11 Laundry Room Ideas That Will Make Doing Laundry Easy

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Does your laundry room take no time to turn into a mess? It’s one of those rooms most of us try to ignore, right? We have stuff everywhere, we’ve got lint on the floor, there isn’t enough storage, etc. Still, we cannot ignore it, as laundry is one of the things we must endure as humans like cleaning or getting stains out of clothes. However, what we can do is tackle our laundry room and turn it into an organized and efficient space.

Check out these Clever Laundry Room hacks to turn it into a highly organized space and make your life easier!


11 Brilliant Laundry Room Organization Hacks

1. Wall-Mounted Organizer

Wall Control Laundry Room Organizer Wall Mounted Laundry Room Storage and Organization Standard Kit White Wall Panels and Blue Accessories

A brilliant idea to utilize the space behind the doors using pegboards for storage and organizing. You can easily hang brooms, Swiffer, and iron boards on the pegboard. You can also attach some bins, hooks, and trays to keep the items you use the most in easy reach.

I love this idea to keep the most used laundry and cleaning tools against the wall to maximize space and also simplify the daily routine. You can buy this pegboard here.

2. Store Soap and Detergent in Glass Containers

These 11 Laundry Room Hacks Are LIFE-CHANGING! I love the organization ideas as well as the cute little labels!
Credit: Simply Designing

Make your laundry room look professionally organized by storing detergent and fabric softeners in these glass dispensers and adding a pretty label! These glass containers are classy, convenient, and low cost at the same time as it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on pricey containers. Plus, this will prevent all the accidental spills as you can easily take out detergent from taps on these containers.

You don’t need expensive jars, you can purchase cute and affordable dispensers from Amazon.

3. Use a Detergent Drip Catcher

Now, this is a really genius idea to prevent a soapy mess in the laundry room as dripping laundry detergents can make a mess all over your cabinets or washer. But you can easily save the mess and cleanup by grabbing a few of these Tidy Cup Laundry gadgets.

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4. Store Tide Pods in a Candy Jar

Credit: Design Improvised

Spruce up your Tide Pod holder and store the tide pods in these candy jars. A great organizing idea to give your laundry room a custom-organized look! This tip is also good for storing powdered laundry detergent. Keep them in a safe place away from children, so they don’t mistake tide pods with candy.

5. Mini Ironing Board

Regular ironing boards take a lot of space and are a big headache, especially in smaller laundry rooms. So, a smaller board is an ideal solution for an organized laundry room. A crafty fox has a perfect tutorial to make your own Mini Ironing board at home.

Alternatively, you can buy a tabletop ironing board, like this one.

6. Build a Laundry Basket Organizer

Credit: Makeit-Loveit

This is a type of laundry basket sorter everyone dreams of having! If you have room for it, then it’s a perfect sorter. Ashley at Make It – Love It and her husband built this laundry basket organizer for their laundry room with MDF board, 2×4’s, and a little bit of handy work! Their baskets are the Sterilite Laundry Baskets that you can get in a 6 pack! Check out Ashley’s tutorial here!

7. Washer and Dryer Storage

These 11 Laundry Room Hacks Are LIFE-CHANGING! I love the organization ideas as well as the cute little labels!
Credit: Addicted 2 DIY

If you have a lack of space on the top or around your dryer? Why not try under? Not only it will help in organizing your laundry room, but it will also help you save a lot of money by not buying expensive drawer pedestals. This is a huge money-saving organization idea, especially if you have small laundry rooms.

8. Keep a DIY Lint Bin

Brilliant Laundry Room Organization Hacks
Image Credit: A Polished Habitat

Oh, the lint! As if doing laundry wasn’t already such a pain. The constant cleaning of the lint catcher just makes it worse. And it’s super hard to fit a trash can into a small laundry room.

So, how about creating your lint bin? Melissa at Polished Habitat used a Brochure Holder to create her lint bin and the best thing is it does not require any additional space! You can check out the tutorial here.

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9. Use Slatwall and Hooks to Create an Organized Space

brilliant laundry organization hacks
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Slatwalls are usually used in garage organization but you can use small slatwalls for organizing things everywhere around your house. A simple yet brilliant idea to keep your brooms, Swiffers, and baskets in place is to hook them to a piece of Slatwall.

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia has an easy tutorial if you are confused about how to go about this.

10. Install a Hanging Basket Rack

laundry room organization hacks
Credit: My Sweet Savannah Blog

A great way to obtain extra storage without taking much space is to use hanging baskets. All you need to do is to install a hanging basket rack on the back of your laundry room door. You can use it to store toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, detergents, etc.

Since it’s on the back of your laundry room door, it stays hidden making your laundry room look clean and organized.

11. Build a Rolling Laundry Sorter

11 brilliant laundry room organization ideas
Image Credit: Hoosier Homemade

This is for those who don’t have space to build a laundry sorter as Ashley did above. Hoosier Homemade has an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to build this exact laundry sorter!

A laundry sorter is important as it protects one of your bigger investments, clothes, from being ruined by improper laundering. If you don’t want to go the DIY route, you can get this affordable laundry sorter from Amazon.

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Did you try any of the tips to organize your laundry room? Comment below if you have any tips of your own or any questions.

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