Hey! We are the bros, Pulkit and Harshit, here to help and provide you with hacks, ideas, tips, and solutions for your cleaning and organizing needs. Offbeatbros is one of our blogs where you can find useful tips and hacks to solve your household problems. Come on, let’s face it most of us are dreaded by the once in a while idea of cleaning our kitchen or organizing the closet which has been calling for it long time now. So that’s when we felt the need to boost your confidence and help you with your chores by making things simpler to do with some tips, hacks, or methods.  


We started this blog and blogging in March 2018 with the goal of achieving financial freedom and travel. Things were very bleak in the beginning, making us lose our faith in the business such that we felt like quitting every day. But it was a matter of just 10 months of constant effort and hard work that we started earning a good 4 figure monthly income. The growth trajectory has only been upwards since then, giving us the confidence to expand this business and earn 5 figure monthly income. 



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