61 Amazing DIY Home Coffee Bar Ideas

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If you’re a coffee lover and an organization freak, this article is for you. A coffee bar not only adds a flair to your dining hall or kitchen but also helps you keep your coffee essentials organized.

We’ve curated some amazing DIY home coffee bar ideas keeping in mind situations like fewer supplies, less or no space, and different home aesthetics. You’ll surely find the perfect match for your home.


61 Amazing DIY Home Coffee Bar Ideas

1. Hanging Rae Dunn Coffee Cups

Via Instagram @coffee.peach.sign

If the look of your house is minimal and sophisticated, this DIY coffee bar is for you. All you need is a pallet to hang mugs and other coffee essentials. To give it a chic look, add a coffee label in a running font.

2. Colorful Kitchen Coffee Station

Via Instagram @nest_number_9

If you’re the one with the whole colorful theme going on in your house, this coffee bar will add flair to your kitchen. Add a mug hanger, coffee essentials, and some colorful mugs. Add a small planter or colorful books for some extra pop of color.

3. Simple Coffee Station

Via Instagram @makinghomeonabudget

Don’t want to spend a lot on the DIY home bar? Repurpose a wrought iron rack and place a wooden palate to place the coffee essentials on. It looks simple and sophisticated without much effort.

4. Coffee Bar Cart

Via Freshmommyblog

If you don’t want to restrict your coffee essentials to one spot, create a coffee cart. It’s simply a coffee bar on wheels. Place the items on the wooden tops and make a coffee whenever you want, wherever you want.

5. Personalized Mini Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @stu.tyo

This is the perfect example of using a small space in a creative way for coffee equipment.
You just need to add a personal touch to the coffee bar and essentials, and it’s done!

6. Built In Coffee Bar

Via Marieflanigan

When you build a coffee bar, it’s easy to tuck in all the supplies and essentials. It also creates a lot of space for mugs and glasses. If you have a space for cabinets, then this is the perfect fit for your house.

7. Simple And Chic

Via Thehomeicreate

If you want to keep it simple and don’t want to get into DIY, you can use the top of a cabinet. Place a patterned cloth on top to add some elegance to your setup.

8. Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Via Thecraftedsparrow

If you’re someone who resonates with stylish and modern home decor, this DIY could be a game changer for you. All you need to do is use your old tv cabinet to put the coffee essentials on top. Place mugs and add planters or labels to add some touch.

9. Sleek Coffee Corner

Via Marieflanigan

Don’t want to give your coffee bar a lot of space? We got you. Use a corner of the kitchen or dining hall and add the essentials there. A mini coffee bar is relatively easy to create and is mostly hassle-free.

10. Space Saving Coffee Bar

Via Jenwoodhouse

This coffee bar can be created on a countertop or a console table. The unique thing here is that you can add some high tea snacks like muffins with the coffee essentials as well.

11. Refreshed Antique Coffee Bar

Via Blesserhouse

Sometimes, we all love a rustic and antique look. If you have an old cabinet, great! But if you don’t, all you need to do is use a wooden cabinet and add some strokes of white paint with a free hand. Place your coffee essentials on top and your coffee bar is ready!

12. Well-Stocked Coffee Bar

Via Justagirlandherblog

Some of us like to be fully stocked with essentials. If you’re the one who loves to keep different kinds of coffee and mugs, this DIY coffee bar is for you. Add a small cabinet and store all your coffee essentials there, place the coffee equipment on the countertop.

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13. Modern Coffee Bar

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

If your home has a modern feel, this could fit perfectly well with the aesthetic. Use a dark solid color as the background and add shelves for storing the coffee essentials. Use the countertop for your coffee essentials. It’s a great idea to add small fake plants to add some flair.

14. Tiered Wall Shelving

Via Makingmanzanita

If you don’t want your coffee bar to occupy a lot of space, this DIY is for you. All you need is a vintage dresser to use as a countertop and shelves on the walls to store your mugs and coffee essentials.

15. Minimalist Coffee Cart

Via Angelamariemade

If you believe that less is more, and you’re a fan of minimalism then this would be perfect for you. A small and simple coffee bar on wheels.

16. Vintage Chic Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Via Junkchiccottage

This looks super chic, especially in white, and is the perfect option if you want to go a little extra with the coffee bar fiasco. All you need is some coffee essentials, a blackboard to add to the look, an old console table, and some shelves on the wall.

17. Vintage Iced Coffee Bar

Via Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

If you’re an iced coffee person and love the cafe-like experience, you should go for this DIY. All you need is coffee essentials and an old rustic look cabinet in a pastel shade. To add the cafe touch, use brick wallpaper and keep an old window at the back.

18. DIY Coffee Station

Via Pinterest

This looks like a personalized coffee bar and it’ll fit perfectly well with your house aesthetic if you want to keep it simple yet classy. All you need is some baskets, a cabinet, some shelves and canisters for the wall, and the coffee essentials.

19. Repurposed Antique Washstand

Via Dodosondesigns

If you have an old console table or an old washstand, this could be the coffee bar idea for you. All you need is some paint to make it look antique, your coffee essentials, and some personalized elements like the small plant.

20. Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

Via Nataliecreates

Have a dresser that you no longer use? Turn it into a cute and cozy-looking coffee bar. Add some color and place your coffee essentials. Elevate the whole vibe with color mugs and small plants.

21. Cube Organizer Coffee Bar

Via Ashadeofteal

Cube organizers are the new trend. They look beautiful and are a great way to make some extra space. Add your coffee essentials to the countertop and place the cups in the cubicles. Add a personal touch and place a photo frame as well.

22. Spring Coffee Area

Via Attagirlsays

This one’s all about the soothing colors and flowers! The more the pastel shades, the better it looks. Place your coffee essentials on the countertop and add treats like colorful marshmallows and donuts.

23. Christmas-Themed Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @julietajoy_

If you’re the one who loves Christmas, this one’s for you. Add all the Christmas elements like candy sticks, snowflake signs, wreaths, and Santa mugs only in white and red.

24. Kitchen Nook Coffee Bar

Via Theloveforprettythings

Coffee bars in the corner look elite. All you need to do is use a wooden rack as the base and mount some wrought iron racks on the wall. Add frames and your coffee essentials. Place baskets for extra storage in the cubicles.

25. Shelved Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @pbandp

All you need to do is select a nook in your kitchen and add some shelves. Add a coffee sign and place your essentials on the countertop. Easy to create and looks beautiful!

26. All Pink Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @Lindzluvvpink

If you’re someone who loves shades of pink, you have to recreate this one. Choose a corner and place a small pink cabinet. Add your coffee essentials in pink jars with pink mugs. Add some pink flowers and other similar elements.

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27. Beachy Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @palmtressandpelicans

If you’re a beach person, try this out. Add some beach elements like shells, a scenic painting, some baskets, and planters. Place the coffee essentials on the counter and voila, your beachy coffee bar is ready.

28. Modern Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @coffeeandcaloriesdee

To give a modern look to your coffee bar, all you need is a wooden table with storage space, a bricked wall, some paintings, and wall-mounted shelves. Add all your coffee essentials and mugs in there.

29. Small Pallet Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @detectiveshades

This one’s super creative! All you need to do is make a wooden pallet with storage space for all your coffee essentials and place it on a wooden counter. Add a neon initial to give it a chic look.

30. Rustic Coffee Bar

If you have the space, you can make a big wooden cabinet and add some paint to make it look rustic. Add your coffee essentials and some Christmas elements for some color.

31. Spread Out Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @brookesimpkins

Now this one’s a great coffee bar if you have the space. Just a cabinet as a counter and properly shelved walls. Place your coffee essentials wherever you want, and it’s good to go.

32. Winter Tribute Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @dawnsdiary

This is easy and looks beautiful as well. Just a plain white cabinet with winter elements and coffee essentials is what you need. Add a whiteboard and go creative.

33. Boho Style Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @jessicas_nook

If the bohemian vibe is what resonates with your home, go for this one. Choose a cozy corner of your house and add wooden shelves. Place your coffee essentials as you like and add planters for some extra flair.

34. Green-Themed Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @livvyludecorates

If you constantly like to change things up, this is a great idea for the end of summer with a hint of green. Just make sure whatever you add is either green or compliments green.

35. Chic Winter Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @amberthehappyhomemaker

Add some neutral shades and black/white mugs on a white table. Some snowflake cutouts and planters would go well. Place the coffee essentials on the shelves.

36. Wooden & Rustic Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @farmhousewifey

This look is perfect for summer and gives a sunny vibe. The teal table and the wooden serving board fit perfectly well. Add some coffee essentials and personalize it by adding a frame.

37. Springtime Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @our_cute_cozy_home

If you’re obsessed with coffee mugs, this one’s for you. Add mug hangers on the side and create a coffee bar on a cabinet. Hang some faux carrots to add color.

38. Old Window Frame Turned Coffee Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

Use an old window frame to make a coffee bar that radiates a country kitchen vibe. Add some hangers and shelves for mugs and other essentials. The more rustic look, the better it looks.

39. Wine Rack Coffee Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

You can create a brand-new coffee bar for many of your favorite essentials using a vintage style that incorporates a beautifully reused wine rack.

40. Halloween Theme Coffee Bar

Via Instagram @jessicas_nook

Love trick-or-treat time? Add those Halloween elements to your coffee bar and make it look spooky. Place your coffee essentials on the wooden shelves.

41. Kids Desk Coffee Lounge

Via Voltagecoffee

Use an old desk or bookshelf to create your coffee bar. Place your coffee essentials and some personalized elements.

42. All Smoke And Mirrors

Via Voltagecoffee

Mirrors on the walls will provide the appearance of more space in a coffee bar. Add bricks to the walls and place your coffee essentials on the countertop.

43. Metal & Colonial Class Coffee Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

If you like the country kitchen feel, add metal equipment and metal containers that give a whole colonial class feel. Use a white cabinet for the same.

44. Travel-Inspired Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

If you’re a person who loves to travel and collect things, add some elements like the globe or souvenirs to your coffee bar with coffee essentials.

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45. Simple Hideaway Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

If you don’t want to give the coffee bar a lot of space but still store all your essentials, then this is for you. Use a wall-mounted cabinet and you can close it as you like.

46. Cheerful Coffee House

Via Voltagecoffee

This one radiates a happy and cheerful vibe. Add some colorful mugs and jars, even an initial with your coffee essentials. It looks full of color and really edgy as well.

47. Taupe Professional Display

Via Voltagecoffee

If you want to keep it all classy and fully stocked, then this professional display is for you. Add all your crockery and coffee essentials in a cubicle cabinet and it’s good to go.

48. Well-Balanced Scandinavian Bar

Via Voltagecoffee

Scandinavia has an authentic and rich coffee culture. If you want to add that touch to your coffee bar, this one’s ideal for you. Just need to place your equipment and mug hangers and it’s ready.

49. Labelled & Organized Coffee Bar

Via Thecreativityexchange

Use a wooden rack and paint it as you like. Mount it to the wall and store your coffee essentials there. Add labels to make it look organized and aesthetic.

50. Dresser Mirror Coffee Bar

Via Thesummeryumbrella

Mirrors add a flair to the whole coffee bar area. Use glass cabinets to store your coffee essentials and a mirror as a background.

51. Avant-Garde Coffee Bar

Via Dreamgreendiy

All you need to do is build a designer cart with colorful elements to add some flair. It looks aesthetically pleasing and could be the main character of your home.

52. Black Pipe DIY Makeover Coffee Bar

Via Livesimply

Go for this idea if you have a 3 shelved rack. It’s great for storage purposes. Add your coffee essentials and equipment. To give it flair, add some baskets as well.

53. Coffee Bar Barn Door Console

Via Pinterest

This looks super luxurious and is easy to make. All you need is a barn door console. Add some color and it gives it character. Place your coffee essentials and wooden letters too.

54. Hotel-Style Inspired Coffee Bar

Via Decorsnob

To store your coffee supplies, try adding a golden breakfast station or bar cart that looks like the one used at a hotel’s continental breakfast. It looks unique and amazing.

55. The Island Of Espresso

Via Decorsnob

A coffee bar cart is perhaps the ideal setup if you have a portable espresso machine. This coffee cart has an espresso machine and other accessories on a rustic, wooden island.

56. Just A Bar

Via decorsnob

A few alcoholic beverages are displayed on a shelf above this coffee station for those times when you require more than just caffeine. This arrangement is attractive and gives the coffee bar a more modern vibe.

57. Espresso Heaven

Via Decorsnob

This is the ideal bar for you if you’re a fan of espresso. The tiny cups are placed perfectly well with other syrups on the shelf. The coffee beans take the setup to another level.

58. Simple Breakfast Bar – Studio Style

Via Decorsnob

This looks super edgy and is great if you don’t want your coffee bar to take up much space. All the coffee essentials are stored well and look pretty organized.

59. Glass Top, Pallet Board Coffee Bar

Via Myrepurposedlife

A simple pallet board table can look classy with a glass top. Add some color to the table, place your coffee essentials there and you’re good to go.

60. Pegboard Coffee Station

Via Etsy

To give your home a modern and sophisticated look, add a pegboard to the corner and place your coffee essentials there. It looks effortlessly beautiful!

We’re certain that after reading this article, you’re ready to take your morning coffee rituals to the next level with the 61 Amazing DIY Home Coffee Bar Ideas. Don’t let your kitchen counters suffer anymore with the coffee grounds and empty mugs. Get started with the mission “Be your Barista”.

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