Laundry Hacks to do laundry efficiently and save money

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Laundry- umm, something which is boring, tiring and an addition to that, you also have to spend good money on it. You may know how to do laundry but do you know how to do it efficiently? Well, I am free from this stuff as luckily I am not the one who puts and switches clothes in the washing machine at home.

But, since that extra penny spent on laundry is spent from the household budget, I wanted to find ways to save money and switch to efficient laundry without compromising on the quality of the wash. It came to my mind that even you guys must be spending extra bucks on laundry unnecessarily, so I decided to share some ways by which you can save the extra dollars spent. 

Let’s go through ways to save money and know how to do laundry efficiently.  

Cut that extra detergent

laundry detergent full cup

Most people use full caps of detergent which is not required by the clothes. Half a cup of detergents is apt for a normal load of clothes. You can change your detergent amount used depending on the condition of clothes washed. If the clothes are little dirty, use less detergent.

Recently, my mom switched from a full cup to less than full cup depending on the clothes. By doing this, our detergent lasts around twice the number of days than it used to. So isn’t this a good saving idea?

Use natural air

Do you use the dryer for drying up clothes? If so, then you should consider changing this habit. Using the dryer adds up to your electricity bill and even the quality of clothes suffer in the long run. Dryers can cause shrinkage, color transfer and wear and tear of the cloth. If the weather is suitable ( like during summer and even winter if it’s not too cold), then you can consider air drying with the help of a clothesline. Otherwise, your dryer is available at your service.

Run the washing machine on full load

Your washing will use the same amount of power whether you load it fully with clothes or not. So why waste energy by just putting the number of clothes that do not load it fully.

Don’t use the washing machine

No, I am not saying that dump your washing machine and you yourself start washing your clothes all the time. I am just saying that whenever you have just got a few dirty clothes which are easy to wash, you can wash them yourself and save that electricity which would otherwise be used by that appliance. Doing this has the other advantage. You will burn calories with this small workout. So isn’t this an efficient way of saving money?

Using short wash Cycles

An alternative to the above tip, you can wash clothes which are little soiled and easy to clean with short wash cycles offered by your machine.

Use the perfect water

You don’t need to use warm or hot water which adds to your expenses for washing clothes. Unless you have extremely dirty or greasy clothes, you can use cold water for washing purposes. Cold water is equally efficient in cleaning the clothes.

Only wash dirty clothes

You don’t need to wash a pair of jeans every 2-3 days because they don’t get dirty very easily. Even if they get a bit dirty, it is not visible. So you can reduce the frequency of washing clothes which don’t get dirty very easily.

Energy efficient appliances

Using star rated washing machines and dryers instead of regular ones greatly reduce the bucks that you pay on your electricity bills. This not just applies to washing appliances but also to all other electronic appliances.

Beware of peak hours

Do not use washing appliances during peak hours of electricity consumption. Higher charges are levied during this period. For example: If the peak hour is from 5 to 8 in the evening, higher charges will be levied during this time as compared to other hours. Peak hours differ from region to region. In some countries, it is a regular phenomenon(on a daily basis for some fixed hours) while in some countries it is a seasonal phenomenon.

Avoid stain removers

Stain removers are quite expensive. Instead, you can use vinegar or lemon juice for removing collar stains and other such kinds of stains.

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Now I think you know how to do laundry efficiently and can easily save some extra money. But, if you do have any other ideas with which you are saving money, let me know about them in the comments below. 

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