-Purpose Hanging Basket, Agile-shop Multilayer Superposition Wall-hanging Eco-friendly Plastic Receive Storage Basket

If you have a lot of extra stuff lying around in the bathroom like toys, etc. which you would probably have if you have children in your home. Keep them organized in one place using these aqua bins, so you can find them easily when needed.

What more? These baskets are quite sturdy, inexpensive and easily available at Amazon.

8. Ladder Storage

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer over the Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver (Gray)

The image says it all. If you have a small bathroom, you definitely face a space crunch to keep all your things in the bathroom let alone be organized properly. But no more! This handsome looking ladder can make your bathroom highly organized by utilizing the space above the toilet as storage which usually remains empty.

By using this ladder, you can place a lot of items on these steps and use the other space left in some better way. It also makes your small bathroom look pretty apart from highly organized and is sure to get a lot of praise from people visiting your home.

Quick Tip: If you want to make bathroom cleaning easy, check out these amazing bathroom cleaning hacks.

9. Keep Cords under Control

Bathroom organization ideas - organized cords

Tired of tangled cords? Let’s face it, these pesky cords waste a lot of time to keep them under control! No more as you have got to follow this simple trick and it will save you a lot of time! You just need an empty toilet paper roll and there you have it. All spic and span!

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iHeart Organizing has a proper tutorial for it, just head there to know more about it. But, it’s definitely a fantastic idea. (Via iHeart Organizing)

10. Organize The Drawers

Bathroom organization ideas- Organized Drawer using Plastic baskets
Credit: The Summery Umbrella

Organize your bathroom drawers with these cheap but handy baskets, so you can keep everything from your morning routine at one place be it cleaners, moisturizers or anything you need.

If no baskets, then you can also use separators to stop them from messing up. You can get similar baskets here.

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11. Toilet Paper Tank Holder

Bathroom Organization ideas- Toilet paper

We have talked about organizing everything in the bathroom from Toothbrushes to Towels. I was just browsing Amazon and I stumbled upon this Toilet paper roll holder. I found the idea amazing so decided to include it in this list of bathroom organization ideas. The best part is this is quick and easy to install, it does not even require any tools or drilling for installation. You can get one here today.

12. Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a good organizing option. If you already have this installed, skip this. If you haven’t, then this is an amazing organizing piece that can accommodate many of your daily use things.

Keep your hair, makeup, skin products, and other tools organized in it.

Get the best bathroom vanity here.

13. Pocketed Shower Curtain

Mrs Awesome Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain or Liner with 9 Handy Mesh Pockets 70 x 72 inches, White, Odorless, Washable and Rust Proof Grommets

Shower curtains with pockets! You can use these shower curtains to keep your small-small things such as kids’ toys, combs, and… many other things. I can’t remember any. I leave it up to you.  

So how much storage space you have been losing and continue to lose in the future if you don’t use this idea? Just think.

You can attach the pockets to your liner yourself or just buy a pocket shower curtain here.

Buy pocketed shower curtain.  

14. Utilize the Space over the Toilet

The space above the toilet usually gets wasted, which, when supplied with a proper storage system, can be used to keep a good amount of stuff.

Nowadays you have got these modern over-the-toilet shelves which not only look amazing but are also very organizing friendly. You can keep extra toilet paper, a bathroom cleaning kit, and other items that are not used daily on it.

Get over the toilet storage.

15. Shower Dispenser

Better Living Products 76345 AVIVA Three Chamber Dispenser, Chrome

One push, get your shower requirements such as shampoo, body wash, face wash directly on your palm. No need to go through the process of taking the bottle, and squeezing it to get the shampoo.

Fewer bottles make the bathroom look less cluttered, and you are not required to remember every time to keep the bottle back in place after using it. So a shower dispenser is worth trying. All you have to do is attach it to the wall after filling it up.

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Buy a shower dispenser.

16. For the Loose Bathroom Essentials

Keep your loose bathroom essentials in apothecary jars. These jars are a great place for keeping cotton swabs, band-aids, bath salts, etc so that you don’t need to look after them every other day to make sure they are not spread around making the space untidy.

18. Magazine Rack for Hair Appliances

Via Dreamgreendiy

A magazine rack is generally used for keeping your magazines in order. Now what I think is if they can be used for keeping magazines organized, then they can be used to keep other stuff organized as well. Now, the other stuff here resembles hair appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners. I just have some knowledge about these two appliances. Apologies.

If there are any others you can keep them as well. Or you can keep your hairbrushes if they fit in. So you can find all your hair-related appliances in one place, organized!

19. Bathroom Shelves

If you have already installed them, well and good. If you haven’t then think of a good reason for not doing so.

Shelves give you tremendous space to keep things. You can keep your shampoo bottles, soaps, towels, beauty products, bobby pins, and a lot of other stuff as you like.

To be more organized you can categorize things and keep them in baskets or bins and then keep those baskets on the shelf. This will even keep your shelf organized because I assume that after using anything, you will keep it in the basket dedicated to it. Otherwise, we keep it anywhere on the shelf and then search for it, disturbing all other things in the process.

You can also install floating shelves. You can find these floating shelves on Amazon. Floating shelves become one with the wall as if floating, that’s why called so.

20. Bin Organization under the Sink

If you have used plastic bins or storage boxes on the shelves for keeping things organized, then why can’t you use them under the sink as well? When you have space under the sink, then don’t let it go to waste. Keep your stuff in such plastic storage boxes and store them under the sink.

You can even make shelves and then keep things on them. Actually, you need to make a shelf if you don’t have any furniture or space under the sink on which you will keep the bins.

21. Keep the Countertops Empty

If you are organizing your stuff under the sink, above the toilet, in the wall-mounted bins, shelves, then you can probably keep the countertops such as those of sinks and bathtubs empty.

Empty countertops look neat and tidy, and this will happen only if you manage to keep your stuff at the other places, using the above hacks in which decluttering is an important one!

Use these hacks according to your needs for an organized bathroom; you can even modify them so that they fit in as the best for your bathroom.

If you found these bathroom organization ideas helpful, then do share the post!


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