31 IKEA Hacks to Keep Things Organized

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Having things organized is a must because life is super busy, and not easy. So when we do decide to finally add some order to the chaos, we find that there’s simply not enough storage. This is where IKEA comes in to save the day.

We present to you 31 IKEA hacks that offer economical and practical methods to remodel your house. Whether you need more space for your shoes, makeup, or crafts items – IKEA has the perfect products for it. Scroll down to see our best IKEA hacks to keep things organized and pick your favorites! 


31 IKEA Hacks to Keep Things Organized

1. IKEA Mail Organizer

Via Ikeahackers

Mail can go out of hand and turn into junk, or worse, get lost if nor sorted properly. But it doesn’t have to be because Jules from IKEA Hackers has a great idea. In this hack, a simple door handle is transformed into a mail holder! All you need are doorknobs and moldable glue, and you’ll be ready to tackle all that mail.

2. LED Kallax

Via Ikeahackers

Kallax shelves are one of IKEA’s top-selling furniture pieces because of their multifunctionality. If you planning to buy one, this is a great choice to go with. Adding LED lights to your Kallax is a fantastic way to give your home a more sophisticated layout. Not to mention, the dim lighting works great when you want to sip on wine and chill. 

3. Billy Bookcase As Kitchen Pantry Storage

Via Feelingnifty

Do you have limited kitchen space or wish you had a pantry but don’t? Well, why not consider making your own inexpensive pantry?

This amazing IKEA organizing hack adds extra space to your dining room for those items that don’t fit in the cupboard. All you need is a Billy bookshelf and you can easily transform it into a freestanding pantry that is both unique and stylish.

4. Library Wall

Via Projectnursery

Do you have an empty wall and want to make use of it? How about a bookshelf to stack your kids’ books? You can simply use the RIBBA picture ledges from IKEA for that. You need to place them on the wall on which you can stack books vertically and lean them against the wall.

5. Turn Bed Slats Into A Wall Hanger

Via Projectnursery

This beautiful wall hanger made out of bed slates can be placed anywhere you need extra storage. How cool is that? Your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or even your patio are all good places to hang this amazing DIY. All you need are bed slats and hooks to hang it on the wall. 

6. Custom Cork Board 

Via Oheverythinghandmade

Corkboards are so easy to make and also help in hanging a lot of tiny things. You can easily make your own corkboard in no time with a little guidance from the instructions here.

All you need are some IKEA cork rounds and a creative mix of acrylic paint colors to make a wall organizing feature. This can also be used to display some of your favorite family photos or your child’s tiny DIYs.

7. Two-Tier Jewelry Stand

Via Oheverythinghandmade

People who own a lot of jewelry know the pain of losing an earring or a pendant. That is why an organizer is needed.

Well, this great and inexpensive IKEA organizing hack transforms two cork coasters and a dowel rod into a two-tiered jewelry holder. You can leave it as is, or add some color with paint to give it an elegant look.

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8. Bookshelves To Kitchen Island

Via Goldenboysandme

Do you want to spruce up your kitchen by adding an island to your kitchen? Adding a kitchen island to your home has a number of benefits. You’ll have additional counter space, more storage, and a cute place to sit and unwind.

With a couple of IKEA Billy bookcases and a panel of wood, you can make your own kitchen island. You can also add bar stools to include some seating arrangements. 

9. Makeup Organizer

Via Ikeahackers

Whether you have a large collection or not, organizing makeup is essential because you never know what you need at a particular time.

Would you like to see your makeup gone missing? Hell no! So why not create a back-of-the-door makeup organizer? Look at these cheap Sunnersta pots hung on a small Bekvam spice rack on the back of the door! Isn’t it incredible?

10. Bathroom Organization Bins

Via Justanothermummyblog

Bins can be used for almost anything and everything around the house. That being said, these Variera boxes are perfect for amazing bathroom storage. The best part about these boxes is that you can pick your favorite color.

You can also add labels to these boxes for easy identification of the products you keep in them. So convenient!

11. Seamless Double Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Via Scraphacker

The Hemnes series from IKEA is ideal for small front doors. To make two Hemnes shoe cabinets, you will have to cut one side of each unit to avoid the gap as the top shelf has a slight overhang.

With some skill, you’ll surely make excellent storage that will keep your entrance tidy and organized. Learn how to do it easily here.

12. Easy Pegboard Project

Via Iheartorganizing

If you’re short on space and need a suitable storage solution for your creative equipment, then you’ll adore this massive DIY pegboard! You don’t have to spend huge on craft holding equipment, all you need is some space on the wall.

With an IKEA Ribba frame and pegboard, you can bring this amazing craft storage to life.

13. Movable Desk

Via Inmyownstyle

Having a movable desk could provide you with a variety of storage alternatives and serve as different pieces of furniture in one. Whether you want some magazines stacked or makeup, a portable desk is a way to go.

See how a basic dresser can be transformed into a versatile rolling desk with this incredibly helpful tutorial from Diane of In My Own Style. You’ll surely love how well it turns out once you finish it!

14. DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

Via Polkadotchair

The IKEA Raskog cart is without a doubt one of the most amazing items that IKEA has come up with in recent years. It can be used for a multitude of storage needs in any space of your home. It can be used in the kitchen for storing vegetables, pots and pans, and more.

It can be used as a bedside table, to keep make-up and hair supplies, and even laundry in the bedroom. This is definitely cost-effective!

15. Turn An IKEA Bookcase Into A Mudroom Locker

Via Polkadotchair

Bookcases aren’t only for books and you’ll see why. Here is a tutorial where IKEA bookcases are transformed into stylish mudroom lockers!

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This hack is so cool that not only will it help you in saving money, but will also never let anyone guess that it’s a hack. They’ll surely think you binged money into this because of its rich look.

16. Trones Shoe Holder for Paper Storage

Via Heyletsmakestuff

If you’re a person who has a lot of paperwork, then you know managing them is a big hassle. To keep them arranged, pre-built storage is available but, they’re expensive. No worries, IKEA is here to rescue you.

Simply reuse a few Trones shoe holders from IKEA as they can fit everything, be it a scrapbook or a document. You’ll love it!

17. Organized Shoe Storage

Via Ikeahackers

If you own a lot of shoes, then the burden of arranging them and also wishing to showcase is understandable. Furthermore, finding a good storage product that doesn’t take up a lot of room or costs a lot of money is nearly impossible.

Well, here’s a fantastic hack. All you need are IKEA rails, three Variera storage boxes, two Variera utensil holders, five Grundtal S-hooks, and ten Bygel S-hooks to create this fantastic storage solution. It requires some effort but is worth the shot. 

18. Rolling Under Bed Storage Box

Via Curbly

Why let the space under your bed go to waste? Look at this amazing hack provided in the Curbly blog that will assist you in saving plenty of space. These incredible under-the-bed storage boxes are actually made of frames and the tutorial guarantees an easy experience. Get started!

19. Mug Holder

Via Swoonworthy

A coffee mug holder can help you free up a lot of storage space in your cabinets, especially if you own a lot of them. It’s also a terrific opportunity to show off your favorite mugs to the rest of the family and guests.

All you’ll need is an IKEA Grundtal rail and some gold spray paint to make it. The classy look it provides will adorn the wall space. 

20. Picture Ledge Spice Rack

Via Abucketofrainbows

While we’re on the subject of blank walls, have a look at how Emelyn from A pocket of rainbows hacked a couple of simple picture ledges into a lovely spice rack! Who knew an empty wall can be transformed into so many things?

Even though IKEA sells spice racks, a hack that saves money yet looks professional can’t be missed right? This is a great idea to showcase some of your exquisite spices.

21. Nail Polish Rack

Via Thismomsgonnasnap

Similar to a spice rack, why not create a rack for nail polishes? Dear ladies, this one is for you and your precious liquids. This hack is pretty easy because all you need is a Bekvam spice rack that is going to be used as a nail polish rack.

This can contain two rows of nail polish, making it ideal for storing and organizing those wonderful bottles. 

22. IKEA Mail Rack

Via Instructables

We previously saw a mail holder, and this is just another version of it. Instructables presents you with an amazing hack, whereby flipping a couple of magazine racks around and placing them underneath a hanging shelf, an amazing sleek mail organizer is ready.

This is a great idea for all the bills, coupons, and letters to finally have a place to settle–a big relief! 

23. Easy DIY Nursery Wardrobe Shelf

Via Freshmommyblog

When you’re low on room, you have to think outside the box. Look at this amazing idea where a LACK shelf and a rack affixed to the bottom have become a cool wardrobe.

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Fresh Mommy Blog created this hanging rack for a nursery that offers extra storage space. 

24. Garage Workbench DIY

Via Polishedhabitat

Have you considered building a garage workstation out of IKEA furniture? To be honest, we hadn’t until we stumbled across this Polished Habitat DIY.

IKEA’s Kallax storage cubes, tabletops, and dressers are such a practical solution for adding organization to a generally chaotic room. Once you get behind this DIY project, the result will stun you!

25. Vegetable Bin

Via Stowandtellu

For all the homemakers, the struggle of arranging vegetables is something we relate to. If you don’t have any methods for storing them neatly, we got one for you. Have a look at this idea of transforming IKEA’s Rast Dresser into kitchen storage. If you’re a fan of the farmhouse theme, then this is perfect!

26. Jewelry Storage

Via Freshcrush

Since we only saw one jewelry storage idea previously, we decided to add this one. We came across this idea from the blog Fresh Crush and fell in love with it. Fresh Crush transformed an IKEA Variera cupboard cabinet shelf insert into a lovely and functional jewelry storage display. With this hack, you can captivate the eyes of your guests. 

27. Another Under the Bed Storage Idea

Via Theheatherednest

Taking advantage of the space under the bed is imperative. The Heathered Nest’s Boaxel metal baskets on wheels are ideal for storing children’s toys or insignificant things when they’re not needed.

These baskets also make clean-up easier for kids and you as they’re lightweight. All you need is a set of rolling wheels to fix underneath them. You’ll love how convenient they are. 

28. Rolling Kitchen Island

Via Sketchystyles

A movable kitchen island is super useful especially when two or more people are helping or cooking in the kitchen. You have to simply follow the directions on Sketchy Styles to make this movable kitchen island out of an affordable KALLAX shelf unit. This hack is a great addition to a kitchen countertop as it provides lots of storage.

29. IKEA Shower Caddy Hack

Via Glamperlife

A bathroom is a place where a plethora of products lay. How do you store them if your bathroom is small? No worries, IKEA products are always there to save the day. This Brogrund corner shelf unit is used by Glamper Life to show you how even a tiny bathroom can hold up a lot of items. 

30. KURA Loft Bed – Playland 

Via Ikeahackers

KURA loft beds are extremely comfortable and kids love them. Why not make it more interesting by transforming it into a playland?

The substantial storage beneath the KURA loft bed is where the playland is going to be created. Made out of two KURA beds, this is a great hack that is easy to make with the instructions given by IKEA Hackers. Don’t miss out on it!

31. Raising Kitchen Cabinets

Via Thecrazycraftlady

And the last idea on our list is this open shelf, under kitchen cabinets. Adding a floating shelf for open storage beneath kitchen cabinets is a great way to create more storage.

For this, you’ll be using inexpensive IKEA brackets. To make room for a shelf underneath your kitchen cabinets, follow the instructions given here.


We hope you found something helpful in this post. Do let us know which hacks were your favorite and which ones you actually ended up trying! Happy organizing! 

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