36 Different Types of Houses: A Comprehensive Guide

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The style of living has evolved with the evolution of humans, and this is also one of the reasons why we have so many different types of houses. Each style of living has its own type of house. While there are some types of houses that are extremely luxurious, there are others that are extremely basic and functional.

Gathering information about the variety of houses may not be the not the most important thing, but it does help to know about what types you would come across in your everyday life, both as someone buying a house and also as an inhabitant.

This article will provide you with a list of different types of houses with a guide about their distinctive features and functions. So, get homely and dive in!


36 Different Types of Houses

1. Townhouse

This type of house is also known as the row house or townhouse. Generally, they are attached to each other and can be anywhere between two to five stories high.

These types of houses are designed in such a way that people living on higher floors do not have much direct sunlight on their part of the house. Hence, they tend to have windows at the front and back of their buildings.

They were termed townhouses because they were mostly owned by people who lived in the town and were mainly located in the center of towns and cities, but now they are commonplace types of houses.

They generally come at a premium price because of their location and the types of houses in the row may vary in color and aesthetic according to the different tastes and preferences of the people who own them.

2. Cottage


A cottage is a small and detached house that is generally made from wood and has a sloping roof. There are many types of cottages that have been designed in different ways, but they have their core similarity as being cozy and attractive types of houses with a rustic feel.

They can be based on a vernacular style of architecture or they can even follow an urban design. They are normally located in rural areas and not within the core urban spaces, but this might change as people become more aspirational and move towards types of houses that offer a better quality of life.

As a word, cottage translates to a ‘home away from home’ which stands true to their comfortable essence. Although most of the cottages are painted in neutral tones to blend with the natural surroundings, you can often find little additions like window boxes that contain flowers and balconies that hold a swing seat.

3. Single-Family House

single family house

This type of house is a private home with only one family- parents and children living there. The types of houses based on this style of architecture are generally detached from any other types of houses and have their own specific plot of land.

Since they do not come attached to any other types of properties, the privacy that they offer is more or less advantageous for a growing family.

Due to the space, they provide more people are gravitating towards building or buying single-family houses, especially in suburbs. The style of each single-family house is usually unique and based on the types of preferences that a person may have in life. Hence, you may find a modern single-family house next to a plantation-style one in the same neighborhood.

4. Apartment

apartment building

When one building is divided into many different houses it is known as an apartment and types of houses based on this concept are known as apartments. They basically contain a number of walled-off types of houses that have no direct contact with each other and instead share common ground areas like parking lots, gardens, etc.

You can also find some apartments that offer special amenities like a gym, swimming pool, laundry room, and so on.The types of houses in the apartment are generally rented out by owners who have abandoned them or cannot afford to maintain them. Hence, you will find that most types of apartments are owned by private entities rather than individuals.

Apartment buildings can be either purpose-built or, in some cases, are comprised of old historical structures that have been converted to house a variety of flats.

5. Condominium


Condominiums can be termed as ‘multi-family types of house’ and have a lot in common with apartments, except the fact that they are privately owned. Condominiums also known as ‘condos’ for short can be similar looking from the outside but the style of one condo may completely differ from the other based on location, preference, and taste.

These types of houses generally come with all the amenities that you would expect from apartment types of houses such as a gym, swimming pool, laundry room, etc. However, the building is not private and is owned by an elected body or a housing association.

Every month people who own the condos are expected to pay an amount to the body who then uses the accumulated amount to upkeep and maintain the land.

6. Co-op House

Co-op houses

Co-op house is an abbreviation for the term cooperative house and as its name suggests, follows a cooperative housing arrangement. Co-op types of houses are often types of houses that have been built and developed by a group of people who share the same types of interests and goals.

They usually follow democratic rules where each owner contributes in deciding what kind types of houses they would like to live in, how much maintenance fees need to be paid monthly etc.

People living in co-op houses are generally not the owners, but in fact, shareholders like you would find in an organization.

These shareholders, therefore, do not own their condo or apartment directly but rather a portion of the cooperative or building. The number of shares in a cooperative/building will depend on the size of the condominium or apartment that individuals rent.

7. Multi-Family House

As the name multi-family house suggests, it is a type of house that offers types of houses for many types of people who are living in. It is also called a ‘duplex’ which can be termed as two types of houses that share the same types of walls and floors but have independent types of heating, air conditioning unit, etc.

You will find most types of duplexes offer similar amenities as individual types of houses do. However, it does not mean that owners are expected to pay types of house fees or any other types of house costs other than their heating and electrical bills.

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8. Penthouse

Penthouses are types of houses that are usually on the top floor of a building, be it a fifty-story building or a five-story, that does not make a difference.

You will find penthouses in several types of buildings like apartments, hotels, etc. where there is an open roof to be converted into a penthouse. Sometimes, the uppermost unit in a multi-storied building is converted into a penthouse.

Penthouses are generally accessed by elevators since they are mostly associated with luxury and affluent people. Penthouses are seen as desirable residences located at a premium space and may be found in modern or restored historical structures.

9. Ranch House

Ranch House

An opposite of a penthouse would be the ranch house which is built on large plots of land. It generally has one house-level floor and types of bedrooms, living rooms, etc. one of the features of a ranch house is that there is one bathroom for several bedrooms which can get quite inconvenient at times for instance if you have many people residing.

True to their traditional roots, ranch houses allow people to live types of close-knit lifestyles and socializing is encouraged, unlike the isolated type you will find in a penthouse. Most commonly found in rural areas, most ranch houses are the epitome of comfortable and natural living.

10. House Boat

house boat on water

A houseboat is literally that, a house on a boat. Also known as the ‘floating residence’ these types of houses on water provide you with more than what a normal house can give but they also come with their own set of disadvantages.

You will find several beaches and ports across the world where people live in similar floating types of houses. Houseboats are often used as luxury hotel rooms on lakes and rivers which offer their occupants amazing views, and a thrilling experience of living on the water.

Houseboats are generally moored to the land and are not used for sailing, although this is a doable option for some smaller houseboats.

A houseboat generally has all of the features of a normal home, such as a bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room; the only exception is that it floats. Houseboats do not have yards, play areas, or garages so that may be something you should consider.

11. Bungalow

bungalow with a garden

Bungalows are types of houses that are popular in areas of extreme weather. They are often defined by their single-story height, no more than two types of floors, and a roof that is pyramid-shaped or flat.

Bungalows are a popular kind of property that may cost more than you anticipate which is also why they are no longer commonly built or bought.

They are similar to ranch houses only more grandiose and luxurious. These types of houses are especially advantageous for old people as they do not face difficulty in climbing types of stairs.

Bungalows often have beautiful gardens with windows that offer lots of natural light and ventilation to the living room. Bungalows are also known as ‘bungalow court’ which is basically group bungalow with a common yard.

12. Chalet

A luxury swiss chalet

Mostly found in the mountainous regions of Europe, a chalet is a type of house used to traditionally house shepherds and goats. They are types of simple, cozy types of houses that are built for cottages.

Chalets have buildings that are vertically long with wood on the inside and the outside and often feature steeply sloping roofs so that they can withhold snowfall, which is their most distinctive feature.

A chalet’s layout mostly consists of several bedrooms, one or two living rooms, a dining room, and a kitchen with all amenities. Chalets often come in large numbers and exist as types of clusters which is almost like a small village in themselves.

You may find chalets in most parts of Europe, the USA, and Canada, but the best ones can be found in Switzerland.

13. A Round House

A round house

A house that is built circularly with a curved wall is known as a roundhouse. Roundhouses are often built using modern technology which allows them to be stronger, more durable, and more eco-friendly than most regular houses. The shape also provides the roundhouse with energy-saving benefits because it cuts down on space heating costs.

While many people consider roundhouses as a modern innovation, these have been used for a long time in some cultures. They are not usually seen in western countries due to their distinctive style and design.

14. Cave House

A cave house

A cave house is a house that is built inside a natural cave. these types of houses are popular in places where the local geology offers caves, such as in Bali and Belize.

Not only do these types of houses carry a rustic charm about them because they are built with the materials from their surroundings but they are also very homely.

Caves are still popular among modern-day people, who utilize them as a refuge and relaxation spot. Our predecessors utilized these caverns within the mountains as a safe haven and rest area.

People continue to live in caves all around the world; in certain circumstances, they’ve been converted into comfortable yet functional residences. Some individuals are returning to cave dwellings in a step to go back to simplistic living.

15. Coach House

A smaller house that is on the same property as the mainland is known as a coach house. initially built to accommodate carriages and horses, coach houses usually had a stable at the bottom of the house with living rooms or bedrooms above.

During times types of economic struggle, landowners would also live in their coach houses instead of occupying huge mansions. This led to the conversion of using coach house as a place of living and not just for extra space. Coach homes are more recently used as guest cottages for extended families, granny flats that can hold in-laws, and even extra office space.

16. Mobile House

A type of house that is mobile or movable is known as a mobile home. A home that is usually meant for a temporary stay can also be known as a mobile house if it has basic amenities and facilities to live comfortably.

Mobile homes are often preferred by people who have recently moved to another location, are on a short-term assignment, or frequently move to a different location for work or leisure purposes.

They are commonly less costly than other types of houses. They can be housed in a mobile home park with many other mobile homes or, in certain circumstances, people buy a mobile home to have installed on their own property, for a more private yet cost-effective solution.

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17. Log Cabins

A cabin is a type of house that is small, rustic, and made from a single room. Cabins can often be found in people’s backyards or secluded spaces like mountainous areas where regular houses are not allowed.

The insulation in these types of houses very much depends on their location; cabins located near snow-covered mountains provide more warmth to the inhabitants than other houses without much insulation.

Cabins are common to people who suffer from allergies because they often do not contain carpets and other types of flooring that can harbor dust particles, which could trigger an allergic reaction. The main aim to built a cabin is to pursue wild activities like fishing, hunting, or outdoor vacations as these are more functional than appealing.

18. McMansion

Mcmansion style house

While a McMansion may sound like a mansion, it is a cheaper fix for it. The rising income among people over the last twenty years has led to the evolution in types of design and building of houses. This is why people no longer prefer living in small types of homes that cannot accommodate all their family member’s needs, but most large spaces are costly.

Hence, McMansion is a large house with all modern amenities and facilities, in addition to having a huge space. However, the problem is that these types of houses are put together with low-grade materials and limited skill, and are usually designed by developers, who seek maximum profit.

19. Mansion

A luxury mansion with lawn

Mansions are built by the people who can afford to buy extra land or build their dream house where they want to. These are luxurious buildings standing on a detached property that provides privacy and thereby, is usually reserved for the rich and wealthy.

Mansions are large, expensive homes that are typically hidden from view by tall fences or at the end of a long private road. Mansions have a large garden around the building, which can be used for recreational purposes as well. The entire lot is also mostly surrounded for safety and security.

20. Yurt

A yurt is a round, tent-like house that is made out of heavy-duty canvas and is meant for nomadic people. The yurts are mostly found in Mongolia and Central Asia, where the weather conditions are harsh in winter.

A common feature in these types of houses is several interior lights which help the inhabitants to carry out their daily activities. Some types of yurts also feature woodburning stoves for warmth in winter, when it gets very cold in these regions.

Yurts are the types of houses that are relatively cheaper in construction in addition to being durable and can be easily transported from one place to another if needed. Their walls and roofs are constructed of waterproof fabric, while some have polythene ‘windows,’ whereas others do not. They can also be used for luxurious camping trips.

21. Container Homes

Home made using shipping containers

Not many people would consider a shipping container to be an ideal place to stay, but they are becoming popular every passing day. The process starts by recycling these disused containers and putting them to good use as houses. All of these converted houses have flat roofs and are made of metal. As a result, they soundproof and weatherproof themselves.

These types of houses are a great solution for those who wish to have an eco-friendly, low-cost home as they can be easily modified and decorated according to the owner’s preferences. They do not require planning permission but can be placed anywhere on your property without any issues with neighbors as there is no impact on others by their presence.

22. Farm House

Houses that are built on farms are usually detached and represent a simple design, owing to the rural surroundings. Farmhouses are built-in expansive areas and usually contain a porch area in order to accommodate extra storage or for easy access from the house when it is raining.

Some of them also have large gardens with individual types of houses featuring their own private space to accommodate guests. While earlier farmhouses were used by farmworkers as modes of stay, these days farmhouses are also used for luxurious types of living and offer all types of modern facilities.

23. Basement Suite

Basements are an area that is partly or fully underground. They could or could not be completely detached from the main house and have separate entrances along with their own kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Basement suites are mostly built when a family wants to expand its types of living space without having to spend money on a new house.

The majority of basement suites are occupied by in-laws, which is why they’re frequently referred to as “in-law apartments.” The advantage of this arrangement for families is that the elderly or parents can retain their independence while still having family on hand to assist if they require it.

24. Annex

While an annex is similar to the basement in its functionality as an extra suite or space for in-laws/guests, it has one differentiating factor- it is not underground or in the basement. An annex is an area or room that is added to the living space for other family members.

It could be a new addition, or an existing house could be modified with an annex.Annexes are also treated as additional living space within the house and usually have no kitchens in them.

They can be completely self-contained types of living, or they can be attached to the main house. Many types of annexes are used as housing for adult children until they get married and move out on their own.

25. Treehouse

a tree house

As you can see in the name, a treehouse is a type of house that is built around or on a tree. In addition to being eco-friendly, they are also cost-effective types of living as they do not require planning permission and generally use materials that are readily available in the area.

Treehouses can be built as a platform with a roof, or they could have a railing. The most important thing to remember when building a treehouse like this is to ensure it has proper drainage so it does not become an issue during rainy weather.

26. Chateau

A chateau is a huge, luxurious manor house or country house built for the lord of the manor, nobility, and wealthy people of France. The term comes from the French word for castle, chateau, which also means a private palace.

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The plural form of the chateau is chateaux and you can find them across the region of France as well as other regions where French was dominant. Many chateaus in today’s time are converted as popular bread and breakfast joints to advance tourism and traditional roots.

27. Palace

A Palace was built for royal living. Palaces, of course, are palatial. They are massive in size and have a commanding presence constructed of durable and long-lasting materials such as stone or brick. Palaces typically have a symmetrical layout, although this isn’t always the case.

A palace comes with a throne room, elaborate types of decoration, extravagance, and even luxury types of living. The most famous types of houses in the world are Buckingham Palace in the UK and the White House in the US, both of which serve to house some of the most influential families in the world.

28. Underground House

Also known as a ‘bunker’, an underground house is a living space built either partially or wholly below ground. The entrance to types of houses is usually above the ground but the rooms are either completely or partially below the ground. Many of the bunkers are built into hillsides so that light and air can come through one side.

Because soil can be quite soft and unstable in places, living in bunkers can be more difficult underground. It generally consists mostly of rooms rather than any sort of entertainment amenities. Bunkers are a secure environment that is generally prepared and constructed for use during wartime.

29. Castle

Important members of society used to reside in a specific type of house which was known as a castle. These are historical buildings that became living areas and were used as such until the 19th century.

Castles are types of houses that have thick stone walls with towers all around to accommodate armed forces inside the building. They were built to provide the greatest level of protection to those who may be targeted or assaulted, as well as their families.

While many castles no longer serve as types of living space, they do retain their value as historical buildings and often serve other purposes like museums or restaurants.

30. Tiny House

Tiny homes are tiny residences with dimensions of 100 to 400 square feet. During the previous decade, the number of people wanting to live in a little home in order to live more cheaply and sustainably has grown dramatically.

Tiny homes come in a variety of designs, including caravans and mobile homes, as well as more unique solutions such as converted buses.

There are many architects who explore the space of tiny homes and make them functional using innovative techniques. They work best for people who want to reduce their living space and go, minimalist.

31. Barndominium

A barn and a condominium combine together to make a barndominium. Most people are converting their barns into living quarters in order to add more value and utility to the space. In most cases, a barndominium is an already-converted barn that has been expanded with extra types of space such as rooms, hallways, and bathrooms.

The types of materials used to make condominiums are usually of the highest quality and they are also very sought after. The huge space of a barn allows people to add extra types of space like patios and gardens, while the stone and wood used in a barn make it aesthetically pleasing.

32. Igloo

An igloo is a type of house made completely out of snow. It is built by cutting blocks of snow and stacking them up one after the other. These types of houses are mostly found in areas where there is a lot of snow through winter, like Canada, the Northern USA, and Russia.

The Eskimos built igloos for a variety of reasons. They utilized them as temporary shelters or more permanent structures in regions where temperatures drop lower than −60°F. The heat generated within an igloo is trapped within the structure since snow serves as an insulator.

33. Craftsman House

A craftsman house

A craftsman house is a type of house that is built with a design that is simple and practical. It evolved from the houses that were built in America between 1900 and 1920. This house is popular among those who want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, as it limits how much energy you will need to stay warm during winter or cool during summer.

The materials used in craftsman homes are usually strong and durable. This is why they still stand even today, despite the many weather conditions they have to endure over time.

34. Mediterranean House

Mediterranean types of houses usually consist of high windows that face the sun. It is built with red or white-colored walls to reflect heat during the summertime. The ground level generally serves as living space, while the upper floors are used for bedrooms.

People use this type of house because it offers a lot of light and warmth. Plus, it has quite an attractive appearance due to its lovely colors and shapes. It is also closely tied to the cultures that reside in areas near the Mediterranean Sea,

35. Caravan

caravan house

A caravan is also a sort of tiny home, but it is more suited for nomadic types of lifestyles. It was originally designed to be towed by a car, but you can also find types of trailers that are self-sufficient enough to be hauled behind motorcycles or bicycles.

36. Tent

Last but not least is the tent, which is a temporary structure that is made of fabric. It is used as shelter during summertime or in areas where natural disasters can occur at any time. In other cases, it might even be used by nomads who are traveling from one place to another.

Tents have been around since the beginning of human history. People mostly used animal skins to make types of tents, but they gradually switched to more durable types of materials like canvas and nylon.

These were the types of houses you can find right now. You can always look for more types of houses if the types mentioned above do not suit your fancy. Just remember to follow basic rules like choosing a home that is safe and cozy!

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