21 Brilliant Bath Toy Storage Ideas and Solutions

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If your house is filled with the joyous and playful sounds of children, chances are you have a few too many toys. We get it, being a parent is all about looking at an adorable little toy and thinking how much your toddler will love it, before impulse buying it.

If you’re an impulse shopper who has a clutter of toys lying around everywhere, from the living room to the bathroom, we have some amazing bath toy storage ideas for you. These ideas are such lifesavers and will make your life, and house decluttered by a huge fraction! Make bath time fun for your toddler with an organized bath toy storage.


21 Brilliant Bath Toy Storage Ideas and Solutions

1. Ubbi Bath Toy Organizer

Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer Bath Caddy with Removable Drying Rack Bin and Scoop for Toddlers + Baby, Grey


Got no place in your bathtub for extra toys, but do you wish to keep the bath toys handy? Worry not, this cute little bath toy organizer and drying bin got your back! Place it next to your bathtub and you’re set for a happy bath time with your toddler. You can also keep all your bath toys in one place right in your bathroom with this bath toy organizer.

Purchase this here.

2. Wire Hanging Basket

Via 8foot6

If you’re looking to repurpose items so you can save some money, this is the perfect little hack for you! Hang a fruit basket on the shower curtain rod so you or your toddler can reach for any bath toy you want easily. A multi-tier wire basket makes more sense so you can store all the toys in a single place.

3. KidCo Bath Organizer Storage Basket

KidCo Bath Toy Organizer Storage Basket, White

This slim storage basket acts as a play tray and can fit almost all bathtub sizes. You can adjust it to fit your bathtub length. You can place all your bath toys inside so your toddler can play with them easily. The sides of the organizer are also slotted to ensure proper drainage.

Buy this basket here

4. Wooden Crate Storage

Via sevensistersinchrist

If you’re up for a little fun project, build a wooden crate storage unit to keep all the bath toys intact in one place! This crate storage is spacious and you can store many bath toys in it. The crate looking gorgeous wherever you place it is simply an incentive!

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5. Bath Toy Scooper

Munchkin Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey

Kids don’t like cleaning up the mess after they are done having a bath. With this easy scooper organizer, your kid is bound to enjoy the swift cleaning up after. This scooper has a mesh so the bath toys can dry up easily, and a suction cup allows you to attach the organizer to the bathroom wall.

6. Over-the-Door Shoe Storage Rack

Via kidsactivitiesblog

Separate your bath toys from each other using an old shoe storage rack. You can hang this behind the bathroom door so your toddler can grab the toy they want before bath time easily. Since the pockets are transparent, it makes it easier to look for bath toys.

7. DIY Bath Toy Bag

Via haberdasheryfun

If you enjoy sewing, we have just the perfect project for you! Make a nice toy bag to store all of your toddler’s bath toys. You can go as creative as you want with the design of your bag. The handles make it easy to hang your bag on a stand or behind the bathroom door.

8. Mount Wire Baskets on the Wall

Via somedayilllearn

Hook one, or a couple of plastic covered wire baskets on the wall over some command hooks to store bath toys. The open slats allow smooth passage of air so toys can dry up quickly and there’s no mold or dirt formation. Mounting these baskets over the bathtub wall is a smart idea so water can escape without creating a mess.

9. Use Pails

Via iheartorganizing

If you’re an avid gardener, you’re already familiar with what pails are. But for those who aren’t really sure, a pail is a bucket, usually used for gardening purposes. But it is such a no-brainer for bath toy storage! Drop your bath toys in the pail and hang the pail on a hook in the bathroom. Such a simple and straightforward solution, right?

10. Use a Colander

Via Pinterest

You need a bath toy storage system that lets you drain the water quickly so your bath toys don’t remain damp for a long time. If you have an extra colander lying around in the kitchen, now is the time to put it to use. Since a colander has multiple holes, the toys will air-dry faster.

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11. Whale Bath Toy Organizer

Skip Hop Bath Toy Storage, Moby Corner Hang Toy Organizer, Grey

Everyone loves whales! This adorable bath toy organizer is a kids’ favorite! It has two suction cups so that the organizer stays right on the wall. The ‘belly’ of the whale holds a mesh basket where you can store all the bath toys. The organizer is made of polyester and neoprene which is a quick drying and mold resistant material.

Buy this whale storage here.

12. Laundry Basket

Via thecrazycraftlady

This is among one of the simplest storage solutions. All you need is a small laundry basket, and your work is done! Sounds like a dream, right? The laundry basket can hold multiple bath toys. You can place it inside the bathtub once bath time is over and the water is drained. You can grab these laundry baskets at just $1 from the dollar store.

13. Install a Tension Rod

Via theinspiredhome

Another great way to keep all your bath toys in one place near your bathtub is by installing a tension rod with some hooks. You can also install the rod well above the bathtub if you don’t want your toddlers reaching it. You can hang multiple baskets on the rod to store bath toys.

14. Mesh Bag

Via actressdancer

This is a great little project to take on if you’re a sewing knucklehead. Sew a mesh bag over a light clothes hanger and hang it over a hook or knob. Since it is transparent it is easy to see through and grab the bath toy you want.

15. Hang a Dish Drying Rack

Via lifeofsugarandspice

In case you don’t have a spare wire basket to accommodate in the bathroom, a dish drying rack makes a great replacement! You can hang it on hooks or suction cups. It is a spacious storage method that will let your bath toys air dry properly.

16. Give a Regular Storage Cube a Makeover

Via Hometalk

Cover a storage cube with some cute fabric so that it coordinates well with your bathroom. You’ve just made a nice bath toy storage solution as well as a small sitting area for your bathroom! You just need some fabric and a staple gun for this quick project.

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17. Jolly Jumper Bath Toy Bag

Jolly Jumper Bath Tub Toy Bag

This amazing mesh bag comes with two suction cups so you can attach it safely anywhere in the bathroom. It measures about 47 cm so it is deep and spacious enough to accommodate all your bath toys. You can inculcate a ‘clean up after play’ habit in your kids easily with this bath toy bag.

Buy this bath toy bag here.

18. Smart Drawstring Bag

Via allfreesewing

DIY this multi-purpose toy bag so your kid has a toy organizer and a playmat, all in one! You can open up the bag when you need your bath toys and once play time is over and your toys have dried up, place them at the center of the bag and just pull the strings up!

19. DIY Felt Storage Bins

Via cozylittlenest

The best part about these storage bins is that you can sew them up and be done with the project within minutes! They are very light and flexible. You can place them on the floor or hang them from some mounted hooks. You can even attach a label on the outside if you have plenty of bath toys and want to store them separately.

20. Frog Pod Bath Toy Storage

Boon FROG POD Mini Scoop Toddler Bath Tub Wall Toy Storage and Drain Organizer, Green

This cute bath toy holder is perfect for your bathtub wall! It has adhesive sticks which makes it easy to attach it to the bathtub wall. The frog pod has a large scoop so it can hold plenty of bath toys. The toys are also easily dried due to the air holes at the back of the holder.

You can buy it here.

21. Install a Pegboard

Via Paperdollsdesigninc

If you have a spare pegboard lying around in the garage, put it to use in the bathroom! Once installed, you can use caddies or small baskets to keep all the bath toys. Use smaller baskets so you can store all your toys separately (duckies in one basket, boats or ships in one basket, etc.). This also makes your bathroom look classy!

Keeping your bath toys organized will definitely help make your life easier because a happy toddler makes a happy home!


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