11 Habits Of People With Homes That Are Always Organized

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Do you admire those neat and clean homes of organized people? Do you ever wonder how they keep things in order? Well, don’t let this bug you anymore because I’m here with some pro tips!

What kind of organization tips do these people follow? The answer isn’t that complex, trust me. They do have some tricks and habits that help to keep things in place. They also get help from their family in keeping their homes organized.

From making a to-do list to following the mighty 6-month rule, make your family follow them and your job is done. These tips and habits come from experienced ones and I’m are about to fill you in on their secrets!

Take a peek at the 11 habits of people with homes that are always organized and get to work right away!

11 Habits Of People With Homes That Are Always Organized

1. They Make A Daily To-do List

Create a to-do list every day to stay on track and decrease the chances of overlooking your chores. Ignoring tasks that are important for the organization of your house can keep your work incomplete.

Keeping yourself focused is extremely important when you want to keep your home organized, not just seasonally, but throughout the year. 

If creating a paper list is not your style, you can go for electronic to-do list apps to maintain a list of daily chores. Make the list readable by dividing the work between rooms and trust me, you will never look at to-do lists the same way after this!

2. Everything Has A Home

Storage is an important aspect when we are talking about home organization, and it starts with assigning a spot for every object.

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You can start by looking out for objects that you use the most and store them in the most effective way possible. It is always better to store things according to their size and necessity, right? 

The next, very important step is discarding household items that are no longer in use. We often ignore this part, but trust me, people, who keep their homes organized never store junk! They also store the frequently used items in the same location at all times.

3. They Hang Stuff Up

Hanging things like that heavy coat or bulky pants should be a habit. Once you walk in through the door and take off that coat, put it in the laundry if needed, or hang it up on a coat rack.

You can also put it up in the closet, but is it advised to keep it out in the open after use. 

The super-organized people have made this a habit and they never forget to put clothes in their rightful places. There are also plenty of other organization hacks that will help you keep your place organized—go ahead and try them out!  

4. They Don’t Hang Onto Trash

Another thing that we often ignore is trash, and I don’t mean regular or domestic garbage, but anything that is not needed anymore!

Do you keep receipts that you don’t need? Do you ever dispose of packagings like bubble wrap and boxes on time? Yes, these small things are trash and we often hang onto them.

Well-organized people always throw away every unwanted thing, no matter how small it is. Avoid paper clutter down the road. They do not consume that much space, but those bits can make your study look clumsy any day! 

5. 15 Minutes of Organizing and the 6-month Rule

Yes, by spending at least 15 minutes organizing things every day, people with organized homes keep a good grip on stuff and do not let clutter stay.

Don’t let your stuff and belongings take over and be the boss of you. All you have to do is keep things back in their place—the whole family must cooperate here! 

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Next comes the 6-month rule—it is believed that if you haven’t used something for 6 long months, you must donate it or throw it away. This is a very useful rule as unwanted stuff can mess up your home. The only exception here should be seasonal items, and nothing else. 

6. They Organize Everything As Soon As they’re Back From The Store

I know this is irritating. I mean I have just got back from the store, and all I need right now is a refreshing glass of juice and some rest. But then that shopping bag is left untouched for a week and there you go, home organization is gone for a toss! 

It is better to put everything you’ve bought right away and trust me, this seems like a lot of work only because you’re tired. If you have kids, ask them to help you out and there you are, arranging things like a pro! 

7. They Don’t Let Laundry Pile Up

If you have a large family and the laundry keeps piling up every day, I can relate to this! Try to get into the habit of loading clothes every morning and don’t let them pile up.

You can even put the machine on delay and go to work so that the laundry would be just waiting to be put in the dryer by the time you are home. 

If your machine doesn’t have this feature, you can put the piles in the bin and start the machine once you are back home. The key is to make sure that you finish it up every day even though you are exhausted. You’ve got this!

8. They use Multi-Purpose Furniture

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Cluttering never helps when you want an organized home, and the first step in decluttering is to say goodbye to bulky furniture. Except for those attached to the wall, every other piece of furniture can make your house look clumsy if they aren’t placed in a good location. 

The best solution here is to use minimum furniture by choosing the multi-purpose ones. Like this stand-up mirror, which is also a protecting safe that could keep your belongings safe!

Common household multi-purpose items include study plus computer table, sofa bed, and so on. The list here is huge and if you plan things right, I am sure you will make a smart home very soon! 

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9. They Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Keeping cleaning supplies handy is very important as you never know when you might need them, you also don’t have to waste any time searching.

Whenever you see something that requires cleaning, try to solve it right away as delaying it would make the job tougher. 

It is always better to stock your bathroom with cleaning supplies like a toilet brush, polishing cloth, microfiber cloth, and so on. You don’t have to track them down anymore as they’ll be available right inside the bathroom.

It is now easy to give the washbasin a gentle wipe down or clear that toothpaste stain from the mirror. 

10. Make Use of Downtime

We do spend hours browsing Facebook or Instagram and it is quite hard to realize when those few minutes turn to hours in the blink of an eye. Use your free time effectively and carry out small tasks that won’t take more than a few minutes. 

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to give up your leisure time! You can utilize the extra time you get, like when you are waiting for the laundry to get done—sweep the bathroom floor in those few minutes or maybe clean the mirror.

I am sure you would be surprised to see how much can be done in those extra minutes! 

11. Know the Difference Between a Want and a Need

You can organize your home in a day or two, but maintaining it like that is the real challenge. Distinguish between your needs and wants—items from your ‘wants’ list quickly pile up and the main reason here is that you fail to differentiate between them. 

Always think twice before buying something and I am sure you and your family will be able to maintain a clean and clutter-free home! 

Home organization is not a Herculean task and you can start anywhere. Follow these hacks and ideas to ease your journey and make it effortless. Start doing them right away and that perfectly organized home won’t be a distant dream anymore! 

Written by Pulkit D

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