8 Smart Ammo Storage Ideas for Firearm Enthusiasts

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Storing ammunition is more about safety than it is convenience, although there are definitely plenty of ways to achieve both. This is true whether you are a collector or someone who simply needs to restock your supply at home. With that in mind, here’s a list of practical ammo storage options that will help you store and preserve your ammo supply.


8 Storage Ideas for Ammo

Ammo storage options range from a tightly-sealed box to a military-grade cabinet. It sounds quite straightforward, although it’s actually more nuanced, especially when looking out to maximize the shelf life of your ammunition stock.

1. Ammo cans

Let’s start with something portable and typically enough to pile a healthy stock at home: ammo cans.

The appeal of ammo cans is on-the-nose, they are portable and tightly sealed. You can use them to store ammo at home or as a container that you can take to the range.

From our experience, we recommend adding silica gel desiccant packs to your container in order to mitigate humidity buildup, especially if you are keeping the ammunition away for a long period.

2. Ammo crate

An ammo crate can usually hold several ammo cans which means it’s ideal if you have a bigger load out or if you find yourself transporting multi-caliber ammo to the range often. Material and build is everything you want to look out for to ensure that your crate can withstand the test of time.

3. Portable flip-top ammo case

Some portable ammo cases are so unsuspecting that there’s no way to know what they’re packing unless you open them. Such is the case for zipped flip-top ammo cases which are typically made from water- and impact-resistant EVA materials with a slick finish that makes the kit look like your average pocket storage.

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4. Secured ammo cabinet

An ammo security cabinet provides a more well-rounded but still affordable solution for storing firearms, ammo and valuables at home. For optimum security, choose a cabinet that has a dedicated or multiple locking system (e.g., sensor, fingerprint lock, keypad access) that prevents theft and unauthorized access.

5. Ammo safety boxes

Safe boxes are ideal if you want ammo stored in a more compact system than a security cabinet while retaining similar sensor- and password-based locks that can keep your valuables protected at all times.

When all else fails, like when the digital security system runs out of battery or you forgot your password, you can use the box’s traditional key in order to access its content.

6. DIY wooden ammo box

There are many ways to approach this project but the common one is transforming pallets into ammo storage.

The wooden exterior can be left relatively untouched (but sealed shut) to give the container a vintage feel, but the interior has to be reworked to limit humidity. You can start by adding foam inserts to create small pockets that will house different rounds, if not create extra spaces for other valuables.

7. Sealed plastic containers

If you’re looking for inexpensive storage, then you can consider the ever-reliable plastic containers you have at home. The material should do well enough to protect your ammo from moisture and prevent it from being obsolete, but it shouldn’t be relied upon long-term as it’s more susceptible to wear and tear.

8. Ziploc or vacuum-sealed plastic bags

Ziploc or vacuum-sealed plastic bags can be taken as an extra measure in storing your ammo. Apart from being waterproof and averse to sudden moisture buildup when paired with a desiccant, ziploc bags can be easily labeled for better organization and segregation of your ammunition.

However, like plastic containers, ziploc are no more than a temporary storage solution, or a secondary protection when storing your ammo in specialized cabinets or safe boxes.

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Tips on taking care of your ammo storage

1. Consider the right temperature for ammo storage

Extreme and unstable temperature can affect the shelf life of your ammunition. It’s also no exaggeration that humidity and moisture can render your ammo useless.

For starters, keep your ammo and likewise, the storage in a cool and dry place. For that reason, it’s best to avoid placing your storage in basements or other isolated areas that can accumulate high moisture buildups.

2. Store where there’s limited access

Even when your chosen storage has its own security system, it’s still ideal to place the container in a location that’s not too secluded, but still has limited access such as your room or home office.

Additionally, you want your supply kept in a cool and dark place where it’s not exposed to any type of UV light since sun rays are generally harmful for ammo. Therefore you should place the storage away from windows and other sources of light, especially if you’re using scuffed or DIY containers as your main storage .

3. Inventorize your ammo and rotate your supply

Even high quality ammunition can lose its luster over time and become unusable. Since this can’t be avoided, you should keep an inventory of your stock and occasionally rotate your ammo. In other terms, it’s first in, first out.

If you do find an opportunity to use your ammo in the range, make sure you are using the oldest stock first, and this is only possible if you’re tracking and labeling your supply diligently.

Final thoughts on ammo maintenance and storage

Experts are divided on whether you should store firearms together or separately, but if you find yourself with limited options, then it’s best to choose a safety box or cabinet that has multiple security features. Otherwise, storing your ammo in a separate case using one of the storage options we mentioned is a good layer to add to your home security measures.

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