21 Clever Hidden Storage Ideas for your Home

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Whether you want to keep some items around the house hidden from plain sight or just want to put something precious in a place no one can think of, there is always a need for hidden storage. No matter if you live in a small apartment or a big mansion, everyone loves and can benefit from hidden storage options.

And why not? After all, they help to make the most out of your precious space and also keep your belongings hidden from plain sight. And if you live in a small space, then hidden storage ideas are extremely useful as there already is a shortage of space.

Sure, you can save space by compromising to small furniture or putting up shelves, but you will still feel there is not enough room for all your stuff. So, instead of stuffing your things into a closet or storage boxes, just hide them.

From nearly invisible drawers to secret cabinets, here are 21 mind-blowing hidden storage ideas that you’ll want to use straight away! Make clever use of your existing space and maximize its potential with these ideas!


1. Space Under Stairs

Have got space under the stairs and wondering how to put it to good use? Transform this space into storage by installing drawers and cabinets under the stairs. A lot of people don’t utilize the space under stairs but this is a good way to store items and keep them out of sight.

2. Floating Shelves with Drawer

Floating shelves by itself is an amazing way to add storage but integrating drawers into floating shelves maximizes the use of this wall space. A brilliant hidden storage option, Notjustahousewife has an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to go about this.

3. Unique Storage Headboard

Now, headboard storage is not something new but most storages involve open shelves or slideout pieces. Slideout storage under the headboard makes for good storage space but most small rooms don’t necessarily allow space for that.

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But this unique headboard storage utilizing the hidden storage behind tufting is a perfect solution for any small room. This idea from Apartmenttherapy is simply brilliant.

4. Behind the Picture

14x18 Espresso Concealed Cabinet (Large), a Recessed Mirrorless Medicine Cabinet with a Picture Frame Door

A brilliant hidden storage idea is to install built-in wall cabinets gracefully covered by family portraits or any framed picture. This is a sleek and innovative storage solution and you can install cabinets as you may like without making things look unattractive.

You can get these cabinets custom-installed from a woodworker as per requirements or you can buy and install this ready-made cabinet from Amazon.

5. Storage under Bed

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Linen Platform Bed with Wooden Slat Support and Under Bed Storage, Button Tufted Headboard, Full Size - Grey

Storage under the bed is not a new concept but this storage bed takes it to an entirely new level. By placing the entire bed frame on hinges, it makes it effortless to lift the mattress and easily access your hidden storage.

You can store even the largest of the household items under this storage bed easily.

6. Mirror, Mirror

SONGMICS 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Beveled Edge Mirror, Gorgeous Jewelry Organizer Large Capacity Brown Patented UJJC89K

If you prefer to have large mirrors for getting a great view of how you look, then having a mirror with hidden storage is a great option. With plenty of storage, you can easily store just about anything from baubles to trinkets behind this classic mirror.

You can either buy a readymade mirror storage from Amazon or recreate a DIY mirror with this easy tutorial from Shanty2Chic.

7. Pull out Pet Bowls


If you have pets at home then this is a perfect storage option to keep their food bowls hidden from plain sight.

8. Hidden by the Fireplace

This is a simply brilliant use of mantel to house secret compartments for additional storage. A genius design by Covert Concepts, this is perfect for storing anything you don’t want guests to see from valuables to fireplace accessories.

9. Hidden Slide-out Spice Rack

Image: Instructables

10. Tubside Storage

Image: Wanda Ely Architect inc.

This built-in storage tub is a great way to keep extra cleaning sponges, washcloths, shampoo, and soap. A brilliant way to keep things organized and hidden in a small bathroom space.

11. Stairwell Storage


This hidden storage section under the staircase is a genius and unusual use of space. It can be used for storing items that you use rarely like camping gear or holiday decor. Cover it with a carpet to make it more secretive while still being easily accessible.

12. Storage Column


Looking just like a regular structural column, this storage system is packed with drawers and shelves and is a great hidden storage idea. With a pull-out step stool, it makes it easy to access the higher shelves without the need for any external stool.

13. Seating and more

ACME Hiltons Charcoal Linen Sectional Sofa with Sleeper and Storage

What’s better than storing your stuff underneath where you sit? A genius idea to utilize space to its full extent is to use this Ottoman bench or a sofa with built-in storage for sitting. This frees up the premium space to be used for other things.

14. Coffee Table Storage

Just like the storage under the sofa, this storage option under the coffee table is a perfect use of space and keeps things hidden from plain sight. Apart from hiding your stuff, the pull-out drawer option also makes it easy to access stored items whenever needed.

Rogue Engineer has an easy tutorial for this DIY project.

15. Behind the Scenes

Image: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes courtesy of Houzz

Cubby holes behind the TV screen for storage? Sign me up! Add to that the stone surround, this ingenious storage solution is dream come true for hidden storage lovers. The ability to swing the TV out to accommodate different viewing angles is a bonus.

16. Behind the TV


Similar to the above idea, this behind the TV storage option is perfect to store all the electronics that otherwise will junk up space around the screen. Just lift the TV mounted on a wooden board to reveal the built-in cubby housing the cable box and DVD wires.

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It’s an impressive trick to hide the messy wires from plain sight.

17. Bay Window Storage Bench

Nothing can be as cozy as a comfortable window seat along the bay windows to relax. Utilize this space more efficiently by creating storage with built-in drawers or lift-top bench seats. Hometalk has image instructions on how to go about with this DIY project.

18. Use Architectural Elements

Image: Art | Harrison Interiors & Collection courtesy of Houzz

Converting architectural elements like decorative beams or other architectural details in your home to storage space is an amazing idea. All you need to do is to cut a small door into them that can open to provide small hidden storage areas. In this image above, a decorative obelisk in the yard is converted into storage space for garden tools!

19. Hidden Drawer Tile


The best on the list, integrating storage into your tile work with these functional tile cubes. Created by designers in the Netherlands, this sneaky storage is a perfect hidden spot no one can find. You can also say they are the ultimate minimalistic storage options.

20. Office in a Hidden Armoire

Image:  Diamond in the Stuff

This storage option is perfect for those who work from home. If your home does not have a dedicated office space or even an office desk, create a hidden office out of a converted armoire.

Start by giving your armoire a fresh coat of paint and then, transform the inside by adding a pegboard to house supplies, baskets to store files, and a rolling shelf to support your laptop. When it’s not in use, just close the doors and slide your fold-up chair in the space between the armoire and the wall.

21. Built-In Laundry


If your home does not have a dedicated laundry room, then tuck your washer and dryer into a kitchen pantry, hidden behind cabinet doors. And you made a full laundry center, complete with storage inside the double doors.

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