41 Best Blanket Storage Ideas For Small Spaces 2023

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Blankets are a staple in any household, providing warmth and comfort during the colder months. However, storing blankets can be a challenge, as they often take up a lot of space and can become easily disorganized.

However, with some clever storage solutions, you can make the most of your limited space and keep your blankets in great condition.

In this article, we’ll share some blanket storage ideas that will help make the most of every square inch of your home and keep your blankets in great condition.

So whether you’re a homeowner or renter, read on for some great tips on how to store your blankets and make the most of your space.


41 Blanket Storage Ideas

1. Zippered Storage Bags

WISELIFE Storage Bags 100L 3-Pack Large Blanket Clothes Organization and Storage Containers for Bedding, Comforters, Foldable Organizer with Reinforced Handle, Clear Window, Sturdy Zippers,Grey

The first idea is pretty much a go-to whenever it comes to storing things. These zippered storage bags are one of the best-sellers on amazon because not only do they help you store blankets in neat piles, but they also maintain their quality. Blankets can lose their luster
if kept open so, it’s always wise to use zippered bags. 

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2. DIY Ladders to Hang Throw Blankets

Via Handymansdaughter

By now, you must have deciphered that you need a ladder to make this idea work. The good thing is that you can choose what kind of ladder you want in your house. You can get a metal ladder and spray paint it to fit the interior of your house so that it fits right in and also offers you space to hang your blankets when not in use.

3. Cotton Rope Basket

Mkono Macrame Decorative Cotton Rope Basket Boho Nursery Decor Small Cute Woven Tassel Closet Storage Bins Organizer for Baby Toys,Magazines, Potted Plants Cover,Living Room,Bedroom, 11"x11"

A basket to store blankets? You must have thought of that already, but we aren’t talking about just any basket. This cotton rope basket is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home and fits right in with the decor no matter where it is placed. The best part is that it is portable and can be easily moved.

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4. Quilt Hanger Frames 

Via Thepioneerwoman

We’re sure most of you agree that some blankets are works of art with their impeccable details and beautiful colors. If you have one such blanket, why not use it as literal artwork and hang it on your walls using this Quilt hanger frame. This way you can appreciate the beauty of your blanket when you’re not snuggling in them.

5. Wall Racks For Blankets 

Via Eleventhelane

One of the best yet overlooked idea to store blankets is by using wall storage space. These wall racks for blankets are a fantastic product for those who have no floor space left. It is a minimalist wooden wall rack that goes well with any home decor and gets the job done efficiently. 

6. Frame Nesting Tables

Lavish Home Convertible Round Metal Basket Veneer Wood Top Accent Side Home and Office Nesting End Tables with Storage-(Set of 2), White

These nesting tables are the answer for everyone who likes to hit two birds with one stone. Not only are they perfect little tables to use in your living rooms as side end tables, but they also have enough storage space below the lid to store three to four blankets in one go. You can also opt for a change of view by simply flipping the table upside down as the lid works both ways.

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7. Iron Over-The-Door Rod 

Things Made Easy The Quilt Keeper

Some of us are skeptical about hanging blankets over the door because they look huge. Luckily, this iron over-the-door rod is a fantastic solution that can hold any size blanket easily and neatly. It has a detachable feature that allows you to efficiently carry your bedding to and from the bed to the door.

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8. Blanket Rolling Storage Box 

Via Handymansdaughter

A portable basket might not always be the best solution to store multiple blankets. Where do you store them then? In this blanket rolling storage box. This is a DIY project that you can do on your own to create your own storage box and customize it according to your needs.

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9. DIY Beaded Blanket Holder

Via Francoisetmoi

Creating your own blanket storage has never been more appealing and accessible. This beaded blanket holder is a DIY project that you can complete within hours. Also, you can customize it with the beads of your choice and color to fit the decor of your house. The only drawback of this is that you have to be careful about the weight you put on this holder.

10. Upholstered Ottoman Bench 

Via Anikasdiylife

An ottoman bench is essential in a house, mostly for extra seating. But you can make good use of it by turning it into blanket storage as well. This DIY project helps you create your own upholstered ottoman bench with storage space inside. You can choose the fabric and design you want before following the tutorial.

11. Turn a Coffee Table into Storage

Via Rogueengineer

Talking about household essentials, we have to include this amazing idea of turning the coffee table into storage space. This DIY project includes building your own distressed center table using old drawers, doors, and windows. It is a rustic table that will look great if you have a wooden interior and provides you with enough space to store all the blankets.

12. Wicker Baskets For The Win 

Honey-Can-Do STO-02882 Nesting Banana Leaf Baskets, Multisize, 3-Pack,Natural

You cannot always create a new bench or drill holes in your walls to store blankets and it is in these situations these wicker baskets come in handy. Made from banana leaf and steel, they can fit on and under any shelves you want. They’re available in three different sizes, so you can use them wisely to reduce clutter and organize your house.

Buy it on Amazon.

13. DIY Blanket Stand 

Via Craftberrybush

Why waste another moment of wondering where to keep your favorite blankets when you can create your own blanket stand. This DIY blanket stand is super easy to make and the best part is that you can keep it next to your bed too so that all our blankets are within reach whenever you want them.

14. Use a DIY Paint Dipped Basket 

Via Lovegrowswild

We know we’ve shared quite some basket storage ideas with you, but if you’re an artistic soul, you could be looking for something different – something like this DIY paint-dipped basket. It is an easy way to give a regular basket a lift up and use it as a storage piece in your living room without feeling like it doesn’t belong there. 

15. Upcycled Wine Rack

Via Apartmenttherapy

When we say that you can use a wine rack in a kid’s room, we’re not kidding! This amazing idea allows you to use a used wine rack as a blanket storage space in any room of your house. All you have to do is hang it up on a wall and place neatly rolled blankets in it.

16. Under the Bed Storage 

Via Humblehomes

Have you thought about storing the blankets in the same place where you snuggle in them? Yes, we’re talking about the bed. If you have under the bed storage as shown in this image and you’re not using it to store your blankets, you need to start now.

17. Blanket Storage on Wheels 

Via Petitemodernlife

A DIY storage box on wheels sounds like something that you must have in your house. Not only is this an amazing idea to store your blankets neatly in a pile, but it also helps you declutter the items and organize them when you’re using the blankets and the box is empty.

18. Use a Towel Rack 

Winsome Wood Betsy Storage/Organization, Antique Walnut

By now, you’ve understood that you can use an item for more than what it means, like this towel rack from Etsy. You can use it as a blanket rack and place it anywhere you feel the most suitable. Its natural wooden texture allows it to blend nicely, and thanks to its size, you won’t have to worry about space anymore. 

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19. Woven Baskets 

Qua Nevo Woven Storage Basket - 2 Cotton Rope Baskets with Handles (11''x11''), Teal Blue Basket, Baby Laundry Hamper, Kids Toy Storage Organizer, Basket for Baby Shower Gifts, Nautical Nursery Décor

These colorful woven baskets will add a vibrant feel to your home while creating more space for your items at the same time. Made from cotton ropes, these baskets are easy to handle and can store more blankets than you can imagine. They are sturdy, portable, and safe for kids too!

Buy it on Amazon.

20. Farmhouse Style Blanket Carrier 

Via Fittingitallin

If you live on or near a farm, you must have plenty of crates you use to carry around stuff. Well, it’s time to put them to good use as blanket carriers. You can use them as a natural wooden crate or give them an uplift by painting them to make them more modern. The good thing is that you could place this anywhere you want and store many items when used wisely.

21. Wicker Storage Table 

Via Homedesigning

This wicker storage table is a match made in heaven for people who have a modern interior design and want space to store their stuff. It works as a footstool, a table, or as a blanket storage space without being too obvious. Let’s not forget that it looks absolutely beautiful no matter how you use it.

22. Dresser For Blankets 

Via Sewnwithgrace

You may have come across vintage dressers in thrift stores but turned a blind eye because how would they help you? Well, it’s time to go ahead and get them as they can be used to store your blankets. It helps in allotting a designated place for blankets and can be used to store other items as well.

23. Hanging Blanket Storage 

Via Kellynan

Hanging your throw blankets can keep them wrinkle-free and airy, which is now easily possible thanks to this hanging blanket storage idea. You can maintain the quality and store them in a clean place at the same time just by making a few tweaks in your closet.

24. Industrial Coffee Table Storage

Via Cherishedbliss

An industrial coffee table like the one in this image is a metal structure that has enough space to house all of your blankets. A neat way to store them is to use baskets but keep them under the table to avoid them getting in the way.

25. Upcycled Magazine Rack 

Via Craftsyhacks

It’s time to visit your thrift store and get your hands on the nearest magazine rack you can find because they indeed come in handy. You can upcycle the used rack with spray paint and place neatly rolled blankets in it. The wheels will help you move it around with ease!

26. Wall-Mounted Ladder Storage 

Via Kirklands

This industrial-style ladder is a perfect solution for those of you who have tiny beds and small homes. It can be installed vertically on the wall next to the bed or on the ceiling over it. The best thing is it uses no extra space and solves the problem at hand without causing extra trouble.

27. Recycle A Barrel  

Via Instagram

A barrel inside the house? We know some of you think we’re kidding but, we’re absolutely not. Once you clean and polish up the barrel, it will look like an excellent DIY project and what’s better is the ton of space that comes with it. You can use a lid to hide away the blankets too!

28. DIY Upholstered Storage Bench

Via Thecreatedhome

You must have seen a bench at the end of the bed, which is often used for extra seating, to store shoes, etc. This DIY upholstered storage bench is similar but with enough space to store your blankets and much more. The good thing is that it helps keep your bedroom neat with everything stacked away, and it’s pretty easy to make.

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29. Compact Storage Bags 

Isbasa Thickened Underbed Storage Bags with Dots, Large Blankets Clothes Comforters Under Bed Storage Containers with Reinforced Handles and Clear Window, Grey, 3 Pack

Compact storage bags are everything you need if you have less space and more stuff. These bags with clear windows and sturdy handles help you stack away clothing and blankets when the weather changes almost anywhere, including under your bed when you don’t have inbuilt storage.

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Upcycled Toy Storage Container 

Via Learnalongwithme

Stop throwing away toy containers once your kids turn old. Instead, use these boxes for storage. Toy trunks and containers can be used as center tables if you have industrial decor going on and can hold your blankets away from the naked eye at the same time.

31. Console Table 

Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table with Shelf, Weathered Gray

One of the most versatile ideas to store blankets is to use a console table. You can place it anywhere in your house because it hardly takes up more than 10 inches of space. It is elegant, sturdy, and most importantly, has two shelves for extra storage.

Buy it on Amazon.

32. Metal Blanket Rack 

Frenchi Home Furnishing TLR1603 Blanket Rack, 35.5"H, Black-3

Blanket racks come in various shapes and sizes, but it is safe to say this metal traditional-style blanket rack is one of our favorites. Not only because it is easy to move around but also because it has three long sturdy shelves that can take the weight of heavy blankets easily.

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Round Rattan Log Holder

Bloomingville Round Handwoven Rattan Log Holder, Brown

Who said you couldn’t store blankets in a log holder? This round rattan log holder is a picturesque item that many people are getting for their homes. It is spacious, natural-looking, and serves as a storage holder for more things than just logs, like blankets.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. Accordion Style Coat/Blanket Hanger 

MyGift 10-Hook Rustic Gray Wood Expandable Accordion Peg Coat Rack Hanger

This 10-in-1 accordion-style coat and blanket hanger is one of our best ideas to hang blankets when you’re not using them to keep yourself warm. It has two amazing benefits – first, it keeps your sofas and couches cluster free, and second, it keeps your blankets wrinkle-free! According to your preference, you can install it near your doors or next to your sofas.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Rustic Wall Cloth Pins 

Via Thegreenhead

If you’ve been waiting to get something unique and valuable, then you’ve finally reached the right place because these giant clothing pins are not something you see everywhere. The jumbo hooks from Etsy are designed to fit anywhere you install them – from the bathroom to the kids’ room. And guess what? They’re customizable too!

36. Make Clever Use Of A Shoe rack 

Via Trendey

You know what needs to be done when you have more blankets than shoes! Organizing is all about using the space you have wisely- one of the ways to do so is to use the space left empty in your shoe rack as blanket holders. Rolling and storing blankets there will help you ensure that they stay clean and within reach.

37. Pull Out Shelves 

Via Studiomcgee

Pull-out shelves are a modern solution when it comes to storage problems. These shelves are known for their ability to hide in plain sight, which means you can stack them fully and roll them in when you don’t need them. It is efficient, and stylish all rolled into one! 

These were some of the best blanket storage ideas that we swear by when we want to store them safely and neatly. It helps in keeping your blankets within reach and ready to snuggle in whenever you want!

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