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    13 Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

    Sliding glass doors are not exactly considered the safest feature for a house. There are of course a couple of reasons behind this judgment. These sliding glass doors come with a built-in lock which is not often the most reliable or the most secure for that matter. The worst-case scenario is that it can be […] More

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    21 Different Types of walls

    So, we all know the significance of having proper walls in your space. They provide security, and privacy, soundproof the house and support the building’s load. But do you know all the types of walls that exist? There are many types of walls, whether interior or exterior. Besides the essential functions mentioned above, each type […] More

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    15 Alternatives To Window Shutters

    Shutters for windows have existed for a very long period and have been widely used for that amount. After all, they have many diverse functions, like protection from various weather factors, additional safety, and the ability to enjoy a little more privacy. However, as the years went by, you must have also begun avoiding window […] More

  • valted ceiling

    17 Different Types of Vaulted Ceilings

    When designing your dream home, people often overlook the design of the ceiling and how much it contributes to the aesthetic of the interiors. Undoubtedly, one of the most stylish ceiling designs has to be the vaulted ceilings. And to help you choose the perfect one, I have listed out the 17 different types of […] More

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    23 Different Types of Table Legs to Know About

    Table legs are often an overlooked aspect when it comes to interior design. Table legs can blend into the overall theme of the room, or highlight the tabletop itself. The right kind of furniture, including table legs, can add cohesion to your room, if not add a finishing touch to it. Every choice in interior […] More

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    41 Best Crystal Glassware Brands

    If you’re looking for a luxury addition to your house, there is nothing that should stop you from going for crystals. Timeless, elegant, and pristine, a good crystal showpiece or menagerie can add a certain charm to any space it is put into. But how do you go about choosing one? Over the years, several […] More

  • door stopper

    15 Types of Door Stoppers

    A door stopper might seem like a very minor addition to your interiors, but its functionality gets more important the more you think about it. Door stoppers help stop the door at a certain distance (duh!), but it does that for a variety of factors. Door stoppers prevent walls from taking damage by doorknobs, preserve […] More

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    11 Alternatives To Bi-Fold Closet Doors

    With the inflow of minimalism, don’t we all want a modern and stylish-looking home? But surprisingly, changing our closet doors for something better is not something we always consider while going for a classy look and that’s where the problem lies. Bi-fold closet doors have been the go-to option forever but now, there are far […] More

  • ceiling types

    35 Different Types of Ceilings

    Are you designing your dream home? Chances are that ceilings have always been an afterthought.  But you would be surprised to know the functions of a ceiling beyond just a finishing touch to any room.  You can have different types of ceilings for various utilities. More importantly, ceilings can drastically change the look and feel […] More

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    11 Gutter Alternatives That Work And Look Better 

    Are you thinking of building a new gutter or replacing the one you already have? Well then it’s about time you realise that gutters aren’t the only option you have! The conventional style gutter system can be quite hard to maintain. The cons of it often outweigh the pros. So there’s no need to feel […] More

  • drop ceiling alternatives

    15 Best Drop Ceiling Alternatives

    Drop ceilings are common in residential and commercial properties. They are commonly used to hide wiring, and piping, and to cover other damages. They are also soundproof. The best drop ceiling alternatives are those which lend an elegant and unique view to your interior. Drop ceilings are also known as T-bar ceilings, false ceilings, and […] More

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    15 Best Fence Gap Filler Ideas

    A fence is a railing that surrounds your property to keep the premises safe and under control. It’s a barrier enclosing your yard. But when there is a gap between your fence and the ground, it gives direct access to pets, strangers, and intruders to trespass on your property. There are also chances of pests […] More

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