41 Space-Efficient Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Having a cluttered kitchen is sure to make your everyday cooking activities extra tiring. But what if your kitchen is cluttered as well as small? Then that’s downright annoying. Sure, you can try to clear the mess by throwing out unwanted items, but even that can only help to an extent.

This is where kitchen storage ideas that can neatly and beautifully organize your kitchen come into the scene. There are lots of innovative kitchen storage hacks and ideas out there to help you—it doesn’t matter if your kitchen is small or big.

From kitchen island DIYs to using pull-out drawers, we’ll be looking at kitchen storage ideas that look beautiful and are functional.

Are you in to transform your kitchen? Let’s jump into it.


41 Space-Efficient Kitchen Storage Ideas

1. DIY Dresser Kitchen Island

Via Littlecornerhouse

A well-designed kitchen island deserves to be proudly displayed right in the middle of the kitchen. It can also serve as a table for eating, making this an appropriate DIY storage idea for small kitchens.

You can make this effective kitchen island by simply using a dresser and some readily available materials. Not only will you be able to store a lot of things in the drawers, but you will also save money.

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2. Hanging Mason Jar Storage

Via Hgtv

Want to make fantastic kitchen storage with mason jars? You only need to screw mason jar lids onto the cabinet’s underside and boom! You have a lovely set of floating mason jars to store and display your pasta, pretzels, or whatever goodies you want to display.

3. Pullout Pot Rack 

Via Kevinandamanda

Wondering what to do with cluttered kitchen storage cabinets? With this incredible pull-out rack system, storing pots, pans, and lids is a breeze. Moreover, they’re adjustable so you can store items of diverse shapes/sizes in one convenient area. 

4. DIY Cell Phone Station

Va Fourgenerationsoneroof

Using mobile phones inside the kitchen is a common thing. This DIY will let you have a charging storage station to keep your mobiles safe while you’re cooking.

You’ll need a bread box for this and some materials required to make a shelf. Adding a shelf inside the bread box will give you additional storage space.

5. IKEA Kitchen Island Hack

Via Jenloumeredith

A portable kitchen island is extremely convenient and perfect to add storage to the kitchen. With a little creativity, you can stun your guests and also save space with it.

Make use of a shelving unit and transform it into a practical and extremely usable kitchen island with the addition of chopping boards, towel racks, door fronts, and rolling wheels.

6. IKEA RÅSKOG Cart Hack

Via Apartmenttherapy

You should always spend money on creative furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. With that being said, the IKEA RÅSKOG cart, which is a 3-tier alloy steel cart, will seamlessly blend in your tiny kitchen.

IKEA’s RÅSKOG utility cart is the ideal kitchen storage as it will be handy and easy to use. You can store canned food, vegetables, cleaning supplies, and much more.

7. Spice Jar Organization

Via Thehomesihavemade

Up your spice jar organization game by adding a few plastic organizers to shallow drawers. To ensure the greatest fit, measure your drawers beforehand. Place your most frequently used spices in the front, with the labels facing up.

Spice packets, tea packets, and leftover condiment packets from takeout may all be stored in little containers.

8. Cart Kitchen Organizer

Via Anightowl

Did you know that certain food products don’t have to be stored in the fridge? Instead, you can store and arrange your vegetables and snacks in this rolling 6-drawer wire cart with canvas baskets and blackboard plaques.

You can drag the cart anywhere and place it where it best fits, without having to worry about the interior decor becoming boring.

9. DIY Chalkboard Paint Glass Jars

Via Pumpsandiron

Mason jars are multifunctional and also don’t cost a fortune. Use them to store seeds, grains, spices, and herbs to give your shelves a makeover. 

Moreover, to quickly identify the required ingredient, add chalkboard paint labels. This labeling method will make sure your kids pick the right ingredient as you direct them.

10. Pegboard Trick

Via Eclecticrecipes

When there are few cupboards in a tiny kitchen, it might be difficult to store pots and pans. If you have any wall space available, measure the area, and go to your local home improvement store to have a pegboard specially made for you. Add some hooks to the wall for immediate storage.

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11. DIY Knife Block With Cookbook Holder

Here is a two-in-one DIY project for all those who love cooking. This wonderful knife block that has space for a cookbook can be a great addition to your kitchen to store knives. You can prep your ingredients while checking out the recipe easily.

Moreover, the additional space you leave for the cookbook can also work as an area to place your mobile phone while watching a cooking video. This is a great piece to add to your kitchen for it holds all your blades in place and with style.

12. Rotating Storage Hack

Via Fromhousetohome

Clean up the utensil drawer and get rid of unnecessary utensils on the counter. Construct this fantastic DIY rotating organizer on the bottom of a shelf and you’ll be able to save valuable space. 

You’ll need Lazy Susan hardware, plywood piece, cup hooks, screws, and other basic tools to bring this kitchen storage idea to reality.

13. DIY Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

Via Homedit

Large, attractive wooden knife blocks are lovely to look at, but they take up valuable counter space. What if there was a way to store your knives safely without taking up any counter space?

Take a look at this clever and inexpensive knife storage solution. This project is a double win since it looks fantastic and is incredibly practical! A wooden magnetic knife holder block allows you to display, store, and readily retrieve your knives.

14. DIY Pull Out Trash Cans

Via Practicallyfunctional

With a simple pull-out garbage can cupboard, you can keep your waste out of sight. Choose the most convenient closet for your waste, clean it out, and remove the shelves. It will now be much easier for you to measure and select the appropriate equipment.

You’ll need a pull-out trash can cabinet kit, a door mounting kit, and a screwdriver for this DIY.

15. Trash Bin with a Countertop

Via Hgtv

Struggling with no space to place your trash bin? Then here’s a hack. You’ll like having this space-saving butcher block/pull-out trash can, especially if you often have visitors over. It’s easy to clean up vegetable leftovers, plus it stows your rubbish away from sight.

With this tilt-open-door cabinet, you can hide your garbage can easily. You can spruce up this storage by placing some plants on top of it.

16. Mug Storage with Hooks

Via Penelopeoasis

By adding some simple hooks to your cupboard shelves, you can optimize your storage space while also reducing the strain on your shelves. Mugs can be hung instead of piled by adding hooks beneath the top of the cupboard. They take up less room and fill in the gaps that are frequently left.

This design is ideal for open or glass-fronted cupboards since it also looks wonderful.

17. Antique Ladder Pot Rack – DIY 

Via Oldhousecrazy

This project is ideal if you have an old ladder lying around. If you don’t have any, you may always go on Craigslist or go to a home improvement store. Clean and sand your ladder if it’s dirty and even give it a coat of paint or stain to match your kitchen. 

Hang your ladder up using chains and bolts, and use S hooks to hang the pots and pans from each ladder step.

18. DIY Wire Utensil Rack

Via Abeautifulmess

This space-saving, DIY utensil marvel not only has a minimalist style that goes with any décor. All you need is a wire mesh rebar, a few hooks, rust-prevention primer, wire cutters or a metal grinder, and a power drill to get this DIY hack done in a short time.

Hang all the essential utensils right behind your cooking range using this method. This way, you can easily grab what you need while cooking instead of rummaging through cupboards and cabinets.

19. School Locker 

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

A locker isn’t only meant to be in schools or at the gym, you surely can make use of it at home–especially in the kitchen. A locker can be easily bought online and can offer lots of storage space with its deep compartments and various shelves.

You can place canned food on the top shelves, pulses and grains in another, pickles and condiments in another, and so on.

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20. Drawer Organization for Wraps and Bags

Via Christeneholderhome

Wraps and bags are so necessary for kitchens these days. As they are bulky, many people dump goods like plastic baggies, foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper into deeper drawers. This eventually ends up in huge chaos when you’re searching for a particular bag or wrap.

That is why we suggest this idea where you simply place the bags in a shallow drawer from where you can get your wrap/bag quickly.

21. DIY Kitchen Storage Shelf and Pot Rack

Via Hgtv

Make a wall-mounted storage shelf for your favorite cookbooks and your pots using affordable, readily available materials. This hanging cookware rack is a multipurpose storage option for any one-bedroom apartment where the kitchen, dining area, and living room may be difficult to separate.

By placing books on the top shelf and hanging pots and pans on the lower hooks, you can store lots of space.

22. Magazine Rack behind Cabinet Door

Via Simplelifandhome

You can easily move hard-to-stack food storage products to a more easily accessible position to free up pantry space. To do this, a magazine rack must be mounted on the back of a cabinet door. That is it! 

You can store plastic wrap, aluminum foil, canned food, etc. in this rack.

23. Make Use of the Nook

Via Houzz|Sawhill Kitchens

Keeping your kitchen gadgets handy but out of the way is easy if you have nooks, pantries, and specialized cabinets. Make an appliance nook at the corner of your kitchen counter if you have one.

Your toaster, blender, frother, and whatnot can be kept over here. This nook can be concealed with a small door, keeping your counter area looking tidy.

24. A Place for Spray Bottle Cleaners

Via Littlebitfunky

You can save a lot of space by making use of the space under the kitchen sink. Add a tension rod in this space. You can hang spray bottles over the rod by their nozzles. This minimizes the number of objects on the bottom of the cabinet. 

25.  DIY Trashbag Storage

Via Simplyorganized

Garbage bags in huge rolls taking up too much room under your sink? Not any longer. Regardless of how large or small your kitchen is, we all have roughly the same amount of space beneath our kitchen sink. To efficiently utilize the space, make a trash bag holder using curtain rods and dowels.

You can paint the dowels if you wish to.

26. Decals with Printables Stuck on It

Via Thepaintedhive

Are you sick of seeing the same old, boring salt, sugar, or cinnamon jars? If that’s the case, then you should check out this amazing idea. Click here to get some useful and effective free printables that you can use to dress up your jars and make your kitchen look aesthetic.

27. A Refridgerator Hack

Lazy Susan Turntable Organizer for Cabinet Pantry Kitchen Countertop Refrigerator Office, 12 Inch, Steel, White

A cluttered fridge is our worst nightmare. And when we don’t realize that the food has gone bad—that’s another nightmare and heartbreak. To avoid this, buy a Lazy Susan and keep your condiments, plastic and glass containers, and other small items on top of it.

The outcome is a well-organized fridge with minimal food waste thanks to a little merry-go-round that makes accessing items 10 times faster.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Easiest Cupboard Pan Lid Organiser

To keep pan lids organized, use strong adhesive hooks on the inside of the cabinet door. Make sure the lids’ handles don’t rest against the pans and hold the door open. 

You can also buy regular command hooks and attach them to the door using glue.

29. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Instructables

Your refrigerator isn’t simply for keeping food cool and fresh. It can also provide space for attaching a spice rack, freeing up storage space in cabinets and on countertops. This DIY method may appear complicated, but it’s actually rather simple.

Fill magnetic spice tins with spices and set them anywhere on your fridge. 

30. DIY Country Store Kitchen Shelves

Via Ellaclaireinspired

Adding shelves to an empty wall area to house matching jars gives a beautiful, additional storage space in your kitchen.

Removing flour, sugar, cereal, pasta, chips, and snack items from your cupboards and surfaces clears space on your counter and provide you extra storage space. It also makes these products more accessible.

31. Cutting Board Storage

Via Thatswhatchesaid

If you have a big cutting board, it can definitely take up a lot of space if kept on the counter. To get rid of that problem all you need to do is set up a wire rack on the inside of your cabinet boards. Attach zip ties to the bottom of the rack so that the boards won’t fall out.

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32. Clear Organizer Bins

Refrigerator Organizer Bins, ESARORA 8 PACK Clear Fridge Bins with Handles(4 Wide, 3Narrow & 1 Egg Holder) For Fridge, Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry Organization, BPA Free Freezer Organizer Bins

Clear organizers are a dream come true when it comes to keeping nearly everything in your fridge organized. They make it simple to organize and see your goods, and their durable plastic bodies allow them to be stacked. 

This set of organizers contains 8 containers of different sizes. They are BPA-free, have built-in handles, and are stackable as well.

Buy it on  Amazon.

33. A File Organizer for Lids


Attach a file folder holder to the back of the cabinet door for simple storage of plastic bowl lids. The lids will be contained in the cupboard and will not tumble out onto the floor. You can also arrange the lids by their size so that the little lids are easy to discover without having to search around for them. 

34. Produce Baskets Hack

These wire baskets can be ideal for you if you cook for a large family in your small kitchen or simply want to stock up on supplies. They’re ideal for keeping huge quantities of potatoes, garlic, or onions—put them on the counter in a corner so that they won’t look cluttered.

35. Bed Slat DIY – Essentials Hanger

Via Ichdesigner

Who’d have thought a bed slat which is of no use anymore or was bought for a low cost would be useful in this way? This wall storage concept is one of the cheapest and most straightforward methods to add storage to a tiny kitchen.

The S-hook hangers are both functional and beautiful, making it simple to hang cutlery. You can also add some decoration in the form of planters to make it aesthetic.

36. DIY Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

Via Twofirstfeet

This idea is for the avid bakers out there! It’s always hard to find a specific cookie sheet or metal tray among a lot, and we usually have to dig around. Well not anymore! These goods are separated and organized in this do-it-yourself drawer.

Simply construct the drawer, install the slides, and place it in your cabinet. You’ll like how well-organized this area is for these things.

37. Pallet Wood Wall Mount Silverware Holder

Via Hometalk

Are you tired of a metal silverware holder that fades soon and looks dull? Well to spice things up, we bring this elegant-looking wood wall mount silverware holder. This silverware holder will give your kitchen a beautiful antique style while freeing up a drawer or two. 

You’ll need to make boxes by gluing and screwing the pieces together; then attach them to a long slat.

38. Utensil Tin Bins

Via Hgtv

Are you looking for a cute way to store little kitchen products or herbs? With a few recycled tin cans, you can make cute, unique utensil holders. In this DIY idea, these tins are suspended on a metal rod that will also serve as a hand towel holder.

39. Dollar Store Dish Racks

Via Indulgy

The cupboard above the refrigerator is difficult to reach and is either never used or only utilized for stuff you rarely need. Vertical racks, on the other hand, can be used to store baking sheets, pans, muffin tins, and cooling racks. 

You can also get this rack from Amazon.

40. Floating Utensils

Via Oneilsisters

Building a shelf out of tin cans and a piece of wood is another fantastic method to get utensils out of your drawers and into a more creative storage setup. It’ll provide a lovely rustic touch to your kitchen and also free up some drawer or cupboard space.

41. Vertical Dish Drainer

Via Ikeahackers

Are you in for some creativity plus some good amount of labor work? If so, this last idea is your go-to. To get started, you need to build a vertically integrated drying rack using a BYGEL rail, two BYGEL wire baskets, S-hooks, and a cutlery caddy.

With this, you can store space and also drain your utensils in a short time.

Once you set your mind on organizing your kitchen, there is no backing out. We hope our list of kitchen storage ideas aids you in that very process.

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