41 Mesmerizing Christmas Tree Ideas to Try This Season

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The closer the Christmas holidays get, the more often I find myself slapping a red bow and sprinkling glitter on anything I get my hands on. A sudden need to decorate from someone who refuses to clean her room until her mother directly orders her to? Ah, now that’s the true joy of Christmas. It’s no secret that the Christmas tree is the centerpiece. It’s the true ornament, that gives a testament of how much effort you put in to make guests ooh and aah.

Just by standing in the living room and looking at the tree, your day is made. All the running around, shopping, decorating and cooking is worth it when you see the joy on your family’s faces. A direct result of a perfect, beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Let’s go on a journey to see the various Christmas Tree decoration ideas and usher in the Christmas spirit, shall we?


1. Mini Ornaments

KI Store 34ct Christmas Ball Ornaments 1.57" Small Shatterproof Christmas Decorations Tree Balls for Holiday Wedding Party Decoration, Tree Ornaments Hooks Included (40mm Gold)

Who said Christmas trees had to be monstrously gigantic and the centerpiece? It can also be the center of attraction with its cute, small size! And decorating a Christmas tree is incomplete without ornaments. These ornaments are perfect to decorate your Christmas tree as these are available in so many colors.

From Gold, Red, White to even Teal, Silver and Pink, there are literally 24 beautiful colors you can choose from. The best thing is they are available in various sizes from 1.57″ to 4″.

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2. Gold Bows

Christmas Bows Festival Bowknot Christmas Tree Decorations, Pack of 60 (Gold)

Just like you can not go wrong with black in clothing, you can never go wrong with gold when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. Be it a small, ginormous or medium-sized tree, gold bows are bound to make a statement. You can add a few with other decorations or simply use gold bows as the solo decorations. Either way, the gold color is bound to brighten your tree with its shine. Buy them here!

3. White Christmas

Vickerman White Salem Pencil Tree with Dura-Lit 200 Clear Lights, 5.5-Feet by 28-Inch

If you’re like me, living in a place where a snowfall on Christmas is rarer than Santa himself, you get what a downer it can be to not have a white Christmas. And while it’s impossible to create snowfall, you can create a white Christmas. All you gotta do is replace your traditional green tree with a white tree.

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Best Choice Products 7.5ft Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree Holiday Decor with Metal Stand, GreenYou can still get the Christmas feel by decorating it with red ornaments and pinecones. And if you want to get the whole real snow view, you can add cotton as fake snow and get the complete winter-wonderland look with a snow-dusted tree. A change in simple colors can create your own white Christmas. You can get it here!

4. The Firefly Look

SKYFIRE 2 Pack Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights, 10 Strands 200 LEDs Waterproof Timbo String Lights Decorative Silver Wire Vine Solar Lights for Outdoor, Garden, Christmas Tree

The moment you think of a Christmas tree, you are as likely to think of lights as you are of a green conifer tree. Your decorations may be beautiful, but the fairy lights wrapped around a Christmas tree make your tree come to life and look like tiny fireflies flying around your tree, adding warmth to the otherwise cold climate. The lights add glow to the gloomy skies and reignite the hope that Christmas is known for.

Buy these lights here!

5. Sweet Tooth

Credit: Sew Many Ways

If you have a sweet tooth, then you are bound to love Christmas. The candy canes, cookies, gumdrops, and ribbon candy are just a few things that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. Not only is this a unique way to go about your tree decorations, but you can also sneak a few extra candies while no one’s watching.

6. Hillbilly

Credit: DIY Bunker

This unique Christmas tree is especially for those of you who either own or live near a ranch. Instead of going the usual way of buying a Christmas tree, build your own. I’m not talking about a DIY tree that leads to a mess of glue, I mean using stacks of hay bales and decorating them. Not only will this be completely authentic, but you can also add a little cowboy touch to your Christmas. 

7. Red Christmas

Credit: Pottery Barn

We all love Monica and her obsessive tendencies but for those who relate to her, this tree is a perfect choice. Not only is it monochromatic, but it’s also perfectly coordinated and still manages to both satisfy your need for perfection and bring out the festivity.

Ornaments, stockings, and lights everything is red in color for this tree. Green and red are a combination swoon-worthy and this tree decoration idea uses this to its advantage. It manages to capture the beauty in these traditional colors and also makes your Christmas color coordinated. 

8. Keep It Simple

Credit: Homeyohmy

Sure, extravagant decorations look gorgeous but so does a minimally decorated tree. Instead of going overboard with the decorations this year, try to keep it simple and stick to a few ornaments and garlands. This makes the tree look elegant and is also very cost-efficient. This Christmas let your magnificent tree speak for itself.

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9. Black and Blue

Black always seems to weasel its way into everything and yet Christmas isn’t something that you associate with black. But, who can resist a black Christmas? Not only is this unorthodox but it also makes a statement. Black decorations for a Christmas tree add a bit of mystery to it and give a chic look to your tree. Add some blue ornaments and decorations for a pop of color. 

10. Neon

This Christmas decor is not for the faint-hearted; this is for those who just can’t find a bright enough decoration for their Christmas. Neon colors are usually so bright, you feel like someone hit your eyes, so just imagine a neon tree with lights and Christmas ornaments. This decor is bound to radiate happiness this Christmas with its loud colors and bold style.

11. Royal, It Is

Who hasn’t dreamt of celebrating Christmas in a castle and while that may seem a bit impossible, you can also bring regal to your living room. All you need are a Christmas tree and white, blue and purple decorations. Nothing says royal like the combination of purple and white; it is the color of the royals. So, instead of sticking with traditional red, go purple this Christmas and live your royal Christmas dream.

12. We Are Family 

Credit: Cottage In The Oaks

Instead of sticking to the usual ornaments, add your family to the tree – not literally of course. Just add a few photos of your family to your tree to make it unique to your family. Who said ornaments are restricted to bells and stars? The tree is more special because your family pictures are literally on the tree. Makes for a very photographic Christmas!

13. Gift A Tree

Credit: Design Dazzle

Don’t just gift wrap your presents this Christmas, gift wrap your tree. Not completely, but wrap your tree and add a bow along with your other ornaments and gift sight to everyone who lays eyes on this out-of-the-box tree decor. If you’re into quirky weird decorations, this is definitely your cup of tea!

14. Go Vintage

Credit: Inspiredbycharm

If you’re a history buff or simply think that vintage things look super cool, this decor idea is bound to resonate with you. Instead of buying normal ornaments from your local store, buy vintage or vintage-looking ornaments for decorating your tree. This gives a beautiful view and also a feeling of spending Christmas at another time. Amazon has a good collection of vintage ornaments, buy here!

15. Do It Your Way

Credit: Thecluelessgirl

Sure, there are amazing ideas for Christmas tree decorations but no one knows better than your own imagination. Instead of just decorating the tree, make it yours. Add decorations that mean something to you. In other words, personalize the tree.  Add personal ornaments and create decors that express you. You can never go wrong with a tree that’s entirely you.

16. Mystic

Credit: Good Housekeeping

There is no denying that Christmas is mystic in itself with the white snow and hot chocolate, but add make it more simply by adding silver and white to your tree. Keep it simple with these two colors. They not only look very mystic, but they also pop and add glam to everything around them. And the best part is that they go with any color so they are bound to fit with the rest of your living room decor.

Shop snowflake ornaments here.

17. Colorful

Credit: Inspired By Charm

Can’t decide on one or a few colors for your tree decor. No problem, we’ve got you covered. Don’t freeze on a few colors; have a color blast. Decorate your tree in any and every color you want. Color coordinate if you want or you can keep it random cause who said messes can’t be beautiful. Make a rainbow out of your tree and leave a treat for all your guests.

Shop for colorful balls.

18. Snowman

Credit: Fox Hollow Cottage

No snow, but love snowmen? Make one out of your tree instead. Just add snow-themed ornaments to your tree and keep the colors restricted to red and white against the green tree. And to complete the look add a black hat on top instead of a star. And voila, your own Olaf is ready. Now just use your magic to bring him to life.

Shop for hats.

19. Good Old Fashion Tree

Credit: House Beautiful

While all the ideas sound fascinating, nothing screams Christmas like a traditional Christmas tree. A green conifer tree ornate with Christmas ornaments, fairy lights and a star on top. That’s a homely Christmas that reminds you of every Christmas you’ve had in your life. This is the best choice to go down memory lane and drink hot cocoa while being nostalgic. 

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Get Angel Topper and red ribbon.

20. Dress It Up

yuboo Christmas Tree Skirt, 36 inch Purple Plush Tree Skirt for Christmas Decorations for Xmas Party and Holiday Decorations

Who said you only have to look fab his festive season; dress your tree up too. Put on a cute tree skirt on and watch your tree tp into its cute side. It will be so adorable, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. If you’re using this decoration idea, you should probably find another place for your gifts as you wouldn’t want to cover up the pretty frills of your tree’s skirt.

Buy it here!

21. Yarn Wrap It

Have a cat? Love a cat? Are you a cat? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then look no further than this Christmas tree decorations inspired by a cat’s favorite toy. Yes, I am referring to yarn. Instead of sticking with the usual tinsel, use yarn instead to wrap your tree. This will be cost-efficient as well as different.

22. Woody Christmas

Credit: Good Housekeeping

No, I am not asking you to decimate the Tom Hanks’ lovable character, Woody, though his wood might be useful. What I am talking about is using wooden ornaments to ornate your tree instead of the usual metal or plastic ones. These are bound to last longer and give a cabin-like feeling, especially on a tree placed next to the fireplace. 

23. Metallic

Credit: Lia Griffith

Instead of going with the usual colors, this Christmas create a winter wonderland using just metallic shades. These will make your tree sparkle and look beautiful in light shades and shiny exteriors of the ornaments. 

Buy silver wrapping paper.

24. Saved by the Bell

Remember this series? No? It doesn’t matter because it has got nothing to do with these Christmas tree decorations. Ever spent so long worrying and shopping for gifts that your tree took the back seat. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just ornate your tree with bells and a star on top. Sounds simple right? It will look lavish when completed. It also won’t take too long to decorate and you are bound to find them on the corner of your street or the nearest shop.

25. Flower Embellished

Credit: Home Stories A to Z

Add a touch of spring to your Christmas this year by adding a flower-filled decor to your tree. Use a flower garland to wrap your otherwise winter tree. You don’t have to use real flowers as those will wither away. Use silk flowers to stick on your tree and add some color to your tree.

26. Pastel Love

Credit: Cuckoo 4 Design

Pastel is the new trendsetter. The word pastel makes something sound fancy, even if it’s a small carpet. It is both subtle and easy on the eyes making people o gaga all around the world. So, why not add this star to your Christmas tree decorations this year? Instead of using bright colors like red that Christmas is known for, use the light shades of pastel to ornate your tree this year. 

27. Dive into the Ocean

Credit: Refreshrestyle

Instead of a traditional green tree this year, go for a turquoise tree adorned with soft gold ornaments. This will be a one of a kind tree and will definitely stand out due to its unique shade of the tree and the gold-colored ornaments that will catch everyone’s eyes.

28. Reindeer It

Credit: Lia Griffith

Why not use Santa’s trusted mood of transport as the theme for your Christmas tree decorations this festive season? Reindeers and their ever standing antlers can ornate your tree in this unique decorative idea.

Place reindeer heads and other related ornaments on your tree. And you can also replace the star on top with a reindeer. It’s not the usual way, but it can be the merry way.

29. Christmas Cards Tree

Credit: Countryliving

Christmas cards are something we all have piled up in our trays during the holiday season, so why not use these as decorations on your tree as well. Not only will this showcase the love you have received but also brighten the spirit. I always love Christmas greeting cards from friends and family, no matter how cheesy they are!

30. Spell It Out

Credit: Lilluna

Throw subtlety out the window this year. Let the world know exactly what Christmas means to you by literally spelling it out on your tree. Put up words like ‘Joy’ and ‘Merry’ on your Christmas tree as part of the decorations. This will be a different but joyful decor idea for your tree.

31. Count Down Tree

Credit: Tatertots & Jello

Can’t wait for Christmas? Neither can we. So, let everyone know exactly how eagerly you are waiting for the holidays to begin. Let your Christmas tree be your personal count down. Put up the days until Christmas with the exact number in a larger font on your tree. This might serve as a reminder to even those who have been ignoring their own Christmas shopping.

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32. Musical Tree

Credit: A Thoughtful Place

Love Christmas carols? So, why not decorate your tree with them? Use miniature instrument models as ornaments and even a few lyrics of your favorite carols on your tree. Decorate your tree with music and even leave little reminders of lyrics you might forget. Caroling doesn’t just have to happen outside your house. Bring the joy and laughter and cheesy Christmas carols inside the house too!

33. Camping Days Tree

Credit: Lil Blue Boo

Camping is a much-enjoyed activity for most of us and also brings back some fond memories. That’s why this decor idea for your tree focuses on those camping trips of yours. This tree decoration includes s’ mores on sticks, mini lanterns, and flags. You can even include a few pictures from your own trips. Place this tree next to a fireplace and revisit a camping trip while sitting around with friends and family.

34. Bright Green Tree

Credit: Goodhousekeeping

Why not stick to only shades of green this year and fill your tree with colors like lime green and mint green. This will be like a breath of fresh air. Fill your tree with green stars, balls, ribbons and other ornaments. If green is your favorite color, today’s your lucky day. I’m pretty sure leprechauns won’t be able to top the amount of green you use!

35. Japanese Christmas Tree

Credit: Tami and Kevin

Instead of sticking to decorations from this side of the globe, borrow some from the other side of the world. Decorate your Christmas tree with Japanese inspired ornaments like Japanese fans and a white Christmas tree with others of your choice. If you’re looking for a unique, Christmas tree that will draw questions and attention, this is definitely the tree you should go for.

36. Santa!?

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Invite Santa to pay extra attention to your tree by dressing it up like him. Stick to Santa’s patented colors of red and white. Ornate the tree with candy canes, stockings, and mini Santa hats. And to complete the look, place a life-size Santa hat on top of the tree, replacing the usual star.

37. Friends inspired

If you are anything like me, you are bound to be a huge TV show person, especially a crazy fan of friends and when you love something you should showcase it, right? So, why not decorate your tree based on Friends, the TV show, not your pals. Buy some decoration items based on friends’ theme and give your tree a unique touch.

You can buy them here from the extensive collection!

38. Pom-Poms Tree

Credit:  Sugar & Cloth

You don’t have to be a cheerleader to root for this Christmas tree decoration theme. Place colorful pom-poms on your otherwise plain tree, make sure these pom-poms are of all sizes and maybe even multicolored. After all, who doesn’t love a plushy looking colorful tree?

39. Movie Themed Tree

Credit: Adventures in Decorating

Movie nights are never just movie nights. They are a box of memories filled with popcorn, secrets, laughter, tears and definitely ice-cream. That’s why it makes perfect sense to decorate your tree with camera rolls, popcorn tubs, candy and posters of your favorite movies. And if you want, you can spend the night watching movies with your loved ones sitting next to the tree.

40. Harry Potter Tree

Credit: Huffingtonpost

Hello to all the Potter-heads who suddenly gave their full attention to the screen reading the name of the series that they’ve fallen in love with. You can decorate your tree with tiny wands, Harry’s glasses, his scar, a time turner and so many more of the articles from the series that’s filled with magic. Add magic to your own Christmas with this decor idea, just make sure you don’t Wingardium Leviosa your tree. You’ll really love the cherry on top! I mean, the Sorting Hat on top of course.

41. Paper Ornaments Tree

Credit: The House That Lars Built

We’ve all had our parents hang our handmade ornaments on the tree when we were kids. While those may look out of place today, you can still make your own paper ornaments that you can put up on your tree. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also lets you relive your childhood.

And that’s it, guys. Some Christmas tree decoration ideas that are sure to make your tree stand out. Using these decor ideas you can assure that your tree is forever embedded into the minds of all your friends and have them all gushing about it.

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