How To Clean Fireplace Glass

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The fireplace becomes our savior whenever it turns chilly, but who’s going to save the fireplace? Because if you fail to maintain it, there will surely be some fire hazards pretty soon. You may have done security checks and cleaned the entire fireplace, but you forgot one thing- the glass!

The fireplace glass is always dirty because of all the dirt and smoke coming from the logs inside it. If you’re thinking about what harm could not cleaning the glass could do, think again! The inside of your glass doors could get blackened with all the soot, thereby making the whole fireplace dirty. The best way to avoid it is by cleaning it regularly.

How To Clean Fireplace Glass

Prepare To Clean The Fireplace Glass

You should do a few things before you step into the cleaning process. The preparation steps listed below will help make cleaning the fireplace glass easier and safer.

  • If you can remove your fireplace glass doors, please do so as you clean to avoid any accidents, and if you cannot, make sure that the doors are locked to prevent them from opening.
  • When cleaning the fireplace glass, always remember to wear gloves as they will protect your hands from all the soot and dirt that you might come across during the process. Wear an apron or smock to protect your clothes.
  • If you’re cleaning the glass door inside the house, make sure you’ve laid down clothes or towels to protect the carpet from dirt and soot.
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1. Vinegar Mixture

Vinegar is one household ingredient that comes in handy almost everywhere, including cleaning the fireplace glass. Vinegar can be used by itself, diluted with water, or mixed with some additional products to up its cleaning power.

Step 1– Add one cup of vinegar to three cups of warm water and mix well. You can transfer this solution to a spray bottle for better efficiency.

Step 2– Spray the mixture on the doors and let it sit for about a minute before scrubbing with a sponge or a rag.

Step 3– Rinse the doors with warm water and squeegee them dry using an old newspaper.

2. Wet Newspaper And Ash

Ash is probably the most effective cleaner you could find around if you need to clean fireplace glass. Since ash has some oil content, it can easily break down all kinds of dirt and grime.

Step 1– Dip a cloth or towel in ash and scrub the glass door with it in gentle circular motions.

Step 2– Let it sit for about five minutes before washing it off with clean water.

Step 3– You may have to repeat the process as it can take a few tries before the soot is completely off.

3. Magic Erasers

Magic eraser sponges are an amazing tool for cleaning and removing the last stubborn layer of black residue. They’re especially ideal for glass doors that can’t be removed because they don’t create a lot of mess or splatter.

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Step 1– Wet a magic eraser with water and squeeze it out the excess water.

Step 2– Now, use the sponges all over the glass surface to remove dirt and soot easier.

Step 3– Wipe it dry using a clean towel, old newspaper, or squeegee.

4. Sharp Blades

This may come as shocking because who uses blades on glass, right? Although it may sound strange, if done correctly, it can work wonders. It is perfect to use on glass doors with a thick grime coating.

Step 1– Hold the blade between your fingers at a 45-degree angle and clean the surface without applying too much pressure.

Step 2– Once the thick layer of soot has been removed, clean off the remaining dirt using any of the other cleaning methods listed above.


We can safely say that it is because of a clean fireplace glass that you are able to enjoy looking at the fire; otherwise, you’d be sitting miles away! But that’s not something you have to worry about if you follow these methods to keep your fireplace glass clean.

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