How To Organize Your Drawer

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Drawer organization! Did I say something wrong? I guess. A drawer is a place that frightens us. At least one drawer in our home always remains cluttered and unorganized. Actually a lot more than just one. Am I right?  These storage spaces called drawers generally remains miles away from the organization.

The moment I open my personal drawer, it only makes me think, “why I opened that?” I think a lot of people face a similar situation. It has become the norm and actually, we don’t even care about it. We just keep on tossing up anything that comes in our hand in the drawer.

It happens with me. Whenever I don’t find a suitable place to keep something, I end up keeping it in some drawer of my house; 8 out of 10 times in my personal drawer itself. That is a habit I can’t still get over.

Things keep on ending up in the drawer and we don’t bother organizing or try to declutter them once in while. That is maybe because these places always remain closed and its interior is not in the direct view of the guests.

What is seen is the exterior appearance which you must have maintained too well to create a good impression. Or the drawer space is too small to be important to us (though it keeps a lot of our frequently required stuff). The reason can be any.

But a time comes when you have no choice but to get out of this zone and pay some attention to your useful drawers. Okay, if you do look after your drawer once in a while and thus, an exception to this, it’s great.

But still, I think you can’t maintain consistency or find suitable ways to keep it organized and that is why you are here. You know the goal that you wish to achieve but you are clueless on how to go about it.

So can anything be done about that?


All you need is some simple organization hacks and tips that are easy to maintain and last longer. Last long because even if I luckily clean and organize my drawers, I terribly fail at maintaining them in the same state even for the next two days.

Some Common Drawer Organization Tips

Clear It Up

The first and foremost step to organize any piece of furniture is to bring it down to its original state. That means clearing up all the mess from the drawer. Totally empty it.

If you start cleaning and organizing it with all the contents in, then you will only end up making it difficult and a lot more time consuming for you. You won’t find a perfect place for your stuff because something will already be present there. If you want, try it out to understand it by wasting more time.

Clean It

To clean every bit and corner of the place and the stuff kept in it, firstly you need full access to it. Emptying the drawer leads to the successful performance of this step as well.

Use the pair of vacuum and a cloth to go ahead with cleaning.

Throw away Clutter

Take a look at the things which were occupying your drawer space, and throw away what is not required. Do you think letting unnecessary things accumulate in your drawer will ever help in keeping your drawer organized?

Don’t keep a particular thing back in the hope of throwing it the next time you organize your drawer. That day will never come. Check out 60 things that you must throw away for an organized home.

There maybe be things which can be kept at some better place elsewhere in the house.

Categorize the stuff

If you have all the things of the world kept in a single drawer, categorize them. Make sections in the drawer as per the categories to make it look organized. Also, it will make it easy and quick for you to find and pick up that one thing you require.

Otherwise, you will have all of it mixed with each other and you very well know how bad it looks. This is actually very useful for a junk drawer. Make partitions using plastic bins or some fabric covered boxes or this drawer organizer set which works the best. This drawer organizer can help you separate t-shirts, pajamas, and anything that you keep in drawers.

If you have more drawers available, you can categorize them as well; keeping only a particular type of stuff in each drawer. That is even better. Like, you can use one drawer for keeping stationery, another one for hardware and so on.   

Storage for small items

Use egg trays, ice trays, and other trays to store small items.

You can use to keep different varieties of a single product. You can keep screw of different sizes in an egg tray so as to keep them organized. Using muffin tins for storage purpose is not a bad idea either. They are amazing for keeping coins.

Make it look better

You have cleaned the drawer, thrown away the unnecessary stuff and categorized the stuff. Too much of organization? Now its some decor time. To make your drawer more attractive, you can use drawer liners on the bottom of the drawers to make them more appealing.


Arrange the entire stuff back, if you have categorized it and placed in organizers or not. Keep the things as per your accessibility.

As I said, the arrangement depends on the drawers that you have. If you have multiple drawers free to use, you can use each drawer for keeping a particular type of goods if you want. If you are falling short of drawers, don’t worry. Keep all the stuff in that single drawer categorizing and dividing it, i.e. the junk drawer makeover.   


Repeat the process as and when required. Even if you have successfully organized your drawers, you are required to repeat them with time even if you keep back the things at the same place after using them.

You need to do that because the things can catch dust, some things kept must not be of use anymore, you may not be the only person using the drawers of your home isn’t necessary that others are as careful as you are.

Some organized drawers

Cloth Drawer

Kitchen Drawer


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Paper Drawer

Desk Drawer

Dresser/Closet Drawer

Along with organizing the cabinets and closets, even the small things in the house such as the drawers need to remain organized because there are many things which end up here for storage.

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