10 Mind Blowing Dollar Store Organization Hacks that are beyond Genius

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It’s easy to put off organization with reasons like “I don’t have time” or “It’s hard” or “It’s expensive”. But, with these dollar store organization hacks, you won’t be able to use the excuse “It’s hard” or “expensive” anymore!

After all, organizing your home should not be difficult or expensive. Whatever you are looking to organize, there are things that you can find at your local Dollar Store to do that. The dollar store is a mecca for cheap DIY household organization!

Check out these dollar store organization ideas and be prepared to head to the closest dollar store for organization solutions!


1. Dollar Store Closet Makeover

an organized closet using dollar store items

Every house has at least one scary closet or drawer which becomes a dumping ground over time. This becomes worse when a guest opens that closet accidentally. Instead of praying that guests don’t open that door, organize that closet by giving it a makeover.

So, grab some inexpensive plastic containers from the dollar store and keep things organized like in the image above. Now everything has a proper place and your closet does not look like a dumping yard anymore just like. Megan from Homemade Ginger used cheap dollar store containers to brilliantly organize closet at her home.

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2. Use Those Old File Containers

Old file container to store bathroom supplies
Credit: Wrapped in Rust

If you have old file containers lying around your house, don’t throw them away. Hang them in your bathroom and use them to store your bathroom supplies. You can even store bathroom appliances like blow dryers, straighteners, or curling irons, also allowing them to cool down safely.

Don’t have file containers? Don’t worry, you can get one online from Amazon. This comes handy to organize your bathroom supplies when you want to keep extra things but doesn’t have a shelf to keep them.

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3. Store Dice and Small Items in Plastic Containers

small containers to store dice and small items
Credit: Cardigansandcurriculum

How many times have you misplaced small items like screws, nails, etc? Probably a lot! These small storage containers, that you can pick up for less than $1 each from the dollar store are perfect for keeping small items organized. You can use them to store dice from board games, loose change, nails & screws, and other small items that often get misplaced easily.

Now, you can easily keep them organized in one place with these small containers as they can stack on top of each other. You can also use these small acrylic containers from Amazon which cost nearly the same as containers from the dollar store.

4. Organize Your Cutlery

organize your cutlery

Confused between tablespoon and teaspoon just the way I am? Even if you are not, then it’s a hassle to wade through all the spoons and find the correct one.

Whatever the case may be, this dollar store idea to maintain, store and label your spoons is an efficient way to keep your sanity safe while you work tirelessly in the kitchen baking your favorite chocolate cake. This is so much easier than sorting through a set, just open the door and grab the spoon you need.

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5. Keep Game pieces and Cards Together

keep game pieces and cards together

If you are an avid gamer and love to play board or card games, then this organization tip is best for you! This Indoor recess bin is a great way to keep everything uncluttered and keep all the games in one place properly organized.

This works exceptionally well for card games, all you need are a few tiny plastic containers of different sizes(as per game) and follow the instructions. With this, you can start playing without even wasting your time to dread over the likelihood of a missing card.

6. Organizing Outdoor Play

Image Credit: Momnivores -dilemma

After organizing indoor games, it’s time to organize outdoor play. Integrate some organization into the outdoor play stuff with Dollar Store baskets flaunting acrylic faux chalkboard signs attached to the garden fence. This will always let little ones easily find their stuff. Now you have outside games well managed, just like the inside.

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7. Bathroom Storage

Credit: makinglemonadeblog

Troubled with your bathroom not having sufficient space to keep all those bath linens in a functional space? Create your own DIY lightweight open shelving in the bathroom using sturdy, rectangular baskets from the Dollar Store with just a little screwing of the back of the basket to the wall.  You can easily store your different bath linens in them such that they stay germ-free and gives you an ease of access. Check out more bathroom organization ideas.

8. DIY Ribbon Dispenser & Storage

Credit: spunkyjunky

If crafting is one of your hobbies, then you know how these craft ribbons get messy and difficult to tackle. This is a remarkable solution to organize all those craft ribbons and make their storage easy. All you need are a plastic container with holes in it from the Dollar Store, a saw and a dowel rod.

Now, simply line up the ribbon spools, place a dowel rod through the middle, and allow each ribbon to have its own exit hole in the side of the basket. This can make storing and using each type of ribbon easy.

9. Organizing Kitchen Junk

Credit: handymancraftywoman

Inexpensive Dollar Store containers are the most convenient answer to all the clutter and keeping everything organized. That goes just perfect for your kitchen storage as well. Organize everything by putting them into these containers by making separate sections for putting candies, tea bags, etc. and make it a child’s play to find any pantry item. Check out more Pantry Organization ideas.

10. Instant in-the-door Broom Closet

Three dollar broom closet

Storing cleaning tools can get messy and cumbersome, and can take up a lot of unnecessary room. And if you don’t have a closet for it, then storing it is a headache as it’s not a good idea to shove them into the coat closet.

Having a closet is definitely best but if you don’t then fret not. This brilliant idea from Pinspired Home to use this in-the-door attachment to keep brooms, mops, and other tools conveniently accessible while looking tidy. The wave design of this hook display adds a little extra design element for the area.

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