27 Creative Knife Storage Ideas

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It may not be a well-known fact, but the way you stack and store your kitchen knives impacts their sharpness and effectiveness to a certain extent. It’s hard to keep your knives organized and safe when you don’t have the right storage solution.

Most people just shove their knives into a drawer where they’re bound to get dull or worse, cause an injury. Not only is that dangerous, but it’s also really inconvenient.

There are a ton of different ways to store your knives so that they’re both safe and easily accessible. We’ve collected some of the best knife storage ideas for you so that you can find the perfect solution for your kitchen.


27 Creative Knife Storage Ideas

1. Book Your Knives 

Never in our dreams did we think that books can be used for storing knives! As crazy as it sounds, it works and looks eye-catching. You can use any old hardcover books, tie them together, and keep them in one corner. The pages serve as an excellent placeholder for knives, and all in all, is a great idea to execute.

2. Cabinet Door Knife Sorter 

For all of you looking for an idea that helps you hide your knives from the countertop while keeping them within reach, then this is it. This cabinet door knife sorter is a project that you can do in your own kitchen. You can also customize it to your needs using a few tools.

3. Magnetic Knife Holder 

Magnets and knives go hand in hand. Even though this may be a risky idea for some, it can be a big help if placed at the right height and away from clumsy hands. You can even texture the magnet and give it a wooden look as shown here to fit the aesthetic of your interior.

4. Universal Knife Storage 

Deluxe Universal Knife Block with Slots for Scissors and Sharpening Rod - Eco-Friendly Bamboo Knife Holder For Safe, Space Saver Knives Storage - Unique Slot Design to Protect Blades - by KITCHENDAO

This versatile knife storage from amazon has to be one of our favorite products for storing knives. Not only is it traditionally aesthetic with the wooden bamboo texture on the outside, but the carefully sorted spaces to store sharp objects makes it a practical choice. It comes in several other designs as well. 

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Skewer Storage Box For Knives 

Who would’ve thought that a sharp object could serve as storage for another sharp object? This skewer storage box for knives is quite a shock for us, but it gets the job done. It holds the knives in place, but it also prevents the sharp area from coming in contact with anyone who plucks the knife out.

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6. Wooden Knife Storage Block 

WÜSTHOF 17-Slot Beechwood Knife Storage Block

If you’re looking for something more substantial in terms of storage, practicality, and usage, this wooden knife storage block will come in handy. It has seventeen slots, which makes it a great choice for a chef. Made from eco-friendly wood, it has a unique design and is protected with anti-slip technology.

Get it here.

7. Beans To The Rescue 

One idea we just cannot resist trying when it comes to storing kitchen knives is this one. Using beans sounds like an incredibly creative way to keep your knives, and it’s very pleasing to look at. All you need is a long tumbler, some household beans or pulses, and your knives to make this work.

8. Hanging Felt Pockets 

When the countertop isn’t cutting it for you anymore, it’s time to try out some hanging felt pockets. This idea shows you how to store your knives away from your kids but also well within reach. The felt pocket can also be DIYed with customizable lengths and compartments so that you can store as many knives as you want.

9. Under Cabinet Knife Storage 

Under Cabinet Knife Storage

There aren’t many options when it comes to knife storage items, but this under cabinet shelf is one of the best. It hides away the knives so that it doesn’t fall into children’s hands while keeping them under your cabinet the entire time. Pull them out when need them and reduce clutter from your counter.

Buy it on Amazon

10. Chalk It Up 

If you’re not looking to buy or create an extra storage container, and want to uplift your existing knife holder, then this idea is perfect for you.

Chalkboard paint is readily available in any hardware store and can give your knife holder the fun and functionality it’s missing. Use chalk to add names and labels to keep your blades organized.

11. Spagetthi For The Knives 

Roles can be easily reversed, and one such example of this phrase is the idea of using spaghetti to store knives. Using knives to cut spaghetti sounds more reasonable, but this is no less practical. Follow this tutorial by craft and repeat to get your own spaghetti holder.

12. In-Drawer Knife Separator 

When you’re on a mission to clear away the countertops, drawers are the next best thing. What’s better than an in-drawer knife separator to store your knives? This scrap wood-turned wooden sorter is an easy-to-do DIY project that will help you keep your knives in the right place. It reduces risk while increasing organization.

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13. Stack Knives Between Tables

Impressing people with your skills while making practical use of space is something we believe in, which is why this idea of stacking knives between tables has made it to our list. You can use two solid wooden tables and add a narrow wooden plank under them to hold the sharp ends of knives while the blunt ends stay up.

14. DIY Magnetic Knife Holder 

If anything can top having a creative knife holder, it’s a magnetic knife holder. This DIY project is going to make your counters knifeless and your kitchen more modern by adding a wooden magnetic knife holder. Be careful to install it in an out-of-reach area so that they don’t fall at the slightest touch.

15. Wrap Bag To Cover The Blades 

You must have seen chefs use a wraparound pouch on TV shows, and we are here to show you just how you can use it yourself. This pouch is easy to store, safely wraps your blades, and secures them. You can even keep it in the corner or in your kitchen drawer.

16. Clear Wooden Plexiglass Block 

Via Curbly

There are many ways you can transform a wooden block, and this clear plexiglass case is one of our favorites. You get the best of both – decor and storage, as it uses a solid wooden block to hold the knives and plexiglass to give it a modern twist. Customize it to suit your needs, and you’re ready to roll.

17. Pullout Knife Drawer 

Via Curbly

A pullout knife drawer seems like the one thing you’ve been missing out on this entire time. If you want a storage option that keeps your counter clean but doesn’t use extra space, then this is a great option.

A narrow drawer and a marked and cut wooden plank are all you need to stack your knives quickly and efficiently.

18. Custom Knife Drawer Storage 

While Wearing Heels has come up with the best way to store your knives without investing too much money, time, or effort.

This custom knife drawer storage helps you create a tailored drawer with compartments of different sizes to suit your needs.

19. Use Corkboard And Pushpins 

We’re obsessed with drawers but it’s time to put a creative spin on them. This idea shows you how to create a DIY drawer with a corkboard and pushpins. It uses already existing space to create individual spaces for knives and keep them where they are.

20. Completely Hidden 

This is quite honestly one of the riskiest ideas on this list. It shows you how to stack and store knives below the counter using a magnetic strip to hide them. The knives should be carefully placed in this position so that you don’t hurt yourself while taking them out when needed.

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21. Rotating Knife Block 

If a lazy susan and a wooden block had a child, this would be it. The rotating knife block is indeed a creative way to store your knives. It uses a circular wooden block placed on a rotating tray so that every knife is easy to reach. It keeps every blade in its position and is quite convenient to use.

22. Knife Block Tablet Stand 

There is nothing as fun as creating and using multifunctional items, like this knife block tablet stand. It is a brilliant idea that lets you watch a recipe, a fun youtube video, or a show, all while chopping up those veggies with the knives that are stored in the back of the stand.

23. DIY Knife Warrior 

Why use a simple block of wood to store your knives when you can have your very own knife warrior? This DIY knife warrior is a fun-to-do project that uses readily available items. It adds a fun, personalized element to your kitchen.

24. Rest Your Knives In Rice 

We don’t know how many of you know this, but rice has many excellent qualities other than just filling your stomach. As shown here, you can use it to store knives. Take a container and fill it halfway with rice, put your knives upside down in it and you’re done – your knives will stay sharp and safe.

25. Marbled Knife Holder 

Whoever said knife holders could not be beautiful to look at was wrong. This marbled knife holder proves just how easily you can upcycle your old knife storage container into a piece of modern art. The best part is that it is as functional as it is good-looking.

26. Solar Panel Knife Sharpener/Holder 

This ultimate knife holder is all things innovative. It has an in-built knife sharpener powered by solar energy to ensure you never have to worry about blunt blades while in the kitchen. But that’s not all! It is rechargeable, has a practical design, and looks super cute!

27. Knife Rack For The Win 

Last but not least is one of the easiest, most creative ways to store knives. This knife rack with customizable slots and polished knife-holding planks can be placed or hung anywhere. It even has a unique neutral design that fits into any kitchen. 

These were some excellent knife storage ideas. We hope you were able to find something for your kitchen here!

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