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21 Easy Ways To Organize Cleaning Supplies

how to organize cleaning supplies

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When you have all the right tools, cleaning any stain becomes a cakewalk! One of the many reasons people buy all the cleaning equipment is that you can never know when the worse spill may happen. Well, there is one problem that can be harder to solve than stubborn stains, and that’s storage! Where do you keep all the cleaning supplies?

Luckily for you, we have combined a list of 21 cleaning supplies organization ideas that will help you sort out your tools without breaking a sweat.


21 Easy Ways To Organize Cleaning Supplies

1. Keep Them In A Movable Cart 

Via Bystephanielynn

A moving cart is an excellent way to organize your cleaning supplies, mainly because it allows you to carry your supplies from one room to the next without any fuss. You can choose the design that gives you maximum storage to make sure all your supplies fit perfectly.

2. Sort Your Supplies In A Shoe Organizer

Via Apinterestaddict

Multipurpose storage items go a long way. Even if you don’t have a multipurpose storage product, you can always use some inspiration like this shoe organizer turned cleaning supply holder. Just use any corner or back of a door to hang it up, and you have a specified supply stash ready to go.

3. Install A Pegboard 

Via Theposhspace

Pegboards come in handy in many stationery storages and decor ideas, but who knew they could also be one of the easiest ways to store cleaning supplies! You can install a pegboard on any bathroom or closet wall, to make an accessible stacking supply station.

4. Stack Them Under The Sink

Via Cleanandscentsible

Clean And Scentsible has given us a solution for all our messy cleaning supplies, and it is right inside your kitchen. Just use the space under your sink to create a makeshift cleaning supply closet. You can have it designed as a cabinet, a drawer, or a sliding door to suit the interior of your house.

5. Add A Chalkboard For Clarity

Via Cleanandscentsible

Organization of tools doesn’t mean merely stacking them on shelves. You need a solution that helps you access those supplies easily. Adding a chalkboard to the inside of your cleaning cupboard or beside it gives you the chance to keep track of your stock and replace items in time!

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6. Use Portable Laundry Baskets 

Via Abowlfulloflemons

If you’re completely lazy like us, then there is one way to organize your cleaning supplies that will require minimal effort on your part. Portable laundry baskets mean you don’t have to come back to the closet every time you need a towel, a spray, or a brush. Everything can fit into one basket that can be carried around easily.

7. Paper Towel Organizer


Where is the toilet paper when you need it the most? This question comes out of our mouths more frequently than we may imagine, so why not use this idea to sort it out once and all. The door attached roll is the perfect way to keep your toilet roll ready at hand whenever you need it. 

8. Add Rods On Cupboard Doors

Via Cleanandscentsible

Talking about rods got us thinking about this crazy solution that lets you hang your cleaning supplies away from the eyes of guests and visitors. This under sink storage cupboard with a rod inside is the perfect place to keep your supplies within reach yet away from the naked eye. 

9. Dividers For Mops


We don’t know about you, but we know the problems that come with having too many mops. If you have the same issue, check out this perfect idea that uses dividers to create sectional spaces for mops. This keeps your mops upright with no chance of falling. 

10. Add Labels To Bottles

Via Cleanandscentsible

Sometimes it’s super confusing to separate floor cleaning liquid from shelf cleaning liquid, right? Well, we know just the way to solve that confusion with this idea. Use labels to mark your spray bottles and clean away without any added worries about using the right solution. 

11. Shelves Are Your Best Friend


If you’re looking to create a storage closet for your cleaning supplies in limited space, then trust us; shelves are your best friend. They not only provide you with sections to organize your supplies neatly, but they’re also efficient in saving space. You can even keep baskets, hang gloves, etc., using shelves. 

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12. Hang Your Supplies

Via Sewmanyways

Quit leaning your supplies against the back door or just piling them one over the other in the cabinet! Why create a mess when you can simply use some stick-on hooks and hang up your supplies in a categorized manner. This way, you won’t have to go through ten items to find the one you need at the moment. 

13. Hanging Shoe Organizers For Paper Rolls

Via The36thavenue

We just can’t help using shoe storage for our cleaning supplies, especially when there are excellent ideas like this hanging shoe organizer out there. All you need to do is replace your shoes with cleaning paper rolls, and you have at your hands a ready-to-go pile of paper- sorted into separate sections. 

14. Use The Ceiling Space Wisely

Via Onecrazyhouse

Ceiling spaces are honestly the most underused spaces in a house, and if you have enough space over your head, then build some cabinets and store your cleaning supplies there. This idea helps you create more floor space and reduces clutter in the closet. Store the rarely used items in the back. 

15. Hang Your Spray Bottles From A Curtain Rod

Via Onecrazyhouse

A curtain rod has more use than you may know! This hack of hanging your spray bottles in neat sections on a curtain rod is quite frankly one of the best ways you can stack your bottles. It is easy to access, does not create a mess, and makes use of any available space. 

16. Vertical Space With Tiny Baskets 

Via Goodhousekeeping

Make use of existing space to create an organized section of cleaning supplies by using this hack. The tiny baskets stacked one over the other in a vertical column are a great way to use a spare wall beside the door or bathroom. You can use separate baskets to keep separate supplies for easy access. 

17. Stack Clear Containers For Clever Use


Using clear containers for storing cleaning supplies helps you find everything you need within minutes. This idea is a perfect way to store small items that you cannot keep out in the open. It also reduces the clutter on shelves by creating divisional storage. 

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18. Create Chore Kits

Via Joyfulhomemaking

Joyful Homemaking came up with one of the best ideas for those who don’t have a lot of tools but little cleaning supplies here and there. Chore kits are a great way to divide kitchen, bathroom, and balcony cleaning supplies or create one universal kit for every cleaning spree. It uses less space and is easily portable. 

19. Use A Tray

Via Cleanandscentsible

No one likes to see scattered items sitting idle on the shelf, creating a mess, so why not use a simple tray? If you have only two or three bottles you need to store; a tray is an ideal place to keep them. This way, they will be in one corner of the shelf or space and still within reach when you need them. 

20. Lazy Susan 

Empaxum 2 Pack Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer 10.6" Clear Plastic Turntable Organizer Rotating Spice Rack Kitchen Storage Cosmetic Makeup Organizers for Pantry, Countertop, Fridge, Vanity, Bathroom

When everything fails, a lazy susan comes to save the day! For everyone who has limited space on a shelf, lazy susans are the best way for you to reach every corner without messing up the organization. You can easily stack all your bottles on this tray and rotate to pick whichever one you need. 

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21. Keep A Ladder Handy

Via The36thavenue

Finding a space to keep your cleaning ladder can be quite a tricky task; however, this image shows how you can use even tiny spaces like an entryway or a spare wall to hang it up. This ensures that your ladder does not fall and hurts someone and is still within reach when needed. 

If you’re big on cleaning, then these cleaning supply organization ideas will help you create a neat closet space for all your tools. Even if you don’t have a lot of room, these easy ideas will come to the rescue! 

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