31 Best Vinyl Roll Storage Ideas

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If you enjoy art projects and deal with vinyl frequently, you’ll understand how swiftly your vinyl roll inventory may grow out of control, exposing you to a huge pile of supplies all over your studio. When vinyl sheets are left untreated, they can twist and become destroyed.

The solution is to construct your organizer, and for anyone interested in giving it a shot, here are our top 31 vinyl roll holder storage alternatives to try. So, scroll down and check out all the DIYs and best storage solutions in the market.


31 Best Vinyl Roll Storage Ideas

1. DIY Vinyl Storage Rack

Via Girljustdiy

This is an excellent DIY project for those with limited room and surroundings. This handmade vinyl storage can also be placed behind a door or an ordinarily empty wall. What we appreciate best about this DIY vinyl storage method is your rolls will stay in shape and won’t get crushed.

2. Vinyl Roll Holder Made from PVC

This DIY is all about constructing a vinyl storage arrangement out of nothing more than several inches of PVC pipes. The layout isn’t sophisticated, yet it gets the job done effectively.

So, if you’re searching for something simple, inexpensive, and efficient, this might be the option for you. You also don’t need a lot of experience or to be a DIY pro to master this basic craft storage option.

3. Using Lumber to Store Vinyl Rolls

Via Measureoncecuttwice

Whenever it comes to storing, we all want everything to be sleek and well-organized. You only need to put together some X shelves made of lumber and insert them in a cubed shelf. You can paint this unit in whichever color you prefer.

4. Us an Art Portfolio Binder

Portfolio 18x24 with Sleeves, Art Portfolio Binder, Presentation Book 30 Clear Pockets Sleeves, Art Portfolio 18 x 24 in

Vinyl chaos is not only a major annoyance to look at, but it also creates a lot of irritation since it causes your valuable vinyl to be ruined. Most standard-sized vinyl sheets can be stored in an 18′′ x 24′′ artist portfolio exhibit booklet.

There is a whole of 60 “sides” because there are 30 clear pocket sleeves. This would fit all of your vinyl sheets comfortably as well as other basic materials such as cutting mats, keeping them tidy and safe.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. DIY Wooden Vinyl Storage Rack

Via Createandbabble

If you’re searching for a simple and affordable housing solution for your vinyl roll stash, this DIY could be a good spot to begin. You can make something similar yourself with just two hobby boards and a pine board.

6. Craft Vinyl Storage Tower

Via Jennifermaker

Using this cost-effective and handy DIY concept, you can store up to 300 vinyl rolls in a stacking structure. Your vinyl rolls can now be removed from the containers where it was previously difficult to detect and obtain them and placed on a spinning, space-saving column where they can be readily viewed and accessed.

7. DIY Vinyl Roll and Sheet Storage Rack

Via Dailydoseofdiy

This DIY vinyl storing solution accommodates all varieties of vinyl, whether sheets or rolls, without eating up much space in your workspace. This shelving rack has six compartments to accommodate all of your vinyl sheets and can carry seven rolls of vinyl.

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It’s also quite small in size, so you can put it behind a door or the side of a shelf.

8. Alex Drawers

IKEA 401.962.41 Alex Drawer on Casters, White, 26" Height, 19" Width, 26" Length,The six compartments of this unit can be used to store a lot of vinyl rolls. These cabinets are suitable if you have a high spending plan and prefer to keep all of your creative equipment enclosed and protected to avoid dust accumulation and wear and tear.

You can also wheel this unit around, which is a bonus.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Vinyl Storage DIY

If you’re looking for a cheap DIY, this one that involves toilet paper tubes is the way to go. You may not even have anticipated that those toilet paper rolls can come so handy! And besides that, you only need some simple supplies like scissors, ribbons, paints and you are good to go!

10. Plastic Basket Vinyl Storage

IRIS USA OSB Plastic Storage Shelf Basket/Pantry Bins-Household Organizers with Handles for -Kitchen, Countertops, Cabinets, Bedrooms, and -Bathrooms, Medium (6PC), Black, 6 Pack Craft vinyl can be stored in strong baskets as well. You can pick from a range of patterns and shades to complement your craft room’s theme, and they’re rather big, so users can pack a bunch of vinyl rolls in one. You can put the vinyl upright inside to make it easier to see what’s within.

Also, keep in mind the container you choose has enough depth to keep the vinyl from falling off.

Buy it on Amazon.

11. Vinyl Storage in PVC Pipes

Via Craftaholicanonymous

Store your vinyl in PVC pipe tubes to prevent it from becoming crumpled and damaged. This is a cost-effective solution that can be implemented easily! You can easily store up to 4-5 rolls of vinyl in 1 PVC tube.

12. Use Drawer Dividers

It can be difficult to keep stuff arranged if you are dealing with vinyl, but it is critical that you manage it. Or, you’ll wind up with rolls all over the place and rarely be able to locate whatever you are looking for. You can utilize drawer dividers to store both rolls and scraps as well as other supplies for maintaining everything in an organized manner.

13. Built-in Vinyl Storage Closet

Build built-in shelving and drawers on the inside of a deep cupboard in the crafting room or workroom to keep goods like vinyl rolls from cluttering your floors, tables, and desks. Adding a door covers the efficient storage section, giving the room a neat appearance.

14. Hanging Shoe Organiser

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

Crafting vinyl and Cricut vinyl rolls can also be stored in a suspended shoe organizer. It’s ideal if you just have a small amount of storage space in your craft room. You can use a shoe organizer to keep your craft vinyl behind the craft room door or even the cupboard board.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. DIY Wall Hanger Vinyl Storage

Via 2littleredbirds

This DIY hack is for you if you’ve been struggling to come up with a cheap solution to organize your crafting vinyl rolls without causing clutter. To make this cost-effective storing option for your vinyl sheets, all you’ll require are headband holders, a hanger, and some dowel rods.

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16. Under the Stairs Craft Closet

Via Prettyprovidence

Did you know that you could build an under-the-stairs craft storage wardrobe, which is, as experts say, can be the artwork storeroom of your fantasies? This is a DIY you should try if you’re searching for a method to keep your vinyl rolls together with all of your other craft supplies.

17. DIY Pegboard Vinyl Roll Storage

Via Honeybearlane

Pegboards are a gem, and you can utilize one by hanging the vinyl with dowels attached with elastic bands. Use space on the pegboard vertically. You’ll also have plenty of space left over for your other craft supplies.

18. DIY Vinyl Storage Crate

Via Addicted2diy

Build this simple crate using wood to fix your vinyl storage challenge without spending a fortune on hooks and hangers. You can easily build the partitions once the outer frame is assembled.

19. Vinyl Storage Basket Stand

Via Silhouetteschool

To keep your vinyl in a way that is conveniently accessible without overcrowding your home, get a tiered basket caddy. This vinyl roll storage solution allows you to hold up to 100 rolls at a time while also allowing you to view all of your resources at a quick glimpse.

20. Plastic Bag Dispenser Vinyl Storage

Ikea VARIERA Plastic Bag Dispenser, White (2pc) (White (2pc))

These bag organizers not only attach effortlessly to the walls but also can carry 14 rolls of vinyl! You can hook them using the command strips on the rear, but you should also attach a push pin or nail in the small hole on the base to assist and stabilize them because the vinyl can be weighty.

The vinyl holders arrive flattened and are simple to assemble.

Buy it on Amazon.

21. Glued to Your Workstation

Via Simplydarrling

If there’s not much space on your shelf, utilize its sides! Add large adhesive hooks to the side of your shelf in such a way that each vinyl roll can rest on two hooks.

22. Pegboards to the Rescue

Via Whatisvinyl

Here’s one more pegboard vinyl roll storage DIY. Gather a large number of hair elastics and tie them around the pegboard’s holes. You can now arrange your vinyl rolls with the hair bands. The entire task will cost you just under $20 and will only require a few minutes to complete.

23. Curtain Rods Vinyl Holder

Via Inmyownstyle

This suspended organizer was made to keep gift wrapping, but it also functions as a storage solution for vinyl rolls. You can change the dimensions of the framework or curtain rod to meet the vinyl roll size. You’ll need curtain rods, cup hooks, saw tooth frame hangers, and some basic supplies for this DIY.

24. Pant Hanger Vinyl Storage

Via Feltsocute

It’s time to get inventive when your craft cupboard is bursting at the seams! These pants hangers are quite useful for safely keeping vinyl rolls in your closet without gobbling up unnecessary room. Multiple rolls can be hung on the very same hanger and you can efficiently utilize vertical space.

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25. Wine Rack Vinyl Storage

Via Joyslife

You don’t have to be a wine expert to appreciate this adorable vinyl storage solution. Search for an old wine shelf at thrift shops or junkyards. You can even get a cheap one online, which is likely to be constructed of wire or plastic.

They are useful for storing vinyl rolls, but only when the vinyl is securely coiled. Otherwise, the rolls will unfold and create a mess.

26. Crafty Storage Cart

Via Iheatorganizing

The problem with crafting areas is that they rapidly become cluttered. But don’t worry, this customized, crafty storage cart is quite functional and has plenty of room to discreetly store all of your crafting tools and vinyl rolls away from prying eyes!

27. Cost-Effective Transparent Vinyl Container

Whitmor Clear Zippered Storage for 25 Rolls Gift Wrap Organizer, Count (Pack of 1)

If you’re searching for a low-budget option, you’ve come to the right place! This transparent zipper bag was initially designed for wrapping paper but can be used for vinyl storage. This organizer ensures clutter-free storage and can hold up to 25 standard-sized rolls.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Easy Hanging Organizer

Via Inmyownstyle

Even though it was designed for ribbons, this DIY organizer using chains and curtain rods is one of our preferred vinyl storage options since it’s simple, practical, and highly adaptable. You can construct your vinyl organizer to store as many or as few rolls as you would like and hang it behind a door or in a closet.

29. Trellis Vinyl Roll Storage

Source unknown

Meshes, honeycomb, and trellises have a relaxing effect on the eye. They can also be useful as storage. The front and back of this DIY vinyl storage idea are made of latticework. A shelving structure connects the two trellises.

You can make this vinyl storage shelf as high or as wide as you want. Simply ensure that it is stable.

30. Wire Basket Storage

Via Thatinspiredchick

Compact, low-maintenance, and adaptable, wire mesh hampers are a great choice. The bins are affixed firmly to the wall in the above picture, allowing you to view all of your vinyl rolls. Since this vinyl storage solution only allows you to view the front and edges, you might still have to color-code the containers.

31. Paper Vinyl Roll Holder

Via Etsy

This Cricut template can be used to make a holder for your vinyl rolls. The markings and specifications on the paper stencil are properly drawn. Print the drawings, cut them out along the perforation lines, and assemble your modules using glue.

To keep the shelf sturdy, use sturdier paper with a minimum weight of 80 lb.

As you’ve seen, even if you have a tiny accumulation of vinyl rolls or a massive variety, there are plenty of storage options that’ll suit your needs. We’ve had a lot of fun putting these ideas together for you, and we expect you’ve had as much fun reading and implementing them. 

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