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  • how to remove ink from clothes

    How To Get Ink Out Of Clothes – 7 Easy Ways

    We’ve all experienced and dreaded getting ink on our clothes at least once. Either a pen leaked, or you got too immersed in writing to see the stains it left behind; no matter what, the outcome is always frightening because there’s probably nothing more gruesome than getting ink out of clothes. Well, here are some […] More

  • cleaning oil stains on concrete

    10 Best Ways to Clean Oil Off Concrete

    It’s happened to all of us. We’re working in the garage or driveway, and we slip on a spot of oil. Or, we’re changing the oil in our car and spill some. Oil stains on concrete can be difficult to clean, but with the right method, you can get rid of them for good. There […] More

  • cleaning oven door

    Best Way to Clean Glass Oven Door

    Glass oven doors are notorious for being difficult to clean. Not only do they get dirty quickly, but the streaks and spots that accumulate on them are hard to remove. Cleaning your glass oven door is important because it will help keep the interior of your range clean and make sure you don’t accidentally burn […] More

  • how to clean marble floor

    How To Clean Marble Floors

    Marble was not originally used for floors; its origin is traced back to ancient Greece, where people primarily used it for sculptures. These days, marble is found in many homes, both new and old, as walls or sculptures and as floors! But as beautiful as marble looks, it is porous! Marble is like a sponge, […] More

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    How to Clean Aluminum – The Ultimate Guide

    Aluminum is a material that is largely rust-free, highly durable, and is both light in weight and on your pocket. From crockery to light fixtures and doors, aluminum is used almost everywhere. While aluminum is rust-free, it still falls prey to staining and color degradation. When left unattended, it can slowly turn into an unattractive […] More

  • how to clean grill grates

    How To Clean Rust Off Grill Grates

    No matter how much you try and cover your grill grates after using them for barbecue nights to keep them safe, they are always bound to accumulate rust after some time. And, this is not just bad for presentation purposes, but, the rusty grates can affect the taste of your food as well. So what […] More

  • cleaning wax from carpet

    How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

    Carpets are no strangers to stains; in fact, I’m sure every household has experienced a carpet disaster. Even the most careful person can spill something on their carpet accidentally. The problem is, once a stain has set in, it becomes harder to clean. This is especially true for wax stains because not only are they […] More

  • get rid of sticker residue on clothes

    How To Remove Sticker Residue From Clothes

    Are you also trying to peel a sticker off your top after you mistakenly washed it, or worse, dried it? When a sticker is washed, the paper portion typically washes away, and the adhesive remains. The stain may appear black because the sticky part has gathered dirt or lint, making it difficult to remove. We […] More

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    How To Remove Paint From Concrete

    Even though concrete is one of the most pocket-friendly options when it comes to flooring and construction, the labor and effort that goes into removing paint from its surface, especially dried paint, is no joke. But don’t lose hope just yet because it isn’t impossible. It might entail extensive research to understand the best way […] More

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    How To Clean Unfinished Wood

    I know! It’s exhausting to clean unfinished wood. And if you stain it by accident? Well, that’s a different kind of nightmare.  This type of wood is so delicate that we must be extremely careful while cleaning it. There are so many things to go over—the cleaning procedure, the chemicals that can be used, safety […] More

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