71+ Creative Towel Storage Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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Towels are a bathroom essential but often tend to become a mess if not stored properly. Having an efficient storage solution for towels can not only help keep your bathroom neat and tidy but also add a touch of elegance to the space.

In this article, we will explore a wide range of towel storage ideas that are not only efficient but also visually pleasing.

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large one, whether you prefer a minimalist or a more luxurious style, you’ll find a towel storage idea that is perfect for you. So, let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your bathroom decor with smart and functional towel storage solutions.


From Wall Racks to Built-ins: 71 Creative Towel Storage Ideas

1. Cabinet Shelf

Via Houseofturquoise

Give your bathroom a rustic look by installing an antique cabinet to store all your towels. Install this cabinet right over the toilet— a great way to use space that’s often ignored.

2. Over-the-Door Shelf

Via The2seasons

A perfect place to store towels in smaller bathrooms. Install a shelf over the bathroom door and keep all the towels in this space.

3. Parallel Bar Storage

Via Ohohdeco

This is a simple solution to store bathroom towels if you want a minimalistic design. Simply install two wooden dowels parallel to each other.

4. Floating Ladder Shelf

Via Anikasdiylife

Ladder Shelves are a great way to add storage in the bathroom. You can hang your bath towels and also store extra towels in the same place.

5. Wire Mesh Baskets

Via Ikea

Use a large wire basket to keep all your bath towels in one place.

6. Easy-Build Box Shelves

Via Bobvila

If you have an empty wall in your bathroom, this is the perfect towel storage option! It gives a very modern and classy look to your bathroom.

7. Doorknob Towel Hooks

Via Notjustahousewife

If you have spare doorknobs lying around the house, use them for storing towels in the bathroom!

8. Tiered Bathroom Stand

Via Happinessishomemade

This gorgeous bathroom storage stand has plenty of space to store all your bathroom essentials from bath towels to lotions.

9. Washtub Bucket Storage

Via Etsy

One of the most unique bathroom towel storage ideas – add shelves to the inside of a washtub and keep your clean towels organized.

10. Towel Roll Basket

Via Countrypeony

If you have a spare plastic bin lying around with no use of its own, repurpose it to add bathroom towel storage! Place the basket on a small stool beside your bathtub for easy access!

11. Button Hooks

Via Amomstake

If you have a small space, make use of pins or knobs and install them over a wooden strip for a simple towel storage solution.

12. Multi-Rail Towel Rack

Via Ikea

This towel rail saves a lot of space as it has three bars that can hold three towels at the same time. It is a perfect towel storage solution for small bathrooms.

13. Towels Rack in the Shower

Via Apartmenttherapy

If you’re too cramped up on bathroom space, worry not! Install a sleek towel rack in your shower space at the opposite end of the shower to store towels.

14. Suspended Shelves

Via Amberinteriordesign

Install this chic shelving system on any bathroom wall. It provides ample storage space to store towels and other essentials.

15. DIY Towel Ring

Via Spoonforkandbacon

Towel rings are a unique way to add towel storage in the bathroom. Use wooden beads in this little DIY project to amp up the ambiance of your bathroom.

16. Use Wicker Baskets

Whitmor Distressed Rattique Storage Baskets Set of 3

Mount these wicker baskets on the wall to store towels in an easy way. This storage basket set comes in a set of 3, and all the baskets are different sizes so they look good when you install them in ascending order. You can simply place them on open shelves as well.

Buy it on Amazon.

17. Meshed Towel Storage Stand

Via Simply2moms

This towel stand has two spacious compartments to store more than one bathroom item. You can store towels in one compartment, and toilet rolls in the other.

18. Metal Rack Storage

Via Wayfair

Install a metal rack on the bathroom door to hang and store towels. The hooks on top of the rack make it easy to mount it over the door.

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19. Utility Wire Racks

Via Noticethelittlethings

Using uniform wire racks and baskets will help you keep your storage systematic. You can store dry towels, damp towels, and fresh towels in separate baskets. Put a label on each basket for ease of access.

20. Repurposed Wash Basket Storage

Via Quirkmadame

Mount an old wash basket over the unused toilet space to create some extra storage for your bath towels and other bathroom essentials.

21. Chunky Cotton Baskets

Via Gardentrading

These chunky baskets made of durable cotton rope will go well with any bathroom style and you can store towels in them easily.

22. Ladder Drying Rack

Via 12oaks

No one likes wet towels on the bathroom floor or cabinets. You need sufficient space to let your towels dry up before you can fold them up and store them in the right place.

Repurpose an old wooden rack and use it for bathroom towel storage to eliminate this problem.

23. Floating Towel Rack

Via Simplyoneeden

This sleek floating rack design is perfect for a modern bathroom. It’s minimalistic and can store a few rolls of towels and only uses a bit of wall space.

24. Wardrobe Towel Storage

Via Onekinddesign

Repurpose an antique wardrobe to store towels! This is a feasible towel storage idea only if you have sufficient floor space in the bathroom.

25. Chair Mounted Towel Rack

Via Ikea

This charming chair-mounted towel rack has a seating area, shelves, and rails to store towels. Although it’s made of bamboo, it is made to withstand humidity so you can place it in the bathroom without any worries.

26. Stainless Steel Towel Rack

Via Jennaburger

This small towel holder is perfect to store hand towels. Attach it to the wall beside the cabinet or the side of the cabinet so you always have a towel handy after cleaning up.

27. Wood and Leather Hanging Shelf

Via Themerrythought

This towel holder design has a small wooden shelf on the top where you can keep plants or other decorative items. Two leather straps are suspended from the wooden shelf where you can keep all your rolled towels stacked on top of each other.

28. Linen Closet Organizing

Via Thecreativityexchange

Keep a uniform storage system for the towels you don’t use frequently. You can add shelves to increase the storage space in this bathroom closet.

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29. Wooden Towel Basket

Via Hgtv

This chic rope basket lets you store towels in one place. Place it beside your toilet or over a shelf.

30. Laundry Basket

Via Iheartorganizing

A laundry basket is a really smart towel storage idea to store all your small towels in one place.

31. Shower Curtain Rod with Towel Hanger

Zenna Home NeverRust Aluminum Adjustable Tension Rustproof Double Shower Rod, NickelWhenever you buy accessories for the bathroom, make sure that they are multipurpose.

This double shower rod will allow you to hang your shower curtain in one rod, and towels in the other!

Buy it on Amazon.

32. DIY Linen Shelves

Via Ellaclaireinspired

Installing these classy wall shelves to store towels and other accessories is a great way to add storage space to the bathroom.

33. Floating Towel Rack

Via Designsbystudioc

This design makes it seem like you’ve installed floating shelves when you store your towels on them. It lends uniformity to your bathroom and makes use of vertical space.

34. Over the Door Wired Shelf

ClosetMaid 51031 Wire Shelf Kit, 3-Feet, White

Install this wired shelf over the bathroom door to store spare towels and make use of that space.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Open Shelf Towel Storage

Via Remodelaholic

This open-shelf bathroom towel storage rack is a blessing in disguise as you can access any item you need easily. It has three compartments wide enough to store towels.

36. Rolling Table Storage

Beaugreen 3-Tier Utility Cart Storage Rolling Cart with 2 Brakes Handles for Kitchen Office Gardening Pantry Storage,Space Saver (Mint Green, Round)

This rolling cart provides you with the exact luxury of a hotel right in the comfort of your home. It is a perfect bathroom towel storage idea for a guest bedroom, but if you’re looking to add some luxury to your life, place this tiered cart beside your bathtub.

You can store your towels, scrubs, loofahs, lotions, and other bathroom essentials on this tiered table.

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Buy it on Amazon.

37. Open Barn Wooden Shelving

This open barn wooden shelving unit is perfect for towel storage in the bathroom. Simply place your rolled-up towels on the shelves.

38. Repurposed Window Towel Rack

Via Letsdiyitall

Reuse an antique window frame to add towel storage and make your bathroom look chic. Add some hooks on the bottom slat of the frame to hang towels.

39. Block Style Shelves

Via Etsy

DIY this open shelf system using pallet wood, nails, and glue. The shelf space is small so you can store smaller rolls of towels on top of each other. You can also keep some cute décor items to light up the ambiance of your bathroom.

40. Bicycle Basket Towel Storage

Source unknown

Reuse your old bicycle’s basket for your bathroom. Hang it on an empty wall to create some extra storage space for your towels.

41. Slim Bathroom Cabinet

Tangkula Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet, Wooden Rolling Floor Cabinet, Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder, Bathroom Cabinet with Slide Out Drawer, Baskets and Wheels (20”x6”x28.5)

This rolling wooden cabinet has two shelves and two baskets so you can store your spare towels efficiently. The shelf on top can hold magazines or toiletries.

Buy it on Amazon.

42. Glass Divided Towel Bars

Via Archdaily

This sophisticated glass shelf for towel storage gives a classy look to your bathroom. Each compartment can hold one large towel roll.

When you step out of the bathtub, you’ll get the exact feel of a spa, which is a great thing to feel every day, isn’t it?

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43. Wall Unit Storage

Source unknown

This in-built wall unit is tucked away and is adjacent to your bathtub. It is a sleek wall storage system so every compartment can hold up to one towel roll. A brilliant towel storage idea for small bathrooms with a high ceiling.

44. DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

Via Sustainmycrafthabit

This hanging rope shelf with driftwood gives a rustic farmhouse look to your bathroom. It gives a very minimalistic look to the bathroom and doesn’t cost much.

45. Multi-Size Basket Stand

Via Foter

Use some old wired baskets and a wooden ladder to quickly make this towel storage space. Nail the baskets over each ladder hinge to make a multi-tier storage.

You can store your towel rolls and toiletries in these baskets.

46. Mounted Chair Towel Storage

Via Pinterest

Repurpose the back of a vintage chair into an easy towel hanger. Mount the chair on the wall, and nail doorknobs, or hooks at the bottom to hang your towels.

47. Make Use of a Room Divider

Roundhill Furniture Giyano 4 Panel Wood Frame Screen Room Divider, Gold

If you have a lot of space in the bathroom, make use of that extra space to add a room divider to your bathroom! Not only does it looks chic and make the bathroom luxurious, but you can also hang your towels on the divider and use them as towel storage.

This divider is made of solid pine wood and can be folded away when not in use.

Buy it on Amazon.

48. Mounted Towel Bars

If you don’t want your towels on display, mount some towel bars at the back of the bathroom door.

49. Wooden Block Shelving System

A sleek and thin shelving system provides ample towel storage for your bathroom. Always try to make use of vertical space so that the floor doesn’t appear congested.

50. Metal Bathroom Caddy

Via Emoryvalleymercantile

This 3-tiered bathroom caddy gives a fresh farmhouse look to your bathroom. It looks very vintage and has metal baskets in three different sizes. It can store multiple towel rolls as well as other accessories efficiently.

51. Chunky Bathroom Shelving Unit

Via Etsy

This elegant shelving unit is handmade and can be placed beside your bathroom sink. It has a rustic wooden look that fits well with any bathroom style.

52. Vintage Towel Holder

Via Throughmyporchwindow

This is actually a small wine rack converted to towel storage! It can be placed on bathroom cabinets or even the floor without taking much space.

53. Artistic Towel Hanging Shelf

Via Etsy

This towel shelf has a very artsy look to it so it is perfect if you’re looking for some fun décor for your bathroom.

54. Simple Mounted Shelf

Via Etsy

This wooden shelf has a simple rectangular structure and looks very elegant on the wall. It is spacious enough to hold multiple large towel rolls. You can also keep some of your smaller towel rolls on top of the shelf, along with other bathroom accessories to make the most of the space.

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55. Clip Design Towel Holders

Via Etsy

These simple towel holders are shaped like clothing clips—don’t worry, they are humongous.

56. Brass Hooks

Aothpher Wall Mounted Copper Towel and Robe Hook for Bath Kitchen Heavy Duty,Bronze

If you’re into minimalistic decor pieces, this statement brass hook is the right choice. You can hang your towels as well as robes on these classy hooks.

Buy it on Amazon.

57. Spa Style Towel Crate Rack

Via Etsy

This towel rack has two large rectangular compartments and a shelf in the middle to hold bathroom accessories. The larger compartments can easily accommodate your folded towel rolls.

58. Scandinavian Wooden Knobs

Via Apartmenttherapy

These gorgeous wooden knobs are very easy to install and can hold your towels efficiently.

59. Repurpose Bar Carts

Holly & Martin Zephs Bar Cart White - Stylish Bar Cart for Home - Utility Carts with Wheels

Get towel storage on wheels simply by adding a bar cart to the bathroom. You can even add hooks to the loops to hang your loofas, scrubs, towels, etc.

Buy it on Amazon.

60. Rustic Towel Rack

Via Modish

This sleek metal rack looks gorgeous and has five levels to store towels without any issues.

61. Repurpose a Clothing Rack

Via Apartmenttherapy

If you own a large bathroom where you can easily fit in a clothing rack, you can add some wicker baskets to the rack for towel storage. You can even keep it in your room if you have a small bathroom.

62. Use the Cabinet Door

Via Bedbath&beyond

Install an over-the-cabinet towel bar to cleverly utilize space in the bathroom. You don’t need any tools or hardware for this towel storage idea, just a cabinet door!

63. Minimalistic Wooden Shelf

This thin, modular shelf has four compartments where you can store all towels and other accessories. It makes use of vertical space and thereby doesn’t take up much floor space in your bathroom.

64. Tuck Baskets Under the Vanity

BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket for Storage Plant Pot Basket and Laundry, Picnic and Grocery Basket (Medium, Original)

Use cute baskets to keep all your rolled towels in one place: under the unused vanity space! These handmade baskets will add a rustic look to your bathroom while storing towels in an orderly manner.

Buy it on Amazon.

65. Wire Grid Wall Shelf

wire-grid-rack-towel storage idea

Mount a wire grid shelf over the wall to hold all your linens in one place and give your bathroom a clean and minimalistic look. Get one with 3-4 shelves so that you can use some shelves for other toiletries.

66. Inverted Basket Shelves

Via Firsthomedreams

You can DIY shelves for towel storage, but give it a different look! Install these shelves with inverted brackets for a stylish look.

67. Use Over-the-Toilet Space

Via Handmadehome

The space over your toilet often goes unused while the rest of your bathroom remains cluttered. Install some floating shelves over the wall space and use baskets to store towels.

69. Folding Stool Storage

Lavish Home Folding Stool, 18", Black

Put your towels in a basket and keep them on this stool. It’s a statement black piece that can be folded flat and stowed away when not in use.

Buy it on Amazon. 

70. Use a Wooden Bowl

This decorative bowl towel storage is very chic and looks gorgeous in the bathroom. Place the bowl on your vanity and neatly fold your towels and place them in it.

71. Repurposed Crate Storage Unit

EZDC Set of 3 Nesting Wooden Crates, 16 x 12” Wall Mounted Wooden Basket, Storage Crates, Wooden Crate Box for Storage, Display Risers, Decoration

Repurpose your fruit crates and mount them as a wall unit to store all your towels properly. These crates come with wall mounts and will give a rustic feel to your bathroom.

Buy it on Amazon. 

So, there you have it! Some creative and functional towel storage ideas for your bathroom. We hope you were able to find one or two that will work well in your bathroom. If not, keep checking back, as we are always adding new content to help make your life a little easier.

Now that you’ve got your towels sorted, why not take a look at some of our other posts on organization? We’ve got tips for every room in the house!

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