12 Smart IKEA Kitchen Organization Hacks

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Having a decluttered and organized kitchen is the ultimate goal of every person who manages the kitchen. But sadly, this doesn’t usually happen. The kitchen always falls short of space, no matter how much you try to get rid of the clutter. 

It’s also frustrating having to dig around for the ingredients or utensils you need when nothing’s stored in an orderly manner.

The kitchen of my house is always tidy and organized, thanks to my mom. She’s very consistent in keeping the kitchen organized, maybe because she can’t stand a cluttered kitchen. A neat freak.

Well, she does use many hacks which helps her in organizing the kitchen along with being consistent in it. If you want an organized kitchen, use these IKEA kitchen organization hacks and tips. Nothing will be easier than using these tips and ideas to transform your kitchen.

12 Smart IKEA Kitchen Organization Hacks

1. Wall Hanger

This DIY idea from Ich Designer easily transforms IKEA bed slats into a wall hanger. All you need is some additional hooks on the bed slats to hang things such as cooking utensils. The hooks are of such style that you don’t need to fix them permanently on the slats to use them for hanging. You can remove them or shift them whenever you want.

Get bed slats.

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2. Tin Cans For Adding Under The Counter Space

Credit: Tatertots & Jello

These utensil holders from IKEA which are used for keeping spatulas and serving spoons can also be used for adding up space under the counter by attaching them to the interiors of cabinet doors. All you need is some mounting strip to attach it to the interiors under the counter at the place of your choice.

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3. Indoor Herb Garden For The Kitchen

Credit: Curbly

A small herb garden will add too much beauty to your kitchen. Just imagine the view of the sunlight from the window gracing its sparkle to these short herbs(although for that you need to keep windows clean). It is wall-mounted, requiring minimal space, not any of your floor space.

Which IKEA tool has been used to make it?  

The wine rack!

Check out the tutorial here which will make you wonder, “Why I couldn’t think of these!”

4. DIY Kitchen Rolling Island Or Bar

Club Crafted has come up with such a wonderful multipurpose table that can be used as a dinner table, work table, or even as a bar cart because of its mobility function. An added advantage- you can use it elsewhere in the house.

It is great for people with small houses. It saves them from buying different tables for every corner of the house thereby reducing the space available. Major supplies required to make it are an IKEA KALLAX 4-square unit, 4 casters, and supporting brackets.

Buy a unit similar to IKEA KALLAX 4-square here.

5. Air-tight Plastic Bags for Cookies and Perishables

Whenever I open a box of cookies, they lose their crispiness and texture because of the moisture in the air. Nobody wants to eat soft cookies or even chips for that matter.

In the quest of searching for a solution, I found these freezer bags which keep the food kept in it in the best state. It also saves you the unnecessary extra space utilized by the boxes of such foodstuffs which are much larger than required by the amount of foodstuff inside it.  

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6. Moving Pantry Storage

Raskog Home Kitchen Storage Utility cart-Black

This moving cart from IKEA is free to use anywhere in the house. Yes, you can use it for keeping things in your bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen of course. How can I forget that?

You can use it to store extra pantry items which aren’t fitting well in your present kitchen space, or you can even use it to keep the items that you require almost every time for easy access. Whether you are working on the kitchen countertop or some other tabletop, you can drag it along to make everything available at once.

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7. Display Your Cookbooks

Ikea MOSSLANDA Picture ledge, black, 21 ¾ "

Use the ledges from IKEA to display your favorite cooking books in the kitchen. This is more of a decor hack. These frames look gorgeous when used for displaying stuff such as your favorite cookbooks.

8. Drinking Glasses Organization

Credit: Thepaintedhoue

Another efficient use for the IKEA spice rack. You can use this spice rack to keep your drinking classes.

9. A Proper Place for Lids

The lids act as a hindrance when you want to stack one utensil into the other. This forces you to provide unnecessary extra space for your utensils. Also, you can’t keep the lid away from its utensil as it may just disappear, forcing you to use the wrong lid.

VARIERA pot lid organizer from IKEA is the solution to this. This helps you organize the lids and keep them in their place, saving you from the hassle of searching for them and wasting time which adds up to your frustration. You can place it wherever you want to – in the cabinets, on the countertop, etc.

10. DIY Bar Cart

Credit: Sugar And Cloth

Can you guess what is this bar cart made from? No?

It is a bookshelf from IKEA which has been transformed into this cool bar cart by Sugar And Cloth. This transformed bar cart is of the perfect size to accommodate your glasses, mixer, drinks, etc. It is for sure that your guests won’t find such a bar cart anywhere else as it has your unique touch in its making.

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Get a bookshelf here to make a similar DIY bar cart.

11. Dresser Kitchen Island

Credit: Red Book Mag

Does your kitchen island utilize too much space?  This dresser transformed into a kitchen island is truly a space saver. Thanks to its wheels, you can use it for various purposes like using it as a bar cart to serve the drinks or just an ordinary table for keeping things or even a coffee cart. To use this multi-functional piece of furniture, all you have to do is to buy the IKEA dresser.

You can buy a similar one here.

12. Wine Showcase Rack

Credit: Ikea Hackers

You can simply make a display rack in the kitchen for your wine bottles using the double towel racks. Why just use it for hanging your towels? Lol. I get that it will use your kitchen space instead of saving it, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you when I saw this amazing hack on IKEA Hackers.

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Try out these IKEA kitchen organization hacks and let us know what do you think about them.

Written by Pulkit D

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