30 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Early morning rush where you should have been out the door 5 minutes ago? Chalk it up to unfavorable circumstances, in this case, terrible bathroom storage. There have been so many times when I needed a hairbrush and literally tore down the bathroom in the process of looking for it. But on any other given day, I have like 3 hairbrushes littering the bed!

Good bathroom storage is the key to an organized bathroom and with a little bit of creativity and the right materials, it’s easy to transform the bathroom from messy to stylish and organized in no time. Whether it’s additional units that can be stacked on your counter, or a small magnetic patch on the wall to stick your hairbrush on, your life is about to get a lot easier with these bathroom storage ideas. Use these genius storage ideas to stop the bathroom storage apocalypse.


30 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

These simple, but clever bathroom storage ideas are sure to help you maximize the space you have in your bathroom and keep it organized.

1. Use Baskets

Credit: HGTV

Baskets always works. Whether it’s feelings, shoes, or ice cream, baskets are always dependable. This really helps with the storage space inside the bathroom by giving it a rustic, homely feel. After all, don’t we love lounging around in the bathroom anyway? Personally, and this may sound weird, if I enlarged my bathroom space to make room for a taco bar, I’m not sure I’d leave. These baskets can easily store the towels that keep falling off the rod or keep taking up the extra space in the bathroom.

Buy similar baskets here.

2. Magnetic Organizers On The Wall

Have you ever reached into the bathroom cabinet only to withdraw your hand that now looks like it took a trip to Color Me Mine? That will definitely not happen again unless you plan on sticking your hand in a bucket of neon matte paint.  These wall-mounted magnetic organizers will save your life. And lips. Never again will you have “bad lipstick days” where it feels like the lipstick is wearing you instead of the other way around! Stack up on those lip colors without fear, because this wall mounted storage will save those stacks of lip liners.

Buy them here!

3. Bar Stool

Credit:  Chango & Co

Introducing a bar stool in your bathroom can make a difference between a stuffy bathroom, and an organized one. Take your pick as to which type of bathroom you want. The second one? Then keep reading. Not only is this bar stool a bold color choice, it adds a bit of oomph to a place where you feel like you don’t want to overdo it with decor.

You can hide baskets under the barstool, put a cloth on top of the stool and use it to hold essentials. Want to stick a vase of flowers for a bit of freshness but not sure where to put it? The bar stool will heartily do the job. Forget Febreeze! Use actual flowers, it’s not weird trust me. Functional and cute? Yes please!

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4. Wheely Cart

Credit: HGTV

Wheels make everything accessible, fun, and most importantly, functionally cute! This very roomy wheel cart has enough space to stock all the necessary items like paper rolls, towels, and any extra brushes. Of course, if you suddenly decide to give your kid a small ride around the house on this wheel cart, I wouldn’t blame you!

5. Integrated Storage Cubby

Credit: Studio/Lifestyle

If there’s one thing women can’t get enough of, it’s space. No fellas, I’m not talking about relationships. Jeez, take a hint! Of course, extra space in any part of the house is awesome. But, integrated space is even better. This way, there’s no extra renovation or remodeling required to create extra space. This integrated space cubby can store all those shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles that keep falling into the shower. And I’m pretty sure we can all relate to the times when you really need the shampoo bottle, and it gets stuck behind the various products piling up on the counter!

6. Spray Bottle Hangar

Storing the Windex inside your cabinet is probably turning out to be one of the worst decisions you’ve made in terms of bathroom storage. Mostly because, every time you reach for it inside the cabinet, you end up knocking over 20 other spray bottles! This spray bottle hangar saves your space and sanity in the bathroom by providing an easy place to store your spray bottles. Without knocking over 10 other spray bottles you don’t need!

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7. Hall of Baskets

Credit: Simply DIY 2

Hall of Fame? I’m sure you’ve heard of it. But how about the Hall of Baskets? It definitely has a nice ring to it. And it’s not that difficult to build either. Hang two towel rods in a parallel manner. Of course, the size of the rods, and the weight is totally up to you. But make sure the rods themselves are sturdy and practical. Use a few ribbons to secure the baskets to the rods, and then fill up the baskets with whatever extra items have been stockpiling in the bathroom. These dark baskets will easily blend in with any decor you’re aiming for in your bathroom, whether it’s rustic, or just chill!

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Buy baskets here!

8. Fabric Skirt

Credit: Housebeautiful

Personally, I think this is a genius idea. If you have any of those skirts that your grandmother gave you to “look pretty” at school, and you can’t explain to her that they’re not cool anymore….wait! Don’t throw them away or donate them or go with the old “the dog ate it” excuse. Size it, and cut it so that it easily fits under the sink and doesn’t flop over the side. This is a great way to hide any of those extra utilities or ahem tampons and pads that you’re so desperately trying to hide. Especially in a small bathroom. The struggle is definitely real ladies!

9. DIY Hair Tool Organizer

Credit: Nellie Bellie

Let’s be honest. The bathroom is where we spend 60% of the time doing hair and makeup, and 40% for actually using the bathroom for what it’s supposed to be used for. Checking yourself out in the mirror obviously. Since we’re always in such a rush in the mornings,  not to mention going through the Monday blues (or every day of the week except for Friday blues) , you’ll end up haphazardly scattering your straightener or curler. Not anymore! This DIY hair tool organizer will save your hair….but won’t cure your Monday blues. It’ll hardly take a minute or two to put back your straightener in this organizer every morning!

10. Spinning Makeup

Sorbus Rotating Makeup Organizer Station Nail Bar, 360° Rotating Adjustable Carousel with Tray for Cosmetics, Skincare, etc - Great for Vanity, Bathroom, Bedroom (Adjustable Carousel Station - Pink)

Playing dress-up starts at 5 years old…..and never stops. Make your space more organized and efficient with this tiered spinning organizer. The spinning part makes it one of those childish things you can’t stop doing, kinda like blowing bubbles in your water glass. The tiers provide a sort of vertical space that utilizes space much better, since it doesn’t take up as much area. Brushes can be kept in the section on top, while the jars and sprays can be kept at the bottom.

Buy this stand here!

11. Organizers Behind The Mirror Door

Counter space is definitely not easy to come by, especially if it’s already filled up with straighteners, makeup, and the general item mania. Honestly, there are times I pick up an item, wonder if I really truly need it, then instinctively rearrange it back into my “neat pile”. Who am I kidding? My neat pile looks like a mini-tornado tore through my bathroom. These organizers can easily stick to the back of the mirror door, and the small spaces within each organizer ensures that only necessary items can be stored. Get rid of those empty medicine and ointment bottles!

Buy these StickonPods here!

12. Bottle Cap to Toothbrush Holder

Credit: Ohohdeco

Have you ever ended up at CVS at like 3 AM for something as random as a toothbrush holder? You’re not the only one (No, I don’t have insomnia). More often than not, we don’t want to spend too much money on something as little as a toothbrush holder. Try this ingenious hack of converting your bottle cap to a toothbrush holder. Make a slot in the inside of the bottle cap, for the toothbrush to attach to the bottle cap. Attach some Velcro to the back of the cap, and stick it where ever is most convenient. Voila! It probably won’t take you more than 15 minutes to make this simple item.

13. Lean a Ladder

Credit: Housebeautiful

Never trust a ladder. They’re always up to something. OK, sorry guys. Bad pun aside, this ladder adds a rustic, homely and unique feel to your bathroom. You can hang your towels and clothes on the ladder, instead of throwing it all around the bathroom. Honestly, even if you dump a bunch of clothes onto the ladder, it’ll still somehow look neat! That’s the uniqueness of the ladder!

14. Add a Rack

Who said you need to have a closet or shelf already built in your bathroom? If you’re trying to add a small closet or rack, make use of the corner space that’s always overlooked. The corners are honestly the best places to store or mount racks to make use of unused space. The rack itself is inexpensive and easy to mount! It adds a bit of elegance to the bathroom without overdoing it by being bulky or taking up too much space.

You can buy this rack here!

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15. Get an Outlet Shelf

Storage Theory | Power Perch | Ultimate Outlet Shelf | Easy Installation, No Additional Hardware Required | Holds Up to 10lbs | Almond Color | Single Shelf

Get rid of all your counter clutter! Keep your electronic toothbrush and razor on this outlet shelf. It’ll save your time, sanity, and counter space. Get it here!

16. Put A Hamper In It

Hampers have a way of adding style to a room or closet without even trying. It’s the ultimate laundry dumping place, without making it look like a tornado ripped through your house of course. If you’re trying to decorate your guest bathroom without overdoing it, this item is a must-have! Other than dumping a year’s worth of laundry, it’s also great for stockpiling potatoes. I’m kidding! It’s perfect for storing those linen towels out of the reach of your messy toddlers for sure!

Buy a hamper here!

17. Magazine Rack…In The Bathroom?

mDesign Wall Mount Metal Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Holder and Dispenser - 3 Tier Bathroom Storage Organizer with Magazine Rack Basket and Accessory Tray - Bronze

For all my book nerds out there, who can’t even finish using the bathroom without reading at least one page…….I volunteer this magazine rack as a tribute. Hunger Games joke aside, this rack is elegant and will definitely act as a “statement piece” to the bathroom by being quietly exquisite. It also adds some vibrancy to those awkward unused spaces and corners that we so desperately try and fail to cover up with paint or wallpaper!

Buy this magazine rack here!

18. Make A Skinny Alcove

Credit: Dorseydesigns

No space? No problem. If you’re renovating your bathroom, leave a bit of space for this skinny, yet extremely functional and rustic alcove. It’s inexpensive and adds a bit of oomph to an otherwise boring white or monochromatic bathroom. These shelves can easily store the towels, baskets, and cosmetic products that are taking up your counter space and making you generally insane every morning! This alcove doesn’t take up much space anyway, considering it’s already taking up a corner of space, which is especially perfect if your bathroom is already small.

19. Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf

TANGKULA 2-Tier Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bars, Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf, Home Toilet Double Layer Organizer Storage Shelf, Rustproof Chrome Shelf, Towel Shelf

Want a simple, stylish yet space-saving solution to your bathroom storage troubles? You’ve found it. This awesomely chic rack is for people like me who hoard essential oils, soap, conditioners, and other hair care products like the zombie apocalypse is about to happen tomorrow. In case it does happen, take the rack and run. It’s not worth leaving it!

This rack is very sturdy and easy to install. So it pretty much covers all the basic areas of how perfect this product is! It’s also a great item to put in a guest bathroom, where you really want to show off how awesome your decorating skills are. Impressed guests? More brownie points to you. And maybe more Christmas presents on your doorstep….yo never know!

You can grab this shelf here while it’s in stock!

20. Toilet Paper Holder/Phone Shelf

I LOVE EF IFECCO Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holder with Phone Shelf Wall Mounted Bathroom Tissue Holder

Studies show that 19% of people, in other words, 1 out of 5 people drop their phone down the toilet, losing all their data and contacts (and their digital life).  Of course, if the phone was made of Vibranium, you could just pick up your phone and nothing would have happened. Then again, if I’m talking about the uses of a fake substance like Vibranium in real life, you can tell I’m suffering from an epic Marvel withdrawal.

This toilet paper holder is also a phone shelf. It can easily be mounted to the wall, and it’s made of stainless steel so it’s sturdy and won’t rust. Avoid those oopsy daisy accidents with this functional and awesome toilet roll holder/phone shelf!

Buy it here!

21. Good Ol’ Adhesive Shelf

Adhesive Bathroom Shelf Storage Organizer Wall Mount No Drilling Shower Shelf Kitchen Storage Basket Rack Shelves Shower Caddy

The old school way is always the best. You can never have enough shelves in the bathroom, especially in those awkward corners that you try to cover up using wallpaper or paint.  This functional, old school adhesive bathroom shelf is the best for hanging up items that you need as you’re rushing out the bathroom. And a great way to pop up speakers or your phone to watch reruns of Game of Thrones episodes. Don’t worry, the whole world is suffering from withdrawal from that. Join the club! The adhesive shelf can be personalized to your style, and the hooks at the bottom allow for more space for things like towels, sponges, and scrubs.

Buy it here!

22. IKEA Picture Ledge

Credit: Yasam Stil

Turns out that picture ledges can be used for things other than pictures. Use this picture ledge from IKEA and add it right between the mirror and the bathroom sink. Store your favorite soaps, lotions, shampoos and of course essential oils right here. You’ll never knock things down from the countertop to the floor again!

This is also a great place to keep all those scented candles without wreaking havoc on the already limited space in the bathroom (shelves and counters). Personalize this frame by painting or layering some wallpaper on it for a pop of color. Always appreciated when you’re short on time and want to spruce up your bathroom space!

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Buy them on Amazon!

23. Built-in Bathroom Storage Shelve

Credit: Donna DuFresne Interior Design

Do you know that the average space between wall studs is 16 inches? Do you also know that it’s enough space to make a small recessed cabinet? Yes, that’s right a bonus bathroom storage without just by smart utilization of space already present.

24. Magnetic Makeup Board

Credit: Laurathoughts

Shelves and picture frames to store your makeup essentials? Boring. And overrated. Did I mention, literally everyone on Instagram and Pinterest always has a DIY shelf but not something as cool as a magnetic makeup storage board? The words pretty much convey what this board does. So you’ll never have to worry about makeup falling out of your kit or off the counter.

Crown yourself the DIY queen by making this easy storage board. It requires just a few materials including a picture frame, a metal sheet, your choice of fabric, hot glue, and a few other supplies that you’ll already have ready in your arsenal.

25. Second Shower Rod in the Shower

Credit: Pinterest/Good Housekeeping

Already have one shower rod? Great! You know the benefits then. But, you’re probably running out of space right about now, so install another one! They don’t take up much space, and can easily store the shampoos and conditioners that you previously didn’t have space for. Add a few hooks, so that items like sponges, shower brush and any other items that can’t fit on the rod can hang easily from the hooks. You’ll suddenly have more space for weird items like shower caps and bath salts!

26. Suction Cup Bottle Holders

Credit: Dollarstorecrafts

This hack is GOLDEN. If there ever was a creative dollar store organization hack that you really needed and didn’t fully appreciate, it’s definitely this one. If shelves or racks in the bathroom aren’t your thing, try this hack using suction cups and hair elastics. They will keep your shampoo and conditioner stuck to the wall like silly putty. It doesn’t take up as much space as a rack or shelf, because the only space it’s taking up is the area of the bottle itself!

The best thing is that the suction cups and hair elastics both are only $1 each, so no need to spend any money renovating or buying a shelf when it literally takes just one minute to slap one of these onto the wall! As someone who regularly drops the shampoo bottle in the shower, this is definitely a favorite.

27. Storage Step Stool

Credit: Builtbykids

You didn’t think I’d leave kids out of this, did you? Don’t worry, I didn’t leave out your lovable, annoying brats. This DIY step stool also has a hollowed-out inside……to store bath toys!  As if the living room isn’t full of enough of their toys already. The stool is multi-functional as it’s clearly seen from the picture. It’s a great way to make sure your kids don’t look like they visited the dunk tank after washing their hands, and it provides easy access to their favorite toys during their least favorite time. Bath time!

28. Extra Products On a Turntable

PAG 2-Tier Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Storage Case and Display Stand Multi-Function Lazy Susan Spice Rack, 360 Degree Rotation, Black

Use up all that extra cabinet storage to store all those added junk items like half-used lotion bottles or semi-used shampoos using a turntable. Store all these things on the turntable to make a bit of counter space. If you don’t already have a large bathroom, and I’m guessing you don’t, these turntables will come in handy. It stores all the extra items that keep falling off the counter, it’s basically a dump for extra storage!

Buy them here!

29. Products on a Cake Stand

Credit: Cosmopolitan

You probably bought this cake stand thinking you’d suddenly turn into Paula Deen, but you’re probably realizing now that this cake stand is just collecting dust in the closet. This cake stand is perfect for storing extra products in the shower. Especially if you have little spaces in the corner of your shower that are awkwardly not being used.

30. Kitchen Utensil Tray

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Yes, let me repeat that. A kitchen utensil tray can also be used in the bathroom! Instead of shoving everything haphazardly into a random cabinet, and then having everything tumble out, use a tray! It will easily keep everything you need in an organized and clean manner without you having to break the bank for a new bathroom organizer!

All in all, whether you’re adding a corner shelf, rack, or a turntable, the options out there to expand bathroom storage are limitless. Most of them are just a few hacks with a bit of creativity, so make sure you utilize existing space, rather than wishing for space you don’t have!

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