18 Simple Glass Jar Storage and Decoration Ideas

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If you’ve only come to a habit of collecting glass jars recently and are still looking for ideas on how you can transform these containers into a storage or home decor, then this list is perfect for you! Whether you have a small collection or a stockpile of glass containers, the tips we’re listing below will help you find new or creative ways to use empty glass jars.


18 Ways to Use Glass Jar to Organize Household Supplies

Here are a few DIY ideas that can help you transform or organize empty jars in order to maximize their value as well as your home space.

1. Office or desk supplies organizer

A glass jar supply organizer is another ingenious way to declutter your work space and test your creativity. You can even use multiple containers to segregate pins, scissors, pens and markers, etc.

2. Bathroom essentials holder

You can put bathroom essentials such as Q-tips, brushes, make-up kit and cotton balls in a clear glass jar so they can stay contained but accessible in an open shelf. Alternatively, you can also use the jar as a tissue holder. It’s hygienic, space-saving and even decorative if you put a little spin to the jar itself. 

3. Hardware tools organizer

This space-saving project is great for decluttering shelves, garages and walk-in storages. And you can use it to store nails, screws, pins and other small workshop tools.

There are multiple ways to hook or hang a glass container through its cap or with the use of strings or magnet which make for a fun and mildly challenging DIY project.

4. Craft and art supplies organizer

Glass containers are perfect storage for small handcraft, scrapbook or sewing kit materials. Beyond the fact that recycling is a great reason on its own for repurposing, glass jars in particular are excellent in retaining the quality of any item it preserves.

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5. Sanitizer or liquid soap dispenser

You can buy custom lids with a dispenser and pump in order to transform your regular mason jar. This DIY dispenser can serve its purpose at home or during your travels all the same.

6. Painting kit organizer

Aside from practicality, DIY projects add personality to your workspace. And if you are into painting, then you’ll surely have a fun time customizing a storage with your preferred shades and colors. Otherwise, you can store mixed or leftover paint in your unused glass jar.

7. Laundry essentials container

Aside from the obvious case for labeled detergent, you can get more creative by storing removable objects or replacement parts like buttons, pins, etc. in glass jars to keep them accessible.

8. Medicine organizer

This one is simple and obvious enough, but to make it more accessible, you can also make a DIY medicine rack to hold the jars in place. Depending on storing and handling instructions, common medicine, medicinal herbs and first aid supplies can be stored in a tightly-sealed glass jar.

9. Food preparation and container 

One way people have gotten creative with their meals involves mason jars, because these containers are multipurpose and adaptable to changing temperatures. In fact, there’s a growing list of overnight treats and specialized recipes or meals using glass canisters. And it’s never late to join in!

10. Homemade treats container or gift package

Personal treats or chewable for guests can be stored conveniently in clear glass jars to avoid contamination and keep things orderly. You can even use the jar when gifting edibles such as cookies and homemade jams. On a side note, a glass jar can be just as useful and safe as a pet treat container.

11. Souvenir jar

Glass jars make for excellent display holders of souvenirs like decorative stones and shells, tags, miniatures, key chains and other memorabilia. You can also try pairing the jar with a signature photo from your recent trip to make it more distinctive and personal.

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12. Change or savings jar

Here’s an age-old trick, a change jar! You can designate different jars for various saving objectives by simply labeling them. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require you to get all fancy with the canister to make it work.

13. Decorative vases

You can assemble jars of different sizes to host varying centerpiece arrangements. You can use a glass jar as a perfect blank canvass or you can decorate it for seasonal use. 

14. Candle holder

There’s no limit as to how you can decorate a standard mason jar to make cool lighting effects using candles. If you feel a little inspired, you can craft  DIY candle jars for home-use or as a gift idea.

15. Utensil organizer

Conventionally, you can keep glass jars on the countertop as a utensil crock for your silverware or other serving tools. Otherwise, you can lay glass jars on their side and use them as organizers in your kitchen drawers.

16. Hanging or mounted container jars

If you truly want to maximize space in your room, garden or workshop, then hanging or mounted glass jars might do the trick. You can use custom lids, strings or magnets to lift the jar and use it as storage or decor ala lantern.

17. Ingredients container

You can put food and dry ingredients into matching glass jars to neatly organize shelves in your pantry. Even better, you can add a small serving spoon in each container to make your routine simpler and ergonomic.

18. Specialty cocktail or smoothie glass

Mason jars are a great addition to your zero-waste kitchen since they can hold cool and warm drinks just the same. They’re also very sturdy and don’t tip over easily like a normal cup.

While they are popular as thematic options for smoothies and iced drinks, you can still use them in simpler ways, like storing leftover coffee than you can serve as an iced latte for later.

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Tips for maximizing space and efficiency of glass jar storage

1. Use labels or colors when organizing

To make it simpler for all parties who might be using the containers, it’s best to have jars with clear distinctions. Color-coded or labeled jars are especially important when storing items in the kitchen or apothecary.

2. Maximize vertical space in shelves and drawers

One of the best places to store glass jars are cabinets and shelves, especially those that extend from floor to ceiling. To fully utilize the space, you can consider using jars of different sizes so you can stack them when filling gaps. Meanwhile, you can put small storage jars upright in drawers or sideways when organizing kitchen utensils and other long equipment.

3. Make an inventory system

Things will be easier to account for, should they add up, if you have an inventory system in place. Checklist can help avoid duplication, while arrangement can be improved by simply putting items you frequently use in more prominent positions.

4. Regularly check for damage or cracks

For jars that store edibles and ingredients, you should replace them at the first sign of breakage and deterioration. Other jars that house common objects might be salvaged through retouch or repair.

5. Secure lids tightly when storing food or transporting jars

Simply, check the lids. For food, you obviously want to avoid spills and contamination. When moving jars, you can consider taping the lid or labeling them as fragile where applicable.

Final thoughts on glass jar storages

Glass jar is an excellent storage option due to its adaptability, sturdiness and ease-of-access. They are also relatively easy to personalize and store individually or as a stack. With that said, it remains important to take proper care of your glass jar in order to maintain its integrity and quality as a cost-efficient storage.

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