12 Stylish and Innovative Cap Storage Ideas

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We love to have our headgears accessible at all times, sometimes at the expense of losing their form, which is a shame, since leaving your cap unprotected from elements is one way to quickly ruin them.

We know it’s a habit that we can do away with, yet many of us aren’t sure about how or where to start. That is, of course, only until you finish reading our storage tips below!


Ideas on how to store your cap

Storing your cap is actually a very straightforward process and takes very little time and effort. It’s all about the initial setup and then building the habit of properly storing your accessory after each use.

All things considered, the following storage tips can be used individually or combined depending on your preferences.

1. Use wall hooks to hang your cap

A gallery for your favorite accessory is the most convenient way to keep them within reach  and showcase them all the same. That’s some power move right there!

Plus, it easily removes your cap from danger created by accidental spills, hard objects and random clutter that can possibly damage your cap.

2. Store your cap in boxes or bags

Boxes are optimal since they have a more solid form that will prevent other things from collapsing on your cap. Your choices range from individual boxes to cap organizers and finally, stackable cases.

Just don’t forget to put the most common ones you use on top and on the ready so that you won’t be reorganizing every time you need an accessory. Bags vary in form and material, but they do often have portability as an advantage.

3. Organize them in your drawer

If there’s room in your cabinet or table, then you already have one of the best places to store your baseball cap collection. Caps are easy to stack in drawers where they also effortlessly retain form. If you have a big collection, then a cap drawer would do wonders in protecting them without compromising accessibility.

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4. Use a tabletop stand to hold your cap in place

Tabletop stands are nice because they keep your hat at a prominent place while safely storing them away. The drawback is that you can’t have too many caps stacked in one stand. But that’s understandable.

Besides, the cap that seems to be the flavor of the season should land that coveted stand atop your desk or side drawer. There are levels to this, apparently.

5. Use an s-hook to hang your cap on mounted rods

Wall-mounted rods are nice for keeping accessories within reach and away from harm’s way. Rods may not appear like they can hold caps by default, until you add some s-hooks which you can purchase online or from your local shop.

6. Add a shelf-hanging rack in your closet

That sounds complicated but it’s all so simple in design and in practice. The genius of a hanging hat rack is that it maximizes the vertical space in your closet since it goes up to several levels. It also allows you to store the cap in separate shelves which makes them more organized and delightful to look at.

7. Transparent baseball cap display case

You might say now we’re just showing off, but who can you blame, really? After all, some caps are too iconic just to store them away in the closet.

If there’s something in your collection that commands that attention, then a PVC baseball cap clear case might pique your interest as an offbeat choice. Once sealed, you can put these cases on racks for display.

8. Freestanding display rack or stand

A standalone display rack or stand for hats can hold caps just fine. These metal stands are usually equipped with a dozen or more units of racks or hooks that can safely hang your cap at an elevated space.

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9. Stackable horizontal tabletop cap holder

This creative tabletop cap organizer allows you to organize baseball caps upright and store them on top of tables or cabinets.

They are incredibly portable since you can move the entire rack without messing up the caps’ arrangement. If you like to mix and match and have several options on the ready, then this storage option is definitely worth a look!

10. Pocket hat organizer for closet

A multi-pocket hat organizer is an ergonomic in-closet storage that you can hang in the closet door or wall. The pockets can exceed a dozen and will store the caps separately for optimum space management. Alternatively, you can place the hanging organizer behind the door of your room and enjoy a more accessible storage.

11. Minimalist cap hanger

The minimalist cap hanger, usually made of stainless wire, is a custom hanger that can clip different styles of hats  and be mounted on walls, closets and open-air clothes racks.

12. Travel case for baseball caps

If you want to take your stylin’ and profilin’ on the road, then look no further than a portable travel case for baseball caps. This container can allow you to bring at least five caps during your travels. The materials vary, but even the standard cover should be enough to protect your cap and keep them in form even as they are mixed with the rest of your luggage.

How do you store caps without running them?

To keep your cap in ideal form you can hang, store them in boxes or encase them. The storage options we’ve listed above should help you take care of your accessories no matter where and how you choose to store them.

Some people fear that simply hanging the cap can ruin its form, but this is simply not the case. What you have to be mindful of in this case is the dust that can be accumulated when storing your gear in an open space.

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Is there additional care needed for caps after I wash them?

Caps get heftier with all the water and detergent they absorb when they are being washed. Therefore, they can lose their shape over time if you leave them unassisted to dry. What you can do instead is use a hat washer frame to retain the natural form of your cap even as they get soaked. The form-fitting frame can also be used as an open-air case when you’re working a cap back into its original form.

Final thoughts on cap storage ideas

The cool thing about storage options for caps is that they can be integrated directly into parts of your room or into your closet, and you get standard protection all the same. Therefore, you’ll have plenty of room to personalize and organize your collection as only  you see fit!

Written by Angelo S

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