15 Holiday Cleaning Hacks

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I love hosting parties at home. Be it the Christmas holidays, or Thanksgiving ones, I like having my cousins and friends at my house for a good week or two. And god, I love everything about hosting them except one part, yeah you guessed it, the cleaning part.

It doesn’t seem much, but cleaning for holidays is a long and arduous process. And having a poorly smelling house or when toys and stuff are scattered can be so embarrassing. 

Thankfully, it is never like that for me because I have a few quick cleaning hacks up my sleeve. 

Why Do You Need Holiday Cleaning Hacks?

These cleaning hacks aren’t just about the pre-holiday cleaning preps. After struggling with the cleaning part for a few parts, I devised a plan for pre-holiday cleaning, in-between, as well as the post-holiday mess we all are so familiar with.

Having it all figured out efficiently saves us a lot of time in having fun, which is all holidays are about. So let’s not wait further and check out these brilliant cleaning ideas that will make hosting holidays a smooth ride for you.

15 Holiday Cleaning Hacks

1. Clean Up Foggy Windows

You might ignore windows hiding behind curtains while cleaning up your home for holidays, but they can ruin an otherwise picturesque decor. Thankfully, you can use a quick remedy using vinegar to clean the smudgy and foggy windows.

Make a solution of a cup of vinegar, a cup of water, and a few drops of dish soap. Spray it on all corners of the window and rub it with a sponge pad or cloth. The dish soap will neutralize the vinegar’s smell so your windows won’t smell bad either.

2. Raise Your Fragrance Game

You can’t afford to miss this one. Many of us focus too much on the decor and, in the process, forget about how our house smells. The guests, though, can recognize a bad smell easily as they enter from outside.

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You have a host of options in this regard. You can use fresh scents like peppermint and lime. When these fragrances combine those of cakes and cookies, your home will feel nothing less than a party house. Your guests will instantly catch the vibe, and the party won’t take long to start.

3. Clean Your Oven

The little things we forget daily suddenly seem so much when we are hosting guests. The oven you were procrastinating to clean can haunt you when cooking a turkey or a fish for your guests. The residue can significantly decrease the dish’s quality and smell.

If scrubbing was stopping you from cleaning your oven, try giving it a steam bath. Pour half a cup of vinegar and water into a dish and let it heat in the oven for 30 minutes after preheating the oven. Let it cool down and scrub it softly to clean the residue quickly.

4. Clean the Bathroom

A bad-smelling bathroom has repelled thousands of guests so far. Remember how you wanted just to pack your things last time when you got into a bad-smelling bathroom for holidays? 

We recommend you clean the bathtub, sink, accessories, and toilets a fortnight before your guest’s arrival. It would save you of any last-minute pressure. You should also stock up a multi-purpose cleaner bottle, cloth, and toilet paper. 

This way, you can easily do a quick clean-up even as your guests are staying to keep it fresh and rosy. Also, don’t forget to hang the bathroom freshener.

5. Use the Three Mat System for Outside Dirt

The Holiday season starts right with the arrival of snow, and it’s perhaps the most beautiful time of the year. And it’s the messiest too. Your guests will bring in snow, dirt, rain, and whatnot from outside.

You can’t let it spoil your carpet. To avoid all that, have a heavy mat right on the door to help them get their boots cleaned. Have another layer of doormat after that to clean any residual dirt and ice particles and add a boots tray.

6. Be Ready to Counter Tough Stains

Kids can’t help but spill sauce, soup, and whatnot on the carpet, walls, and everywhere they are eating. You can’t let that stain settle until the guests leave as it can become permanently embossed to your furniture or carpet.

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Make a DIY borax cleaner and use a professional cleaner like Folex to instantly clean the stains. Having that will save you from losing your temper and feeling embarrassed.

7. Eliminate Fridge Odor

The fridge keeps a host of canned and eat-for-later foods that can turn it into a smelly room. And that smell can easily overpower that of the best of your room fresheners.

You must check anything salad, soup, or dishes you have kept for over a week. Sour milk, rotting meat, and such products can have a disgusting impact. 

But the task isn’t as tricky as it looks. Just keep a bowl of hot water and baking soda in the fridge. Keep some crumbled paper in it and close it. The paper will soak up most of the odor, and you’re prepped.

8. Use Drinks As An Effective Cleaner

Save yourself some time and money by using liquor and beverages from the bar as cleaning products. A bottle of cola in the toilet bowl can leave it sparkling while a bit of vodka can eliminate bad fragrance from the carpet.

But don’t use beer or whiskey anywhere around. Not only is it expensive but it will also leave you with another problem of getting rid of their smell.

9. Make Your Children Help You

Don’t try to be a superman or wonder woman by doing everything on your own. You shouldn’t drain your energy, or you won’t be able to entertain guests right. Make your children help you with the cleaning tasks. It is probably the right time to train them to help you get things ready.

The smallest of your kids can at least keep their toys in the basket. The middle-aged ones can do a lot of cleaning. Make your son get rid of leaves and snow from the garden and doorway. 

10. Clean The Leather Sofa

Leather furniture might be expensive but is equally susceptible to scratches and stains. It’s not time to buy new furniture. Instead, it’s time to use that shoe polish to good effect.

Apply it on a hidden spot once to see if it results adversely. Do it a day before to let it set well. If you have a fabric sofa, you can use some baking soda to get rid of any bad scent coming out of it.

11. Declutter Rooms

For years I have been telling people that it does not space the matters but how you manage it. Having unnecessary heaps of clothes, furniture, and so on can make your room look cramped.

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Remove the clutter from each room by hiding the clothes, newspapers, and mails in a basket. Move your useless furniture in the backyard. You can also shift the arrangement a little if you are hosting a large group of guests.

12. Make The Guest Room Ready

A common mistake we make while hosting guests is asking them to choose which room they’d like to sleep in. You should select the guest’s room and prepare it for them accordingly.

Having a set of clean towels, glasses, water, some fresh welcome flowers, and a glass of wine should instantly leave a good impression on your guests. Spray the room with freshener, but don’t overdo it as it can be suffocating.

13. Clean the Dishwasher

The dishwasher does ease us off a lot of the burden of cleaning dishes, glasses, and so on while tending to guests. But if your dishwasher has hard water deposits and you don’t use the right detergent, it might leave your glasses and dishes spotty and disgusting.

A quick fix is to use a citric acid-based detergent with a dishwasher cleaner to remove any hard water deposits. It will also soften the water and make your glasses sparkling new.

14. Clean The Party Spots

Think of the areas your guests will frequently gather around. It can be your outside furniture that you haven’t cleaned for a while. The dinner and coffee tables are other places people usually gather around during drinking sessions and dinner.

Clean these spaces thoroughly. You can use your all-purpose cleaner for the countertops and tables. Since the tables are flat and hard, they are the easiest to clean anyway.

15. Clean Dishes Simultaneously While Cooking

If you’re preparing Easter’s dinner for the guests, you know how many plates and utensils you are going to use. It can be quite a burden to clean them the next morning.

Use the time when the pot is simmering to clean up what you’re using. When you use the blender, rinse and clean it instantly, and so on. You would just be left with cleaning plates and cutlery afterward.

We hope all the above cleaning hacks are going to make your life easier and your holidays more fun. If you have any more tips to share, comment down below or email us. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Pulkit D

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