31 Best Shelving Ideas for More Storage

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Stressing over the lack of storage space in your home? These wall shelving ideas when correctly implemented can work wonders for you.

Whether it is your pantry or clothing closet, running out of space is a common scenario. In such a case, you must look around your home to leverage the empty walls, floors, and ceilings to your advantage.

You may use shelving in a variety of ways to increase the amount of space it takes up in your home, including standalone shelving units, bookshelves, floating shelves, and bookcases. 

Here, we have curated a list of 31 best shelving ideas that will help you maximize your storage space.


31 Best Shelving Ideas for More Storage

1. Folding Desk

Instead of taking up a big chunk of your room with a full-fledged desk and shelves for your books, consider a space-saving solution. How about attaching a foldable desk to your wall? It’s a game-changer! When you’re not using it, just fold it up, and those shelves will seamlessly blend into the wall, giving your room back its precious space.

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2. Staircase Storage

Source House Dressing

Ever noticed that big, overlooked space under the stairs? It’s a goldmine for creativity! Imagine crafting cabinets that moonlight as shoe racks, book havens, or a spot for your wine collection. Heck, why not turn it into a cozy reading nook or a pint-sized office? The possibilities are endless.

3. Recessed Shelves

Source Edwina Boase

Check out these wall shelves – they’re like wall art with a hidden talent! These sleek shelves hug your walls, adding a dash of style while giving you extra space to play with. Imagine them in your bathroom, holding your toiletries, or in your living room, flaunting your book collection.

4. Seating with Storage

Seating With Storage: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Living Cozy

Let’s talk sofas – they’re like the kings of comfort in our homes, right? But what if I told you they can be secret storage wizards too? Whether you’re shopping for a new one or giving your old sofa a makeover, keep an eye out for those sneaky storage cabinets underneath. They’re perfect for stashing extra blankets or hiding away those oversized cushions.

5. Store on Cabinet Doors

Source Better Homes and Gardens

Ever felt the frustration of staring at those blank cabinet doors while your stuff is scattered all over? Time to turn those doors into your storage allies! Hang some hooks and stack plastic containers to corral your sewing tools, those pesky gift wrappings, or your daily dose of self-care goodies. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to more room for the good stuff!

6. Floor Cabinets

Source Home Designing

Who knew your closet and seating areas could team up to create secret storage magic right under your feet? Imagine turning that floor space into your own hidden treasure trove! Divide those cabinets, tuck away your shoes, stash extra bedding, quilts, or pillows, and then top it all off with a cozy carpet. It’s like having your very own secret closet for all your precious goodies!

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7. Peg Board Wall

Peg Board Wall: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Vintage Revivals

Let’s talk about the ultimate wall upgrade – the pegboard! Whether it’s your kitchen or your cozy drawing room, this thing is the real MVP. Grab some pegs, hooks, ledges, or shelves, and let your imagination run wild. Customize it to fit your style and needs. Think books, spices, cutlery, or even showing off your fanciest decor pieces!

8. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source J Thomas Home

Floating shelves are not only are they a breeze to put up, but they also bring some serious style to your space. Picture this: cookbooks, cereal containers, chic crockery, or even a rainbow of spice jars – all beautifully showcased on your wall. 

9. Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Tomkat

With a rolling cart, you will feel that your home is an MVP! It’s like a chameleon, effortlessly fitting into any corner, whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom. Think toiletries, cute spice jars, or those daily must-haves – these compact wonders got you covered!

10. Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Odditymall

Hey, ever looked up and thought, ‘Why not use that ceiling?’ Well, here’s an idea that’ll make your room even cooler – a ceiling shelf! It’s like your secret storage loft. Tuck away those less-used treasures, like cozy quilts, extra bedding, baskets of winter gear, or those forgotten shoes.

11. Suspended Shelves

Suspended Shelves: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Censational Style

Ready to level up your storage game and give your home a touch of trendiness? It’s time to get creative with suspended shelves! They’re a breeze to install, hang stylishly from the ceiling, and can hold your precious crockery, fancy cutlery, or your favorite decor pieces.

12. Attach Hangers to Your Ceilings

Here’s a nifty trick to make your ceilings work harder – add some hooks up there! These handy hangers can hold your worn clothes, towels, or even your trusty overcoats. Just find a cozy corner or near your closets, and you’re all set!

13. Kitchen Island Storage

Kitchen Island Storage: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Homes and Gardens

Let’s talk kitchen islands – they’re like the heavyweight champs of your culinary kingdom! But what if I told you they can be secret storage wizards too? Give your kitchen island a makeover and turn it into a treasure chest for those giant pots, fancy crockery, juicers, mixers, or the cast-iron pans. Now you’ve got all the room you need for those cereal jars and spice containers that get all the action.

14. Pull Out Drawers

Source Medallion Cabinetry

Got those small gaps between cupboards, desks, or cabinets? Time to unleash the drawer magic! Slide in some nifty pull-out drawers. They’re small but mighty, perfect for stashing your everyday cutlery, those trusty spice jars, or even some fancy vertical plates.

15. Corner Shelves

Source Stacy Risenmay

When your home’s getting a makeover, every corner counts, right? Well, here’s a clever hack – DIY corner shelves! Pop them into those empty nooks and let the magic begin. They’re like secret storage elves for your fancy wine bottles, bathroom goodies, or must-have living room stuff!

16. Bottle Shelf

Say cheers to the bottle shelf, your stylish bar buddy! This nifty addition isn’t just for storing your favorite spirits; it’s a statement piece for your home. Picture it as your own mini wine and spirits showcase, ready to impress your guests and elevate your home decor. Grab a glass, and let’s toast to this functional and fabulous bottle shelf!

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17. Ledges on Wall

Wall Ledges: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source DIY Decor Mom

Wall ledges are like the unsung heroes of home decor. They’re the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your walls while providing a practical storage solution. Whether you’re showcasing your favorite books, art, plants, or cherished knick-knacks, these ledges turn your walls into a canvas for your creativity. So go ahead, mix and match, and let your walls tell your unique story.

18. Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack

A shoe rack is the unsung hero of home organization, bringing order and style to your footwear collection. Whether it’s a sleek shoe bench by the entryway or a multi-tiered rack inside your closet, these practical additions keep your shoes neatly arranged and easily accessible.

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19. Folding Furniture

Folding Furniture: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Design Cafe

Folding furniture is the ultimate space-saving superhero. It’s like having furniture on-demand! These versatile pieces can seamlessly adapt to your ever-changing needs.

From foldable tables and chairs that magically disappear when not in use to wall-mounted desks that create instant workspace, folding furniture is a game-changer for small spaces and dynamic living. It’s the perfect solution for making the most out of your space without sacrificing style or functionality.

20. Storage Aids

Storage Aids: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Hello Jessen

From drawer dividers that tame the chaos of your sock collection to under-bed storage bags that keep your seasonal clothing in check, these handy tools make decluttering a breeze. Don’t forget the magic of hanging organizers, which turn unused closet space into a treasure trove of neatly arranged shoes, accessories, or even pantry items.

21. Under-Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source The Organized Home

Under-the-bed storage is like a hidden treasure trove right beneath your sleeping quarters. This ingenious space-saving solution transforms the often-underutilized area under your bed into a sanctuary of organization. Whether it’s shallow bins for shoes or deep drawers for blankets, under-bed storage keeps your bedroom clutter-free and maximizes space.

22. Under-Cabinet Drawers

Under Cabinet Drawers: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Family Handy Man

These sleek and space-efficient marvels provide a clever storage solution in your kitchen or bathroom. Say goodbye to bending and reaching into the dark depths of cabinets – with under-cabinet drawers, your pots, pans, and kitchen essentials glide out smoothly, making organization a breeze.

23. Dressing on the Wall

These wall-mounted dressing stations are both functional and stylish, offering a convenient space for grooming and getting ready. With shelves and hooks to hold your clothing, accessories, and even a mirror, you can create a personalized and organized dressing area that adds a touch of luxury to your morning ritual.

24. Closet Shelving Organizer

Closet Shelving Organizer: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Real Simple

Closet shelving organizers are like the maestros of closet magic, turning chaos into harmony. These versatile systems offer a smart and efficient way to maximize your closet space. With adjustable shelves, hanging rods, and drawers, you can tailor your closet to fit your wardrobe perfectly.

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25. Tilt-Out Trash Bins

Tilt-out trash bins are like the unsung heroes of kitchen organization. These clever additions discreetly hide your trash and recycling bins behind cabinet doors, keeping your kitchen looking clean and tidy. With a simple tilt, you can easily access and dispose of your waste without the unsightly sight of trash cans.

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26. Bookshelf as a Headboard

Bookshelf As A Headboard: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Architecture Art Design

A bookshelf headboard is the ultimate fusion of functionality and style in your bedroom. It not only provides a convenient place to store your favorite reads but also doubles as a stylish backdrop for your bed. This innovative design saves space and adds character to your bedroom, turning it into a cozy reading nook and a peaceful sanctuary.

27. Use Closet Rod Hooks

Use Closet Rod Hooks: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source The Organised You

Discover the transformative power of closet rod hooks, the unsung heroes of closet organization. These ingenious accessories easily clip onto your closet rod, creating additional hanging space and bringing order to your wardrobe. Whether it’s handbags, scarves, belts, or ties, closet rod hooks provide a simple and efficient way to keep your accessories organized and within easy reach.

28. Wardrobe in a Corner

A wardrobe tucked snugly in a corner is the ultimate space-saving solution for any room. It’s like a cozy closet nook that optimizes every inch of your space. Corner wardrobes are versatile and chic, offering ample storage for your clothing, accessories, and more. With doors that open wide, you can easily access your wardrobe while keeping it out of sight when not in use.

29. Laundry Set-Up

Creating a well-organized laundry set-up is like giving your home a daily dose of efficiency and convenience. With a thoughtfully designed space that combines functionality and style, laundry becomes less of a chore and more of a breeze.

30. Pull-Out Cutting Board Above Bin

Pull-Out Cutting Board Above Bin: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Better Homes and Gardens

A pull-out cutting board above a bin is a kitchen innovation that combines practicality and convenience in one clever design. This space-saving solution not only provides a dedicated area for meal preparation but also simplifies kitchen cleanup. With a cutting board that slides out over the bin, you can easily dispose of food scraps and waste, keeping your kitchen clean and your workflow efficient.

31. Under Sink Drawers

Under Sink Drawers: 31 Best Shelving Ideas For More Storage
Source Family Handyman

Under-sink drawers are the ultimate game-changer when it comes to kitchen organization. These cleverly designed drawers transform the often cluttered and inaccessible space beneath your sink into a streamlined storage haven. From cleaning supplies to dish soap, these drawers provide a convenient and tidy solution to keep everything in its place.

When you find yourself stressed over limited storage space in your home, these innovative shelving ideas can truly work wonders. Whether you’re dealing with a pantry bursting at the seams or a cluttered closet, maximizing space is all about thinking creatively and using every nook and cranny to your advantage.

These shelving ideas will help you make the most of your space while adding a touch of creativity and style to your home. Happy organizing!

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