9 Practical and Pretty Hair Extension Storage Ideas

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Hair extensions are nice and all but taking care of them requires a certain level of nuance and diligence that most people ignore.

As such, if you want to keep your tresses in an attractive form, then it’s important that you are aware of the best storage options and maintenance essentials for standard hair extensions.


9 Best Storage Options for Hair Extensions

Storing your hair extensions properly will help in keeping their form while significantly reducing the chance of discoloration and entanglement. The lesson? There is just never a bad thing about organizing your stuff.

1. Hair extension hangers or carriers

Hangers are an extremely popular storage choice for clip-in extensions. Even better, you can get hair extension carriers which doubles as a hander and pouch that you can hang in place or pack with your luggage as a portable container.

Most carriers are also structured to keep your extensions in form, which is an even bigger deal if you’ve styled and personalized the extension and are looking to maintain that killer look for  a future showcase.

2. Storage box

A lot of storage solutions come down to the simple but reliable storage box. Death, taxes and storage boxes. But here’s the caveat, you can repurpose the box that came with your hair extension as its own storage.

If you don’t have a dedicated box, then any air-tight box or container should do the job just fine. If you do have a box in mind but are worried that it doesn’t offer enough protection, then you can store that box in another plastic box that has a better, air-tight seal.

3. Hair extension stand

Yes, hair extension stands exist. And they do so for the sole reason of storing your tresses properly, in which case means they are elevated and unobstructed.

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If you have a spacious desk for retouching and make up, then adding a tabletop stand might serve you just fine. Otherwise, there is always a clip or hanger for a better space-saving storage solution.

4. Dust proof, adjustable storage bag

If you think you already have too many boxes inside your cabinet, then you might find sealable storage bags as a more favorable container for your hair extensions. An upside? Bags are portable and easy to store. The downside? They don’t do much to keep strands from tangling.

5. Travel case for hair accessories

A hair extension pouch tends to have several compartments for extensions, clippers or comb. It’s a versatile accessory for organizing your kit, be it for home storage or travel. For consideration, you may want to go for water-resistant cases so that you can take the same carry-on luggage with you to almost anywhere.

6. Braiding rack

A hair rack that you can use to hang or hold your tresses in place for organizing and styling is a great multipurpose option no matter how you cut it. Not to mention that the rack itself is ergonomic and can be folded for easy storage. It’s also an ideal choice if you have multiple extensions that can fill the rack and maximize the space.

7. Portable hair extension clutch

There are plenty of portable hair extension clutches to choose from, including Glam Seamless’ deluxe travel clutch. The appeal of the clutch over portable cases is that the former will likely blend in better with the rest of your luggage. And because it’s much thinner when folded, it won’t take too much space from your bag should you decide to travel light.

8. Disposable pouch for hair extension

Disposable pouch is the way to go if you’re looking for a temporary storage solution that is reliable and convenient to access. Some disposable pouches are even resealable, which means you can re-use them several times over; which is handy when you’re outdoors.

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9. Professional hair organizer and storage

If you wish for something more well-rounded, you can go for a hair storage and organizer that is used by both professionals and consumers. You can use the extra space or mini-drawers to store other hair and make-up accessories.

Additional care before and after storing your hair extensions

Even if you’ve bought high quality extensions, it won’t be long before they lose their style if you’re storing them poorly.

If that’s something you struggle with, then here are three simple tips to remember before and after setting your hair extensions aside.

1. Detangle your hair extensions before storing them

Tangled hair can lead to more tangled hair. Thus, it’s best to get rid of knots even before storing your extensions. You can use a wide-tooth comb for detangling hair more efficiently before manually running your finger through the strands to check for undetected knots.

2. Ensure that the storage is cool and dry

Moisture, mold and bacteria can spell the end of your hair extensions, so don’t forget to dry their container and the extension itself before storing them. Additionally, keep the storage box away from places that can expose them directly to UV or sun rays.

3. Retouch your hair extension after storing them

Extensions may lose their form after being stored for quite a while in which case they may need a little touch up. In general, this shouldn’t take too much time if you did store the extensions properly.

Restoring your extensions to its former glory can be as simple as combing and restyling the strands, like refreshing the waves and curls with a curling wand or hair strengthener, depending on the look you’re going for.

Final thoughts on hair storage ideas

Safekeeping hair extensions is actually a more delicate undertaking than some of us are led to believe. But once we get into a habit of carefully detangling, styling and storing them, then it gets easier for us to keep them in excellent form and improve their lifespan in the process.

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