61 Stylish Outdoor Patio Designs

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Do you prefer sitting outside during the pleasant weather while probably sipping a cup of coffee and admiring the view? A stylish, aesthetic, and comforting patio can provide you with a place to relax with your family and friends during the weekend and it can also prove to be a comforting place for the night after a long day’s work.

A modified patio can also boost your property’s curb appeal and help you sell it at great prices. The exteriors of a property go a long way in setting the first impression. So what are you waiting for? Check out these 61 stylish patio design ideas and get working!


61 Stylish Outdoor Patio Designs

1. Hilgard Garden

This design is well complemented with modern and chic furniture. The white chairs contrast well with the wooden outdoors and overall makes for an excellent space to chill with family and friends outdoors.

2. Built-in Seating

Via Homedesigning

It’s easy to create built-in seating using solid concrete. You could accessorize the space with blue cushions to give it an appealing and welcoming look. The fireplace in the middle compliments the setting well and makes it very comforting for a cold winter evening.

3. Party Preparation

Via Extraspace

Here is a brilliant place for your outdoor parties when you need seating for more than six people. There is plenty of lighting as well as extra seating on this kind of patio design and the warm colors help in setting the ambiance.

4. An All-White Surface

White surfaces are an all-time hit in areas where the temperature soars to a hundred degrees in the harsh summer months. The gorgeous floral pattern looks breathtaking when paired with this particular setting.

5. Wall Planters

Via Crateandbarrel

Wall planters make for excellent accessories to add to your patio sitting area. And, if you’re a plant lover then this is perfect because who doesn’t love a bit of greenery in their house? These are minimalistic and sustainable decor items that add a lot of freshness to your surroundings.

6. Terracotta Tiles

Via Housebeautiful

Nickey Kehoe from House Beautiful has designed this marvelous backyard design that has the pool area as its main focal point while the aqua-colored tiles and lush green trees contrast well with the dim, light-colored furniture.

7. Vertical Plantation

Via Foyr

This contemporary patio design is all about a gorgeous vertical plantation that makes for a cohesive look and the navy-colored cushion of the cedar sofa gives a breathtaking contrast while the background is filled with the texture of different samples of growers. Nature lovers, this one’s for you!

8. Patio Kitchen With Pergola

Via Foyr

Do you like to cook outside on weekends? Then this patio is the perfect kind of kitchen for you. The striking yellow lights and stone walls make for a compelling look in this bar-like setting. You can also choose to show your cooking skills outside when the weather is comforting. Am I hearing barbeque time?

9. Brick Patio With Grilling Station

Via Foyr

Brick patios display an earthy look and this multipurpose grilling station makes this place functional too. This is quite an elegant design for small patios especially if you like to enjoy the sun and grill meat on the patio. Be it a get-together for an evening snack or a large one, this design seems to go well with all settings.

10. Beachside Sitting Area

Via Elledecor

If you have a house near the sea, this type of sitting area is all you need to have a vacation right outside your home! It’s the perfect setting for shaded gatherings and the lounge chairs make it all the more comforting.

11. Boho Family Patio

Via Elledecor

Here is a boho-chic style patio design for places where greenery is abundant. Sitting in comfortable lounge chairs while making your favorite mimosas every weekend – sounds like a dream! You could even host theme parties and enjoy the setting more.

12. Vintage Colorful Patio

Via Elledecor

If you are looking for something colorful and unique, get inspired by this look of a Mumbai apartment’s patio. The canopied sitting and dining area fits perfectly in this wild design where you can stuff all the flea market decor items and probably also place a gramophone to give it a vintage look.

13. Moroccan Patio

Via Elledecor

Stuff that room with multiple pillows in this fashion, vintage mini statues, and pendant lamps to make for a Moroccan-style patio. It brings forward a cozy vibe and makes for an ideal place to relax in the evenings.

14. A Colourful Escape

Via Architecturaldigest

This interior designer has created a colorful sitting area using a long personalized teak sofa. You can customize it according to the space you have on your patio. This kind of setting would be ideal under a shade that can be wooden or plastered.

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15. Moroccan Oasis

Via Architecturaldigest

The Moroccans love to relax so why not bring their vibe to your home today? This setting can be built on your terrace and you don’t always need to have a backyard to create a comforting patio. Just line up some bright white cushions on the built-in benches and you are set!

16. Midcentury Style Retreat

Via Architecturaldigest

Create this contemporary shady place on your patio which doubles up for a pool pavilion. It works in yards that have pools but you can also recreate this style in your regular yard. Don’t forget to add the colorful seating around for that mid-century look.

17. Tucked Away Dining Area

Via Architecturaldigest

Dinners don’t always have to be grand. If you like peaceful and low-key dinner dates, create this tucked-in setting on your patio. The pathway should lead to your happy place that is surrounded by your favorite flowers and shrubs.

18. Sleeping Area

Via Architecturaldigest

You don’t always have to create sitting areas on your patio. You can also go ahead and choose a sleeping area like this at times. It works great if you have a shade right outside your home. The brass bed is well complemented with traditional Pakistani fabrics.

19. Soaring Courtyard

Via Architecturaldigest

The decorative hangings on the roof here make it look like a Mexican-style grand courtyard. It is almost like a surreal experience in this place and your guests won’t forget it, for sure. The chic striped chairs along with the L-shaped sofa work well for sitting for long hours and for people who would want to work from home.

20. Outdoor Shade With A View

Via Architecturaldigest

If you are looking to create a patio outside your terrace, here’s an excellent idea. The wood terrace is shaded by a steel pergola and is fitted with Sutherland tables and chairs. Go for some perennial fabrics to cover the pillows and cushions here.

21. Checkered Flooring

Via Goodhousekeeping

Checkered flooring can add a splash of liveliness and some character to your patio without seeming overwhelming. It complements wooden seating and tables well and brings some life to your boring patio.

22. Plant Display On The Fence

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you have some fencing in your yard, create a plant display. You can stick the fencing in the wall and create a spectacular piece that will make your patio look very decorative. The potted plants look quite eye-catching and you will receive many compliments.

23. Add A Swing Chair

Via Goodhousekeeping

Swing chairs not only add a rustic look to your decor but can also become a quiet place to relax in. It’s a piece of furniture that brings a relaxing vibe with it. Make sure it’s built of materials like wicker or rattan for a rustic finish.

24. Add A Fountain

Via Goodhousekeeping

Add a sophisticated flair to your patio while balancing the greenery around by adding a crafty piece that also has a fountain flowing over it. This tall fountain can have a statue over it to add some texture and character that will also give a majestic look.

25. Add A Rug Under The Dining Area

Via Goodhousekeeping

You don’t always have to change the patio altogether and spend a lot of cash on renovation. Go for something easy like adding a rug under the dining area to change the look. The graphic rug also adds to the tone of the room and gives it an upbeat look.

27. Brick Flooring

Via Goodhousekeeping

Brick flooring can add a distinctive style to any space. It’s a long-lasting option that comes with little maintenance. But that’s not all – brick flooring looks great around pools and keeps the floor temperature cool as well which works well for your pets too.

27. Weave In A Hammock

Via Goodhousekeeping

A hammock seems like a discarded old-fashioned piece of decor, but the comfort factor and the rustic appeal it adds are still unbeatable. You can go for this hammock around the fences but hanging it under the tree would be the best option.

28. Add An Ottoman

Via Goodhousekeeping

This massive ottoman can do the combined job of providing a seat and placing your drinks. It’s an excellent piece of furniture to make smaller areas compact yet in a way, comforting and it makes serving easier as well. You don’t need to add table either.

29. Paper Lanterns

Via Goodhousekeeping

Hanging paper lanterns on the wooden frame on top of the patio set can create a dreamy and starry look. It can make for a picturesque setting where you can have your dinner dates and get excellent photos at night.

30. All-Weather Patio Set

Via Goodhousekeeping

An all-weather patio set can make any boring patio look lively and relaxing. Durable thick wicker furniture can be excellent seating that can last for many seasons. The various kinds of cushion covers add to the sheen of this evergreen furniture.

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31. Covered Patio With Swing Seat

Via Thespruce

The natural look of this covered patio design comes from the greenery around as well as the hanging seat made from wood. The fashionable tile floor adds some much-needed color to the setting while the white lounge sofa and cushions balance the design.

32. Purple And White Accessories

Via Homedesigning

The clashing accessories along with the gorgeous contrast of purple and white make for a compelling and picturesque setting. The modern design has a dreamy vibe due to the natural accents flowing around. The striped rug further adds some texture and panache to it.

33. Minimalistic Grey Cushions

Via Lucianogiubbilei

Luciano has created this gorgeous grey setting with subtle colors and neutral tones around. The ceramic white floor, light-toned wooden sofa, and grey cushions make for a soothing look in this highly manicured garden.

34. Block Paving

Via Homedesigns

Pai up your concrete patio with some block paving. Go for neutral tones all around for a clean and sophisticated look which is ideal for modern spaces. Pay attention to the furniture and add only what’s needed to create this look.

35. Rustic Californian Patio

Via Elledecor

Go for something old-school yet American with this laid-back design. From the low floor bed to the old-fashioned fabric chair and cactus, everything is humble and honest with roots to the ground here.

36. French Style Patio

Via Elledecor

Wood furniture is of utmost importance if you want to add some character and a royal look to your patio. The stylishly carved chairs placed around the plants can make for a welcoming entrance to a cool place to relax and have a deep chat.

37. Indoor-Outdoor Patio


The large patio tiles just outside the entrance make for an indoor-outdoor vibe with both places suitable for relaxation. The grass borders between the tiles add a typical contrast and it connects the patio to the yard beyond.

38. Contemporary Rooftop Patio


The modern wooden furniture and potted plants bring some much-needed life to the otherwise urban look. This is an excellent setting for places where there are skyscrapers and modern buildings in the backdrop.

39. Shady Summer Patio


If your patio is completely open, you might not like it when the sun is beating down hard in the summer. Convert it into a shady oasis with an outdoor rug, cantilever umbrella, and some colorful furniture. Add a stocked bar cart for the weekend fun.

40. Patio Multiplex


Patios aren’t just for relaxation but are also meant for having fun. If you already have some shade on your patio, why not convert the area into a personalized multiplex? Now that there are several OTT platforms, you can invite friends to have a beer with movies here and it can actually become a Netflix-and-chill scene.

41. Outdoor Dining Area


Here’s a dining area inspired by the patio built with bricks and concrete. Add a grill in the dining area to make it a space to relax and enjoy wholesome barbecue dishes. It’s a great space to have a drink in the winter too.

42. Firepit And Seating


Plants and flowers add life to this modern fire pit seating patio which includes some stylish outdoor pillows. Look for the type of shrubs added here – they have purple leaves with jewel tones that compliment the wooden flooring here.

43. Backyard With Stock Tank Pool


The smart use of a stock tank pool has managed to add some refreshing water to the patio here. It’s a good idea for smaller urban homes and you can add some searing around it too.

44. Serene Symmetry


A custom-made stone fireplace like this would cost you a certain fortune but it will give you a picturesque setting to enjoy in the winters. The rustic pergolas and green landscape add to the panache and provide some freshness to this place.

45. Multilevel Patio With Water Feature

Via Familyhandyman

If you are looking to renovate a large patio, create this multi-level setting that has long steel chairs on a slope. The stones around the steps look breathtaking and all the items in this design are low maintenance too.

46. Poolside Pergola Patio

Via Houzz

Add some much-needed shade to your patio with the pergola. The relaxing space looks colorful due to the cushions and has a lot of space for dining. The dining area is separate so you can choose between sitting outdoors and indoors depending upon your mood and weather.

47. Asian Patio

Via Homedesignlover

The sculpture, vintage rugs, and comfortable furniture in this Asian-style patio make for a picturesque setting. You can add a bar cart or even a full-fledged bar around it and try having a good time.

48. Brick Fire Pit In A Multilevel Patio

Via Homestratosphere

If you have some room for a fire pit, go for this multilevel patio design now. It’s warm and comforting, and the stylish black furniture adds some serenity. The lack of plants here might not suit everyone but you can add those as per your choice.

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49. Paver Patio

Via Familyhandyman

The paver patio here has a cafe-style setting commonly used in outdoor restaurants. The DIY-friendly stone pavers complement the steel lounge chairs. Add an umbrella over the table for days when the sun is too hot and you still get to use the patio.

50. Sun Soaked Small Backyard Patio

Via Familyhandyman

If you don’t have a grass lawn in your yard, don’t think you can’t have a stylish sitting area. The ornamental grass and large stepping stones have helped to build a warm and comfortable sitting area here. It’s good for both small get-togethers and casual partying.

51. Enclosed Patio


If it suits your modern home, you can build an enclosed patio with glass walls like this. It can be completely air-conditioned and would be an ideal space for a get-together on rainy days. Turn your backyard into this modern cafe-like space today.

52. Stone Patio And Pond

Via Stoneagelandscapingllc

You can construct a little pond on your patio. The sitting area here is pretty small – ideal for you and your partner. You can also create room for a tiny dining area on your patio. The sound of the pond makes for a relaxing session and you can go ahead and add fish to it as well.

53. Retaining Wall Patio

Via Anchorwall

This patio is built on a slope and can connect to another entrance to your home. There’s also a little fireplace where you can relax and enjoy the fire during summer. The retaining wall will also double up as seating.

54. Fire Around Flagstone Patio

Via Thespruce

Practical and realistic considerations should be made before deciding on the material you want outside your patio. This flagstone patio floor is ideal for smaller spaces. You can easily light up a fire and the warm yellow lights create a nice mood at night.

55. Basket Weave Pattern

Via Thespruce

The basket weave pattern crafted here makes way for a calm scenery. The brick patio combines well with how the designer has left space for the grasses. There are two comfortable lounge seats to enjoy some tea and cigars or well, anything for that matter.

56. Gravel Patio

Via Thespruce

If you are looking for a durable patio floor, gravel is the way to go. Gravel can’t break when roots grow deep so if you have a yard with trees, gravel is a good choice for flooring on your patio.

57. Contemporary Patio With Hanging Fireplace

Via Promisedpath

This modern yet vintage patio is ideal for places where you don’t have a lot of greenery. It’s more of a sitting area to relax in and cherish the garden. You would prefer it while getting together or if you like to have tea outside during winters.

58. Lush And Lively Garden Patio

Via Decorilla

The minimalist decor items in this patio are just what you need for a sleek and stylish look. The space isn’t massive but still looks cohesive and adequate. The stylish round chairs along with the bulky chairs make it a comfy space while the classy rug adds to the sophistication.

59. Glowing Pergola

Via Decoist

Light up your backyard with this glowing pergola that has just the right amount of fiery charm. The place is ideal for weekend beers and matches as well as for some serious sun basking. The block-shaped chairs are picturesque and add a lot of finesse to this marvelous patio.

60. Quiet Outdoor Retreat

Via Canexel

This quiet outdoor oasis has an elegant and colorful decoration that is rarely found in modern designs. The unique lighting style is one of a kind and the overall setting is an amalgamation of both style and privacy. The privacy screen is well complemented by a green hedge that adds some much-needed freshness to the setting.

61. Artistic Framing

Via Sandraandreaarquiteta

If you are looking to create an outdoor setting that works in all weathers, there has to be a covered area. This crafty framed setting that has a dining area enclosed in it is worth the money. The chandelier with customized cutouts sits at the heart of the seating and makes it worth capturing.

These were some of the most gorgeous patio designs you can find on the internet. Indeed the list isn’t exclusive but there were enough ideas to accommodate all types of backyards – small and large. You just need to add some customization and you’ll create a setting that is ideal for having a drink at night as well as having coffee on weekends.

Written by Harshit D

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