21 Genius Over the Toilet Storage Ideas For Extra Space

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Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the only place where storage is most desired. Space above the toilet is one of the most unutilized space in the bathroom in most houses. Maximize your bathroom storage space- and keep it looking beautiful- by making use of area above and around the toilet. After all, the idea of storage over the toilet is a great budget-friendly way of storage and organizing in the bathroom.

These genius storage solutions will smartly organize even the tiniest apartment bathroom and prevent it from looking bulky. From baskets and bins to cabinets and ladders, this over the toilet storage ideas list has ideas that fit every decorating style and bathroom size. And while you’re here, check out our bathroom cleaning tips, too.

1. Above The Toilet Bathroom Shelves

Floating shelves are a great storage option and look cool. These clean white shelves add storage space above the toilet along with adding a luxurious look to the bathroom.  Great for keeping bath accessories and other bathroom basics organized. All you need to do is to fix open shelves on the wall over the toilet.

2. Open Shelve Cabinet Over Toilet

This open shelve cabinet just above the toilet looks great and is an attractive way to add storage. All you need is just an open cabinet and attach it above the toilet wall.

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3. Over the Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are normal in a bathroom. Adding cabinets over toilet adds a good storage option and utilizes the space. A cabinet with windowpane glass fronts is a stylish way to house bathroom accessories.

4. Wine Rack as Towel Rack above the toilet

Fix a wine rack above the toilet for storage to store rolled towels on the hooks. An easy way to keep towels of each family member separate, organized as well as handy.

5. Repurposed Wooden Crate Bathroom Shelves


Repurposing wooden crates to use it as a shelf is a unique and different way to create over the toilet shelving. A great storage option for a farmhouse look.

6. Wire Baskets as towel Storage

Using wire baskets is another brilliant over the toilet storage option. You can use them to store and organize towels and also have them easily accessible.

7. Over the Toilet Space Saver Unit

Simple Living Space Saver (Contemporary - Spacesaver)This is really genius over the toilet storage option for the bathroom. This simple space saver includes a center cabinet and two side cabinets for storage. You can use this store a lot of things from toilet papers to hand towels. If that’s not enough, this multipurpose yet simple storage unit also comes built-in with a toilet paper holder and is a perfect solution for any bathroom.

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8. Over the Toilet Freestanding Shelf

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet, Bathroom Spacesaver (Espresso)

If you don’t want to go with regular shelving(hassles of drilling holes), then this over the toilet Freestanding Shelf is a perfect solution for your bathroom. The open shelves make it easy to access contents and also saves time and hassle of searching through cabinets and countertops.

9. Over the Toilet Rope Hanging Shelf

Rope Hanging Shelf, Wooden Ladder Shelf, Storage Shelf, Bathroom Storage, Rustic Shelf, Over The Toilet Storage, Bathroom Towel Rack, WhiteAnother brilliant alternative to regular shelving, this rope hanging shelf is perfect over the toilet storage addition to a bathroom. The nail holes, small cracks, and saw marks add to the rustic charm of this hanging shelf. You can easily make one at home using wood or get one from Amazon.

10. Over the Toilet Freestanding Cabinet

Sauder 414111 Caraway Etagere L: 23.31" x W: 7.44" x H: 68.07" Soft White

Not a fan of shelves but don’t want to drill holes for cabinet too? Don’t worry, here is a perfect storage option for you in the form of this freestanding cabinet. With the faux slate finish, this cabinet looks elegant and enhances the overall decor of the bathroom.

11. Metal Wire Shelves

mDesign Metal Wire Farmhouse Wall Decor Storage Organizer Shelving Set - 1 Shelf with Towel Bar for Bathroom, Laundry Room, Kitchen, Garage - Wall Mount, 2 Pieces - Bronze

Need some instant over the toilet storage option? We got you covered! These metal wire shelves add instant storage to your bathroom along with farmhouse wall decor. The towel bar provides with a handy place to hold a towel. Perfect for holding extra supplies or storing bathroom essentials.

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12. Over the toilet ladder storage


Adding a ladder type of shelf adds height to a toilet space and makes it look good. Now, a ladder won’t have a lot of storage but you can easily hang towels on it. Also, tie some shelves to one or more of the rungs to create storage for some things. It gives nice look to the bathroom especially those which are low on space but have higher walls.

13. Hanging Basket and Shelf Organizers


Hanging wired and roped baskets above a toilet area is an inexpensive way to quickly add storage with a few simple everyday items. The baskets are great to store hand towels and washcloths. Adding a small hanging shelf anchored above the baskets is perfect for holding body washes, shampoos, and conditioners. It is a brilliant and inexpensive DIY project.

14. DIY Pipe and Wood Shelves


Another easy, inexpensive but beautiful storage option is to add shelves using industrial pipe and rustic wooden planks. Great for keeping towels and bathroom essentials, this inexpensive storage idea would be a fairly easy hardware store project for almost everyone.

15. Over the toilet hanging baskets


Yet another inexpensive way to add over the toilet storage space is to use fabric containers from discount stores. Just hang them or tie them to an existing towel bar and you have a quick and easy to access storage option ready. Nothing can be as simple as this project and you can hang multiple baskets to multiple towel bars for additional storage.

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16. Recessed Shelves

If you can manage to do it successfully, then recessed shelving behind the toilet is really a brilliant idea. The only hurdle in this project will be the toilet plumbing as you are moving the shelves in the wall. So, you need to change the toilet plumbing and move it to the side.

17. Repurposed wood Crates

A simple and inexpensive way to create open shelving and add storage space is to buy some crates or make your own and hang them in the bathroom.

18. Bins and Shelves

Bins are great storage options to keep things organized. This project involves adding Simple bins with labels to keep toiletries, makeup, and bathroom accessories perfectly organized. This is great for storing extra bathroom essentials from facewash to toilet paper.

19. Wood Shadow Box Bathroom Organizer


A wooden sectional shelf divided into different size openings is a great storage option. It allows for organized placement of all types of bathroom products in one place. From extra toilet paper rolls to even decorative pieces, this shelf allows for storage of all the bathroom essentials.

20. 3-Tier Bamboo shelf

HOMFA Bamboo Shelf 3-Tier Utility Storage Organizer Adjustable layer Rack Bathroom Towel Shelves Multifunctional Kitchen Living Room Holder Wall Mounted Retro Color

A ready-made and affordable over the toilet shelving option is to use this bamboo shelf. It gives your bathroom a modern and elegant look and enough space to place many things from toiletries to towels.

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Well, just one word to say for this- PERFECT!! This is the king of all over the toilet storage space ideas as it puts into good use to every inch of usually wasted space. By furnishing this entire space with cabinets and cubbies, you never have to worry about storage again.

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