31 Clever Kitchen Corner Cabinet Ideas for 2023

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The corners of a kitchen can be a tricky area to utilize effectively when it comes to cabinetry. Without the right design, these spaces can become wasted. In this article, we will explore a variety of corner cabinet ideas for the kitchen that are specifically designed to utilize the corner space effectively.

From pull-out shelves to Lazy Susans, we will show you how to maximize storage, improve accessibility, and add style to corner spaces in your kitchen.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or just looking for ways to improve your current setup, these kitchen corner cabinet ideas will help you make the most of your kitchen corners.


Maximizing Space: 31 Clever Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Corners

1. Cornered Drawers

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We are diving right in with these corner drawers that can fit any and every nook. The best thing about these drawers is that they make optimum use of the angle without standing out completely. You can model it to fit the design of other cabinets; just add two handles so that you can pull them out from either side.

2. Lazy Susan 

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One of our favorite ideas when it comes to organization is a Lazy Susan, and kitchen corners are the perfect spaces for them. You can install the Lazy Susan given the shape of the cabinet or attach the door to one end so that it can revolve without any obstruction when you need something.

3. Open Corner Shelves 

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If you have an open floor concept, then this open corner shelf idea will go brilliantly with your kitchen corner. It is a great way to use the available space without taking on the burden of adding a cabinet to that space. You can even customize the width, length, and type of shelves.

4. Swing Out Cabinets 

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Swing-out cabinets differ from pull-out cabinets because they swing out, as the name suggests. Corners are tricky places to keep stuff because there’s always one end that is difficult to reach, but you can reach anything on the shelf swiftly, thanks to these swinging cabinets.

5. Diagonal Cabinet 

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Floor-to-ceiling corner cabinets may sound good, but you have to resort to other ideas like the diagonal cabinet when you have vast counter space in between. This is an excellent solution for someone who wants the best of both worlds – display and storage. 

6. Floating Corner Shelves 

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When you don’t have the time to invest in building a cabinet for your kitchen corner, we know one thing that can save the day – floating shelves. These floating wooden shelves can hold everything from your spices to your pots, and what’s better is that you can decide how wide you want them to be.

7. Wooden Corner Cabinets 

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There are only so many things you can try out before returning to the classic corner cabinet. It may look old school, but it’s the ultimate way to make the most of your kitchen corners. These wooden corner cabinets don’t break the pattern, so they fit right in, and the granite above it serves as the perfect countertop.

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8. Custom Design Corner Sink 

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Did you know that all this while you could have just used that corner as a sink? Neither did we! This idea of customizing your own kitchen corner sink so that it can be used as an under-shelf storage space along with cleaning utensils is guaranteed to blow your mind.

9. Pull Out System Storage 

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You might be thinking that we’re going back to the basics with these beautiful pull-out system storage drawers, but there’s more!

These advanced pullout drawers are efficiently redefined as they use not only the corner space but also the drawer. This provides you with extra storage and a modern design.

10. Double Door Accordion Cabinet 

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These double-door accordion cabinets are an example of making the most of what you have. The key here lies in reducing the space the doors take up and including pie-shaped shelves inside so that you can use both sides of the corner efficiently. 

11. Add A Glass Kitchen Cabinet 

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Kitchens are not just for pantry and ingredients; they are also the designated room for beautiful cutlery, so why not use the corner cabinet as a display case? This glass kitchen cabinet is a great inspiration for those who want to have both storage and display combined in one place.

12. Accordion Door Cabinets 

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If double accordion door cabinets are not something you could fix in your corner, then this single design cabinet is for you. It takes lesser space yet provides the exact amount of storage you’d expect. It’s also easy to assemble and use.

13. Hanging Corner Hooks 

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Kitchen corner cabinets don’t just include wooden drawers and diagonal shelves. This idea of using hooks to convert the empty kitchen corner into a hanging rack for utensils, towels, and other necessities is an excellent way to make more space in less material. All you need is a wall and some dollar store hooks.

14. Garage Cabinet Door 

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This might sound confusing because who puts a garage door in a kitchen? Well, you must check it out since it’s an excellent way of navigating the problematic corner angle without breaking a sweat. It uses vertical space instead of the conventional horizontal doors and gives you a lot of extra space to spare.

15. Angled Double Handles Drawers 

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If you’re a home decorator, a homemaker, or even a buyer, you must have come across your fair share of kitchen corner cabinets, but this one takes the cake. These angled double handle drawers are not only technically brilliant as they combine one drawer to look like two, but they also make the most of the available space.

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16. Kitchen Stove Over Cabinet 

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Many interior decorators are adopting this idea of building a design that places the kitchen stove on the top of the corner cabinet. It is a good solution for both, making use of the angled space, and second, to add a chimney above the stove without extending it throughout the entire kitchen space.

17. Utensil Slotted Drawer 

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Using a dedicated kitchen corner cabinet drawer for your utensils is a great idea until you start mixing them up, and it all goes haywire. How can you fix it? Simply by using a drawer divider. This can be a DIY project or a store-bought divider to help you find the right thing at the right time.

18. Curved Kitchen Cabinet Doors 

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One idea we can’t wait to try out this year is these curved kitchen cabinet doors. Not only are they the perfect mix of traditional and modern design, but they definitely know how to make everyone stop and stare. No more problems of sharp corner edges and useless space when you have curved cabinets!

19. Portable Lazy Susan 

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A customized Lazy Susan for the corner cabinet is a good solution when you have it made, but when you have to move things around, it becomes a problem. Using a portable countertop Lazy Susan eliminates it completely, as you can easily move the tray.

20. Built-In Corner Seating 

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A kitchen island is not the only place you can use to eat as this image shows us there are many other possibilities. Namely, adding a built-in seating area to your kitchen corner. A padded love seat with storage underneath, or a multifunctional desk seat, anything can fit in as long as designed correctly.

21. Create Corner Wine Storage Cellar 

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This one may come as a surprise to many as it is not often you’re recommended to use your kitchen corner as a cabinet for wine. It is a great way to put your collection on display. You can even choose to replace wine with any other item of your choice or build it in a different design.

22. Appliance Station 

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We know there has always been that moment of weakness when we’ve wanted to stash away the coffee maker in the corner. Well, it’s now a possibility because you can use your kitchen corner cabinet as an appliance station. What’s great is that you can customize it according to your preferences.

23. Narrow Spice Pullout Cabinets 

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Spices, cereals, and other dry ingredients are very versatile in terms of storage and can fit almost anywhere, including a narrow pullout cabinet. It uses nothing but a minimum corner space and provides good storage space in exchange, so honestly, what more do we need?

24. Create A Small Kitchen Seating 

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A windowsill above the corner can go a long way in turning your dull kitchen into your favorite breakfast place- all you need to do is add some stools and a mini desk underneath it. Add drawers under the desk for extra storage, and you can even use the area to study or work.

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25. Countertop Bamboo Organizer 

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There are very few countertop organizers that fit in corners and get the job done simultaneously. One such is this bamboo organizer, which will not only look good in any kitchen but hold a decent amount of weight too. So you can pile all the plates, crockery, and ingredients you want on it without worrying.

26. Built-In Wine Storage 

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We mentioned you have a cabinet for wine, but having built-in wine storage sounds even better! The primary difference is that this is more for functionality than display and can be used for storing all kinds of bottles. You can even convert this particular corner of the kitchen into a minibar.

27. Hidden Trash Disposal 

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Some things are better hidden, like the trash can in your kitchen. And what’s a better way to hide it if not in your corner cabinet? This pullout cabinet drawer has the trash can attached to the door so that it is easy to pile trash in and take it out when needed.

28. Large 5-tier Steel Wire Cabinet 

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If you’re not a wooden cabinet person or don’t want to keep a dresser in the corner, then this large 5-tier steel wire cabinet is just the right thing for you. With five shelves, it has enough space to store a healthy pantry, and it is designed in a way that it will fit in any corner you want it to.

29. Corner Tambor Appliance Garage

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Is an open appliance station in the corner messing with your need to be neat and clean? Use a Tambor and turn it into an appliance garage. This is a modern design that many kitchens are taking on because of its versatility, aesthetic, and space-saving features.

30. Hanging Corner Plate Rack 

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Having a corner kitchen sink would go really well with having an overhead kitchen cabinet with a hanging corner plate rack. It will make the process of washing and then stacking your plates effortless.

So, you can’t really blame us for including this brilliant idea if it makes your kitchen routine a bit easier while making good use of space.

31. Round About The Corner 

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Last but not least on this list is this very unique and creative way of using your kitchen island corner. With a mix of standard drawers and curved shelves that blend in seamlessly, this cabinet is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve seen. It proves to be as multifunctional as it looks when designed and used the right way. 

These were some of the most unique and creative corner kitchen cabinet ideas that we came across. Say goodbye to weird angles and welcome these cabinets in your kitchen for more space and storage

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