10 More Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

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Nowadays, some of us are too busy to pay any heed to the cleanliness of our homes while others are just too lazy. It doesn’t matter if you fall into the ‘busy’ or ‘lazy’ category, but you truly wanna keep your home clean, I’ve got you covered!

Surprisingly, there ARE some ever-busy people who actually found out some magical ways to keep their homes clean. They just developed some super easy habits and successfully broke down the barriers!

But before I reveal their habits to you, remember those simple cleaning methods that your parents taught you? Making the bed, doing the dishes, doing laundry, and so on—these were more like orders that we had to follow. But today you’re gonna be thankful for those tips. Those small habits are gonna come in super handy for keeping your homes clean!

Apart from them, many other methods will let you have a clean home. C’mon, let’s move on to them!

10 More Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

1. Use Your Dishwasher For Multiple Purposes

Not many people are aware of the superpower their dishwasher holds and waste it by washing only dishes in it. But don’t you commit the same mistake, please! Instead, use your dishwasher to wash plastic grooming tools, plastic or metallic toys, lampshades, baseball equipment, AC vents, and so on.

You can easily browse the tutorials to clean different things in your dishwasher. Make this a habit and you will save a lot of time, energy, and even some money.

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2. Clean The Refrigerator

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to take out all the items from the fridge and clean them every day! Just make it a habit of peeking inside now and then to find out what all has ruined, and then chuck them away. This way, your fridge won’t be filled with unnecessary food items.

Also, take some time out once in a while to clean any spills on your fridge’s shelves. Then, assign different shelves for different food items—this will make it look organized and neat.

3. Organize Relentlessly!

Any person who wants a neat and organized home should immediately get his or her hands on baskets. You can buy some pretty baskets from the store for storing different things like toys, extra blankets and pillows, makeup tools, and so on.

Drawers are also a big help when it comes to organization. You can store your cutlery inside them as well as cooking ingredients.

You’ll have to make it a habit of putting everything back in its place after using them.

4. Organize Pet Stuff

I must say, houses are prone to untidiness when they have pets living in them. Toys, crates, boxes, litters, etc.—all lying around, here and there. Even the cutest of pets actually make quite a mess at times!

But don’t worry, I’ll help you deal with this. It would be better if one spot in your home was specifically assigned for your pet’s items. You can install hooks here so that you can hang the leashes, keep a box in this spot for storing any toys.

You can also tape their food and water bowls to the ground using double-sided tape to minimize spills.

5. Make Lists

We can’t remember everything, right? Remembering ALL the household chores is definitely a challenge especially if you’ve got busy jobs, So, what’s the solution? Make lists!

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Attach a chalkboard to your wall or fridge door and make it a morning habit of writing down all the chores that you have to do on a particular day. This way, after a tiring day, you won’t have to rack your brains trying to remember important chores.

6. Walls And Ceilings Are Also Important

The walls and ceilings are often ignored until spiders build an entire village there! Don’t wait for this to happen. Instead, use a brush or attach a microfibre cloth to the end of a broomstick and clean every corner of the ceiling and around the lights—as soon as you spot a web!

Make sure that you wipe your walls clean as they get stained very easily—all it takes is one dirty hand! Make it a habit of doing the job once or twice a week.

7. Shower Curtains Need Your Attention Too

Yes, you read that right. Your shower curtains get wet every day and thus become an active breeding ground for bacteria. The plastic ones are no better. They grow molds and mildew if they are not cleaned.

So, wash them at least once a month in the washing machine along with some soiled towels—they’ll prevent your plastic curtains from crinkling.

Don’t forget to clean the liners too! The simplest way is to wash them in the washing machine by adding some liquid laundry soap and white vinegar.

8. Throw Away Any Junk

You may tend to keep around a lot of junk in the house like useless papers, expired foods and meds, useless boxes, and so on. Don’t clutter your house. Take some time out and throw away (or recycle) all the useless stuff as soon as possible, even your ex’s Christmas card!

Don’t keep anything that is meaningless and won’t come in handy ever. Donating is an option too!

9. Cover Up 

Dust may seem like an unstoppable villain but covers will come to your rescue! You can use covers with designs for your chairs, plastic ones for keyboards and remotes, and table cloths for your tables and countertops.

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You can even cover up the top of the cabinets, unused travel bags, and anything that you feel is prone to dusty stains. These covers can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth later.

10. Multi-Task

Honestly, keeping the house clean involves doing several chores every day. People with busy schedules will find this incredibly difficult. So, the solution is to multi-task. Trust me, it’s not that difficult.

You can do some kitchen cleaning while the food is in the oven. While bathing, you can wipe down the bathroom mirrors and other surfaces. Easy!

We have covered 10 extra habits that you can inculcate, apart from what your parents taught you. Apply these and you’ll always have a clean home ready for any big party or sudden visitors! You’ll also feel happier and at peace in such a home.

Written by Pulkit D

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