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    How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet with Burnt On

    Are you tired of those stubborn stains in your cast-iron skillet? Do you think that you should improve the performance of your pan?  Explore some easy cleaning hacks that will help you keep your skillets, not just clean but in top shape! From important storage tips to some good eco-friendly cleaning hacks, we have it […] More

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    Dishwasher Not Draining? Try these Easy Fixes

    Owning a dishwasher means that after completing a meal you don’t have to worry about the time-consuming chore of scrubbing those dishes. All you’ve gotta do is push that button and get those dishes super clean without much time or effort. But if your dishwasher is not draining water properly (or not draining at all), […] More

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    How to Clean Blocked Shower Heads

    If you are someone who uses a shower every day to bath, then you would have a pretty decent idea about what shower head blocks are. The blockage of a showerhead is the phenomenon of reduced, irregular, or no release of water from the shower due to several reasons. Blocks are sometimes seen in taps […] More

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    How to Clean Window screens

    Windows are our gateway to the outer world without taking actual efforts to step out. Windows play multifold roles in our homes, they welcome the to and fro movement of air which enables us to breathe naturally fresh air, they protect us from the environmental debris without disturbing our view and so much more.  For […] More

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    How To Clean Air Ducts

    Homemakers love to clean their houses every day. From the flooring to the walls, the corners, kitchen as well as the lawn. And who can forget cleaning the bathroom? But is there a place that remains dirty despite your spending hours cleaning your house? You might have guessed it, the air ducts. The dirty air […] More

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    How to Clean Your Top Load Washing Machine

    If you’re reading this right now, chances are there that your washing machine isn’t working efficiently because it’s asking for a cleaning shot. Congratulations you’ve just landed at the right place, we’re here to share a quick routine that might help you wash your top loader washing machines.  It might sound absurd but your washing […] More

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