21 Brilliant Canned Food Storage Ideas

canned food storage ideas

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Do we share the common quality of being a big fan of canned food items? If yes, then you know canned foods are absolute lifesavers on a busy day. However, we also know that you could be having trouble finding a place to store all that canned food. 

Luckily there are plenty of ways to store your canned goods so that they’re both easily accessible and look great too. 

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a canned food storage option is how easy it will be to access the cans when needed. Here are a few canned food storage ideas to get you started.


21 Brilliant Canned Food Storage Ideas

1. Slide-Out Cabinet Shelves

Via Thekimsixfix

Here is an interesting woodworking project for you to store canned food. Build yourself sliding cabinets that make your life easier by making all the items easily accessible to you. 

2. Stackable Rack

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Chrome

An Amazon bestseller product, this stackable rack is cost-effective, durable, and has the capacity to store all sorts of cans. It’s incredibly strong and comes with a sleek chrome finish.

Plus, it doesn’t take up too much time to assemble as the set-up is super easy to understand. 

Buy it on Amazon. 

3. DIY Wooden Shelf 

Via Thehandymansdaughter

If you enjoy woodworking and have the necessary tools and expertise, then the only thing left for you to do is to build yourself a wooden shelf to organize and store canned food.

It will provide you with a huge capacity to store cans. What’s more, is that it adds the perfect chic look to your kitchen or pantry.

4. Wall Mounted Can Storage

Via Anawhite

A wall-mounted can organizer helps you save a lot of space in your pantry. Its large capacity to store and a glass door look is just what you need.

This canned food storage idea had us completely smitten and it’s an ideal solution to the storage problem. 

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5. Rotating Stand 

VIa Anawhite

This DIY project is a game-changer if you want to build an affordable and efficient rack that rotates. The wheels to the bottom of the rack make it moveable and convenient to use.

It’s a very cool and unique option to store canned food. 

6. Wire Shelves

Via Todayshomeowner

Installing wire shelving upside down will give you good storage space. Yep! Simply turn the shelves over so that the smaller side faces up, then adjust the brackets in a manner that it tilts a little. Then place the cans on the shelf. Voilà!

7. Step It Up! 

YouCopia Can ShelfSteps Organizer, 3 Shelf, White

Another amazing Amazon saves, here is a steps organizer. Not only does it provide you with storage space for canned goods, but it does so neatly. It will add a nice look to your kitchen shelf or pantry space. It will also make it easy to find the needed can easily when you reach out for it.

Buy it on Amazon.

8. The Back of the Door 

Via Onecrazymom

Real happiness looks like solving your storage problems with easy and affordable fixes. That is why this is a great idea to store cans.

Utilize the back of the doors of your kitchen or pantry to hang wire racks or shelves and place your canned food in them. There you have it – easy access and totally affordable.

9. Sliding Storage Rack 

Via Classyclutter

Let’s accept it – storing canned food in kitchen cabinets is no easy work. You simply don’t want those cans to be the highlight of your kitchen space.

With this DIY idea, you create a rack that you slide and hide between the wall and the refrigerator. What a fantastic method to make use of empty spaces to store canned food! 

10. Labelled Plastic Boxes

Via Abowlfulloflemons

These incredibly adorable, low-cost bins are ideal for storing canned foods. They’re also transparent, allowing you to easily see your current stock.

Plus, you can label them to keep things organized. 

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11. Wall Mounted Dispenser

Via Tombuildsstuff

Here is another great storage idea for canned food – a wall-mounted dispenser. Building this wooden, compartmentalized can dispenser that you can mount up on a wall is easy.

Not too big in size, it still gives you the space to store around forty cans at a time. The only thing left for you to do is to start working to create this storage idea.

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12. Lazy Susan For Cans

Via Housebeautiful

It’s rightly said – out of sight means out of mind. To prevent yourself from forgetting about those cans stacked at the back somewhere, lazy susans are just what you need.

Adding lazy susans in the corners of the pantry and storing canned foods in them is simple and quite efficient.

13. Fabric Box 

Via Faeriesandfauna

These easy-to-make cute fabric organizers are one idea we vouch for. All you need to do is, cover these holders with your favorite fabric that complements you and your surroundings.

No more can storage issues! 

14. Rack Them On a Back Wall 

Via Houseofhepworths

There are a variety of canned food storage solutions that you know by now. But here is another simple way to make better use of the back wall of your pantry.

By simply building a plain rack against it, you can have so much more storage space. It’s an inexpensive way to add storage to store canned food.

15. Basket Storage 

Via Delightfulorder

To store canned food, you don’t need anything fancy or expensive. These wooden baskets will be a beautiful and elegant addition to your pantry for storing canned food.

You can even label the baskets with cute stickers using small bows and ribbons. Fun, aesthetic and efficient – that’s what this idea is.

16. Photo Boxes

Via Thekimsixfix

Photo boxes make a wonderful canned food organizer only requiring a few minor adjustments. Just add labels and neatly place food cans in these boxes and you have a quick and easy canned food storage option. This idea is sure to provide a modern look to your kitchen. 

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17. Shoe Bins

Via Makecreatedo

Did you know shoe containers can take care of multiple needs? They are a nice way to store canned goods and are easily available pretty much anywhere.

To make your pantry even more organized, arrange the containers and label them. This is an easy and inexpensive way to add storage for canned food.

18. Cardboard Box

Via Instructables

A brilliant alternative to DIYs that involve woodwork, this one involves simple cardboard boxes. You just need to recycle some old boxes or buy some cardboard boxes to build this canned food storage idea.

It’s quite easy and a lot of fun. You can even design the boxes as per your likes.

19. Wooden Can Holder

Via Shanty2chic

To solve your canned food storage dilemma, Shanty 2 Chic has created this one-of-a-kind rack. If you’re a person with loads of canned foods, then this idea is the perfect aesthetic addition to your kitchen. It’s affordable and easy to make.

20. Adjustable Canned Food Storage 

Shelf Reliance Pantry Can Organizers - Customizable Can Lengths - First In First Out Rotation - Designed for Canned Goods for Cupboard, Pantry and Cabinet - Food Storage - Made in USA - Up to 20 Cans

This can organizer is a worthy purchase. It comes in handy when you have cans of different sizes. It can easily be adjusted according to the size and the length of the can.

We have to admit, it also seems like a cute addition to one’s kitchen.

Buy it on Amazon.

21. Plastic Organizer Bins 

mDesign Plastic Kitchen Storage Organizer Container Bins for Pantry, Fridge, Freezer Organization - Holds Canned Food, Soup Can, Soda Water Bottle - Ligne Collection - Clear

A small plastic can holder is the right fit for storing tiny food cans. You can stack them to make the most of your shelf space and also keep the necessary canned goods within sight.

Another option is to purchase multiple holders of the same type and stack them close to each other, so you can store more. The best part about them is that they’re super affordable.

Buy it on Amazon.

Here were 21 brilliant canned food storage ideas. We’re sure you’ve already decided on your favorite ones. You might also like our post on ideas to store snacks easily.

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