51 Brilliant Toy Storage Ideas Kids Will Love in 2022

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Being a parent means dealing with a messy bedroom or playroom almost every day is inevitable. Toys, without a question, can take up a lot of room and cause clutter, especially if they aren’t organized properly after playtime. This isn’t simply an annoyance; it’s also a safety hazard. It’s time to take back charge of your children’s toys storage and recover your living space. Ensuring that all the toys have a designated location is crucial to maintaining things in an orderly manner.

There are a plethora of excellent toy storage ideas that make use of every part of the room—even the corners. To inspire you to get creative, we’ve gathered some of the finest toy storage ideas from all over the internet.


51 Brilliant Toy Storage Ideas Kids Will Love in 2022

1. Use a Fabric Bin

Via Houseofharper

To put away toys in a jiffy, place a fabric bin or cloth basket at the edge of your kid’s bed. These containers are really useful—they have a lot of storage capacity and are quite cheap. Get one with handles so that your kid can move it around the room if they wish to.

2. Utilize Rolling Carts

Simple Houseware 3-Tier Multifunctional Rolling Utility Cart with 2 dividers and Hanging Bucket, Turquoise

Use a rolling cart for your child’s toys if they frequently play in different rooms. This way, you can transport it directly where you want it. This 3-tier rolling utility cart is ideal for storing toys and conserving space. It has a robust metal frame that is painted in a fashionable turquoise color.

Buy it on Amazon.

3. The Leaning Tower Toy Storage

Via Eliandeli

This storage can be made at home using some basic drawers and shelves. The leaning frames are attached to them to provide additional support and even more storage space at the very top. Keep small knick-knacks on the top shelves and toys and books in the middle and bottom boxes.

Labeling the front of each box can help children in keeping their belongings ordered. To fit your decor, stain these shelves any color you want.

4. Construct Storage Benches

Via Paultrandiy

Built-in seats with storage are an adorable, kid-friendly, playroom storage solution. It will come in very useful over the ages, regardless you use it to store handbags, footwear, or even other toys.

5. Floating Shelves

Via Yellowbrickhome

For convenient access to the toys install some floating shelf near the table or beside the bed. Just make sure to include a few decorative items to keep it looking trendy. You may either buy floating shelves online or make them yourself with relative ease.

6. Store Them in a Closet

Via Charlestoncrafted

Get toy bins online or from a dollar store and place them beneath the bottom-most shelf in your kid’s closet. This way, you can make use of the additional closet space—your children won’t be having a lot of clothes and accessories at a small age. This method can also be used to hide their toys from view.

7. Cube Shelves


Via homemadebycarmona

These traditional cube-style cabinets are the most basic of all. They’re widely obtainable at most shops, and they’re reasonably priced. Your kids can display their action figures and much more on these shelves. If you’re in the mood to DIY, purchase pre-cut MDF boards and get working!

8. Kids Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Box - Superhero BlueYour kids can store anything they like in this handy toy chest, including souvenirs, figurines, stones, and so on. It keeps all of its small items in one place and off the ground. In this way, they each have their very own transportable toy storage box with grips. The drawers on the inside can be lifted out too.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Toilet Paper Roll Cubbies

Instead of throwing out toilet paper rolls, use them for this DIY car garage. You’ll also need a shoebox, colored paper sheets, and some basic craft supplies, and you are good to go.

10. Use a Book Bin

Via Thislittlestreet

These compact book bins allow children to look among their books without having to remove them all from the container. They can be used for storing toys too—dedicate some compartments for toys and the others for books.

It will be a stylish as well as practical addition to your room.

11. Collapsible Storage Cubes

Amazon Basics Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes Organizer with Handles, Gray - Pack of 6

Use storage cubes to safely store toys away when not in use. These are made of breathable fabric and are collapsible so that you can stow them away when you’re not using them.

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Put your kid’s toys in these baskets and push them under the bed or in the closet. The handles make it easy to pull them out whenever it’s playtime.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Under-the-Bed Storage with a Slide-out

Via notjustahousewife

Because space is limited in a compact room, you must make the most of every single centimeter. Under-bed drawers are a great method to get to all of the storage beneath the bed. Choose a trundle bed minus the cushion or a DIY yourself bed frame with drawers. This makes it easier for you to separate the toys and get things out when your kid wishes to enjoy them.

13. DIY Towel Tote

If your child loves taking a lot of toys to the beach, make them this 2-in-1 beach towel tote. This tote filled with beach toys can be hung in the closet or behind a door. Once you get to the beach, you can take out all the toys and turn the tote into a beach towel. This idea is super easy and affordable to try!

14. Elegant Storage

Via Hellobabybrown

If you’re looking for an elegant storage solution, go for large upright baskets painted in a fashionable copper tint. This organizer can be placed near a wall and it won’t take up a lot of space.

15. Bean Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids | Stuffable Zipper Beanbag for Organizing Children Plush Toys | 38" Extra Large Premium Cotton Canvas

A bean bag is something that almost every child desires. Its utility is multiplied when it may be used as a storage container. Rather than the small foam pearls, you can stuff the bean bag with plush animals.

This bean bag cover will offer you a seating area as well as a storage area.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Install a Pegboard

Via newlywoodwards

Pegboards can be used for more than just tool storage in the garage, they can be used for toy storage as well. Make a pegboard bookshelf, a toy gun organizer, or costume organizer for toddlers, similar to this one. It’s a simple and affordable project that you can pull off really easily.

17. Board Game Storage

Via Infarrantlycreative

We needed to discover a better way to store board games because everyone seems to have so many. This DIY will let you turn them into art pieces that can be hung on the walls—you can take them down whenever you want to play.

Use Ziploc bags and hang each game’s components (fake money, dice, etc.) to the back of the board.

18. Ball Storage

Via Thefamilyhandyman

Use Bungee cords and plywood boards to make this storage unit to hold your kid’s basketball, football, tennis balls, and more. The flexible cords along the edges of this box keep the balls in place while allowing children to take out whatever ball they choose without rummaging through the rest.

19. Shoe Organizer for Barbie Dolls

Amazon Basics 20-Pocket Over-the-Door Hanging Large-Size Shoe Organizer

If your child is going through the Barbie phase and the entire household is strewn with Barbies, the ultimate solution is a basic, over-the-door shoe organizer. Every compartment is the ideal size for storing a single doll.

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Milk Crate Storage Unit

Via milkcratesdirect

Whenever people really cannot buy a proper shelf, many folks resort to using layered milk crates as temporary shelving.  Also, placing them at different angles adds to the charm. After spray painting each crate, secure them to each other using cable ties. You can even label each section.

21. Bench with Toy Storage

Most benches are built to accommodate the goods that a user might require while sitting at a desk. With this DIY, you can create a bench with a storage area for toys. To make your kids happy you can also paint some of your kid’s favorite cartoon characters to add a touch of personalization.

22. Plastic Container Puzzle Storage

Sterilite Storage Box 13.5" X 8.3" X 4.8", 6 Qt. Clear - Pack of 4

When it comes to keeping your child’s room clean, puzzles are yet another pesky challenge. All of those fragments end up all over the place. You can now easily dump the pieces of each puzzle in different plastic small plastic boxes.

You can label each plastic box to easily identify which box contains which puzzle.

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Macrame Toy Hammock

This toy storage concept will provide your home with a lovely bohemian feel. It also makes use of space along the walls that would otherwise be wasted. Use single strand rope and two bamboo sticks for this DIY project that lends your kid’s playroom an additional charm and boho flair.

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24. Hanging Planter Stuffed Toy Storage

Via Diyinspired

To keep stuffed animals and athletic equipment from being scattered about the house at random, repurpose a plant hanger and use it as toy storage. You can spray paint it and add embellishments to increase its charm.

25. DIY Hot Wheels Car Storage Jar

Via Simplicityinthesouth

This DIY can make collecting toys more interesting for your children. This mason jar project is both inexpensive and practical. You can use adhesive to adhere automobiles on the lid, or you can use toy animals.

26. Use Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets for Organizing Household Pantry Baskets 4 Pack Metal Baskets for Pantry Storage Fruit Drinks Wire Storage Basket Freezer Pantry Storage Bins Black Small Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a classic when it comes to storage. You can mount this set on the wall or back of the door and use it to hold plushies. These baskets have an environmentally safe surface coating, are durable, and have outstanding anti-rust properties.

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Garden Hanging Baskets

Via Centsationalstyle

If you possess a bunch of hanging garden baskets you’re not utilizing, then this DIY is for you.  Bring them inside and mount them on your kid’s wall in a zigzag manner. It’ll be ideal for holding teddy bears and other standard size toys.

28. Mesh Net Toy Storage Hammock

Stuffed Animal Hammock, Jumbo Toy Storage Hammock Net KoHuiJoo 70" Wall Sling Corner Extra Large Kids Children Mesh Toy Net Organizer Blue

Adding this basic mesh hammock to the corner of your child’s room offers a lot of room for toy storage. It’s functional, and it maximizes the use of space that would otherwise be wasted. It’s ideal for children who don’t have enough space for a standard playroom.

Buy it on Amazon.

29. Repurpose Paint Cans

Via Rafakids

Repurpose paint cans to create this unique shelving unit for storing your child’s toys. It’s quite attractive and functional and can store other items such as pencils, papers, and other knick-knacks.

30. Use Buckets

Via Al

Make a highly unique storage system out of one of your kids’ favorite beachside toys—the bucket. These bright but simple sand buckets are ideal for storing little toys. All you’ll need are buckets, zip ties, and a drill.

31. Open Cube Shelf

Furinno 5-Cube Open Shelf, White

The basic and attractive design of this open shelf is both utilitarian and appropriate for any area. It’s made of engineered wood and is easy to assemble. The shelf has 5 compartments that can be used for toy storage as well as holding books or other knick-knacks.

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Simple Hanging Closet Storage Crates

Via Tableandhearth

Although hanging storage can appear to be boring, these DIY hanging crates are anything but THAT! Hang up painted wooden crates using ropes—this DIY is pretty basic.  You can even personalize the crates to suit your child’s current room design.

33. Use Zippered Plastic Bags

Oaimyy-(9 Sizes,18 Pack) -Mesh Plastic Zipper Pouch Zip File Holders Folders Bags Weatherproof for Office Supplies, Cosmetics, Travel Storage, Bills, Organizing Storage-Black

Place small toys such as LEGOs and Hot Wheels in zipped plastic packets like these and arrange them upright in a storage bin to maintain them in an orderly manner. These mesh plastic zipper bags are constructed of high-quality, long-lasting PVC.

It is strong and can support large materials, weatherproof and oil repellent, and it is clear, making it easier to locate the contents.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. DIY No-Sew Storage Ottoman

Who knew you could turn a dollar store bucket or drum into a storage ottoman? You’ll need quilt batting, upholstery fabric, wood rounds (two different sizes), upholstery foam, etc. A storage ottoman will add character as well as extra storage for toys while keeping them hidden. Isn’t it great?

35. Add More Built-ins

Built-in shelvings are a lifesaver when it comes to storing. They can be utilized as bookshelves or storage space for small toys in a small area. Try those built-in storage compartments for a highly cool, yet utilitarian design if you’re pretty skilled.

36. Stuffed Animal Zoo

2', 32", 3', 4' Personalized Stuffed Animal Zoo, Wood Animal Holder, Storage, Stuffed Animal Organizer, Kids Gifts, Ball Storage, Birthday Gift, Stuffed Animal Storage, Zoo Keeper

Children adore animals and enjoy going on adventures, especially to the zoo. Give your child the opportunity to play with a soft toy zoo indoors. You can also personalize this soft toy holder by adding your kid’s name to it.

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Plastic Storage Boxes for Legos

Via Thehomesihavemade

We understand how painful it is to tread on a LEGO. Trying to keep track of all of these small bricks might be a never-ending headache! Use unique plastic storage containers to give each LEGO model its very own space.

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Also, include the guidebook and a photograph of the completed project on the inner tag.

38. Covered Kiddie Car Parking Garage

Via Momendeavors

To make your kid’s playtime more fun and orderly, turn to this DIY project. This little covered vehicle park is simple to construct, requiring only a few supplies and some creativity.

39. Bedside Caddy

Via Hearthandvine

Children enjoy bringing toys to bed with them. Once they get in the blanket, however, those toys wind up on their bed, on the ground, or beneath the bed. Stop the chaos by providing them with a hanging bedside organizer so that nothing gets misplaced when it’s time to go to sleep.

40. SlideAway Basket LEGO Storage

Cleaning up after wayward LEGOs will be a breeze with this ingenious SlideAway Basket. The bricks can be contained in the 52″ play surface, and when you’re through, you just put them neatly back into the storage container.

Buy it on Amazon.

41. PVC Pipe Car Storage

Via Thegraciouswife

PVC pipes can be used to make your own toy vehicle garage. This automobile garage is adorable and simple to construct. Just glue together as many pieces of PCV pipes as you require in any shape you desire. Paint the structure and mount it on the wall, easy!

42. Hot Wheels Rolling Storage Case

Hot Wheels 100-Car, Rolling Storage Case with Retractable Handle

There’s a high chance your kid has an enormous collection of Hot Wheels. And like any parent, you’re probably tired of always tripping over the cars and organizing them. Get a Hot Wheels Rolling Storage Case which has a capacity of 100 vehicles and makes gathering and clearing up a breeze.

Buy it on Amazon.

43. Stuffed Animal Storage Corral

Via Shadesofblueinteriors

To store all of their beloved plush toys at reach, make this stuffed animal storage corral and connect it to the railing of their bed. With pocket hole screws and paracord, this system is extremely strong and durable.

44. Outdoor Rolling Storage

Via Shanty-2-chic

This is a fantastic idea for storing toys and keeping the floor and driveway clean of toys. This DIY rolling storage comes with a ball container, a pegboard, and more drawers and racks. It also has casters, allowing it to be transported to your driveway for easier cleaning.

45. Loft Bed Storage

Via Youtube|DIY Tatay Dan

If your child has a small bedroom with not enough cabinet space for storing toys, make a loft bed. This way all the space beneath the bed can be dedicated to shelving units or other storage essentials.

46. Plastic Drawer Storage

Akro-Mils 26 Drawer 10126, Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, (20-Inch W x 6-Inch D x 10-Inch H), Black

You don’t always need sophisticated toy organizer solutions, and you don’t always have to invest a lot of dollars and effort in them. This set of plastic storage drawers with a cabinet is available in many dimensions and combinations, and they are very affordable.

Buy it on Amazon.

47. Ladder Storage

Via Porch

A cute ornamental ladder can be used to store toys and add an elegant touch to the children’s bedroom. It’s incredibly simple to make, and the whole cost of the project is less than $15! All you need are 2×4 planks or pine boards, a pallet, and some basic supplies.

48. Wall-Mounted Honeycomb Shelf Storage

Via Craftedbythehunts

Hexagon shelves are an excellent choice for displaying your child’s toy collection they’re proud of. Simply ensure that the weight of the products does not surpass the shelf’s optimum weight limitation.

49. Woven Baskets

VK Living Storage Baskets Woven Basket Bin Container Tote Cube Organizer Set Stackable Storage Basket Woven Strap Shelf Organizer Built-In Carry Handles (Lid Bins - 4 Pack, Black)

These lidded, woven, storage bins are chic and minimalistic. The handles allow easy portability. These boxes won’t take up a lot of space either because of their stackable design.

Buy it on Amazon.

50. DIY Rope Shelves

Via listinprogress

This adorable little DIY rope shelf will look great on any wall. These shelves are so interesting and easy to make, and they go in with any type of decor perfectly— all you’ll need is some basic wooden boards, thick rope, and weight-bearing ceiling hooks.

51. Under-the-bed Storage Bin

Via Serenitynow

If you don’t have a lot of space, this project is for you. Arrange doll outfits and decorations into an under-the-bed footwear storage container to make use of the area underneath your youngster’s bed. They will be safe from dust and won’t suffer from wear and tear.

The finest toy storage idea is one that blends in with your décor while fulfilling your child’s requirements. Choose the one that fits all your requirements!

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