10 Habits Of People Who Always Have Clean Homes

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Surely everyone’s guilty of not cleaning now and then. And it’s not that they are lazy, some just live a super-busy life. Whatever the case might be, we mostly look for easy solutions. Because who wants to do some backbreaking work? After all, not everyone is a Monica Geller—she is a neat freak to the core!

How on earth do some busy people manage to have super-clean homes? You probably think that they have some big secret they’re unwilling to share with the rest of us!

What if I tell you it’s just because of a few super-easy habits they have developed? And armed with these habits, you can also keep your house spick and span ALWAYS!

I swear you’ll feel a lot happier if your house is clean every day. You don’t agree? C’mon, instead of rolling your eyes, take a look at these 10 habits!

10 Habits Of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

1. Tidying Up the Bed

Let’s start from the time you wake up. Don’t leave your bed as it is and go about your day! Instead, fold your blanket and make the bed.

Even if you are in a hurry right after you wake up, don’t skip this chore. Doing this simple 2-minute task will make you feel kinda productive. And the best part? When you return home, you’ll feel happy to see a tidy bed ready for your exhausted body!

2. Washing the Dishes

After you’re done with cooking and eating, wash your dishes immediately. Don’t keep it for later else it’ll create a foul smell. It’s also better if you dry and organize the dishes right after they’ve been cleaned as you may feel lazy later.

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Make this a habit and you won’t have to wash the dishes right before eating your favorite food. They’ll be clean and ready for you!

3. Clean the Counter

The kitchen counter is sure to get messy ‘cause of all the food. Don’t leave it like that! Wipe it clean simply using soapy water or just water. Keeping the kitchen clean is necessary, who on earth can cook in peace in a messy kitchen?

And if you keep avoiding this, you might be in trouble when you get some surprise visits!

4. Sweep Sweep Sweep

Wake up, gulp down some food, and get cleaning! Make sure you sweep the floors daily or once every two days, especially if you’ve got a furry pet.

Do a thorough sweeping or vacuuming every weekend. Develop this habit to make your floors shine and be ready for any surprise party!

5. Regular Laundry

We all wanna look good in everything we wear. But the designs of our clothes are not the only thing that matters. Their cleanliness matters too. They should be hygienic and of course, should smell good. Imagine, you’ve got a sudden date but that killer outfit you wanna wear stinks!

So wash your clothes daily or at least twice or thrice a week. This way, you won’t ever run out of underwear too!

6. Keep Everything Back in Place

You might create a lot of mess when you’re fully focused on your work. Files, documents, books, paper, and every other stuff just lying around here and there. I know you care the least about it when you’re working. But if you wanna keep your home clean, you gotta do something about that.

I’ve got a good solution for you. Take some time out one day to assign different shelves or drawers or boxes for different stuff and organize everything. You just have to develop the habit of putting everything back in place whenever you’re done using them.

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7. Clothes Go in Wardrobes

Don’t just throw your clothes on your bed or keep them anywhere just like that. Instead, fold them and place them in your wardrobe. Assign different shelves of the wardrobe for different types of clothes–one for undies, one for work clothes, one for parties, one for pajamas, and so on.

Inculcate this habit and you won’t have to waste time wondering where the hell your favorite pair of socks are!

8. Organize Your Kitchen

Take out all the ingredients you have in your kitchen and separate them. Keep different products on different shelves or plates. The granulated ones on one, spices on another, and so on.

This way it’ll be easier for you to easily access different ingredients, it will also look neat and clean. And if by chance they get spilled on the shelves or plates, they can be easily cleaned.

9. Don’t Delay

When a package arrives, open it right away! Take out your stuff, break the box, and GET RID of it. Who wants some empty boxes and bubble wrap lying around? Just pop all the bubbles (if you love doing this) and throw the packaging in the trash immediately.

In the case of stains and spills, clean them right away. The more time you take, the more stubborn they’ll get. And you’ll end up cursing yourself while scrubbing them away!

10. Wipe Surfaces

Whether it’s the showerhead or blinds or shelves, wipe every place that’s prone to getting dirty and dusty very quickly. You don’t have to do this every day though. Make it a habit of doing this once or twice a week and your home will be clean forever!

These are the easy-peasy habits that people who love to clean have inculcated. If you’ve suddenly developed an interest in deep but easy cleaning, there are millions of tricks and hacks that you can try out.

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Written by Pulkit D

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