21 Creative Mudroom Storage Ideas

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Your mudroom is supposed to be the haven of your home. You can’t afford to get distracted on a busy morning if your mudroom is messy and disorganized. You can easily add some makeshift storage in the mudroom and make the most of the entire space, so it remains tidy.

Whether you have a small setup with a few hooks or a spacious mudroom that seems all empty, we have the perfect mudroom storage ideas for every setup!


21 Creative Mudroom Storage Ideas

1. Minimalist Storage

Give your mudroom a soothing look by keeping a tidy, brown layout. Make sure you use hampers, baskets, and hooks that complement each other so the room has a uniform look. You can also decorate the room by adding some potted plants, lights, frames, etc.

2. Create a Small Mudroom

If your house does not have enough space for a mudroom, you can easily create one by adding a piece of furniture (any low shelf would do) near your entryway. If your shelf doesn’t already have hooks attached, you can easily slat them through and create a makeshift mudroom to accommodate some of your belongings.

3. Mesh Lockers

Lockers are the perfect solution to store everyone’s belonging separately, especially if you have a big family. These mesh lockers allow you to see through the lockers, so even if you forget which one is yours, you won’t have any trouble. These cubbies perfectly utilize the space in a mudroom.

4. Makeshift Mudroom

If you want a more minimalistic look for your mudroom, you can simply choose a spot near your entryway and place a bench, preferably with some cubbies for extra storage. These cubbies come in handy for keeping crates or small baskets.

You can also add extra hooks on the wall or create a little charging station over the bench. A nice picture frame or painting can go over the bench to add a homey touch.

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5. Add a Pop of Color

If your mudroom has open cabinets, fix some colorful hooks to hang your coats or bags. This way, everyone can choose a cubby to hang their belongings in, and you won’t have to messily fold your coat and throw it in! These colorful hooks are very trendy and go very well with a monochrome room.

6. Add a Sleek Shelf

A bench or a cabinet may not always be the solution to your mudroom, especially if the space is very narrow. Install a shelf with hanging pegs on the wall so you can hang your scarves, bags, coats, and hats and prevent clutter on the floor.

7. Assemble Some Wooden Crates

Create an eccentric wooden piece for your mudroom by clipping together some wood crates, in any manner you like. This is a very easy DIY project as well since you only need binder clips to clip them together, rather than nails and a hammer. Make sure you don’t keep heavy items in the upper crates.

8. Add a Message Board

If you’re someone that likes to be on top of their schedule, install a message board over a bench in your mudroom. Your bench can have some cubbies for extra storage, while your message board is the perfect place to paste some sticky notes with important reminders, grocery lists, and anything necessary! You can also install overhead lighting.

9. Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

This exquisite design is very modern and elegant. The monochrome look accentuates the mudroom and gives it a very classy look. This setup also provides plenty of hidden storage since most of the shelves are closed off. This is the perfect place to store your shoes and bags, which will also free up some space in your closet.

10. Label your Hangers

Hangers are the most common storage unit you may find in a mudroom. But they don’t have to look as boring! You can add some labels, or separate bags, scarves, and coats. This will help you create a better-organized system for your mudroom.

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11. Under the Staircase Mudroom

The wall space under your staircase gets underutilized way too often. Be creative with it and hang some hooks on the wall for extra storage space. You can also place a bench with some cubbies so it becomes a small seating area where one can remove shoes, and the cubbies are perfect for sliding in extra storage baskets.

12. Repurpose Old Furniture

Give your old cabinet a new polish and put it to use in the mudroom. If you have a column of shelves or cubbies, add them to create a perfect storage system. If your cabinet and shelves don’t go together, repaint accordingly, so your mudroom has a nice monochrome finish.

13. DIY Colored Lockers

Colored lockers tend to accentuate your room more than plain wooden lockers. Create a soft look for your mudroom by painting your wooden lockers. Make sure you have a solid color scheme in mind, or the colors will look mismatched.

14. Use Wall Space

Utilize the wall space near the entryway, if you have a narrow mudroom. Mount some hook slats so you can hang baskets along with your daily belongings. Keep some bins on the floor for some extra storage space.

15. Repurpose a Closet

Use an old closet to create extra storage in your mudroom for your shoes, bags, coats, and hats. This is also a great storage idea if you want to keep your stuff hidden, rather than on display, in the mudroom.

16. Closet Storage Cabinet

Closed locker cabinets are perfect to incorporate into the mudroom if you don’t want all your stuff to be on display. You can nail in some hooks in the closed locker space as well. You can also put labels with the names of people living in the house on the locker doors.

17. DIY Key Holder

Who hasn’t left keys lying around and accidentally misplaced them, one too many times? Make a key holder using reclaimed wood. You can also place a faux plant or some other décor to spruce up the key holder since it is the first thing one will notice when they enter your home.

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18. DIY Entry Console

Repurpose an old dresser and use it as a console in the mudroom. This is a very effective storage solution if you want to segregate your stuff and have separate storage space for each family member. The open space at the top also lets you keep your keys, electronics, some plants for décor, and more!

19. Mail Organizer

If you’re looking for some easy DIY projects to take up, this couldn’t have come at a better time! Create a mail organizer with some basic supplies. You can create multiple tiers so every person has a different space to keep their mail. You can print some labels for the metal holders on the organizer as well.

20. Make a Command Center

Keep yourself and your family on track by building a command center in the mudroom. A command center usually has a calendar, grocery list, to-do lists, important dates, and appointments. You can use a corkboard or a chalkboard vinyl to create this easy setup.

21. Add a Chalkboard Wall

Make a chalkboard wall space between two vertical storage columns so you can have some extra space to leave important notes for your family members. This wall setup also looks very cute and eccentric, and you can draw up some designs at the corners to decorate it!

The mudroom is the most important space in the house since it is right at the entrance, and you can’t have it all cluttered! These easy mudroom storage ideas will help you revamp your entryway and take your home improvement projects to an entirely different level!

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