53 Genius Garage Organization Ideas and Storage Tips

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Are you tired of navigating through a cluttered and disorganized garage whenever you need to find a tool or park your car? Do you feel like your garage is a never-ending mess and you just can’t seem to get it under control?

If so, it’s time to take control of your garage and transform it into a functional and well-organized space. And these practical and effective garage organization ideas will not only help you maximize the space in your garage but also make your garage a more enjoyable place to be.

So, get ready to say goodbye to the mess and hello to a functional and organized garage that you’ll be proud to show off.


53 Clever Garage Organization and Storage Ideas

1. Install Storage Cabinets

Garage Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are a great way to add storage in your garage and also keep things organized. Plus, they are not that difficult to install yourself. You may just purchase readymade cabinets and hang them on the walls, all by yourself!

In fact, you may not need anything apart from cabinets as you can store almost everything in them, making your garage look clean and organized.

2. Magnetic Tool Holder

Ever had trouble finding the right tool in time while digging through all those tools in the drawer? Well, here is an inexpensive storage idea for nails, screws, etc to save you time.

Add a magnetic toolbar to keep all your tools (drill bits, screwdrivers, wrenches, nails, etc.) at arm’s reach.

Buy it on Amazon

3. Make Use of Small Spaces

Have loads of stuff that you want to put away and make the garage look clean? It’s possible while utilizing as less space as you can.

For example, if you have a narrow space beside the garage door, you can put a small cabinet or metal shelves. Fit a rolling cart or cabinets under the workbench will help in keeping things organized and handy when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

4. Add a Wall Organizer

Home-it Mop and Broom Holder Wall Mount Garden Tool Storage Tool Rack Storage & Organization for the Home Plastic Hanger for Closet Garage Organizer (5-position)

Organize your brooms, mops, or garden supplies using an inexpensive wall organizer. This 5-Position Wall Organizer is one of the most inexpensive garage storage ideas.

All you need to do is just attach it to the wall and slide items in by their handles.

Brooms and other cleaning equipment may be kept off the floor with this ideal solution without compromising accessibility.

Buy it on Amazon

5. Get a Tool Tower

Rubbermaid 5A47 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack

Don’t want to ruin your wall by drilling holes? Then this free-standing storage unit is a perfect way for organizing your garage on a budget. This can help you organize your mops, brooms, or garden supplies in the garage in an accessible yet sorted. It keeps all of them upright and out of the way.

Buy it on Amazon

6. DIY Screwdriver Rack

Via FreshCrush

This is an amazing storage idea to organize your screwdrivers for easy access. After all, it’s always better to have fast access to the exact size of the screwdriver you need.

Using some pieces of scrap wood, all you need to do is to drill a few holes and cut brackets for mounting. Done!

7. DIY Jumbo Tape Dispenser

DIY Jumbo Tape Dispenser
Via Popular Woodworking

A Jumbo Tape Dispenser is an excellent method for utilizing and organizing duct tape, especially if you have a variety of color tapes. Make this duct tape dispenser and put it on the garage wall to replace the rolls that are now hidden in the junk drawers.

With some basic woodworking skills and tools, you can easily make this Jumbo tape dispenser!

8. Create a Complete Pegboard System

Pegboard System

Pegboards are the easiest and most efficient garage organizer idea. It utilizes your vertical space in the garage to the optimum. All you need to do is just hang the board on the garage wall with all the hardware that comes with it and you can easily store just about anything.

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9. Build a Mud Room

Mud Room

If you don’t have the space for a mudroom, you can dedicate a small space in the garage to set one up. The garage is a perfect place to set up a mudroom.

A few locker cabinets and canvas totes next to the entryway give you the perfect place to hang jackets, and backpacks and also keep muddy shoes from entering your home.

10. FastTrack Organization System

Wall Hanging: A FastTrack Organization System
Via Flickr

The garage is a perfect place to use wall-hanging systems and keep these tools and other items in the garage organized. All you need to do is just mount the system and use hooks to hang all the stuff.

It is one of the most inexpensive garage organization ideas to keep tools in your garage well organized.

11. Out-of-the-way Ladder Storage Ideas

Ladder Storage Ideas
Via Familyhandyman

Most of us don’t use a ladder daily, and it utilizes unnecessary floor space in the garage. But, you can free up that space by resting your ladder on the ceiling, thereby effectively using the overhead space in your garage.

All you need to do is to build two identical ceiling brackets, rest your ladder on them and keep it out of your way to free up the floor for other use.

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12. Wall Mounted Screw Storage

Check out this inexpensive storage idea for nails, screws, etc.

This wall-mounted organizer is perfect as you can use it to keep all small items like screws, etc. organized as well as easily accessible.

You can buy this storage unit on Amazon.

13. Utilize Corners to Organize Garage on a Budget

Utilize Corners to Organize Garage on a Budget
Via Family Handyman

Most people don’t utilize ‘Corner space’ and it gets wasted. Use corners to add a few more wall shelves in the garage and you have additional space to store things. And you can even use scrap plywood to make these shelves.

These small corner shelves are perfect for keeping small items such as oils, waxes, glues, etc. handy.

14. Recycling Bin Rack

Recycling Bin Rack
Via Family Handyman

Ah, recycle bins! They take up a lot of space on floors which otherwise could be used for many other things.

Take them off the floor and mount them on the wall on top of each other. This will save a lot of floor space and it costs almost nothing as you can use scrap wood to do this project.

15. One Corner for Garage Organization

Garage Organization Ideas

Did you know you can completely organize your entire garage using just one single corner?

That’s right!

All you need to do is utilize the corner properly by using all the space including wall space. You can utilize floor space by adding a workbench, roller shelves, etc. Utilizing wall space is also important, you can do that using pegboards or wall-hanging systems.

Now you have a perfectly organized garage using just a single corner where you can find everything quickly and easily.

16. Overhead Garage Rack

Overhead Garage Rack

Utilizing ceiling space is a great way to organize your garage and this overhead rack from Amazon is perfect for it. The best thing about this overhead storage rack is that you don’t need to do a separate installation of wire and frame making it quite easy to install.

It’s extremely useful, especially for those with a small garage as it frees up valuable floor space.

Buy it on Amazon

17. Locker Storage for Garage Organization

Locker Storage for Garage Organization
Via Hgtv

Lockers might be old-fashioned but they are one of the best ways to store and organize things around the home. You can keep your paints, cleaners, fuels, tools, and whatnot easily in them.

Splash some rustic paint over the lockers to make them blend into the decor smoothly.

18. Stacked Storage Bins

Stacked Storage Bins
Via Familyhandyman

Storage bins are an inexpensive storage idea. But they can be difficult to arrange stacked one above each other, as you would find it challenging to reach the last bin.

Instead, use easy-to-build storage towers that would provide a comfortable passage for each of your bins. If you keep your sports equipment or so in the garage, try to find different colored bins for every piece of sports equipment to ensure they are easy to spot.

Storage towers are amazing garage storage systems.

19. Mount Bikes Organization In Garage

Monkey Bars Wall Bike Rack 2.0 - Stores 3 Bikes - Heavy Duty Bike Wall Mount Mount Bikes Organization In Garage

Leaning your bikes against the garage wall can be a challenging proposition and make the garage look cluttered. Your bikes would take up a lot of space, especially when your whole family owns bicycles.

This heavy-duty bike storage rack is adjustable and fits all types of bikes.

Buy it on Amazon

20. Fix a Shovel Rack in your Garage

Shovel Rack in your Garage
Via Familyhandyman

Your garage seems cluttered because of the huge tools rather than the little ones. Your rakes, axes, and shovels are frequently filthy and can scatter trash around your garage. This overhead shovel rack is cheap and can be made in a few hours with a few pieces of wood.

You can use the space above these racks to place the tools and put nails below to hang other tools and items for better organization.

21. Put Floor Tiles on the Wall

Floor Tiles on the Wall to Organize the Garage
Via Handmadecharlotte

The walls of the garage can often look dirty because of the dirt and dust from your car, leftover material from your DIY work, and more. Instead of having a plastered wall, try placing some floor tiles, especially on the lower half. They look clean and shiny for a longer duration and are really cheap.

22. Make a Garden Closet in your Garage

Garden Closet in your Garage
Via Familyhandyman

When you don’t have a separate garden shed, you frequently find yourself keeping your gardening equipment in your garage. So, if you want to keep your dirty axes, shovels, trimmers, and other tools out of the garage and out of sight, you can make an appropriate closet for them.

23. Add a Peg Rail Organizer in The Garage

Peg Rail Organizer in The Garage
Via Julieblanner

Pegs are inexpensive little tools that can add valuable storage space to any room. Having a proper rail of pegs in your garage can make your garage space look well organized.

24. Use a Steel Pegboard

Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer, Galv/Black Steel Pegboard

One of the most functional garage storage ideas is to use a steel pegboard.

This steel pegboard has a galvanized rust-resistant finish and comes with mounting hardware. The kit also comes with shelves, 3 plastic bins with bin hangers, 15 assorted hooks and brackets, and much more.

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Buy it on Amazon.

25. Use Studs

Via designedtodwell

Did you realize that you could add wooden boards and slats to the studs and create more storage in your garage?
This way, you can store your fishing gear, baseball bats, and various balls, such as rugby balls and basketballs and organize your garage.

27. Attach Jars under the Shelves

Via Thehandyhomemaker

Save your shelf space by adding jars underneath. This not only helps you double up your shelf space but gives you a proper place to store your smaller items, like differently sized screws, pins, nuts, and more.

28. Luxury Leisure Space to Organize your Garage

Luxury Leisure Space to Organize your Garage

Try to turn your garage into a relaxing and attractive space. Without moving a thing, adding a home theater system, a pool table, a piano, or a PS4 may help make your garage seem nice and organized.

It helps when you are crafting something and have a chilled atmosphere around with space to play some games while sipping beers. 

29. Put Shelves behind Shelves

If you’re completely out of space in your garage, you need to become more innovative. Try creating a setup where you can place shelves behind your workstation.

30. Vertical Storage Drawers on Existing Cabinets

Vertical Storage Drawers on Existing Cabinets
Via Sawdustgirl

Putting screws and small tools in boxes is a good storage hack. But you would hate to go around searching for a screw among tens of boxes in the middle of a DIY project, right? Having all your options in front of you can speed up the task considerably.

In this situation, vertical storage drawers or narrow pantry-style drawers can both prove to be good storage solutions. These are quite simple to construct and make storing small instruments simple.

31. Use a Sliding Drawer for Multiple StorageSliding Drawer for Multiple Storage

Via Sawdustgirl

You’ll be surprised by how much room you can utilize with this type of sliding drawer organizer. One or more of the four compartments available at the bottom tier are opened by each of the top two trays, giving you multiple options for storing all kinds of things.

If you need to keep a larger tool or other items, you may also remove it entirely. Isn’t it incredible? Having a combined sliding, pegboard, and huge bottom level storage may help your garage become a well-organized and tidy place.

32. Machine Pocketed Trays to Organize Garage Drawers

Machine Pocketed Trays to Organize Garage Drawers
Via Garage Journal

Add pocketed trays to your drawers to increase the space to hold tools and equipment. You can create many levels using plastic holder trays, metal, and more depending upon your convenience.

Having an extended space in your garage helps declutter other spaces and eliminates the need to add more drawers to an already unorganized garage.

33. Organize your Garage with Tool Boxes and Drawers

Organize your Garage with Tool Boxes and Drawers Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins - Durable Plastic, Various Sizes for Custom Layout Design. Great for Desk Drawer, Tool Box or Garage Organization. (Black | 8-Piece Set)

Interlocking Drawer Organizer Bins made with Durable Plastic come in various sizes and can be a cheap garage drawer organizer. These plastic boxes fit in all kinds of standard drawers and provide you space to place different kinds of tools and items without cluttering.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. Create a Polishing Station

It’s important to use sharp and polished tools so that your DIY projects or any other work always turns out well. You can create a small one-desk polishing workstation like this one.

Add drawers to this workstation so that it can hold all the sharpening equipment when not in use.

35. Create a Bike Shelf on your Garage Wall

Bike Shelf on your Garage Wall
Via Sightline

Storing a bike can be a difficult proposition if you have a small garage or multiple cars and motorcycles. Install this shelf on the backside of the garage so that you don’t have to utilize floor space for your bicycle.

36. Screwdriver Coat Rack 

Via Homemademodern

You need screwdrivers in a variety of sizes when working on your vehicles or DIY crafts. It can be challenging to find the aptly sized screwdriver when you put them in a drawer.

Instead, hang a designated coat rack for them so that you can just pick the suitable screwdriver anytime you need it.

37. Use PVC to Organize Tools

Via Ashbeedesign

Make intelligent use of the wall by hanging cheap and useful PVC holders that can firmly hold brooms, screwdrivers, axes, rakes, and more. This is affordable and easy to implement even when you’re not an expert in DIY crafts.

38. Storage Labels to Organize your Garage

Storage Labels to Organize your Garage
Via Iheartorganizing

Properly labeling each box can make your garage a simple yet effective workspace along with a storage option. Try to list down items if you have large boxes lined up.

39. Garage Golf Caddy

Via Popularwoodworking

If you are an ardent golfer, you would know the importance of keeping your clubs, balls, and tees clean. These can be irritating for other members of your family especially when scattered around.

Instead, place them in a designated caddy by following this inexpensive and simple tutorial.

40. Camping Chair Wall Storage on the Garage Wall

Camping Chair Wall Storage on the Garage Wall Simple Easy Wall Mount for Garage Organization.

Camping chairs can get too dirty and become susceptible to wear and tear when kept on the garage floor. Hang them up using this strong nylon strap organizer. You can store other tall items like umbrellas as well on this organizer.

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Buy it on Amazon.

41. Sports Rack Organizer for your Garage

Lynk Sports Rack Organizer Gear Storage-Black Sports Rack Organizer for your Garage

People who play sports need to have a separate corner to place their sporting equipment. If you don’t have enough space for one, you can install a sports organizer rack like this on your wall to store your kits, balls, bats, and more.

Buy it on Amazon.

42. Storage Straps Organizer

15PCS Heavy Duty Storage Straps Garage Organization Tool Organizers and Storage Fastening Straps Cord Wrap Keeper, Cable Straps for Cords, Hoses, Rope, RV, Boat, and Garage Storage and Organization

Compressor hoses and wires lying around the garage may give the area an untidy appearance. Add some inexpensive cord storage straps like these to store your extension cords, garden hose, and more.

These organizers come in a pack of 15 and are made of heavy-duty weatherproof polypropylene.

Buy it on Amazon.

43. Fishing Rod Storage Cart

Rush Creek Creations 12 Fishing Rod Tackle Cart - 5 Minute Assembly, Black (40-0001)

Fishing enthusiasts will love to have designated storage space for all their fishing equipment in the garage. The 12 fishing rod tackle cart can firmly hold your fishing rods and keep them secure from attacks of mice, dust, and more. The cart is made of engineered wood and has a powder-coated steel frame which makes it scratch-resistant.

Buy it on Amazon.

44. Folding Garage Workbench

Via Anawhite

Here is a unique and practical idea for including a workbench in your garage. The easy-to-craft and cheap folding workbench can make for a versatile space where you can do your weight training as well as perform mechanical jobs.

The workbench is pretty easy to create and having a couple of them can make your garage double up as a proper home gym. 

45. Garage Ladder Shelves

Via Anawhite

Create this space-saving ladder-style storage unit to add a variety of shelves without taking up a lot of space. Any type of wood may be used to build this shelf, and you can store tools and equipment on either side. The ladder may be stained or painted whatever seems budget-friendly.

This is a great garage storage idea if you’re on a tight budget.

46. Garage Wall Tool Holders

Garage Wall Tool Holders
Via Woodgears

Pegboards may be functional but they look pretty unattractive and boring. Take a look at these wall tool holders that blend in effortlessly with most styles of garage decor.

The custom holders are made of wood and provide you with enough space to store every tool from lightweight wrenches to heavy drillers.

47. Pegboard Book of Tools

Via Pregnantpower

If you have decided to go all out on DIY projects and other mechanical work at home, you’d need a plethora of tools. If you don’t want to scatter them all over the wall, consider creating this book of pegboards where you have one placed in front of the other.

48. Fold-away Suspended Shelves

Fold-away Suspended Shelves to Organize your Garage
Via Turtlesandtails

Suspended shelves might prove to be a hindrance—they can’t be moved around easily and can take up a lot of space. Having a folded up suspended shelf is not only a cheap garage organizer but it can also provide you with the best of both worlds and you can use it as per your convenience.

49. Inverted Metal Storage Shelf

Via Instructables

Metal storage shelves typically cost a lot but that’s not the case with this simple DIY project. This inverted shelf is sleek, fixed to the garage ceiling and wall, and uses a lot of otherwise unused space.

You can place this kind of shelf in the corner to put lesser-used tools and other garage items in an organized manner.

50. Modern Work Bench

Via Garagejournal

Ever seen a workbench like this?

Rarely found, these innovative benches are the practical and the best way to organize your garage.
It exudes the qualities of a man cave and yet provides enough segmented space to keep all your garage tools be it power tools or metal tools well organized.

The long bench with the lighting system also provides enough space to work for long hours without getting tired, even at night.

51. Put Everyday Items on the Lower Shelves

Via Justagirlandherblog

If you stock up the lower shelves with regularly used items, you would be able to find them easily. That helps when working on a project where you need to focus and don’t want to waste time climbing up the ladder to find something.

52. Add Inexpensive Storage Baskets

The dollar store has some amazing products when it comes to garage organization. And in the case of the garage, you can use those cheap metal storage baskets.

All you need to do is to add a label on them and then mount them to the wall. Now you have ample storage in the garage to add all the things from the garage and keep it organized.

53. Repurposed Paper Towel Holder

InterDesign York Steel Wall Mounted Holder Paper Towel Dispenser for Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, Office, Set of 1 Bronze

A simple yet clever idea for your garbage bags in the garage is to hang them from a sturdy kitchen paper towel holder (like this one). Since garbage bags are typically a lot heavier than paper towels, make sure the towel holder is secured well to the wall.

These were some of the most creative yet simple garage organization ideas that can not only make your garage look more spacious but also make it more functional.


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