14 Stunning DIY Christmas Decorations You’ll Fall in Love With

14 DIY Christmas decoration ideas

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With the holidays here, you must be mentally preparing yourself to kiss goodbye to your bank account balance. But you can find ways to cut back where you can. And Christmas decorations are one area where you can save plenty of money. How?

You just have to get a little creative and make your decorations, it’s that simple. Making your decorations is not hard either when you are equipped with amazing tutorials. Sure you can go out and buy brand new decorations which for the most part are outrageously priced because of the festive season.

But these DIY Christmas decoration ideas will save you money along with giving your home the unique Christmassy vibe. And your home will look unique with DIY decoration as you can add a personal touch which is not possible with store-bought decorations.


14 Stunning DIY Christmas Decorations You Have To Make This Year

1. Snowman Door

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - Snowman door
The Creative Stamper Spot

A DIY Christmas decor idea for the door! Let’s welcome this amazing season into your home with this snowman at the door which is very easy to make. You can even make it for the door of your fridge. The original idea was for the door of a fridge and was modified for the entry door by the creative mind behind the blog- The Creative Stamper Spot.

You just need to make the basic geometric shapes with paper which I am quite sure you know. So grab some fancy papers and scissors and start crafting.

2. The Christmas Garland

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - christmas garland
Create Craft Love

Perfect for a rustic Christmas theme, this lighted burlap garland looks beautiful. It might look tedious but making it is extremely easy, all you need are burlap ribbons, mini lights, scissors, and this easy tutorial from Create Craft Love.

3. Wooden Advent Calendar

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - Advent calendar
Sugar and Charm

Countdown to Christmas in style with this beautiful wooden Advent Calendar. These tiny galvanized buckets are the perfect size for storing Christmas treats. Sugar and Charm has an easy tutorial on how they made this rustic advent calendar.

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4. Christmas Snow Globes

diy snow globe
A Pumpkin And A Princes

Got a house full of Disney fans? Your kids will love this snow globe, inspired by the movie Frozen. All you need to make this beautiful snow globe are plastic, Disney Frozen Olaf Figurine, miniature trees, snowflakes, and an easy tutorial from A Pumpkin and A Princess.

5. Frosty Pinecone Craft

christmas decorations

Frosty crafts are a must-have for Christmas and with these frosty pinecones that becomes easy… All it requires to make this winter craft is pinecones, acrylic paint, Glitter, and this easy tutorial.  If you can find these pinecones out and about then this craft will be extra frugal but if you are unable to find them… you can buy them here.

6. Christmas Photo Garland

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - christmas photo garland

A really fun idea to use old Christmas cards is to make this Christmas card garland and decorate the stairway banister. It will catch the eyes of visitors and looks cute..!!  The Sunny Side Up Blog has an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to go about this.

7. DIY Snow Covered Pinecones

stunning christmas decoration
Ella Claire Inspired

A beautiful and easy craft, it’s so easy to make that even your kid can make it. You can use these stunning snow-covered pinecones on your Christmas table as a rustic centerpiece or hang them from your Christmas tree. Get the Tutorial Here.

8. Painted Woodland Ornaments

christmas decoration
Deco Art

Who can resist woodland animals? Especially when it’s Christmas. DecoArt has a step-by-step tutorial on how to create these beauties and no matter if it requires a bit more effort as results you get are worth it.

9. Mini Christmas trees

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - christmas mini tree
Fynes Designs

This is amazing! Virginia from Fynes Designs used Kitchen Funnels to create these gorgeous Christmas Trees. These funnels are easily available online at Dollar Tree.

10. Etched Candle Holders

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - Christmas-Candle-Holders
The DIY Dreamer

Simple candle holders are things of the past, now is the time for beautiful, designer, and unique candleholders. These etched candle holders look like they have been bought from a high-end store but are handmade. The DIY Dreamer has a step-by-step tutorial to create these beautiful candle holders.

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11. Berry Wreath for Christmas

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - Berry-Wreath-Square-holidays
That’s What Che Said

A beautiful handmade wreath for Christmas made entirely from Dollar Store supplies. That’s What Che Said got an easy-to-follow tutorial that will help you in making this berry wreath.

12. Toothpick Snowballs

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - christmas snow balls

A quirky design from Somewhat Quirky Design. These Christmas balls made using toothpicks are truly unique and very easy to make. You just need styrofoam and toothpicks (loads of) to make this quirky craft. These wooden toothpicks from the dollar store will be a pretty affordable choice.

13. North Pole Street Light

Diy Christmas decoration ideas - north pole street light
Dollar Store Crafts

A perfect way to bring north pole charm to your home this Christmas is to make these beautiful North Pole Street lights. Dollar Store Crafts has an easy tutorial that will help you bring these north pole lights to your home.

14. Winter Twig Wreath

Christmas decoration ideas - Winter-Twig-Wreath-by-Design-Dining-+-Diapers
Taryn Whiteaker

Via Taryn Whiteaker

As you see, making stunning Christmas decorations is not difficult or expensive.

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