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21 Amazing Dryer Sheet Hacks – Uses of Dryer Sheet

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Are you a fan of recycling and reusing things? Do you like finding alternative uses for a single product? Are you one who wants to discover various benefits of a  single commodity? 

Then, buckle up as we take you on an unusual ride discovering the unexpected uses of the household ‘dryer sheets’. Yes, dryer sheets do way more than just making your linens smell like heaven and keeping them soft and static-free.

A secret revealed:

Dryer sheets are highly versatile and their usage is not restricted to the laundry room—it’s useful all around the home, kitchen, and garden.

The dryer sheets are coated with silicon-based fabric softeners and are made up of either polyester substrate non-woven base or cellulose base. Let’s look at the various uses of dryer sheets.

21 Surprising Uses of Dryer Sheets

1. Dusting 

Make dusting more effective using dryer sheets. The sheets not only pick up dust efficiently but also leave behind a residue that repels dust in the future. Used dryer sheets attract the dust particles leaving the area dust-free and hygienic.

Take a few sheets to gently dust off ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, and almost everything around your home. This a great hack to save money on purchasing dusting cloths.     

2. Soap Scum Remover

Dryer sheets are great and highly effective in removing soap scum from the glass shower doors. The tough stains of soap are gently wiped away using dryer sheets leaving the door shiny and polished.

All you have to do is dampen it with some water, take a few polyester dryer sheets, and scrub the shower door, shower curtain, sink, and tile to easily get rid of stubborn stains.

3. Room Fresher

Tried all the expensive room freshers to keep your home smelling fresh and pleasant? Then dryer sheets should be your go-to product.

The market shelves are filled with a variety of scented dryer sheets such as lavender, vanilla, lemon, etc. Take your pick and place it anywhere in the room, inside the cushion covers or bedding or inside any drawer. And welcome your guests to a pleasant smelling fresh home!

Pro tip: Place it in the bathrooms as well to make it smell better, shove a fresh dryer sheet inside the toilet paper roll.

4. Polish Stainless Steel

Feeling that your favorite stainless steel accessories are losing their charm? Well don’t worry, dryer sheets are coming to your rescue. Polish your faded steel equipment and accessories using dryer sheets to give them a new look and leave them sparkling.

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This is one of the most inexpensive ways of getting the gunk out of your stainless steel refrigerator, cookware set. Follow easy steps of cleaning shown by Twofrugalfairfielders to get best results.

5. Scrub Dishes 

Dryer sheets are excellent on the hard, dirty gunk of the dishes, pots, and pans. If you have baked-on food in a baking tray, pot or pan, which is very hard to get rid of, this hack will help you do it successfully.

All you have to do is place a fresh dryer sheet into the vessel, pour some hot water and keep it overnight. Softening agents in the sheet will break down the burnt food. Follow it up by washing the vessel using a dishwasher to get rid of all the tough grime.

6. Calm Your Pets Down

Animals get very anxious during the seasonal thunderstorm. Due to the build-up of static electricity in the air and on the pet’s fur sets their nerves on the edge.

Rubbing unscented plant-based dryer sheets on its fur will help your pet calm down instantly. The charged fabric will neutralize the static to soothe the anxiety. Dryer sheets get a bonus point for this hack. 

7. Get Rid Of Pet Hair

Pet hair can be a nightmare to clean every time but still end up having them all around the home. Dryer sheets make a great contribution to your continued efforts to get rid of pet hair each time.

The same properties that allow dryer sheets to reduce static in the dryer will help remove pet hair from clothes and furniture. Just rub the dryer sheet over the fabric or the furniture to loosen the hair. Follow it with a roller or clothes brush. Easy!

8. Deodorize Luggage and Gym Bags 

Luggage and gym bags are breeding grounds for bad musky odors. Luggage bags tend to develop musky smell due to the storage of dirty clothes, especially during long trips. Use dryer sheets to freshen up your luggage bag next time you plan to travel.

Just dump a few scented dryer sheets at the bottom of your luggage for a pleasant fragrance. The same with your sweaty gym bag, make it smell fresh and pleasant the next time you open it just by adding a few scented dryer sheets.

9. Dustproof Electronics

Fed up of dusting your electronic gadgets every time and end up with all the accumulation of dust all over again, this is due to the magnetic field in the screen of the gadgets which attracts dust particles.

Worry no more as dryer sheets have proven to be effective in dusting off the screen of your favorite gadget, as the sheet’s anti-static properties will cut down on static electricity that causes dust to cling on the screen. Just rub dryer sheets on the screen of the gadget to get rid of all the dust and further prevent its accumulation.

10. Bug and Mosquito Repellent

Want to keep off bugs and mosquitoes around your home? Then use dryer sheets to safeguard your family from bugs, insects, and mosquitoes.

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The scents in the dryer sheets will keep them away. Just place a few dryer sheets around the windows. This will prevent mosquitoes and bugs from entering the house. You can also rub the sheets on your skin or tuck them in your pockets to repel bugs and mosquitoes.

11. Remove Crayon Marks

Have kids at home who look at walls as their lovely canvas to draw and paint? And you probably do not want your kid’s creativity to leave a permanent stain on your walls. Don’t worry, dryer sheets are a perfect solution for you.

Dryer sheets are magical in removing crayon stains from the walls. Just grab a fresh polyester dryer sheet rub them on crayon marks directly. Voila! Your wall is beautiful just like before.

12. Fire Starters

One of the most popular hacks using dryer sheets is to make a fire starter. If you want to burn the wood to host a born fire at your backyard, do it using dryer sheets. Follow these simple steps to make a handy firestarter yourself.

  1. Ingredients: Used dryer sheets, dry lint, a cardboard tube (toilet paper or paper towel rolls)
  2. Stuff the dryer sheets and dry lint into the cardboard tube.
  3. Fold or pinch the ends of the tube to keep the contents inside.
  4. Ignite one end of the firestarter to see the fire going in no time.

13. Fan Air Freshener

As dryer sheets are packed with varieties of fragrances, place it on the backside of a table fan. As the fan rotates, the sheet clings to the back of the fan. This will spread the aromatic scent through the sheets into the room.

This is a great way to immediately get rid of any bad odor like that of a burnt cake or fried fish! Get your home to smell pleasant and fresh instantly.

14. Scissors Sharpeners

Scissor blades get dull and dirty over time, which affects their proper functioning. Instead of rushing to a nearby store to get a new one, head over to your laundry room and grab a dryer sheet.

The residue from the dryer sheets acts as a lubricant of sorts, which sharpens them making them smoother and effective to cut. Just rub a dryer sheet carefully over both the blades of the scissors and you are ready to use your old scissors again.

15. Deer Repellent

Love your garden and hate the encroachment of an uninvited guest into your property? Well, you don’t have to rack your brain on how to ward them off, just go to your laundry room pick up a few scented dryer sheets.

Cut them each into pieces of one-inch strips and tie them on the tip of each plant and tree. The scent of the dryer sheets will prevent the deers from entering your property.

Tip: Choose a dryer sheet made up of polyester non-woven base to avoid melting during wet weather.

16. Keep Mice Out

Not in the mood to cater to the mice at your home who love to feed on your grocery and cause a host of other troubles?

Planning a battle to get rid of this little problem? Well, all you have to do is grab a few scented dryer sheets and place them into any openings and around the doors to keep your garage and home pest free. The intense fragrance of the sheets will deter the mice.

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17. Get Chrome Faucets to Shine

Do the stains of fingerprints and water spots made your beautiful chrome faucet lose its charm and appear dull? Want to regain its charm and shine?

Then just use a simple economical hack available at your home, the ‘dryer sheets’. All you need to do is buff them on the faucets directly and it will get rid of all the tough stains. Since the sheets leave behind a waxy residue that repels water and oil, the chrome will sparkle for longer. 

18. Toilet Cleaner

The hard water stains on the toilet bowl make it look nasty and dirty. All your efforts to clean it up using expensive cleaners are going in vain? Don’t worry, Dryer sheets will help you win this battle! Just follow these simple steps to get your toilet clean, hygienic, and dirt-free.

All you need to do is place two dryer sheets into the toilet bowl and let it sit for a few hours. Then remove them and use the toilet brush to scrub clean. Your toilet will be clean like never before.

19. Iron Cleaner

Use a dryer sheet to get rid of the gunk from the soleplate of your clothes iron. All you have to do is place a dryer sheet out on your ironing board and set the iron to its lowest heat setting.

When the iron is warm, run it over the dryer sheet, until all the grime is gone and the plate is clean and nice. This is the most economical and effective way of cleaning your iron at home.

20. Soil Saver

Dryer sheets can be of great help in your garden. It helps in preserving the soil in the pots and lets water drain out of holes. You just need to place a few used dryer sheets at the bottom of a pot before planting any flower or plant.

Pro tip: You can also use scented dryer sheets if you do not enjoy the raw soil odor.

21. Clean Dry Spills

Busy baking your favorite cupcakes for an evening gathering but end up spilling the flour all over the kitchen? Worry not, dryer sheets are here for your rescue. The tightly woven fibers in the sheet will capture all the tiny particles and clean up your kitchen counter in minutes.

Bonus: Make Your Dryer Sheets

You can also make your own homemade chemical-free dryer sheets. Use simple ingredients like white vinegar, essential oils, and cotton cloths and follow a simple DIY by our oily house to make natural dryer sheets at the ease of your home.

Pro tip: Use dryer sheets to clean up your messy makeup counter to dust off powder leaving the area clean and spotless. 

Now you know that dryer sheets are one handy, economical product with multiple uses. So think twice before you throw away a dryer sheet.

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Written by Pulkit D

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