51 Toilet Paper Storage Ideas to Suit Every Style and Budget

toilet paper storage ideas

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Toilet paper rolls are something that no one wants to run out of. So, It’s essential to have extra toilet paper rolls in the bathroom. With extra toilet paper, comes the challenge to find a storage solution that is both practical and visually appealing.

In this article, we will explore a variety of toilet paper storage ideas to help you find the perfect solution for your bathroom. From simple and functional options like a toilet paper holder or a freestanding dispenser to more creative solutions like a DIY toilet paper basket or a repurposed item, there are plenty of creative ways to store toilet paper.

No matter what your style or budget is, you’re sure to find a toilet paper storage idea that works for you. So, let’s get started!


Elevate Your Bathroom with These Chic Toilet Paper Holders and Storage Ideas

1. Toilet Paper Hanger Storage

storing toilet paper on hanger
Via Homeplistic

Add a bohemian vibe to your bathroom with these toilet paper hangers and make toilet paper rolls a part of your decor. This toilet roll storage idea is very easy to do. Made from cotton rope, this toilet paper hanger can hold up to 4 rolls securely and you don’t have to worry about water splashes anymore.

2. Use a Globe Stand

toilet paper globe
Via Countryliving

Repurpose a small globe stand as a toilet paper holder to add a unique look to your bathroom. To hold the roll in place, secure it with a piece of twine tied to the bottom and top of the holder.

3. Nice Butt Toilet Paper Storage

Via Hometalk

Who knew that a simple scrap wood box can become a rustic toilet paper storage, and indeed one of the best places to store toilet paper? You will need paint, stain, sandpaper, stencils, and rags to complete this DIY. You can surely be more creative or funny by adding a quote.

4. Chic Wall and Wired Bin

toilet paper in basket
Via Blesserhouse

If you don’t want to put toilet paper rolls on display, here is a dedicated, out-of-sight toilet paper storage idea. Wired bins like this look great and they can store plenty of rolls. The fabric covering will make sure that the contents are hidden.

5. Cloud Toilet Paper Holder

Cloud Toilet Paper Holder
Via Thediyplan

No more straight and boring holders, let’s bring in some twirls and curves. Make this awesome cloud toilet paper holder with plywood and turn some heads. It would take around five hours to complete and all the required supplies are mostly present in your hardware box. 

6. Hatboxes to Store Toilet Paper

Via Countryliving

All you have to do is paint the hatboxes and make attractive patterns on them before you fix them on the wall and you have easy toilet paper storage ready. Just make sure you choose boxes that are 10 to 12 inches deep.

7. Gold Dinosaur Holder

Gold Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder or Toilet Paper Holder for Floor or Countertop That’s Unique by Wallcharmers

Here is the cutest dinosaur on the planet, covered in gold paint, and ready to be the unique toilet paper holder for you. It is a detailed piece of art with a cast iron body and its ultra-long neck can hold up to 4 fresh rolls.

Buy it on Amazon.

8. Upcycled Pallet Toilet Paper Storage

Upcycled Pallet Toilet Paper Storage
Via Shabbyshe

These wooden pallets are a common guest in our storeroom and you can always find a way to recycle them. Repurpose one of them to make an L-shaped toilet paper storage and store the rolls in a unique queue.

9. Wooden Toilet Paper Storage Shelf

toilet paper stored on wooden shelves
Via Etsy

This beautiful toilet paper storage shelf can transform bathroom vibes. Made from solid oak, the stand can hold 8 rolls and is a great and functional addition to a bathroom.

10. Pretty Toilet Paper Stand

toilet paper stand
Via Themerrythought

The best way to store toilet paper? Combine a common wood board and a piece of wooden dowel to make this fascinating toilet paper stand. It would stand gracefully next to the toilet and the dowel makes a great toilet paper dispenser as well. 

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11. Sheep Toilet Paper Holder

Via Signals

This sheep holder with a black powder-coated metal body makes for a great way to store toilet paper and can easily hold up to 8 rolls. 

12. Wired Toilet Paper Stand

mDesign Metal Free Standing Toilet Paper Organizer Stand, 3 Rolls of Jumbo Toilet Tissue Storage, Bathroom Decor Accessory for Under Sink, Vanity, and Inside Cabinet Shelf, Omni Collection, Bronze

Who can say no to wired storage solutions? When it comes to the bathroom, you should use items that won’t allow water to clog. This free-standing toilet paper holder can store up to 3 extra toilet paper rolls and also keep them organized.

Buy it on Amazon.

13. Freestanding Metal Scrollwork Holder

Via Mygift

While free-standing toilet paper holders are quite common now, one with an antique design is new in the game. The beautiful rack has a black finish and can also be used as a towel holder.

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14. Rustic Toilet Paper Storage

rustic storage for toilet paper
Via Diydanielle

This DIY storage looks like a rustic mailbox. Make the holder with wood pieces and stain it with white paint and dry brush it to get the unique rusty design. A toilet paper storage like this would keep those rolls organized and hygienic.

15. Tin Can Toilet Paper Holder

Via Isavea2z

Yes, this pretty holder wrapped in burlap is a tin can and I am surprised as well. A yard of burlap fabric, glue sticks, ribbon, and a decorative knob for the lid are all you need to make this toilet paper storage. Complete the decor with beautiful faux flowers and voila! It’s ready to roll! 

16. Ombre Storage Baskets

Via Cuckoo4design

Ombre baskets with stunning color combinations can be a great storage solution for toilet paper rolls. Just make sure you get a waterproof basket if you’re keeping it on the floor. 

17. Jute Toilet Paper Holder

jute toilet paper holder
Via Pinterest

If you have worked with jute rope before, you know small knots and twists can make a masterpiece. This gorgeous toilet paper holder proves the same. You can choose a plastic, wood, or metal ring for the base of the hanger and cover it with rope. 

18. Toilet Paper Holder with Wipes Dispenser

Toilet Paper Holder with Flushable Wet Wipes Dispenser, Shelf and Storage for Bathroom - Keep Your Wipes Hidden Out of Sight - Stainless Steel Wall Mount - Large, Black

A toilet paper holder with wet wipes dispenser at the top can be the right addition beside the toilet. The sleek and modern design looks great in small bathrooms and the rust-resistant stainless steel body makes it durable.

Buy it on Amazon.

19. Decorative Tree Toilet Paper Storage

Via Sitondesign

This tree toilet paper storage idea is for those who want to go extra creative in the bathroom. It’s made of lacquered steel and the branches are designed to prevent the rolls from slipping out.

20. Toilet Paper Holder with Mobile Rack

Via Mosom

This toilet paper holder here has a functional mobile rack on the top. Made of premium material, the matte black product is waterproof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant which makes it long-lasting.

The shelf is large enough to keep items like wet wipes, air fresheners, etc. 

21. Weighted Base Toilet Paper Stand

Toilet Paper Holder Stand, Veckle Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom, Weighted Base Toilet Paper Stand Black, Toilet Paper Roll Holder Stand with ReservePeople usually avoid such holders due to stability issues but this one won’t let you down. This holder has a weighted base which ensures great stability and it can hold one roll at the top and 3 extras below for future usage.

Buy it on Amazon.

22. DIY Copper Pipes

Via Akailochiclife

Looking for toilet paper storage that’s minimal and aesthetic? Then, these pretty industrial copper pipe holders are perfect to hold those toilet paper in place. All you need are copper pipes and copper pipe epoxy or super glue to complete this DIY.

23. DIY Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Storage

Via Instructables

How about having a tic-tac-toe set for storing toilet papers? Yes, you can DIY this beautiful piece and it won’t take all day. Everything is made of wood here and instead of Os, you can keep the white toilet paper rolls.

24. Braided Leather Holder

Via Remodelista

Who wouldn’t love to have a stunning braided leather holder for storing toilet paper? There are two elongated hooks to install the braided leather piece. The only drawback is, that you can hang just one toilet paper roll at a time.

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25. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Holder Shelf

Via Bunningsworkshop

Minimalistic and geometric toilet paper storages always remain in fashion. There is a shelf in between so that you can store decorative items.

26. Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand

SunnyPoint Bathroom Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage Holder Stand with Reserve, The Reserve Area Has Enough Space to Store Mega Rolls; Coating Bronze

If you love fancy holders, this free-standing toilet paper storage would surely interest you. You can store a total of 4 rolls on it and the durable metal structure is made to last for years.

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Floating Crate for Rustic Storage

Via Desiretoinspire

Any old wooden crate can be repurposed to make rustic toilet paper storage. Just take the crate and install it on the wall, no fuss. It is better to stain the crate to get a rustic look.

28. Stack It Up

Via Pinterest

A wall shelf with a stacking design can be a blessing for small bathrooms with more vertical space. Easily available in furniture stores, you can use these shelves to store toilet paper and utilize vertical space. 

29. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Via Makeitloveit

Here is a DIY that includes fabric and sewing to make a pretty toilet paper holder that would grace your toilet. Make sure to add some thin ropes or ribbon to tie the holder to the wall and it’s ready to rock.

30. Cast-iron Giraffe Holder

Ogrmar Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder Decorative Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder Stand 3.25 X 17.5 X 4.25 Inches (Brown)

This long-necked animal giraffe makes for a statement toilet paper holder. The extra-long neck of this vintage, cast-iron giraffe is the place to store those extra toilet paper rolls safely.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Free Standing Toilet Paper Roll Storage

Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Paper Stand with Raised Feet Metal, Free Standing Toilet Tissue Paper Roll Storage for 4 Mega Rolls with Reserve and Shelve, Holds Regular & Jumbo Rolls, Chrome

Raised feet will prevent the toilet paper from getting wet even if you place this holder on the floor. There’s a soap and shampoo holder right at the top and a regular tissue roll bar below it.

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage

Via Uncommongoods

Remember that DIY cloud holder? Here is a ready-made concrete version of it if you want all the fun without any hard work. It can hold up to 8 rolls or 13, depending on the size.

33. Under the Sink Storage

Via Kaileewright

Here is how you can keep those rolls organized in the cabinet below the sink. Go for open-lid bins or wired baskets of any shape and store the toilet paper rolls in them before you stuff them in the cabinet.

34. Using an Industrial Crate

Via Funkyjunkinteriors

Here is a wonderful DIY industrial holder that had blown up Facebook with its unique decor and detailing. It is nothing but a regular crate with an old license plate nailed to it. Nevertheless, it makes for a great toilet paper storage idea, if you like vintage and rustic looks.

35. DIY Toilet Paper Storage

Via Momunleashed

If you are looking for the cheapest way to store toilet paper, then this storage idea is all you need.

For the base, you will need a piece of fabric and cardboard. The rest is all about using colored ribbons and sticking them with a glue gun on the surface. Finally, tie the rolls gracefully with the ribbons and the storage is complete. 

36. Sisyphus Toilet Paper Shelf

Via Animi Causa

Add some fun and humor to poor Sisyphus’s tragic fate as well as your bathroom with this slanting shelf to store toilet paper. It is beautiful and can store up to 6 toilet paper rolls without any hassle. 

37. Use a Wire Planter

Via Remodelaholic

A wire planter for storing those toilet paper rolls? Well, count me in! You can choose to paint the planter to match your bathroom’s interiors. Fix it on the wall right above your toilet—this space is often under-utilized.

38. Contemporary Hotel Style Holder

FORIOUS Recessed Toilet Paper Holder Brushed Nickel, Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder Wall Mount - Includes Rear Mounting Bracket, Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Roll Holder

You must have recognized this from those mainstream hotel bathrooms, and it’s functional as well. Made of stainless steel, the brushed finish makes it very attractive, and the anti-peeling and anti-tarnishing coats make the holder long-lasting. Store the handy toilet paper roll on it and it’s ready to prove itself!

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Buy it on Amazon.

39. Over-the-door Storage

Source unknown

Utilizing ignored corners and wall space is the perfect way to add some extra space. Install a floating shelf right above the bathroom door to effectively use the unused area above for storing toilet paper rolls.

40. Rope and Stick Chain

Via Pinterest

Who knew that driftwood and a long, old rope are enough to make a rustic holder like this? It looks pretty and the structure is all about sturdy knots and wooden branches in between. 

41. Magazine Holder for Storing Toilet Paper

Via Pinterest

If you’re not in the mood for a DIY, get a large magazine holder for storing toilet paper and place it in any corner.

42. Texting Dots Toilet Paper Storage

Via Leokempf

Very similar to the very popular cloud holder, the texting bubble is a very unique and small toilet paper storage. 

It can hold about 3 standard-sized rolls and the best part is that you don’t need to drill a hole in the wall to install it.

43. Minimalistic Toilet Roll Holder

Via Themerrythought

Here’s another cute and small toilet roll holder—this minimal storage solution can hold one roll at a time and is tailormade to replace boring toilet paper holders. The combination of plywood with a statement black thread works very well. 

44. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Via Turtlesandtails

I am a forever fan of built-ins and it is time you upgrade the same, old toilet paper holder to a chic built-in as well. The 2-tier design has a metal toilet paper holder and you can use the top shelf for storing the fresh rolls.

45. Industrial Floor Pipe

Via Kristimurphy

If you don’t want to drill any holes in the vanity or the cabinet below the sink, bid goodbye to traditional toilet paper holders.

Get an industrial pipe installed on the floor, use it creatively and store toilet paper way out of sight. The storage capacity would vary according to the height of the pipe.

46. Matte Black Holder

Franklin Brass Maxted Toilet Paper Holder, Matte Black, Bathroom Accessories, MAX50-FB

Here is a simple toilet holder made of zinc, but the highlight is the stunning matte black finish. The wall-mounted design instantly upgrades the bathroom look into a modern and trendy zone. This holder is corrosion-resistant and would last you for years.

Buy it on Amazon.

47. Tissue Caddy


We don’t see caddies like this right beside the toilet every day, do we? It is quite functional to have storage like this to store toilet papers if you have enough space in the bathroom.

48. Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

Via Instructables

Just a long string and the top of a plastic bottle are enough to make this easy hanging toilet paper storage. You have to pull out the lower roll when required and the rest will stay in place because of the plastic bottle piece.

49. Toilet Paper Dispenser

Commercial Toilet Paper Holder Double,Wall Mount Toilet Paper Dispenser Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf Dual Roll Commercial , Plastic Modern Silver 2 Packs

A commercial toilet paper dispenser with the capacity of two rolls is great for household bathrooms as well. It also has a handy cellphone rack made of heavy-duty plastic and installed with stainless screws. The heavy cover design of this dispenser keeps the toilet paper in place.

Buy it on Amazon.

50. DIY Fabric Toilet Paper Holder

Via Etsspeaksfromhome

Another fabric wonder which would catch attraction is this fabric storage which you can easily DIY.

51. Modern Bathroom Tissue Reserve

Spectrum Diversified Euro Tissue Reserve Paper, Toilet Holder, Holds Regular & Jumbo Rolls, Modern Bathroom Fixture, Satin Nickel

People love to own a stylish bathroom accessory and what can be better than this functional holder? The compact holder with a circular base ensures stability and there is enough space to store 3-4 toilet paper rolls. The versatile design can accommodate rolls of almost all sizes.

Buy it on Amazon.

We hope you found these toilet paper storage ideas helpful. Have you tried any of these ideas to store toilet paper, let us know in the comments below.

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