39 Best Pantry Organization Ideas For Any Kitchen

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Your pantry is, without a doubt, the most important part of your home and for foodies, it is a haven. But the pantry is often one of the most cluttered, disorganized areas in the home.

Not only is it frustrating to not be able to find what you’re looking for when you need it, but all that clutter can also lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Pantry organization can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or if you tend to buy lots of different kinds of foods.

Check out these easy pantry organization ideas that will help you get your kitchen pantry under control and make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

From simple tips like using labels and baskets to more elaborate solutions like installing shelves and drawers, these pantry organization tips are all you need.


39 Brilliant Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Fill Drawers With Labeled Containers

Via Blesserhouse

If you’re utilizing a storage cupboard as a pantry, fill the compartments with extra sheets, cutlery, and baking goods so they’re easy to find. Each bottle should be labeled for convenient access so you can see what’s within without having to search.

2. Stackable Plastic Containers

IUMÉ 50-Pack Meal Prep Containers, 26 OZ Microwavable Reusable Food Containers with Lids for Food Prepping, Disposable Lunch Boxes, BPA Free Plastic Food Boxes- Stackable, Freezer Dishwasher Healthy

Flat jars can be stacked neatly in a pantry, making the most of every inch of storage. Flour, crackers, pasta, and nuts can all be stored in them. The unique bins in this well-organized room can be pulled out of the shelf for convenient access.

Using this container set is an easy way to organize your pantry closet.

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3. Transform A Glass Cabinet

Via abowlfulloflemons

You can preserve all non-perishable products nicely and in an organized manner. Simply arrange all the pantry items in shelf baskets, clear storage containers, and glass jars in a glass display case.

It also serves as a decorative piece of furniture apart from a great pantry storage idea.

4. Assemble Wire Racks

Via Instagram/bigfamilylittlefarmhouse

Using wire racks is one of the easiest pantry organization ideas. Baskets made of organic elements stacked on the shelves can enhance the appearance even more. Place these shelves within reach, then label your baskets so that items stored inside are easily accessible.

5. Store Similar Items Together

Via Organizedhome

The main idea is to keep similar products nearby, such as edible oils next to one another, low-fat dairy side by side, seasonings beside each other, and so on to help you get an organized pantry.

6. Install A Pegboard

Via Hosuebeautiful

Using pegboards is a brilliant pantry organization idea as it uses vertical space efficiently. Place a pegboard on a vacant wall rather than piling heavy cookware and plates on top of one another and wasting precious shelf space.

To make it more practical, add additional hooks and shelving for numerous cooking and pantry supplies.

7. Use Mason Jars To Store Your Food Supplies

Mason jars are great to store food. You can keep your previously cooked dishes or sauces in a mason jar organized and safe. Mason jars also keep dry items fresh for a longer period.

8. Make Use of File Holders

Whoever says a file holder is only useful in the workplace is mistaken! They are also great for pantry organization! They can be used to store packets of ready-to-eat meals or cereals.

They take less space, and the pantry remains well-organized.

9. Install Customized Shelving

Build a functional and economical pantry simply by following the instructions of this DIY project. It can be tailored to your specific needs, and can be completed in just one day!

10. Make A Pantry In The Hallway

If you don’t have a pantry, make one for yourself with help of this guide. Install floor-to-roof pantry storage in a corridor off the kitchen. All you’ll need are some industrial pipe shelves and empty space to get started.

11. Storage with Wooden Crates

A wooden crate is all you need to dress up some visible shelves and hide a few un-aesthetic necessities. This is a fantastic way to make use of floor space and organize your pantry with labeled rolling crates.

12. Build Floating Corner Pantry Shelves

Turn a small closet into a pantry and increase your storage capacity. This is the finest solution for you if you have a vacant space that isn’t living up to its full potential.

These DIY floating corner pantry shelves can help you get an organized pantry and transform it into a functional space.

13. Make the Most of Your Doors

More valuable storage space can be found on the inside of your pantry door. Purchase a door rack to keep all of your herbs visible, or create a corner to store aluminum foil and cling wrapping sheets.

This project is simple to complete, and it will help you open up some much-required areas just by using the pantry door.

14. Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers are one of the best pantry organization ideas. Try adding pull-out drawer shelving if you’re planning a remodel for the pantry space.

Bottles and other small jars can be kept inside these drawers for easy access.

15. Chips Storage Rack

If your chips keep tumbling off the shelves and onto the floor, construct a chips rack to reclaim the charge of your pantry by using spring clips. They’re simple to spot and reach, and they make use of the vacant wall space. Check out more snack storage ideas to keep snacks organized.

16. DIY Roll Out Kitchen Pantry

Install a roll-out pantry like this one built from plywood, dowel rods, and chicken wire to utilize underused areas like the spot between your freezer and cupboards! The base frame is made of chicken wire, and the entire pantry is stained in a dark walnut tint to give it a rustic look.

17. Decorate Jars with Decals

With charming, decorative stickers indicating wheat, sugar, and other ingredients, you can keep check of what’s what. Coordinating containers in various sizes is a fantastic idea to keep things organized. When you refill the jars, put down the expiry date with a dry erase marker.

18. Use Drawer Separators

Drawer Dividers Organizer 4 Pack, Adjustable Separators 4" High Expandable from 11-17" for Bedroom, Bathroom, Closet,Clothing, Office, Kitchen Storage, Strong Secure Hold, Foam Ends, Locks in PlaceBuy drawer dividers to keep all the containers, cans, and other kitchen products from getting cluttered. These pre-installed adjustable dividers can come in handy in your pantry drawers.
No nails or adhesives are required for the installation and you can design a pantry storage system that meets your requirements.

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19. Build A Crown Moulding Bookshelf

This is the remedy for you if you have an unending accumulation of cookbooks and no place to keep them organized. Adding some slender shelves with crown molding to balance them on will allow you to use unoccupied wall space to store your cookbooks.

20. Floating Cabinets

Camouflage a floating TV storage unit with a decorated door if you wish to store your seasonings somewhere convenient when preparing food but also want to conceal them.

It’s hard to tell it’s anything other than wall décor when it’s closed.

21. Fill Tiered Shelves

Containers and seasonings should be stored on bleacher-style racks that enable you to view each item. With a piece of wood, you can make this tiered spice organizer shelf in no time.

A brilliant pantry organization idea to keep all your spice jars accessible and organized.

22. Organizer For Soup Cans

With recyclable soda fridge packs and Mod Podge, you can have a great budget-friendly solution to store and organize cans in the pantry.

23. DIY Spice Labels

This pantry organization hack will help you organize an unstructured and overcrowded spice cabinet. Store each seasoning in a transparent jar and paste markings made with a Cricut Maker to make it simpler to find what you are searching for.

24. Lazy Susan

Your kitchen pantry will be transformed with this dollar store Lazy Susan. The good thing about this pantry organization idea is that it simply takes 5 minutes and requires only a lazy susan.

25. Pantry Inventory Printables

Maintaining an inventory is indeed the strategy to do this. For the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator, you ought to get free printables. No more splurging on things you already have and ignoring those you don’t have.

26. Use Rolling Hampers

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Hampers can be used for more than just laundry! In your pantry, use them for bulkier products like reusable grocery bags or to keep a range of products in the pantry, such as cereal packets, packs of bread, and so on!

This enormous laundry hamper features four fixed steel frames that can be removed and reinstalled at any moment, supporting the frame structure and providing durability.

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27. Store Baking Supplies In Clear Jars

Regular Mouth Glass Mason Jars 16 oz, 6 Pack Glass Canning Jars with Metal Airtight Lids and Bands and Measurement Marks, for Canning, Preserving, Overnight Oats, Jam, Jelly, Food Storage, DIY etc

Store basic ingredients like wheat, sugar, pasta, and other staples in big glass containers with lids on the main shelf for easy access. Place small glass jars packed with more specialty items, such as spices, nuts, and dried fruit, on the shelf above. These preservation jars are made of high-quality, food-grade glass that is lead-free and toxin-free, as well as dishwasher safe.

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28. Get Creative With Chalkboard Paint

What nicer way to store a regular shopping list than right beside your food storage? Chalkboard paint is a creative and practical way to give your pantry a personalized feel.

It can be used to enhance the pantry doors to a more utilitarian design, allowing you to scribble meal plans, essential reminders, and loving messages to your family.

29. Utilize Vertical Separators

This pantry organization idea is a winner when it comes to innovation. This is a specialized cutting board closet, equipped with vertical slot dividers to minimize a cluttered stack. This makes it much simpler to grasp and go than if they were stacked on top of each other.

30. Organize Items Under The Shelf


That little empty area underneath the shelves is perhaps the most overlooked spot in the kitchen. Utilize it if your pantry has limited space. A wire basket will come in handy here, yet again. You won’t be disappointed with baskets, as long as you use the ones that are easy to take out!

31. Laundry Bag Storage For Fresh Produce

2 Pack Mesh Laundry Bag-2 XXL Oversize Delicates Laundry Bag-Extra Large Durable Laundry Wash Bag with New Honeycomb Mesh-Big Clothes,Household,Bed Sheet,Stuffed Toys,Lingerie Net Bags for Laundry

Carrots, onions, and ginger may all be stored in laundry bags. These bags can hold a great number of vegetables and is adequately ventilated. Because the material is see-through, you’ll be able to tell when your stock is running low.

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32. Magazine Holders to Store Canned Goods

magazine holders for pantry organization
Image Credit: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Most people use multipurpose bins to file their magazines and notebooks. But, Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons uses them as a pantry organization idea when she found that they are the perfect size to hold 16- and 28-ounce cans.

Now you can fit more cans on a shelf without worrying about them falling over. A brilliant canned food storage idea that can save a lot of space and headache.

33. Or, Recycle Soda Can Boxes to Store Canned Food

Credit: Dump a Day

Just like magazine holders, soda can boxes can also be recycled and used to store canned food. I think this is a brilliant idea to put those boxes to good use to save space.

34. Magazine Holders for Keeping Spaghetti Boxes

magazine holders for pantry organization
Image Credit: Vitamin-Ha

When we can use magazine holders for storing cans, why not use them to keep spaghetti packs organized in one place. So, dust your old and forgotten magazine containers and put your favorite spaghetti packets in them.

By far one of the best pantry organization ideas that makes use of stuff lying around the home.

35. A Cereal Solution

Shazo Food Storage Containers 20-Piece Set (10 Container Set) - Airtight Dry Food with Innovative Dual Utility Interchangeable Lid, FREE Labels & Marker, One Lid Fits All, Freezer Safe, Space Saver Keeping open boxes of cereals in the pantry is a problem as these boxes occupy a lot of space. But, these containers are a perfect solution to this problem of cereal storage. Since they are transparent, you can easily see what’s inside and how much you have of it.

You can also use stickers and label them for a better organization. You can also buy these containers which come with labels for organizing.

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36. Label Glass Containers (Free Printables)

label your containers Having a labeling system is highly vital for having an organized pantry. And the glass containers with similar-looking items create the most confusion.

So, label those glass containers with bold letters so you don’t get confused between salt and soda again. Gather and Flourish has free printables to help you ease the process of labeling.

37. Use Dollar Tree Containers

Dollar store containers make for an amazing pantry organization idea. It will help you stay organized and make for a sleeker-looking pantry.

Here is a quick video from Do it on a Dime showing kitchen cabinet makeover using dollar store containers. Not only for organizing the pantry, but the dollar store is a godsend for organizing every part of a home.

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38. Hang the Chips Bags

Pantry organization hang the chips bags
Image Credit: Fennell Seeds

Storing crisps is a big problem as if not stored properly—they can get squashed and broken. This is a brilliant idea to prevent your favorite crisps from getting squashed and broken.

All you need is to use command hooks & clips and hang the bags on the sides of your shelves. And, you can even see what you have available before opening a new bag.

39. Keep Track of Your Essentials

pantry organization keep track of needs
Image Credit: Make Bake Create

Keeping track of what you have and what you need is important as it will help you prevent spending money on things you already have. Just attach a grocery list and a weekly menu on the door to keep track of what you need easily.

Stick a list of “what to buy” and “what to make” this week on your kitchen door and say goodbye to forgetting to put items on the grocery list.

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For any cooking lover, having an organized pantry is a game-changer. We hope that these amazing pantry organization ideas will help you in organizing your pantry.

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