How To Clean Spray Paint From Concrete

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Anything, and we mean anything from a project gone wrong to a paint fight between toddlers, can lead to your concrete floors and walls getting painted (and not in a good way). But never fear! No matter how bad, big, or mean the destruction sounds, it’s nothing you and a little bit of knowledge cannot save.

We’ve got some great tips to get rid of unwanted paint from your concrete floor and walls so you can make it right in some easy steps. It’s not as challenging to remove fresh spray paint, but it does dry fast and needs more effort to clean. We’ll show you how to remove spray paint from concrete using a few basic types of equipment and a little bit of elbow grease.

How To Clean Spray Paint From Concrete

Use The Right Cleaner For The Job

Depending on what kind of paint is on your concrete and what tools you’re using to clean it, you’ll need the right cleaner. Some paint can be easily removed with a simple solution of dish soap and water or a little bit of ammonia.

So keeping this in mind, we’ve listed out some of the best ways you can tackle different kinds of spray paint on concrete.

Pro Tip: Before you do anything, make sure the paint is dry (obviously). If it’s not, don’t try to wash or strip off the unwanted paint; otherwise, you may end up making it more bad than good.

1. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Soap

Cleaning spray paint with soap and water is as easy as it gets. If the area you plan on cleaning is small and doesn’t require too much effort on your part, then this is the safest and most sensible option you have. Here’s how you can use soap to clean spray paint from concrete;

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Step 1- Take a bucket of warm water and add a few drops of mild soap liquid or dishwashing liquid to it. Keep it aside and take another bucket of clean, warm water.

Step 2- Use clean, warm water to wipe off any excess dirt on the area. Now use a soft-bristled brush dipped in the soapy water and apply it to the spray paint in circular motions.

Step 3- Blot the wet area with a paper towel to pick up any loosened paint, then follow it with clean, warm water. You can also use a hose if outside.

Step 4- If paint stains are still left, then repeat the process. Once done, mop the entire floor as usual.

2. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Paint Thinner

As the name suggests, paint thinner is a solution used for thinning down paints. If the spray paint is made of oil-based enamels, then you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean it off the concrete.

Pro Tip: Use paint thinner in a well-ventilated area, and keep away from children. Also, remember that this method may not be suitable for homes with pets.

Step 1- Take a bucket of warm water and add a few drops of paint thinner or mineral spirits to it. Mix well to get rid of any impurities.

Step 2- Now, take a clean cloth dipped in the solution and start wiping off the spray paint from the surface.

Step 3- Rinse off with warm water and repeat if needed.

3. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using TSP

TSP, also known as trisodium phosphate, is a standard cleaning product to wash walls and concrete floors. You can also use it in either liquid or powder form as per preference.

Step 1- Mix some TSP in a bucket of hot water. Follow the instructions given on the product to dilute it well.

Step 2- Take your brush and dip it in the solution. Begin to scrub the painted concrete with it. Leave it for 20 minutes before scrubbing it again.

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Step 3- Use a hose or a mop to clean off the affected area with warm water.

Pro Tip: Safety gear is essential when using TSP, so make sure you have a mask on and closed-toe shoes. Also, if the area is an indoor one, don’t forget to open a window for ventilation purposes.

4. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Power Washer

Power washers are great at removing fresh paint from walls or cement surfaces because they force water at high speeds through a hose, spraying it on the concrete. If you have one of these handy tools, then here’s how to clean spray paint from concrete using them.

Step 1- The first step is to remove any excess dust and dirt from the surface using a broom or a brush. Ensure you have the areas you don’t want to affect already covered and safely avoided.

Step 2- Follow the instructions to assemble the power washer and fix the desired nozzle. Now stand about 10 feet away from the stain, point the sprayer towards one edge, and spray water back and forth.

Step 3- Continue until the spray paint peels off and wipe it clean.

5. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Sandblaster

Using a sandblaster to remove spray paint from concrete isn’t a conventional method, but it is pretty effective. However, it requires some previous knowledge and training. Since blasting has the capacity to remove concrete layers, it’s critical to use the appropriate technique. Excessive blasting might alter the appearance and texture of the concrete. For the best results, you can follow these steps;

Step 1- Mark a safe distance from the stained area and turn on the sandblaster. Gradually begin to move forward towards the spray paint and blast it by moving the nozzle back and forth in slow motions.

Step 2- Continue to apply pressure until the spray paint starts to come off. Don’t hold it to one area for too long and repeat the process until you see satisfactory results.

Step 3- Switch to the dry vac to vacuum in all the concrete dust that comes out.

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Pro Tip: To guard your entire body against the sandblaster’s power, you must don protective gear and clothing. If you don’t want the sand to sting your skin, to breathe in concrete dust, or to get it in your eyes.

6. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Graffiti Remover

If you’re still not convinced by one of these methods, there’s always the graffiti remover you can fall back on. Graffiti removal chemicals utilize unique compounds to work through the paint and loosen their grip on concrete and other surfaces. Here’s how graffiti remover can work to remove spray paint;

Step 1- Read the instructions given on the remover product and apply it to the affected area.

Step 2- Let it sit for a few minutes before using a brush to scrub it gently.

Step 3- Blot the area with paper towels and wipe the spray paint off. Clean with warm water and let it dry naturally.

7. Removing Spray Paint From Concrete Using Angle Grinder

For those of you who don’t know, an angle grinder is a powerful tool that’s used for cutting, grinding, and polishing different types of materials. When it comes to removing spray paint from concrete using an angle grinder, you need to be very careful. Before starting, make sure the power is off, and the tool is properly grounded. Once that’s set, follow these steps;

Step 1- Mark an appropriate distance from the stained area and adjust the grinder’s disk to fit into that space. Take caution not to hold onto one spot for too long.

Step 2- Lightly press the grinder on the spray-painted area and move the tool across the area in a clockwise, circular motion.

Step 3- Finish the process by using the dry vacuum to clean any debris and dirt that has been gathered.


Each method works differently and is suitable based on the amount of spray paint spilled. We hope this guide proves to be helpful for you in tackling the cleaning process because removing spray paint from concrete may seem tough, but it’s entirely possible!

Written by Pulkit D

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