How To Clean Memory Foam Pillow

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Cleaning memory foam pillows is one of the most important things to do when our goal is to achieve a nicer, more sophisticated look for our home. Because we spend most of our time stuck to our pillows and keeping in mind the extreme susceptibility of pillows to collect dirt and dust. Even the skin cells we shed are present on our pillows and mattresses…..gross! This is why we need to make it a point to get rid of all the bacteria and stinky smells.

What is a Memory Foam Pillow?

NASA, yes the one with the astronauts, first developed it in the 70s to help astronauts with the impact and jerk experienced during takeoffs. Don’t worry, they have many advanced technologies now to serve the same purpose.

Hence, memory foam has succumbed to being used in only pillows and mattresses. They are pillows that provide you with extra comfort because of their upper comfort layer supported by a layer of poly-foam. What this means is that they are extra fluffy! 

But Pillows Seem Very Hard To Clean.

For once, I would have agreed with you a while back as I didn’t even know where to start. But after a long run of trials and errors, I have finally gathered up some tips and tricks to make this process a lot more easier and convenient for you. So grab a pair of gloves, and let’s get cleaning! 

Use a Cover 

One spine-shrilling fact is that up to one-third of your pillow’s weight consists of none other than…BACTERIA AND DEAD CELLS! Dust mites sometimes find a way into the material of your pillow which makes it extremely hard to clean….not to mention, disgusting. Memory foam pillows and mattresses do help in keeping them out so you’re safe on that end.

Though you should still always use a cover to keep your pillow safe, soft, and as clean as possible. Wash your covers once a week. 

Vacuum with Baking Soda

Sprinkle some baking soda on your pillow and let it stay there for about half an hour. Then vacuum over it. This would leave your pillow smelling so fresh that you wouldn’t want to get out of bed. You should also vacuum your pillow every time you change your sheets. This will suck away a lot of dirt making the actual cleaning process a lot easier and will make it, well….not suck. 

Always Handwash your pillows

To start cleaning, take the pillow cover off and wash it by hand. This will make the top layer of your pillow a lot shinier and cleaner. Putting your memory foam pillow in the washing machine or having your dry cleaners have a go at it will only lessen its life…and also your pocket’s. 

Gentle Detergent with Warm water for Spot Cleaning

  • In a bowl, mix gentle detergent like the one you use to wash silk and new woolens because come on…everyone stops caring about their sweaters after a while.
  • Use a clean light-colored cloth, preferably white, and dip it in the detergent.
  • Then gently rub this over and around the area that has stains. Keep doing so until the stain has completely vanished.
  • Dip the other end of the cloth in water to wash the remaining soap off. You can also use a mild, bubbly dish-washing detergent for this.
  • If you have to remove ‘harder to get off’ stains such as an oil-spill or that Saturday evening wine which won’t come off easily, then fill your bathtub, bucket, or even a large sink with warm water. Mix some mild dish-washing soap or gentle detergent.
  • Let your pillow soak up the solution and then gently rinse it under water to wash the stubborn stains away. 

Air Drying over Hair Drying

Now what I mean by this is that you should always prefer letting your pillow air dry rather than using a hairdryer. This makes it more fluffy and squishy and honestly….who doesn’t enjoy that? But if your parents are paying you a surprise visit in the evening and there is no time left for you to let your pillows fluff up then you can always use the hairdryer to quicken the process. 

Now That You Are Done Cleaning Your Memory Foam Pillows, Here Are The Answers To Some Other Questions You May Have.

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How to maintain a memory foam pillow?

Wash your pillows covers every week. A large amount of bacteria is formed in and over your pillow which can also lead to your pillow becoming stinky.

Vacuum clean your memory foam pillow at the same time. the best advice is to ideally deep clean your pillow once every two months and uses the gentler spot-cleaning method every month. 

When should I replace memory foam pillows? 

Normal polyester pillows need to be changed every year but surprisingly, memory foam ones can last from anywhere between 20-36 months. One simple trick is to fold it horizontally i.e. placing the two long ends together. If your pillow doesn’t flop back then I’m sorry but I have some bad news for you buddy.

Things to avoid while cleaning a memory foam pillow

  • Never send your pillow to get dry cleaned. This causes serious damage and reduces its life. 
  • Don’t wait too long to change your pillows as this leads to allergens build up and you also wouldn’t be as comfortable as you were before. 
  • Do not use harsh detergent powder or soap to clean your memory foam pillow. 
  • Avoid using extremely hot water.
  • Only use your pillow after it completely dries up as the foam can become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and moles if done so. 

Can we get rid of the smell?

Memory foam pillows usually come “off-gassing” which brings with them a chemical smell. You can use the baking soda method along with a few drops of essential oil and vacuum it off to get rid of this. This usually fades away after a few hours of opening your pillow so it isn’t something to worry about.

Are memory foam pillows better than normal pillows?

Memory foam pillows provide you with an extra level of comfort because of how they’re designed. I have personally always preferred them as they are easier to clean and also last longer. 

You now certainly know almost everything out there about foam pillows so stop making excuses and start washing! It may seem a little difficult but remember to always keep your house clean enough for you to be healthy….but also dirty enough for you to be happy. Start cleaning! The guests will arrive anytime now…because when else would anyone want to clean pillows!

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